Leupold RX 650 Rangefinder – 2021 Guide

| Last Updated June 14, 2021

Do you feel confused in your search for a simple yet high performing rangefinder? Have you considered the Leupold RX 650?

It is an easy to use digital laser rangefinder that can be used for rifle and bowhunting. It calibrates quickly to bring the target to a crisp view.

Below is a detailed look at its features, pros, cons, and answers to the top The Leupold RX 650 FAQs.

  • Includes a Cordura case for portability
  • LCD offers high contrast for readability
  • Has rubber design for a non-slip grip
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Leupold RX 650 Rangefinder

Leupold RX-650 Micro Laser Rangefinder 120464


  • Easy to Operate
  • Offers a Crisp View
  • Favorable Warranty Terms
  • Offers Comfortable Handling



  • Reticle: LCD display

  • Magnification Level: 6X20 Magnification Level
  • Max Range: 650 yards

  • Compatibility: Compatible with rifles

  • Range: 6-650 yards

  • Size: 3.6 x 1.4 x 2.9 inches

  • Weight: 6.3 oz

  • Materials: Made of hard plastic with rubber casing

  • Lens Coating: Multi-Coated lens


The following are some pros of this kind of rangefinder:

Offers Comfortable Handling

This Leupold rangefinder is compact and light-weight, making it easy to carry around and hold. It comes with a Cordura case that keeps it safe. It also has a detachable lanyard, which can be used as a shoulder or neck strap.

The unit itself is coated with rubber while the lens is multi-coated to keep it water and fog proof.  The rubber casing also offers a firm grip on the rangefinder when ranging in all weather conditions.

Leupold RX-650 Micro Laser Rangefinder 120464

Easy to Operate

The Leupold RX650 is a rather straight-forward rangefinder to use. It can be operated on either of two modes: scheduled and scan mode. While the scheduled mode is ideal for ranging a stationary target, the scan mode allows you to scan a moving target.  You can easily change the modes with a click of the power button. It is powered by a CR2 lithium battery with a battery power indicator.

Offers a Crisp View

This rangefinder has a 6X magnification level that allows you to have a wide field of view. Its O-Led ring multi-coated lens minimizes reflections hence providing a crisp view of your surroundings and the target.  It also incorporates a fast-focus eyepiece that offers quick adjustment for easy and precise ranging.

The rangefinder is designed for a maximum range of up to 650 yards in the open field, 575 yards for deer, and 600 yards for trees. A high contrast LCD ensures that you have a clear view of your target.

The laser rangefinder operates by emitting invisible infrared rays that reflect the target and relay a clear image through the multi-coated lens system. It has an electronic circuitry system that calibrates the horizontal distance by calculating the amount of time the infrared ray takes to travel to the target and then bounce back through the lens.

Favorable Warranty Terms

Pro – Motion, the Leupold rangefinders manufacturer, offers a no-questions-asked, lifetime warranty for repairs or replacement on the RX 650 unit. In case you encounter any problems with the rangefinder, contact the manufacturer for repairs or replacement regardless of whether you are the first owner. However, it is worth noting that the warranty excludes the electronic components of the optical unit. It can be claimed from any Leopold store or by contacting their customer service.

Leupold RX-650 Micro Laser Rangefinder 120464


However, it comes with some drawbacks, including:

Has No Angle Compensation

The Leupold RX650 does not have angle compensation capabilities. As such, it is best used for flat shooting as a point and shoot device. If you often shoot or hunt from elevated or declined places, the Leupold RX650 is not a great option for you. Otherwise, you would have to calculate the angle compensation yourself and estimate the distance.

Does Not Support Low Light Shooting

The RX 650 does not have inbuilt capabilities for adjusting to low light conditions. The LCD is black with no backlight, which hinders visibility at dawn and dusk.

Best Uses for the Leupold RX 650 Rangefinder

Below are two top uses of the Leupold RX650:


The Leupold RX650 can be used for bow and rifle hunting to accurately and precisely determine the target's actual distance. For deer and deer-sized animals, it accurately ranges between 6 – 600 yards by determining the correct line of sight for stationary animals. You can adjust it to scan mode by double-clicking the button to be able to range a moving animal or different targets. It is not ideal for use if you hunt from an elevated position as it does not have angle compensation.

Target Shooting

The laser rangefinder can be used for various flat-level target shooting activities to sight targets and range yardage. Some buyers reported being able to range up to 1100 yards on reflective surfaces.

Notably, many users have indicated that the Leupold RX 650 Rangefinder is not ideal for golfing. It is not designed to focus on small objects, making it challenging to focus on the flagsticks or pin from the background. Therefore, it puts into focus trees, hills, or any other large objects in the background.

Is the Leupold RX 650 Rangefinder Hard to Use?

Generally, the Leupold RX 650 Rangefinder is easy to use. With a single click or continuous press of the power button, you can bring your target to focus or change modes. To get a range on a target, point the range finder towards. If the view is blurry, rotate the eyepiece to bring it to focus and then double click on the button. However, you have to hold the rangefinder steadily to be able to get an accurate reading.

What Makes the Leupold RX 650 Rangefinder Stand Out From the Competition?

The Leupold RX 650 stands out from the competition because it offers high laser functionality at an affordable price range. Most buyers praise it for its accuracy when ranging, which is par with the manufacturer’s specification. It is easy to handle and operate. It weighs 6.30z and comes with a Cordura casing that makes it easy to carry.

The other aspect that makes the Leupold RX 650 Rangefinder stand out is its warranty. You can claim the lifetime warranty for any issues you might encounter (apart from electronic issues), whether you are the first owner or not. The company does not even require you to provide any proof of purchase. Just send the product back to them for repairs or replacement.

Comparison Overview 

Leupold RX 650 vs. Nikon Aculon

Both Leupold RX 650 and Nikon Aculon are laser rangefinders with some similarities and slight differences as follows:


  • Both have a 6x20mm magnification level

  • Both use a CFR2 battery

  • Both offer quick, precise, and accurate ranging

  • Both provide a clear view of the target

  • Both do not offer angle compensation


  • While the Leupold RX 650 ranges up to 650 yards, the maximum range for the Nikon Aculon is 550 yards

  • The Leupold RX 650 is slightly heavier than the Nikon Aculon; 6.30z vs 4.4oz

  • While the Leupold RX 650 has visibility issues in low light conditions, the Nikon Aculon performs well even at dawn or dusk

Leupold RX 650 vs. SIG

Leupold RX 650 vs. SIG are both laser rangefinders with the following similarities and differences:


  • Both are powered by a CR2 battery

  • Both have a transmissive LCD


  • Leupold RX 650 has a 6X20mm while SIG KILO850 has a 4X20mm magnification level

  • Leupold RX 650 is slightly heavier than the SIG KILO850: 6.3oz vs. 4.9oz

  • Leupold RX 650 ranges up to 650 yards while the SIG KILO850 maximum range is 1200 yards

  • Leupold RX 650 does not have angle compensation capacities, while the SIG KILO850 has

Leupold RX-650


Leupold RX 650 is considered one of the best low budget rangefinders in the market. It is easy to use and to carry around. It ranges quickly to provide you with an accurate line of sight of your target.  While it is an excellent rangefinder for target shooting and hunting, it is not ideal for golfing. 

People Also Ask

For further clarity, below are concise answers to the top The Leupold RX650 FAQs.

What Kind of Warranty Does the Leupold RX 650 Rangefinder Come With?

Leupold offers a two-year warranty on all their rangefinders. The warranty covers the rangefinder against workmanship and material defects for two years from the date of purchase. In case of an issue, Leupold repairs or replaces the rangefinder free of charge regardless of whether or not you are the original owner. They also have a lifetime guarantee on their products.

How Much Does the Leupold RX 650 Rangefinder Weigh?

The Leupold RX 650 Rangefinder weighs 6.3oz. Many previous buyers appreciate its small size and say that it is light and compact, hence easy to carry and hold up when ranging.

Can You Use Leupold RX 650 Rangefinder in Low Light?

Many users report having difficulty using the Leupold RX 650 Rangefinder in low light conditions. This is because the LCD does not have a backlight. This makes it hard to read black text on a dark backdrop without proper illumination.  Consequently, the Leupold RX 650 Rangefinder is not ideal for use at dawn, dusk, or in extremely foggy weather.

How Long Does the Battery Last On the Leupold RX 650 Rangefinder?

The Leupold RX 650 Rangefinder comes with a CR2. Its battery life is approximately 5000 actuations or two years. The rangefinder has a battery level indicator on the LCD that indicates when the battery is below half full and when it is empty. The battery is non-rechargeable and will have to be replaced with a similar one upon depleting its battery life.

How To Use the Leupold Rx-650

Below is a step by step process for using the Leupold RX650:

  1. Depress the power button to switch on the laser rangefinder

  2. Point the lens towards your target

  3. Click on the power button again to activate the laser rays

  4. Take note of the line of sight shown in the image field

  5. If your target is moving, you can activate the scan mode by continuously pressing down on the power button as you follow the moving target

  6. The distance will keep updating as your target changes its position

How To Change the Leupold Rx-650 Rangefinder From Meters To Yards

To change the Leupold Rx-650 rangefinder from meters to yards and vice versa, set the rangefinder in the unit output mode. To do so, turn off the rangefinder and then long-press the power button for about 10 seconds. The unit of measure will keep toggling between meters and yards. Release the power button when “yards” are shown.

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