Shimano Curado 200IHG Review – Personal Buyer’s Guide

| Last Updated February 19, 2022

The Curado Series serves as Shimano’s bread and butter range. While their product line features far more impressive reels - aimed largely at professional fishers - this kit is an undoubtedly solid reel for the mainstream audience.

Although Shimano offers cheaper reels, this model is a durable, everyday reel that gives reliable operation every time.

While this reel is offered as a staple device for the everyday user, the Curado introduces some of the key features from their higher range models. This allows the Curado to function at a higher specification, while still remaining affordable.

All in all, for those looking for a reliable, durable reel that will prove its longevity, while performing well throughout its lifespan, this is a great choice. With improvements to each element since its preceding generation, the Shimano Curado is a great choice of reel.

Key Terms to Know

To help compare products in this review, we have included a few key specifications for each. Here is a quick summary of what they mean.

  • Materials: The materials the reel is made of.

  • Weight: The actual weight of the reel.

  • Hand Orientation: Which dominant hand the reel is made for.

  • Bearing Type and Material: The number or type of bearings inside the reel and also the bearing material.
  • Gear Ratio: This tells you the number of times the reel spool turns with each crank of the handle.

  • Maximum Drag: The amount of force the reel can withstand without the line slipping.

  • Line Compatibility: Which line types the reel is meant to be used with.

Check out our Shimano Curado review below to find out exactly what this device has to offer.

Shimano Curado 200IHG

Shimano Curado 200 IHG right hand baitcast fishing reel, CU200IHG


  • Stability  
  • Quality  
  • Pricing  


  • The Squeak
  • The Brake System

Main Features

As noted above, the Shimano Curado range incorporates some of the superior features of their higher spec reels. As the engineers have upgraded this range, they have brought in some of the elements that allow easier control and high-performance functioning. Consider that the Curado Series now hosts some of these excellent features:

SVS Infinity Brake System

The new system features four to six settings with a brake dial that is fully adjustable for any sort of casting application. This provides a far more accurate range of control and expands the width at the same time. This provides better braking in all weathers.

A-RB Stainless Steel Ball Bearings

The five ball bearings are all shielded and protected from rust to increase durability and longevity. The stainless steel shield will prevent against corrosion, enabling this (mainly) freshwater reel to withstand some low-level saltwater use.


This reel set up is extremely efficient due to the combination of features referred to as X-Ship. The name combines the words: extra, smooth, and high-power, as the pinion gear is positioned in a more central way, meaning that more power is able to be transferred from the handle toward the spool.

Bolstered by the dual-shielded, A-RB roller bearing, the efficiency of the reel prevents friction wear and tear over time.

Carbon Cross Drag

On this reel, the carbon fiber washers are engineered to sit on opposing sides of the master gear. This generates even pressure, keeping the reel balanced and facilitating smoother drag.

Even when heavy loads are applied, the Carbon Cross Drag mechanism helps to prevent jumpiness and sloppiness. The adjustability allows you to fine-tune the mechanism using the oversized star drag.

Shimano Stable Spool Design

Known as the S3D Spool, Shimano has engineered the reel so that you receive the smoothest casting experience. The S3D Spool reduces vibrations that come with bait casters, giving a more smooth feel. Due to the well-balanced spool, anglers can feel the stability created through the uniformity of the design.

Escape Hatch

The escape hatch is designed for you to more easily access the spool and brake. You simply flick a switch located at the bottom of the aluminum frame, and you can access all the inner workings.

Quick Fire

This feature is designed to enable quicker casting in a cleaner manner. This mechanism lets the line free-spool as the clutch bar is disengaging the spool. This is slowed only by the braking mechanism. However, as soon as the handle is turned, the spool re-engages instantly.


The Super Stopper, Anti-Reverse mechanism is designed with a one-way roller bearing. This helps you set the hook straight away, so you don’t have back play in the reel.



When using this reel, you can really feel the smoothness. The stability caused by the uniform design means that you don’t experience a backlash of vibrations quivering through the rod. Some previous users have described it as having ‘butter smooth drag’. The stability also allows this reel to cast long and smooth. This is also due to the aluminum housing that gives it a durable casing while allowing it to remain lightweight.


Shimano is very well known for making high-quality reels and this model is no different. Though aimed at the amateur market, this model retains the high-quality components used in Shamino’s more expensive reels, while also embedding some of the high specification features.Moreover, the aluminum housing, stainless steel ball bearing shields, and easy access mechanisms make this reel easy to care for and maintain, also increasing its quality and longevity.


This is a very fairly priced model. While providing all the quality of Shimano, and some of its high specification features, it is priced for the mainstream angling community.For beginners, this is one of the best reels to learn on, due to this. It can give you a more professional and smooth fishing experience, without breaking the bank.While Shimano offers cheaper reels, they don’t usually feature some of the advanced operational settings of this model, and don’t tend to last as long.


The Squeak

This model seems to have a high-pitched whining noise when casting long. This isn’t always noticeable and tends to go away if you apply a little ‘Reel Magic’. However, it is annoying and continues to come back.

The Brake System

The new brake system seems to stump a few experienced anglers. While the brake system is better quality than its predecessor, it is very different to use and you should have someone show you before trying.
If you fail to get the hang of the brake system, you’ll experience some hardcore backlash. This is probably the biggest complaint by users.

What is the Shimano Curado 200IHG Best For?

Known for durability, the Shimano Curado 200IHG is no exception. While at first glance, it appears to be a high specification reel at an affordable price, you’ll see a different story upon closer inspection.

Aimed at the mainstream markets, this model is designed to be operable by every angler - from beginner to professional - while adding on some higher-end features for a more interesting reel.

In this sense, the Shimano Curado is the best all-around reel aimed at any fishers looking for a durable model made with high-quality components.

The extra features make this a great learning reel for beginners as well. The affordable price, combined with the durable components, allow for a little leeway while making mistakes in learning. Equally, by featuring some of the top-end aspects, it can teach new fishers to how to progress into more advanced fishing techniques.

Bottom Line

Overall this is a great reel - there is no doubt about that. Aimed at the average fisher, this reel is designed for longevity and durability, while also creating a smoother fishing experience. The uniformity of the design enables greater stability, leading to a better overall smoothness when casting, with next-to-no drag.

The bottom line is that this reel is a great choice for beginners and the professionals, and all skill levels in between. Lightweight and featuring some of Shimano’s advanced features, this affordable reel is easy to use and gives a great overall experience.

Product Specs




0.46 lbs

Hand Orientation:

Right Hand

Bearing Type and Material:


Gear Ratio:


Maximum Drag:

12 lbs

Line Compatibility:

Mono and Braided

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