Best Hunting Guides in California (2021 Top Picks)

| Last Updated July 7, 2021

It feels great to be close to nature, and there is no better place than California. Rich in natural beauty, landscapes, wildlife, and hunting opportunities, California is the perfect place.

With some great hunting grounds, California is a hunting paradise for hunters all over the world.

If you are looking to hunt in California, you might want to read this article right till the end.

Comparison of the Best Hunting Guides in California

  • Most Popular
  • One on one public guided land hunts
  • All meals are included in package
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  • Best Value
  • Professional guidance on hunting trip
  • Field trophy preparation
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  • Best California Deer Hunting Guide
  • Butchering and skinning of animals is done
  • Great for archery and rifle hunting
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  • A one on one professional guidance hunting experience
  • Year round season for hunting
  • Have a high success rate
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  • Best California Duck Hunting Guide
  • Accommodation is included in package
  • All transport are provided
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  • Best California Bear Hunting Guide
  • Full two-day hunting experience
  • Caping is available in hunting area
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  • Best Elk Hunting in California
  • A variety of big game is available
  • You get accommodation included
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Why California is Such a Great Place to Hunt

California is one of those few states that have millions of acres of public land for hunting. With such a vast area that is rich in natural beauty, you can expect great wildlife encounters. Being a hunter, it is one of the best places to hunt on Earth.

You can find different species of animals that you can hunt for fun and food at the same time. The beauty of natural landscapes and the quiet of the wilderness has its own charm. If you are looking for a perfect hunting spot, California is your best bet.

Here are some of the factors that make California such a great place for hunting.


It’s true! Being close to nature and away from the hustle-bustle of the city is a perfect start. With mesmerizing landscapes and forests, you can expect some breath-taking scenery. Sky-high mountain ranges, dense forests, and plenty of wildlife are what make this place absolutely phenomenal.

Quality Time With Family

Hunting is fun. What’s more interesting is hunting with friends and family. Being in the wilderness and hunting for different species of animals sounds exciting as ever. You get a chance to not only enjoy a pleasant time but also provide food for your loved ones.

Hunting Opportunities

California has the perfect hunting grounds. Amazingly, it is home to thousands of different species of animals that you can hunt. You get a chance to hunt not only in vast public lands but also in unique species of animals.

Review of the Best California Hunting Guides

Choosing a perfect spot for hunting in the United States can be challenging. It won’t be if you have hunted in California before. With its natural beauty and plethora of wildlife and hunting opportunities, California is a hunting paradise.

To make sure you have a great time hunting, here are some perfect spots where you can hunt.

Most Popular:
Michael - Quail Public Land Hunt

What the Hunt Includes

If you are looking for an ideal place to hunt in California, this is a great choice. The Quail Public Land Hunt offers the perfect platform to fulfill your hunting desires. Spread over a vast 1000 acres of land, this place is absolutely sensational. You not only get to hunt but also enjoy the beauty of nature.

The hunt offers accommodation for a single hunter only for a day. It involves all the basic amenities you can expect a quality hunting opportunity. At this hunting ground, you can hunt America’s quite famous, quail.

Why it Stands Out to Us

Well, there is nothing better than hunting on public lands in California. This hunting trip is the perfect spot to kickstart your hunting season. Here, you get a chance to hunt the beautiful Quail. Since the hunting trip is guided, it becomes quite easy to hunt your prey. Shotgun hunting is another great feature of this place. Now, you can expect to catch your prey with ease and comfort.

The place itself is quite wonderful considering the terrain. With mountain ranges to plains, it offers a great sight as well as a great hunting opportunity. You are also provided with all the basic amenities while on the hunt.

Best Value:
Tim - Wild Pig 2x1 Guided Hunt

What the Hunt Includes

Are you ready to embark on a once-in-a-lifetime hunting opportunity? Well, here is one to make sure you remember it for the rest of your life. The Wild Pig Guided Hunt is probably one of the best hunting opportunities you can get. The trip is fully guided with a professional guide who ensures that you don’t miss any targets.

The package includes a number of facilities like skinning, field dressing, and trophy preparation while on the hunt. You can also expect RV camping on the ranches or stay in a hotel in a nearby town. Talking about the terrain, it is composed of open plains, hills, forests, canyons, and natural springs, which is just sensational.

Why it Stands Out to Us

There are a number of things that we like about this hunting opportunity. The beauty of the hunting grounds hits the list for us. Rich in plains, hills, canyons, and springs, this is a perfect spot for hunting. You not only get to hunt a monster hog but also enjoy the beauty of nature. In addition, being guided along the way by a professional is just another perk of this wonderful place.

Additionally, you are provided with basic amenities that help you along the way. There is a chance for RV camping or staying in a hotel, as you desire. This is a spot-and-stalk hunting opportunity that involves either using a rifle or a bow.

Best California Deer Hunting Guide:
Michael - Blacktail Deer Public Land Hunt

What the Hunt Includes

The Blacktail Deer Public Land Hunt is one of the most attractive hunting prospects you can get in California. This is a three-day trip that offers accommodation for a single hunter. Here you get to hunt the beautiful Blacktail deer with thorough guidance. There is a professional that accompanies you on your trip to make sure you get the kill.

In addition, there are various other perks that you can enjoy during your hunting trip. These include pre-scouted locations, skinning as well as butchering of animals and conveyance back to the vehicle. Also, you can enjoy ready-to-eat meals without any hassle.

Why it Stands Out to Us

What we like about this trip is the all-round package that it offers. If you are into hunting one of the fastest animals on earth then, this is a great opportunity. You get a chance to hunt the amazing Blacktail deer, which is beautiful and tastes wonderful. Professional guidance is something you will always have while hunting on these grounds.

Even for an amateur hunter, this is a great spot for hunting. Worried about skinning, butchering, or transporting the hunted animal? Well, don’t be as it is all included in the package! The trip promises both rifle and bow hunting, whatever suits you best. Also, you can enjoy some lovely meals that are readily available.

Best California Duck Hunting Guide:
John Cravens - Waterfowl Hunt 2 Day 3 Hunters

What the Hunt Includes

The Waterfowl Hunt needs no introduction. It is one of the most active and great hunting chances for everyone. Whether you are a professional or an amateur, quality time is guaranteed. This is an extraordinary package that offers accommodation for three hunters. At the same time, it offers a hunting trip of two days, which means double the fun.

The hunt involves mouth calls, decoys, and blinds to hunt some delicious ducks! The trip is guided while promoting shotgun hunting. In addition, you can enjoy spike camping on Shasta-Trinity National Forest.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The great thing about this hunting package is that it accommodates more than a single hunter. This is fantastic news for individuals looking to hunt with their loved ones. Whether it is family or friends, you can enjoy some great company and have a wonderful time on this trip.

Like any other trip, this is also guided and features shotgun hunting. You can also expect to spike camp while on this trip. The package also delivers accommodation, basic necessities, transport, and various other perks to make sure you enjoy the moment. Book now!

Best California Bear Hunting Guide:
John Cravens - Black Bear Hunt - 2 day

What the Hunt Includes

Unlike other hunting trips, this is not a regular trip. With this one, you are about to hunt one of the most dangerous predators on land, the black bear. Although this is not an easy trip by any means, with proper guidance, you can expect to make your kill. This trip features a rifle or bow hunting opportunity to hunt down large black bears.

You are adequately provided with conveyance, accommodation, and other basic necessities along the way. Spike camping is yet another feature of this trip. The package itself offers a two-day hunting opportunity and accommodation for a single hunter.

Why it Stands Out to Us

What strikes us about this hunting package is the opportunity to hunt large black bears. The black bear is one of those few predators that are extremely dangerous. But don’t worry; whether you are an amateur or a professional hunter, you can always use some professional guidance. This is, in fact, a chilling hunting experience that brings fear and joy at the same time. 

All of your basic necessities like accommodations and conveyance are well-catered to during this trip. As a result, you can now focus on hunting those black bears. On the other hand, you can always enjoy the dense vegetation and forest as well.

Best Elk Hunting in California:
John Cravens - Roosevelt Elk or Rocky Mountain Elk Hunt

What the Hunt Includes

Nothing compares to the thrill of hunting big game. This hunting package is directed towards all those looking for a Big Game Draw. Yes, we are talking about Roosevelt Elks. This is a great hunting trip to hunt these amazing animals.

The location itself depicts a beautiful picture of the landscape. You get a chance to hunt elks in the Northeastern zones and the Marble Mountain. The package promises adequate provision of all basic amenities, including accommodation, conveyance, and trophy preparation. In addition, the package also provides a four-day accommodation for a single hunter.

Why it Stands Out to Us

There are thousands of different hunting packages on offer that promise great hunting opportunities in California. Out of these, this is one of the best prospects and is quite promising and exciting at the same time. The hunt promotes rifle and bow hunting to bring down those large Roosevelt Elks for dinner.

The exciting part about this trip is that it offers a four-day trip with all the basic amenities being fulfilled adequately. What is more interesting is hunting these lovely creatures in the heart of the mountains. If you are ready to embark on a memorable trip, we suggest considering this hunting package.

7. Tim - Wild Pig 1x1 Guided Hunt

What the Hunt Includes

If you have never hunted wild boars before, now is the chance. With this hunting package, you get a chance to hunt wild boars quite conveniently. The package promises two-day accommodation for a single hunter. It promises professional guidance, amenities, RV camping, and much more!

The best part about this hunting trip is experiencing the natural beauty. Open fields, hills, canyons, and natural springs all await you on this quest to hunt wild boards. The trip also promises a high success rate as this is a one-on-one guided trip. You can either use a rifle or bow on this trip as per your desire.

Why it Stands Out to Us

What we like most about this hunting trip is that it is open all year round. That being said, you can always plan a trip no matter the time. The trip itself is quite wonderful considering the natural landscapes and the chance to hunt wild boars. Meanwhile, this hunting opportunity also welcomes handicapped hunters, which is a great gesture.

All of your basic needs and requirements are taken care of quite adequately while on this guided trip. There is also an option of using a rifle or bow at your convenience. In the case of wounded animals, maximum effort is promised to retrieve the animal.

8. Tim - Blacktail Deer Guided Hunt

What the Hunt Includes

The Blacktail Deer Guided Hunt brings you an amazing opportunity to hunt in the heart of California. Featuring beautiful landscapes, mountain ranges, canyons, dense forestations, and natural springs, this will just enlighten your heart. This is a perfect hunting trip to enjoy natural beauty with deer hunting if you are fond of nature.

The package involves a five-day accommodation period for a single hunter. You get a chance to hunt the famous yet beautiful Blacktail deer. The guided trip promotes both rifle and bowhunting prospects for hunters. In addition, all your basic needs are adequately catered to ensure you enjoy this wonderful trip.

Why it Stands Out to Us

If you want to enjoy your hunting trip along with some breath-taking scenery, this is a perfect way. It’s a hunting trip that not only provides you with a great hunting experience but also dazzles you with its mesmerizing beauty. This is a guided trip that allows you an opportunity to hunt those lovely Blacktail deer.

With a hunting season from 14th July to 15th October, this is a promising package that allows both rifle hunting and bowhunting. Additionally, the package welcomes all hunters to the hunting grounds, including handicapped hunters. You are provided with all basic facilities and thorough guidance to ensure an ultimate hunting experience.

9. John Cravens - Wild Pig Hunt - 1 day for 1 hunter

What the Hunt Includes

If you are into hunting wild pigs, this is an exquisite opportunity for you! The Wild Pig Hunt hunting package brings you an opportunity to hunt wild pigs as you desire. It is a great hunting prospect, considering the affordable rates and the location for hunting grounds.

The package includes a single hunter accommodation for a single day that includes all the basic necessities. That means you can enjoy your hunting experience without worrying about anything else. The trip promises professional guidance while it allows the use of either a rifle or a bow. Handicapped hunters are also welcome.

Why it Stands Out to Us

What pleases us about this hunting package is the affordable nature. The package is quite reasonable considering the various facilities that it provides. In addition, it offers a number of facilities, which act as a silver lining. You can enjoy basic amenities like transportation, accommodation, paperwork, and much more!

The best part about this hunting package is that it is available throughout the year. That means you always have an opportunity to hunt wild pigs irrespective of time. The hunt also promises various hunting techniques, including rifle, bow, or shotgun. All in all, it is a great hunting package

10. John Cravens - 2 Day Pronghorn Antelope Hunt

What the Hunt Includes

Have you ever thought about hunting in the largest National Forest in California? Well, now you can! This hunting package offers you everything from hunting Pronghorn Antelope to various other facilities. If you are in for a ride to the largest wildlife forest, it can’t get any better than this.

This hunting package offers a two-day accommodation for a single hunter throughout the year. You can avail of this package at any time of the year. You get a shot to hunt one of the fastest animals on the planet, the Pronghorn Antelope. The package comes with all the basic facilities and much more!

Why it Stands Out to Us

If you are looking to hunt deer this season, then this hunting package is your best bet. It offers everything you need to hunt the amazing Pronghorn Antelope. It’s a fully guided trip that involves the guidance of a professional hunter. Additionally, the package also features whether to go bow hunting or shotgun hunting.

Amazingly, there is more to this offer than what meets the eye. With this hunt, you will find yourself mesmerized by landscapes and dense vegetation! If you love nature, this is a perfect spot to double the fun. Also, with reasonable rates, you can get involved in quite a bit of fun.

Final Thoughts Before Hunting in California

It doesn’t matter whether you are an amateur or a professional hunter, California welcomes everyone. With a ton of hunting opportunities and vast acres of public hunting grounds, it offers a sweet spot for hunting. Being a hunter, California is considered a hunting paradise all over the world. 

With thousands of different species of wildlife and jaw-opening natural beauty, California is a must-visit state. It offers everything you can desire as a hunter as well as a nature-loving person. Therefore, if you are planning on a hunting trip, try one of the above hunting packages. We assure you that these hunting packages are equally as promising as they look!

People Also Ask

People always have some queries related to the product or services that they avail or wish to avail of. These queries must be adequately answered to ensure positive customer relationships. Therefore, we have come up with some frequently asked questions. These questions can help you find the right answer to the questions you might have.

How Many Rounds Can You Hunt Within California?

Every state has its own rules and regulations when it comes to hunting. Some allow more rounds than others and vice versa. Most rifles are capable of holding up to three to five rounds. In the case of California, its penal code allows a maximum of ten rounds.

Where Can I Go Hunting in California?

California covers a vast terrain that stretches millions of acres across that is available for hunting. Each spot is unique and different from one another on the basis of terrain, hunting opportunity, and wildlife species. Therefore, it greatly depends on your personal preferences as to where you would like to hunt. Some famous places include Plumas National Forest, Bighorn Mountains, and Modoc National Forest.

Is it Legal to Hunt at Night in California?

The answer is no. The state of California strongly prohibits the use of light for night hunting, especially during the deer season. However, the state allows for hunting fur-bearing and nongame mammals. You can use artificial light or spotlight to do so with certain limitations. 

What Animals Can You Hunt Without a License in California?

According to the rules and regulations, nongame mammals and several birds like rabbits, crows, possums, and several others can be taken down without requiring a license. However, in the case of mammals like deer, bear, elk, and wild pig, you will need a proper hunting license.

Can You Hunt With an AR-15 in California?

Some states in the US do not allow the use of AR-15 for hunting purposes. That is not the case in California. In California, you can use an AR-15 rifle for hunting provided that you follow certain restrictions. Therefore, make sure you follow all the rules before hunting with the rifle.

Can I Open Carry While Hunting in California?

Yes, you can open-carry a firearm while hunting in California. Unlike several other states, the state of California shows leniency in this case. According to their penal code law, you can carry a gun while fishing or hiking.

Do You Have to Wear Orange When Hunting in California?

Hunter or blaze orange is not a requirement when hunting in California. This is good news for those people who hate wearing custom outfits for hunting purposes. However, DFW recommends that you wear hunter orange while hunting big game. Also, it should be visible from all sides.

How Long is a California Hunting License Good For?

In most cases, California offers various hunting licenses to non-residents for hunting purposes. These licenses usually expire after a year or so. However, if you are a local resident of California, there is some good news. You can actually buy a lifetime hunting license for the ultimate hunting experience!

How Old Do You Have to be to Hunt in California?

According to California's hunting laws, you must have a hunting license before you can go hunting. For both local and non-local residents, a junior hunting license is required if you are under 18. In addition, anyone with age 12 or older who would like to hunt big game would require additional tag licenses.

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