Best Tree Stand Seat Cushions – 2021 Guide To Comfortable Hunting

| Last Updated May 19, 2021

Hunters love the advantage of added height, so tree stands are popular pieces of equipment in any hunting arsenal. 

However, the sport requires patience and stillness, and tree stands aren’t exactly known for their comfortability. A nice seat cushion is a worthy investment. 

There are hundreds on the market, but we’ve found a selection of excellent tree stand seat cushions available.

Comparison of the Best Tree Stand Seat Cushions

  • Best Overall
  • Easy carrying handle included for better mobility
  • Can be used with a variety of seating options
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  • Comes included with dual foam padding for more comfort
  • Easy adjustable size to fit smaller climbers
  • Will fit on most summit tree stands
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  • Best for the Money
  • Close cell foam construction to be softer
  • Easy carry system with quick snap option
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  • Sides are padded for added protection against the wind
  • Easy mounting and dismounting with quick release buckles
  • Padded back to improve back support
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  • Easily fits on most brands of tree stands
  • Ultimate comfort with 4 inches thick cushion
  • Made from strong and durable materials
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Characteristics of the Best Tree Stand Seat Cushions

When you’re shopping for a seat cushion, think about safety, comfortability, and other important factors. Take your time choosing a cushion because you’ll be spending hours sitting on it during a long hunt. 

Sustainably Comfortable

You’ll get to know your seat cushion pretty well after a while, so make sure it’s comfortable. After sitting on hard surfaces, any pad will instantly feel like a relief. Yet over time, the comfort level tends to decrease and the cushion will become lumpy. That’s why it's important to pick out a cushion that’s suitable for long-term comfort that lasts through many seasons, not just a few days.

Sufficiently Long and Wide

You want the seat to be as spacious as possible. Of course, when picking out a padded seat, you are working with limited space provided by the tree stand. Try to get a cushion that fits snug into the tree stand seat; you don’t want it sliding around. 

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Study Straps and Connectors

Your next seat cushion should definitely have straps that secure it to the tree stand. Don’t buy a tree stand cushion if it doesn’t have at least one sturdy strap. The strap should be thick and include a connector like a clip or a buckle. 

Material and Pattern

Comfort and safety are important, but color can make or break the success of the hunt. Pick out a tree stand seat cushion that has muted earth tones. Camouflage is the ideal pattern for your pad, but solid greens, browns, or black will do.

Review of the Best Tree Stand Seat Cushions 

We’re here to help you make a wise decision. These are the products we think you’ll rave about. Here are the best tree stand seat cushions that we found for your next hunting season.

Best Overall:
ALPS OutdoorZ Terrain

ALPS OutdoorZ Terrain Hunting Seat 3', Next G-1


  • Suitable for most body types and sizes
  • Makes uneven positions more balanced
  • Provides comfort and relief during long hunts
  • Keeps your backside dry in rainy or snowy conditions
  • Convenient carrying strap doubles as tree stand strap and connector


  • Only one strap
  • No back support



This ALPS OutdoorZ seat pad is 15.5’’ x 12’’ x 3’’ and weighs just over a pound. It’s light and easy to carry around. This tree stand seat cushion certainly won’t slow you down during the hunt.

Pattern and Material 

There are two color options available with this model. You can get an earth-tone camouflage pattern or solid brown. Each version has a bright orange reverse side for safety. The 600D polyester fabric is durable enough to withstand the elements.


This three-inch-thick foamy seat cushion will keep your rear end padded and comfortable. It’s firm without sacrificing any softness.


Luckily, the orange is only visible from the back, so oncoming prey won’t be startled by this safety feature.


If you’re looking for firm backend support, this tree cover is a winner amongst many contenders. You can sit on it for hours, eliminating the discomfort of many long waits on tree stands. 

This pad is comfy and versatile enough to take anywhere. Even if you aren’t on a tree stand, this seat cushion can come with you hunts through harsh terrain. You always have a place to rest with the ALPS OutdoorZ Terrain hunting seat.

Bottom Line

This is our top pick by far. It may not look like much at first glance, but it’s truly a universal piece of equipment. On the hunt or on the go, this cushion can provide comfort even in the bare wilderness.

Summit Treestands Universal Seat

Summit Treestands Universal Seat, Mossy Oak Camo


  • Excellent back support
  • Extra-comfy foam padding
  • The back has two pieces for adjustable height
  • Realistic camouflaging design helps hunters blend into their surroundings
  • Fits into many different tree stand models  like Viper, Bushmaster, Razor, etc


  • Straps aren’t camouflage



This tree stand is 12 inches wide and 20 inches tall. The foam seat is between 3 and 4 inches thick. The back support gives it some height, but it collapses for travel.

Pattern and Material

The Summit Treestand Universal seat is made out of weather-resistant polyester fibers. However, it is not fully waterproof.  It’s advertised as having a mossy oak camo pattern, and it’s very effective at concealment.


There is plenty of back support provided by this product. The back connects to the tree stand so it won’t fold over on you or get flimsy.


There are five straps on this chair that secure it to the tree stand. 


The Summit Treestands Universal Seat lives up to its name, fitting most tree stand models on the market. The straps are adjustable, so you can fit them to your current tree stand without investing in a new one. Since it’s low-detail camouflage, it can blend into multiple landscapes. 

This seat is comparable to our first pick. It’s just slightly bulkier. In some hunts, that won’t be a deciding factor. Overall, it’s comfy and supportive.

Bottom Line

This is a versatile item that will make your hunting experience more comfortable. You can last longer in the woods with this endurance-enhancing tree stand seat. The camouflage is realistic and will help you blend in and hide from the game.

Best for the Money:
Northeast Products Therm-A-Seat

Therm-A-SEAT Traditional Series Treestand Hunter Folding Seat Cushion


  • Silent-Touch technology
  • Long strap for versatility
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • The cushion is soft and waterproof
  • Suitable for other sports and outdoor activities


  • Plastic buckles



The Therm-A-Seat is 17 x 14.5 x 2.5 inches. It fits into many standard tree stands.

Pattern and Material

This seat cushion is advertised as having Softek closed-cell foam fabrication for ultra-soft comfort. It comes in an earth-toned camouflage print that will help you blend into your surroundings.


Back support is always a plus, and this seat has a plush backside. It’s not too high either, which can sometimes be uncomfortable for smaller users.


There is a 60-inch strap included in this model. It’s backed up with a clasp and works as a carrying handle as well.


This seat cushion gets the job done. It’s spongy and offers premier comfort, even on cold, hard tree stands. Hunters who are looking for a seat with more structure may not be satisfied with this item. You can use the strap to keep the backside upright, but that’s the extent of support. 

For most hunters, this will suffice. You’ll appreciate the softness and smoothness of the Therm-A-Seat. With its lightweight design, it’s ideal for most sports and outdoor activities.

Bottom Line

The waterproof quality of this seat cushion makes it stand out amongst comparatives. It checks off many of the features we want to see, and it’s affordable. You’ll also enjoy the closed-cell foam fabric and superb back support.

Editor's Pick:
Summit Treestands Surround Seat


  • Three internal pockets
  • Padded sides and back
  • Sustains heavier sitters plus gear
  • Quick-release buckles for convenience
  • Works with tree stands and ladder stands


  • Noisy velcro pockets



This tree stand seat cushion has adjustable dimensions, but it’s designed to fit into any Summit Tree Climber and most commercial tree stands.

Pattern and Material

The camo print padded material is perfect for hunters who want to go unnoticed by prey. It’s soft and padded for a warming effect.


This seat certainly surrounds the sitter. It’s almost like a hammock. You can look forward to cradled comfort when using this tree stand seat.


There are three straps on this chair. The weight is evenly distributed from top to bottom so you can feel secure.


This unique design provides you with balanced comfort.  The Surround Seat is for hunters who spend hours up in the tree stand. Once you post up, you’ll be comfy and settled for as long as it takes. 

This seat hugs you and supports your sides, along with your back. Extra pads enhance the cradling feature. It’s warm and cozy, turning hunting into a snug experience rather than rugged.

Bottom Line

This item is no underdog in this selection. It’s top-of-the-line and noteworthy. If you have it in the budget, this could be a buy that lasts for years and provides unmatched comfort. The material is padded to add extra warmth, and you’ll have a quick-release mechanism for instant removal.

Honorable Mention:
Super Slumper Replacement Seat

Super Slumper Replacement Tree Stand Seat Cushion Fits Most Brands of Tree Stands with A Sling Type Seat 4 Inch Thick Cushion for Ultimate Hunting Comfort


  • Discreet camo
  • Safety driven design
  • Four inches of anti-fidget foam
  • Compatible with most tree stands
  • Padded armrests for added comfort


  • Non-adjustable back support



The cushion on this tree stand chair is four inches thick for maximized padding. The back is 16 inches tall, and the seat is 12 inches wide.

Pattern and Material

The fabric is weather-proof and water-resistant. While it’s not fully waterproof, you still get resilience and durability. Of course, the camouflage pattern is a plus and adds to the effectiveness of your hunt.


Back support and rear-end support are present in the sling design of this seat. Your weight will be balanced and distributed thanks to good old gravity.


There are five straps on this seat. The design is well thought out and you’ll feel safe and stable.


Hunters with standard tree stands can install this seat cushion in just a few minutes. It’s lightweight and portable, folding down for travel. Whether you’re trekking short or far, you’ll appreciate the sturdy straps that make carrying this chair much easier. 

With five connector straps, you’ll feel confident sitting in this sling-style seat. The structured design keeps the bottoms from dipping down with weight. It’s a long-lasting quality product that we couldn’t leave out.

Bottom Line

With padded armrests and four inches of cushion, this tree stand chair comfortably seats hunters while keeping them camouflaged. It’s a buy you’ll be thankful for during exhausting hunts.

Aspects to Consider Before Buying

Besides the price of the item, you’ll want to consider colors, customer reviews, and ratings. Think about what you want in terms of back and side support. 

If a simple cushion will suffice, you can find a cheaper seat without a back. For hunters who want high-quality comfort, armrests and padded backs will be a bit more costly.


Solids or camouflage will do. Your final choice will come down to some deciding factors like:

  • The terrain of your frequented hunting ground
  • The type of prey being hunted

Your general preference will also influence your decision. Choose a pattern or color that will be beneficial to your hunting game, rather than distracting.

Reviews and Ratings

Don’t ignore feedback from people who have already bought the product. Do some digging before you buy your next tree stand seat cushion. See what people are saying by reading customer reviews. Ratings will reveal the effectiveness and overall customer satisfaction associated with the item. 

Consider Your Personal Preference

What do you want in terms of support and comfort? Seat cushions can be firm or spongy. They may have back support or side support. Armrests and hammock-style chairs might be desirable to some, but other hunters might find those features restrictive to movement.

Think about what you want from a seat cushion before you finalize your order.

Top Makers of Tree Stand Seat Cushions

It’s important to take note of a manufacturer’s reputation. You want to buy from a trusted, durable brand that has decent customer service reviews. Here, we’ve compiled a list of some of the top makers of tree stand cushions. 

ALPS OutdoorZ

This brand specializes in hunting gear and caters to hardcore hunters and newbies. They offer a complete line of hunting products, including some hiking and camping supplies. 

This brand was established back in 2007. It’s known for affordable, high-quality products that last against rugged wear and tear. Their website and customer support are top-notch and professional. Unlike some other companies, they have deal packages that offer discounts on group hunting products.


This brand focuses on tree stands, ladder stands, and other height optimizers. They also sell stand accessories such as harnesses, seats, cushions, and more. This company takes pride in meeting Treestand Manufacturers Association expectations to provide top-tier safety and reliability. 

Since 2001, Summit has been producing safe, comfortable seat cushions to make the hunting experience more enjoyable.


NORTHEAST products are made right here in the U.S. Designers at NORTHEAST are the proud makers of Therm-A-Seat, a cushion that works with the weather to keep you warm, dry, or cool when needed. 

Summit Treestands Universal Seat

There are customer support representatives ready to assist you via phone or email. NORTHEAST comes across as a mom-and-pop hunting shop, but it has customers countrywide and a sterling reputation. If you want a quality seat made out of sustainable material, check out what NORTHEAST has to offer.

Tree Stand Seat Cushion Price Points

Everyone wants a good deal on a great seat, and we want to help you find one. Still, different budgets will provide different features. Wherever your price range falls, we’ll break down what to expect from various cost values.


Surprisingly, you can get a pretty functional seat for a low cost. Our Best Overall choice falls into this price range. It’s lightweight while still being firm, and it gets the job done. 

Of course, most of the seat cushions that cost between $10-$20 won’t include back support or side support. You’ll get decent comfort and relief for your rear end, but not for elbows, your back, or neck. 


Unlike some cheaper models, tree stand seat cushions that fall into this price range will usually have some type of back support. This added comfortability is worth the price to some hunters. Adjustable height is always a plus. Even though these seats might be bulkier than more affordable options, they usually collapse for easy transport.

Super Slumper Replacement Seat


In this price range, you start to see advanced models with unique designs. Hammock and sling-style seat cushions are popular and incredibly versatile for hunters who can afford them.

Tree stand seat cushions that cost around $50-$100 will have the most features. You can expect to see waterproof material, extra padding, internal pockets, and more.

These seats can keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. They are often highly rated and worth it for hunters who are constantly engaging in the sport. 


Seat cushions are a must when you’re spending hours in a tree stand. No matter what budget you’re working with, you’ll find one that works for you. Comfort is of the utmost importance. Even though hunters are tough outdoorsmen, they also need relief from standing. Seat cushions will increase your endurance and patience while out on a hunt. 

People Also Ask

If you have any lingering questions, please read through these FAQs below. We also welcome any queries you may have that you’d like to ask us.

How Long Do Tree Stand Seat Cushions Last?

The cushions we included in this section should last you a full season, if not way more. Results will vary depending on how frequently you hunt and the weather conditions you find yourself in. Take care of the seat with light cleaning, and always dry it out after snow or rain. 

Are Tree Stand Seat Cushions Waterproof?

Many tree stand seat cushions are waterproof, but don’t assume this is the case unless it is clearly stated in the item description. Some seats are weather resistant which means that it will hold up against the elements but it is not 100% waterproof.

How Do I Attach a Seat Cushion To My Tree Stand?

There should be a strap attached to your seat cushion that will connect it to the tree stand. The more straps, the better. You might see plastic or rubber buckles for added security. Always use the straps and clasps for basic safety.

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