Best California Duck Hunting Guides -2021 Round-up

| Last Updated September 15, 2020

Nowadays, since more hunting opportunities are being introduced in the form of equipment and fields by many guide companies, duck hunting has become a passion of most hunting adventurers.

These companies offer different packages through which you get numerous hunting and sometimes camping facilities as well.

This article is for those who are in search of parks for duck hunting in and around northern or southern California. Thus, if you are one of those, then go through the article and make the most of it.

Comparison of the Best California Duck Hunting Guides

  • All transport is included in package
  • Trophy preparation in the field
  • Accommodation included in the price
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  • Two days guided experience for one person
  • Transportation from and to airport is provided
  • Accommodation is included in the price
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  • You get a fully guided hunting experience
  • All accommodation is included
  • Trophy preparation is done in the field
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  • Full guided hunting for three persons
  • You get a full two days to hunt
  • Trophies are prepared in the field
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Why California is Such a Great Place for Duck Hunting

California remains one of the most suitable areas in America for duck hunting. There are many factors that contribute to its popularity. Due to those factors, more and more hunters show interest in pursuing their hobby in California. Some reasons that make it such a popular place for duck hunting are:

Habitat for Most Animals

California is a place where you will find animals of different kinds. The natural valleys and lakes there are habitats to many species, including upland, terrestrial and aquatic life. Therefore, being the house of many game birds and animals, California attracts hunting enthusiasts the most. 

Wetlands and Widespread Rivers

The water bodies like the Sacramento River and Black Butte Reservoir tend to accommodate most waterfowl species. Every year, almost two thousand ducks are hunted by seven thousand hunters altogether.

Central Valley

Central Valley also hosts around 60% of the duck population of California. This valley comes in the route of migrating ducks and other game birds. So, hunters have the highest chance of hunting as many ducks as they want to in this specific region of California. 

Suitable Climatic Conditions

The environment of California also creates favorable conditions for duck hunting. California offers almost a four-month period at the end and beginning of each lunar year, ideal for carrying out duck hunting activities. So, with enormous lands and appropriate climatic situations, California is no doubt a great place for duck hunting.

Review of the Best California Duck Hunting Guides

Here, you will find an absolutely genuine review of some packages for duck hunting trips in California. This review promises to provide you details about each package offered by the company. Once you go through these, it will be convenient for you to choose the right one. 

What The Hunt Includes

The services included in this particular package are worth everybody’s recognition. It offers access to three widespread fields of Shasta-Trinity National Forest, Trinity Alps Wilderness, and Quail Oak Ranch, covering an overall area of about 2.5 million acres. 

In the above-mentioned zones, you can enjoy mountain, lake, and wilderness hunting as well. The company allows hunters to hunt various types of upland as well as terrestrial wild species, including elk, deer, pronghorn, bear, pig, and duck.

The company takes the responsibility of driving the hunter to and from the airport and also to the hunting land. All these services are valid for a single hunter for one day only.

Why it Stands Out to Us

In Shasta Trinity National Forest, there will be an arrangement of comfortable camps that will have supplies like sleeping bags, sleeping pads to ensure the hunter’s utmost comfort.

Apart from that, hunters will be allowed to conduct the sport for getting the trophies or meat of the game. Last but not least, the guide is certified, licensed, and insured from all the concerned authorities. Hence, people can rely on it without any second thought.

What The Hunt Includes

This deal is ideal for a hunter who wishes to go alone on a trip for two days. Being licensed, certified, and insured, it enables hunters to explore three mesmerizing as well as opportunistic hunting areas of California. These areas encompass Shasta-Trinity National Forest, Trinity Alps Wilderness, and Quail Oak Ranch. People can also fulfill their wishes of trophy, management, and meat hunting here. 

Furthermore, they can hunt a variety of animals, including smaller and winged ones. Since the hunt includes transportation, people will have no issues commuting to and from the airport and on the hunting site. 

The camping site, furnished with sleeping pads, sleeping bags, and cozy tents, provides a relaxing environment where hunters can stay and freshen up during hectic hunting activities.

Why it Stands Out to Us

By choosing this guide, you will be allowed to hunt several species of animals. The list includes elk, deer, pronghorn, bear, pig, coyote, grey fox, raccoon, rabbits, squirrel, dove, duck, quail, wild turkey, and goose. Moreover, the guide permits hunters to kill up to ten birds. This means people can have a delightful hunting session for sure.

Some companies don’t allow their customers to hunt for the purpose of trophies, but John Cravens lifts this restriction and ensures all types of hunting activities like mountain, lake, wilderness, management, trophy, and meat hunting. With the resourceful spike camps, hunters can face every weather safely.

What The Hunt Includes

This hunting tour package allows two individuals to carry out their hunting activities for two days. It provides shelters in the form of temporary camps in Shasta-Trinity National Forest. 

With its three territory zones, Shasta-Trinity National Forest, Trinity Alps Wilderness, and Quail Oak Ranch, hunters get a chance to discover more about hunting thrills. Transportation is no more a headache since the company will be responsible for taking hunting from the airport and back and also on the hunting ground.

Trophy hunting is not an issue at all for hunters if they select this tour service for their hunting adventures.

Why it Stands Out to Us

If you are planning the next hunting trip along with your friend and want to spend no less than two days on the wildlife grounds, this deal is here to serve you. It extends its services for two people for two whole days. Thus, you can join your companion and have a lot of fun while hunting duck. 

Besides duck hunting, you can avail this package for hunting animals like coyotes, grey fox, raccoon, elk, deer, pronghorn, bear, rabbits, pig, rabbits, squirrel, goose, turkeys, quail, and dove. And the number of birds that you can kill per trip is ten.

What The Hunt Includes

According to the offer, three hunters can go for a hunting trip for two days. They will be provided restful tents along with basic necessities like sleeping bags and sleeping pads from the company. With the permission of trophy, meat, and management hunting, individuals can also hunt mountain, lake, and wildlife creatures. 

Shasta-Trinity National Forest, Trinity Alps Wilderness, and Quail Oak Ranch are three exotic locations where your hunting activities will be in full swing. You can use blinds, decoys, and mouth calls, which will assist you in approaching the prey.

Moreover, the company owns a licensed, insured, and certified status. Hence, your entire trip will be in reliable and trustworthy hands.

Why it Stands Out to Us

Blinds, decoys, and mouth calls play a major role in enticing or getting close to the game for effective hunting, and you can use each of these on the trip. Moreover, the killing limit on this trip is ten birds.

Hunting in a real wildlife ground is something that hunters aspire to do. For all those, the package allows meat, trophy, and management hunting in lakes, mountains, and wildlife lands too. Hence, you can keep on having the pleasure of hunting coyote, grey fox, raccoon, dove, quail, bear pronghorn, deer, elk, duck, goose, turkeys, rabbits, squirrels, and many other small waterfowl birds.

Quick Take | Best California Duck Hunting Guides

Final Thoughts Before Duck Hunting in California

With the maximum number of hunting opportunities, the above-mentioned trips enable hunters to delve further into duck hunting in the vast fields and rivers of California. Each package involves plenty of services. 

From camping to transportation, these packages have everything to keep you comfortable on your trip. Moreover, with the permission for trophy and meat hunting, you can hunt the way you love.

You will be taken to an extensive area of 2.5 million acres that covers lakes, mountains, and wildlife grounds, no matter whichever package you choose from the list. In addition, advanced packages are available if you want to take your friends on the trip.

People Also Ask

California invites hunters and ensures the desired environment and hunting situations. In this section, you will gain in-depth knowledge about California duck hunting and get answers to questions, if you have any. 

Where Can I Duck Hunt In California?

California possesses many duck hunting locations. Central Valley is the habitat of many migrating ducks. Other than that, Delevan National Wildlife Refuge spreads over an area of 5797 acres out of which 1922 acres are dedicated to hunting activities. Los Banos Wildlife field is also an amazing duck hunting spot that stretches over 6217 acres. 

What Do I Need To Hunt Duck In California?

The basic and foremost requirement is a California State Hunting license, and in case of duck hunting, particularly, one must also own Harvest Information Program Validation to fulfill his hunting desires legally. 

If the hunter’s age is sixteen years or more, then he must also have a Federal Duck Stamp. Hunters below sixteen can ignore this requirement.

How Many Ducks Are You Allowed To Shoot?

If you appoint the services of any of the above-reviewed packages, you will have the permission to shoot ten birds, including wild or waterfowl ones. Similarly, hunters can hunt up to ten ducks on each trip. However, when it comes to other guides, the limit of killing the birds can vary.

Does a Junior Hunter Need a Federal Duck Stamp?

No, for hunters below sixteen, there is no need to acquire a Federal Duck Stamp Those over sixteen should show their Federal Duck Stamp to appear as a qualified hunter. This duck stamp will be easily available at post offices and licensing agencies.

Do You Need Tags For Duck Hunting?

Yes, we should tag our hunts so as to keep them distinctive in a crowd of other hunted birds. Besides this, tag on a dead wetland animal indicates its legal status. According to federal law, tagging the waterfowl hunts holds undeniable importance and significance as well. Thus, it’s better to consider duck hunting tags as a must-have.

How Much is a Duck Hunting License In California?

The California Duck Validation license, which is essential for hunting waterfowl birds, costs around $22.42. Federal Duck Stamp needs you to invest approximately $25. This license is not necessary for individuals below sixteen. The Harvest Information Program Validation demands no charges if you pass the HIP Survey.

Can You Carry a Pistol While Duck Hunting?

Yes, but make sure you are adept at using it. You can keep a pistol when heading out on a hunting trip only for unfortunate times like when you are in danger and have to take immediate action in order to survive. But if you intend to carry a pistol for reckless animal killing or to show off, then it will be equal to violating the regulations of the state.

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