Best Single Pin Bow Sights of 2020 – Top 5 Picks Reviewed & Rated

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Single-pin bow sights are becoming increasingly popular for both beginners and professional hunters and archers.

As the name suggests, single-pin bow sights are only equipped with one pin. Hence, it is essential that in actual hunting situations, you select a product which can be silently, easily, and quickly adjusted to the required yardage.

The following are reviews of a few of the best single bow sights. So make sure you read this before going on your next hunting trip!

Comparison Chart of the Best Single Pin Bow Sights


HHA OL-5519 Optimizer Lite .019 5500 Sight

  • 5 feet fiber cable allows you to move freely
  • Fiber optics are fully protected from natural elements
  • Does not need additional tools to make accurate adjustments
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Spot Hogg Tommy Hogg 1 Pin 0.019 - Right Hand

  • Bull knob with a laser engraved sight scale increase accuracy
  • Multi-ring technology allows you to make precise shots in different light condition
  • Elevation controls and a micro adjust windage can be used to make precise adjustments
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Trophy Ridge Pursuit Vertical Pin Bow Sight

  • Delrin bushings allow for smooth and quiet movements
  • Glo indicator pins increase accuracy in low light conditions
  • 100% aluminum construction makes the product long lasting
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Trophy Ridge Drive Slider Bow Sight

  • Nylon bushings ensure that the prey is not alerted
  • .029 fiber optic pin allows you to make accurate shots in the dark
  • An LED light and low-light indicator tape ensure clear visibility in the dark
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TRUGLO Range-Rover PRO LED Bow Sight

  • The micro-adjustment mechanism ensures ease of use
  • 0.19 pin allows for clear visibility of targets at longer distances
  • Rheostat light allows you to make clear and precise shots, even in low-light conditions
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What is a Single Pin Bow Sight?

A bow sight can be generally defined as a small sighting device which can be attached to the bow’s riser. Also known as bow scopes, the product is very similar to the red dot sights attached to rifles.

Compared to a multiple pin sight, the single pin-bow sight has only one pin; hence, there are fewer chances of using the wrong pin. The product also enables you to hunt with increased accuracy with a decrease in blind spots and sight clutter.

If you want your arrow to find its mark without even missing an inch, especially during long-range shots, use a single pin-bow sight.

What Makes a Great Single Pin Bow Sight?

A single pin-bow sight is more than an old single pin and a clear sight picture. Following are some of the features to consider before investing in a single pin-bow sight:

  • Weight

Sight weight plays a crucial role in the balance of your bow. Heavier sights may affect the balance; thus, lighter sights are usually preferred. Heavier sights, however, usually have higher durability and are equipped with more features.

  • Durability

One of the primary things to consider before investing in any hunting equipment is durability. The weakest part of a pin-bow sight is the pin and fiber optic. However, the products being manufactured today are usually equipped with stronger pins and the fiber is fully enclosed.

  • Design and Features

Each sight has a brilliantly unique design, equipped with different adjustment dials. Some dials are easier to grip and are much simpler to turn than others.

  • Range

There is a wide range of options available when it comes to the range. However, if you’re planning to shoot long distances, it is advisable to get a sight equipped with a second axis adjustment to achieve better accuracy.

Quick Take | Best Single Pin Bow Sights

Reviews of the Best Single Pin Bow Sights

To ensure you make the correct decision and invest in the right product, the following are the reviews of the best single pin-bow sights.


  • The Sight is Designed to be Durable and Reliable
  • Extremely Easy to Install and Can be Attached on Any Bow
  • Pins Can be Quickly and Easily Adjusted for Accurate Shots


  • Yardage has to be Adjusted Manually, Causing You to Lose Time

Catering to all hunters’ needs, this product enables you to line up with your target easily. It is extremely easy to dial in the desired yardage, and no additional tools are required to make precise adjustments.

If you set the sight for 20 and 60 yards, your arrow will find its mark, even if it is 80 yards away. The yardage can be increased in 5-yard increments, allowing you to make accurate shots regardless of the distance.

The black sight easily blends into the surroundings and goes well with any bow. A hood protects the fiber optics from the damage caused by natural elements while enabling you to find your target in low light settings as well. This provides the perfect opportunity for hunting at dusk or dawn when game animals are most active.

Measuring 5 feet in length, the fiber cable does not slow down or hamper your movements. The brightness of the pin can also be adjusted using the rheostat light attached to the product.

Bottom Line

The HHA OL-5519 Optimizer Lite 019 5500 Sight is a product which offers increased accuracy. The yardage sticker can be adjusted easily and can be used to make precise shots for up to 80 yards. The sight can allow you to make accurate, long-distance shots; however, the manual adjustment might cost you your target.

Spot Hogg Tommy Hogg 1 Pin 0.019 -  Right Hand


  • Easy to Use Adds to the User’s Convenience
  • MRT Technology Ensures Your Arrow Finds its Mark
  • The Product is Designed to be Both Durable and Reliable


  • Locking the Bull Knob Might Make Some Noise
  • The product is Slightly Heavier than Other Designs

The Spot Hogg Tommy Hogg is designed with plenty of features making it a top durable product on the market today. Although this unit is not as lightweight as other sights, it is equipped with a 2nd, and 3rd axis, elevation controls, and a micro adjust windage.

Equipped with a multi-ring technology, the sight enables you to achieve precise alignment from peep to sight in different lighting conditions. The unit also comes with a double pin which is optional, enabling hunters to maintain a clear, accurate single pin sight picture, but also giving an extra reference point at full draw. An adjustable yardage pointer was recently added to the product as well.

This product also comes with variable mounting positions and enclosed gears. Designed with a smooth locking mechanism, the windage knob is much easier to grip. Lastly, the unit is also equipped with a wide range of vertical adjustments.

Bottom Line

The Spot Hogg Tommy Hogg is one of the best sights for shooting and hunting. Its large vertical range enables accurate long distance shots. It is extremely durable, but the weight of the sight and the locking sound might affect your hunting.

Best for the Money and Best Adjustable Model:
Trophy Ridge Pursuit Vertical Pin-Bow Sight

Trophy Ridge Pursuit Vertical Pin Bow Sight (Left Hand)


  • Sturdy Construction Ensures Both Reliability and Durability
  • Smooth and Silent Operation Makes Certain that the Arrow Will Find its Mark
  • Easily Adjustable Brightness Allows for Precise Shots in Low Lighting Conditions


  • Yardage Tape is Not Included in the Unit

The Trophy Ridge Vertical Pin Bow sight offers a brilliant shooting experience for both left and right-handed shooters and archers. Designed with 100% aluminum, the product ensures durability, accuracy, and longer life.

Equipped with a vertical indicator pin, the device guarantees precise and accurate adjustment. The unit also operates smoothly and silently in different weather conditions.

Designed with Delrin bushings, the unit allows you to move silently, avoiding any metal to metal contact. The product also comes with glo indicator pins, enabling you to make accurate and precise shots, even in changing or low light conditions. The fitted rheostat light can also be used to adjust the brightness according to the lighting and shooting conditions.

A 0.19” vertical fiber optic pin ensures clear visibility. The bow sight is also extremely budget-friendly, making it ideal for those who do not have a high budget.

Bottom Line

The Trophy Ridge Pursuit Vertical Pin-Bow Sight is one of the most budget-friendly products available today. Equipped with Glo indicator pins and a vertical indicator pin, the unit enables you to make accurate and precise shots, even in low lighting conditions. However, the absence of a yardage tape might not make this product appealing to everyone.

Trophy Ridge Drive Slider Bow Sight


  • Tool-Less Adjustment is Extremely Fast and Easy to Do
  • The Single Pin Allows for Quicker Aiming and Clear Visibility
  • The Quiet Movement of the Slider Ensures that the Arrow Finds its Mark


  • The Design is Big, Heavy, and Bulky

The bracket of the Trophy Ridge Drive Slider Bow Sight is designed with machined aluminum. Meanwhile, the sight ring is made from a strong and durable material. Both of these ensure that the product lasts long.

An extremely bright .029 fiber optic pin absorbs the light of the environment. The attached LED-light can also be used to light up the sight ring and pin. This allows you to make precise and accurate shots, even in low light situations. The light is attached on the right side of the unit and can be switched on by turning it clockwise.

The pin can also be used to make highly accurate adjustments. Moreover, a bubble level is also installed.

Nylon bushings ensure quiet movement, avoiding any metal to metal contact. This is extremely important in bowhunting as the game might be alerted by even the slightest noise.

The product is also equipped with a low-light indicator, allowing the tape to glow in the dark. The device also allows you to make accurate and precise shots to up to 80 yards.

Bottom Line

This product is one of the most reliable accessories for target shooters and bow hunters. Its quiet movement and LED-light ensure that your arrow finds its mark, even in the dark. However, the weight and size of the product might prove to be a hindrance for some.



  • The Product is Compact and Lightweight
  • The Product is Extremely Easy to Mount on a Bow
  • PWR-Dot’s Lighted Central Dot Ensures Clear Visibility in the Dark


  • The Pin Might not be as Bright as Other Devices

The TRUGLO Range-Rover PRO LED Bow Sight is one of the most affordable products available today. The unit is fully constructed with aluminum and has a yardage dial which is easy to turn.

Moreover, the product is equipped with a solid sight tape kit and a micro-adjust windage. Forty printed yardage tapes are also provided with the product to allow for a quick setup. The attached rheostat light also allows for accurate shots, even in low-light conditions.

The device has plenty of vertical travel for firing off precise, long shots. The elevation can be adjusted using the dial attached to the back of the sight. Meanwhile, the housing height can be adjusted by using the additional elevation slider attached to the front of the sight.

However, the absence of second and third axis adjustments affects the accuracy of the device. That is why this sight is more suitable for eastern and mid-west hunters rather than western hunters.

Bottom Line

This product is one of the best models available for long range shooting. It is affordable, durable, and exceptionally easy to use. Furthermore, the PWR-Dot’s Lighted central dot ensures that the arrow finds its mark, even in the dark. However, the lack of 2nd and 3rd axis adjustments might affect the accuracy of the shot.

Types of Bow Sights

There are several different types of bow sights available today. They include:

  • Fixed Pin Sights

Equipped with three to five pins, fixed pin sights are one of the most commonly used devices today. The top pin is used for shooting a target at close range. Meanwhile, the bottom pin is used for long-range shots. Although they are fixed, the pins can still be readjusted. It is advisable to set each individual pin before going on a hunt to avoid wasting precious seconds.

  • Movable or Single Pin Sights

Single pin sights are more suitable for advanced and intermediate hunters. Designed with only one pin, the device can be adjusted by either sliding up or sliding down the entire housing unit. You can also use the white tape attached to the rear of the sight to mark the distance.

  • Pendulum or Treestand Sights

Pendulum sights are not designed for shooting on uneven terrain or on the ground. These are specially designed for short-range shots and downhill angles. These models are ideal if you hunt in an elevated position.


A pin bow sight helps a hunter take precise and accurate shots. But, with so many products available today, it is often a difficult decision to choose the right one. Each product mentioned above has its own features and advantages, but the HHA OL-5519 Optimizer Lite 019 5500 Sight surely comes out at the top. So, make sure you read these reviews before going on your next hunting adventure!

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