Caddis Waders Review – 2021 Buyer’s Guide

| Last Updated December 21, 2021

Gone are the days of being hot and clammy in your fishing waders trying to tough it out for that “one last cast”. With the advent of modern materials and technology, they have come far in recent years and are able to offer anglers exceptional comfort while staying dry and fishing in all sorts of conditions.

Whether you are a regular user of waders for fishing or are just now considering using them for your fishing adventures, they are an ever-evolving technology and a fun piece of equipment to purchase.

Comparison of the Top Caddis Waders 

  • Durable two-tone design with padded pressure points for comfort
  • Double-taped, glued, and stitched feet to ensure water resistance and dryness
  • Adjustable suspenders and a waterproof front zippered pocket
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  • Neoprene under the waist with reinforced knees and gravel guards
  • Heavy-duty breathable polyester on top with handwarmer pockets
  • Comfortable suspenders with front zippered pocket and waterproof pouch
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  • Best Caddis breathable stocking foot wader on our list
  • Durable polyester shell works in all weather conditions
  • Reinforced durable design with handwarmer pockets and gravel guard
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Are Waders Important While Fishing?

For many anglers, waders serve as a crucial piece of equipment to access their favorite fishing spots. For those anglers who spent hours waist deep in a flowing river or sitting in a pontoon style watercraft still partially submerged, they are an invaluable tool that they must rely on day in and day out.

Being the first layer of contact between you and your environment, they can be subject to harsh use and abuse. Whether walking through thick brush to access the river or kneeling in the rocky stream with your trophy catch, waders face a lot of harsh use.

Caddis Waders in Use (Source)

In addition to being able to withstand the rigors of the environment, they must also meet a compromise in the form of comfort. Breathable waders are the preference for most anglers simply due to the comfort level they bring.

Nylon breathable waders keep anglers dry and allow them to stay in them all day without becoming hot and clammy. While not the most durable option on the market, the trade-off in comfort that these provide is what makes them the choice of most anglers.

What Makes Caddis Waders Stand Out?

Thankfully, companies like Caddis have seen the fly fishing industry develop and evolve through the years. They have seen the way time has tested gear standards and required refining of the way fly fishing gear is made and used.

Breathable waders have come a long way in the past two decades and are now a much more efficient piece of fishing technology than they once were. Better durability, increased comfort, more features, and better price tags on modern waders make them a common piece of equipment in an angler’s arsenal.

Over the years, Caddis has produced a large variety of breathable fishing waders. Through the years they have learned what works and what doesn’t. In their current line of equipment, Caddis offers anglers a choice in breathable waders. These offer buyers a selection of features and cost to find a pair that suits their style best.

When purchasing, there are generally a few features you should analyze closely to help you make a determination. These are all features that Caddis has already integrated into most of their line.

Lightweight & Breathable is a feature I look for, as that seems to be the most versatile for my fishing scenarios. I generally fish in warmer scenarios and much prefer the comfort that breathable nylon models provide. It appears many other anglers appreciate this feature and the ability to layer up underneath in anticipation of cold conditions. Thankfully, all the Caddis waders featured in this review feature high-tech, breathable materials to keep you comfortable.

Integrated Gravel Guards are a much-appreciated feature on stockingfoot waders. I prefer the versatility and the fit that a proper wading boot provides. The disadvantage of having a separate wading boot is the chance of getting gravel and debris inside. Gravel guards eliminate this problem and any good pair should come with gravel guards integrated into them, even if they must be bought separately.

Review of the Best Caddis Waders

Now that we've covered a little bit of background info related to Caddis Waders, let's take a look at the ones that made our list. 

Best Overall:
Caddis Northern Guide Breathable Stocking-Foot Waders for Men

Caddis Men's Grey and Brown Northern Guide Breathable Stocking Foot Wader, XX-Large Short Stout


  • Affordable Value
  • Handwarmer Pockets
  • Integrated Gravel Guards
  • Breathable and Rugged Polyester Design
  • Double Reinforced Knee and Seat Area to Combat Wear


  • Not Intended for Extreme Cold Conditions

For those looking for a “Guide Tough” wader that is ready for all the rigors you are capable of throwing at it, check out this model. These rugged, versatile waders offer top-of-the-line features while still coming in at an affordable price, making them a top value.

Constructed from a heavy-duty, yet soft to the touch, breathable polyester, they are optimized for comfort. On top of that, the scratch and tear resistant material is designed to keep them functional for longer. On the higher wear areas of the lower legs, they feature an additional reinforced layer of protection for years of durability.

These are sure to perform in a variety of conditions, which is why they are used by fishing guides everywhere. With high-density neoprene stockingfeet to combat wear and integrated gravel guards to keep out debris, these are truly a full feature model. Handwarmer pockets, stash pockets, a wading belt, and included repair kit are all cherries on the top that make this pair a great value all around.

Bottom Line

For those looking for a top-of-the-line wader without absolutely breaking the bank, Caddis has a great value for the price right here. With features and construction rivaling waders twice their cost, the Northern Guide Waders by Caddis deliver exceptional performance, comfort, and durability to anglers of all types.

Whether you are a hardcore fishing guide or a casual weekend angler, this pair will be up to the task. Breathable and with increased durability where it counts, this is a well-used design that continues to stand the test of time. These are all features that make the Northern Guide Waders by Caddis our best value wader in the line-up.

 Hybrid Extreme Elements Stockingfoot Chest Wader

Caddis Hybrid Extreme Elements Stockingfoot Chest Wader, XX-Large/Stout


  • Hybrid Design
  • Integrated Gravel Guards
  • Fleece-Lined Hand Warmer Pockets
  • Durability and Warmth of Neoprene on the legs
  • Comfortable, Breathable Nylon on the Upper Half


  • Less Breathable than Other Waders

If warmth and durability are make-it or break-it points for you in a pair of breathable fishing waders, Caddis has a pair of waders for you. In an attempt to combine the best of both worlds in terms of comfort, warmth, and durability, Caddis has designed a hybrid pair of breathable waders.

The top half are a breathable nylon material, while the bottom half is durable and warm 5mm neoprene to keep you cozy in colder water conditions. On top of that, the neoprene legs feature a double reinforced knee area to really increase the durability.

These stockingfoot waders come complete with an integrated neoprene gravel guard, a feature I look for. On top of that, the front pocket features a fleece lining to help keep your hands warm and dry in those often frigid fishing conditions. In addition to the dual-sided hand warmer pouch, a small zippered compartment in front helps to keep smaller items organized and at hand.

Bottom Line

These are a great compromise for someone who is stuck deciding between a pair of nylon breathable waders and more durable, warm neoprene waders. By integrating the best of both worlds into the areas where it really matters, Caddis has developed an excellent crossover wader.

The durability and warmth of neoprene on the legs where the highest wear and coldest conditions are encountered, coupled with the comfort and breathability of nylon on the upper half make these a slam dunk.

Best Caddis Breathable Stockingfoot Wader:
Caddis Men's Taupe Affordable Breathable Stocking Foot Wader

Caddis Wading Systems CA9901W-M Men's Breathable Stockingfoot Waders - Medium Tan


  • Affordable Option
  • Breathable Design
  • Integrated Gravel Guards


  • Not Many Storage Pockets
  • May Lack Durability of Higher End Models

This pair of waders was designed to be an affordable option capable of providing comfort in a range of conditions. For those frugally-minded anglers who want the benefits of breathable waders but are hesitant to drop big bucks on a high dollar pair, Caddis has you covered. Their intent with this design was to construct a fully functioning, breathable pair of waders while keeping your budget in mind.

As such, these lack fancy features and the style of more expensive pairs. However, they remain durable and comfortable thanks to a breathable polyester construction. While they don’t feature a hand warmer pocket, they do come with a front mesh stash pocket to keep items close at hand.

Like all other Caddis waders, they come with all seams fully taped, stitched, and sealed to ensure you stay dry for many outings to come. This pair also come with a wading belt and are available in several sizes.

Bottom Line

For a no-frills pair of breathable waders, look no further. This pair of breathable polyester waders by Caddis fit the bill of function for the price. While they are not astounding to look at and lack fancy features, these do their job.

They are designed to keep you dry and comfortable in a variety of situations, offering supreme comfort and breathability in warm conditions and leaving the option to layer up underneath if fishing conditions get cold. Caddis hit the nail on the head in their pursuit to design an affordable pair of breathable waders with this offering.


Waders continue to be an essential piece of gear in many anglers’ arsenal. Breathable technology continues to improve and Caddis is staying near the cutting edge of it all. With a variety produced by Caddis to fit the needs of different anglers, finding the best option to suit your fishing style should be easy.

When taking into consideration the compromises between cost, durability, and comfort, your perfect pair of waders is the end result. With Caddis, you have plenty of options and will not be disappointed by any of them.

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