Best Bow Peep Sights – 2019 Buyer’s Guide Review

Peep sights are little devices  attached to bowstrings to help archers with their aim. Whether you have a recurve bow, a compound bow, or any other type of bow, choosing the correct peep sight can mean the difference between hitting and missing your target.

Bow peep sights are becoming increasingly popular because of their ability to help improve a shooter’s consistency and accuracy. However, with so many models available today, choosing the right peep sight can be a difficult task.

To ensure you make the correct decision, the following are reviews of some of the best peep sights available today.

Comparison Chart of the Best Peep Sight for Bows


G5 Outdoors Meta Pro Peep Hunter Sight

  • High grade 7000 aluminum makes the model durable
  • Radical string grooves improve string wear significantly
  • Its convex interior keeps the sight image round, making it the best overall model on this list and the best for hunting
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Flameer Archery Hooded Peep Sight 45/37 Degree

  • This model is the runner-up on our list
  • Can accept almost all clarifiers, peep apertures, and verifiers
  • This model is manufactured with aluminum alloy, making it durable
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Specialty Archery Pro Series 37 Degree Hooded Peep

  • Since it comes with numerous features, it is best for the money
  • 37-degree peep allows it to be used on a short axle to axle bow
  • The model can accept all Specialty Archery apertures, 1/8” verifiers, and clarifiers
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TRUGLO Centra Peep Pro 3/16" Blue

  • Its angled design makes it the best for compound bows
  • 3/16” aperture diameter allows you to get a clear sight picture
  • Aluminum construction makes the unit both reliable and durable
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TRUGLO Versa Interchangable Peep Sight Insert Sets

  • Quality aluminum construction ensures longevity
  • This unit deserves an honorable mention on our list of top picks
  • Versatile interchangeable inserts can be used to customize color and size
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What is a Peep Sight and What’s the Purpose of One?

Bow peep sights can be simply defined as small pieces of kit which are curved in shape and attach to bowstrings. Commonly used as a rear peep sight, they help improve an archer’s aim and accuracy.

The purpose is similar to the anchoring technique used in archery. According to the technique, your anchor will be more consistent and precise if you have more points of reference in your anchor.

Similarly, if you only align the target and fore-sight on a bow, the drawn string or the rear of the bow might not be aligned. It might be slightly low or slightly high. However, from your perspective, you won’t be aware of the misalignment.

That is where the peep sight comes in. As mentioned above, this is a small aperture attached to the bowstring. It allows you to look through when the string is at full draw, enabling you to align the target, the foresight, and the string. This further ensures that your arrow always finds its mark.

What Makes a Great Peep Sight?

Here are the main qualities to look for:

  • Diameter

The diameter of a peep sight can have a significant effect on your aim and precision. If you purchase a sight with a smaller diameter, you will need to make finer adjustments and alignments, which will consequently improve the accuracy of your aim.

However, a smaller sight allows less light through. If you want to shoot in low light conditions, then it is advisable to use a larger aperture.

  • Illuminated, Glowing, or Non-Reflective Peeps

If you plan on shooting in low light conditions, make sure you purchase a model which is equipped with illuminated or glowing apertures. However, if you’re going to be shooting in the sunshine, make sure you choose a peep with a non-reflective coating. This will protect you from any extra glare, so you don’t get distracted from your shot.

Rubber Tubing

Some peep sights are designed with rubber tubing. Commonly used for compound bows, the tubing pulls on the sight when the bow is drawn and spins it to the accurate angle.

Quick Take | Best Bow Peep Sights

Review of the Best Bow Peep Sights

Now that we've covered a bit of background info, let's take a look at each model that made our list.

Best Overall and Best for Hunting:
G5 Outdoors Meta Pro Peep Hunter Sight

G5 Outdoors Meta Pro Peep Hunter Sight


  • Available in a Wide Range of Colors and Sizes
  • Sturdily-Built Design Ensures Reliability and Longevity
  • Patented Convex Interior Ensures Your Arrow Finds its Mark, Even in Low Light Situations


  • Might Be a Bit Difficult to Use if You Wear Glasses

The best peep sight available today, the G5 Outdoors Meta Pro Peep Hunter Sight is manufactured with high-grade 7000 aluminum. This tubeless model has radical grooves in the side, enabling the bowstring to rotate the peep itself as you draw.

Thanks to its non-reflective coating, the unit protects you from any unnecessary glare from the sun or other light. With a patented convex interior, this model maximizes your field of view in low light situations, providing a perfect circle regardless of the angle you’re looking through.

Due to a convex string groove, the string comes in contact with lesser surface area, which significantly reduces string wear. With a fixed aperture, this model surely gives you an additional edge, especially during hunting or archery practice. This unit is also available in a wide range of colors, allowing you to match the color of the peep sight with your bow when setting it up.

Bottom Line

The G5 Outdoors Meta Pro Peep Hunter Sight is certainly the best model available for hunting. Designed with high-grade 7000 aluminum and a convex interior, this unit is durable, reliable, and helps you make accurate shots. However, you might face some difficulty if you wear glasses.

Flameer Archery Hooded Peep Sight 45/37 Degree Archery Clarifier Verifier Lens Peep Sight Aperture Kit Tools Fit for Compound Bow - Black 37°, 0.125inch


  • Available in a Variety of Sizes and Colors
  • Aluminum Alloy Ensures Reliability and Longevity
  • Allows You to Make Accurate, Precise Shots


  • You Might Face Some Difficulty in Using it if You Wear Glasses

Surely one of the best models available today, the Flameer Archery Hooded Peep Sight ranks as the runner-up on our list. This unit is manufactured with aluminum alloy, making it lightweight and durable. The aluminum further ensures that your bow is not harmed.

Fit for a compound bow, this unit comes with a housing aperture kit and an installation tool. Three inner cores and a hex wrench are also included.

With inside part sizes measuring 1/16, 3/16, and 1/8, the peep sight can be set at either 37 or 45 degrees. This model enables you to see better from your sight pins, allowing you to make accurate and precise shots. Furthermore, it is able to accept almost all apertures, verifiers, and clarifiers meant for this type of product.

Bottom Line

Falling close behind to the G5 Outdoors Meta Pro Peep Hunter Sight, this model is compatible with almost all apertures, verifiers, and clarifiers. Innovatively designed to be lightweight and durable, it ensures that your arrow finds its mark. However, the sight might be a bit difficult to use if you wear glasses.  

Specialty Archery Pro Series 37 Degree Hooded Peep Black


  • Its Low Weight Increases Arrow Speed
  • Can Be Used for Both Hunting and Archery Practice
  • Improves Your Sight Image and Allows You to Make Accurate and Precise Shots


  • Has More Glare Than Other Products

A versatile model, the Specialty Archery Pro Series 37 Degree Hooded Peep offers excellent value for money. This unit is sculpted to reduce weight and improve bow performance. It is also 25% lighter on your string compared to the original Hooded Super Peep housing, thus increasing arrow speed.

This 37-degree peep is usually used on bows measuring 40” or shorter. The model also reduces glare on verifier and clarifier lenses, allowing you to make better, more accurate shots.

With an opening which measures 3/16’, the unit can accept all Specialty Archery 1/8” apertures, including verifiers, which sharpen pins and clarifiers, which sharpen target faces. However, it is advisable to use a dual aperture wrench to insert or remove any optional verifiers, apertures, and clarifiers.

Bottom Line

All in all, the Specialty Archery Pro Series 37 Degree Hooded Peep certainly offers the best value for money. Designed to be 25% lighter than the original Hooded Super Peep housing, this model ensures that your arrow always finds its mark. However, it has more glare compared to other products.

Best for Compound Bows:
TRUGLO Centra Peep Pro 3/16” Blue

TRUGLO Centra Peep Pro 3/16' Blue


  • Its Lightweight Design Increases Arrow Speed
  • Sturdily-Built Design of the Model Ensures Longevity
  • Is Angled Design Helps Ensure That Your Arrow Finds its Mark


  • The Length and Type of Axle-to-Axle Bows Which Can Be Used With the Product Are Not Specified

One of the best peep sights available today, the TRUGLO Centra Peep Pro certainly deserves a place on our list. Manufactured with aluminum, the product is both lightweight and durable, allowing you to make accurate and precise shots.

Its angled design further allows you to align it perfectly. Thanks to its string grooves, this tubeless peep is able to support shorter axle-to-axle bows. However, the exact axle-to-axle  measurements are not specified. With an aperture measuring 3/16” in diameter, this product ensures you get a perfect sight picture.

Bottom Line

The TRUGLO Centra Peep Pro is the best you can purchase for a compound bow. Designed with aluminum, the product ensures durability, longevity, and reliability. It also allows you to get a clear sight picture. However, the type and length of the bows, which can be used with the model is not stated.

TRUGLO Versa Peep Sight (Black/Green/Red, Left/Right)


  •  Available in a Wide Range of Colors
  • Available for Both Right and Left-Hand Dominant Shooters
  • The Color of the Aperture and Diameter Can Be Changed Quickly and Easily


  • The Unit is a Bit Expensive as Compared to Other Similar Products

A revolutionary peep sight, the TRUGLO Versa Interchangeable Peep Sight is certainly worthy of an honorable mention. With this model, you can easily adjust its color and size without the hassle of removing it from the string.

Equipped with an interchangeable insert, the unit allows you to customize both the size and color of the aperture. The included inserts measure 1/8”, 5/32”, and 3/16” while the insert colors include red, green, and black.

Manufactured with lightweight aluminum, this unit is precision CNC-machined, which ensures durability and reliability. With an angled design and a sight diameter measuring 1/4”, this model is ideal for axle-to-axle bows.

Bottom Line

The TRUGLO Versa Interchangeable Peep Sight is one of the best models available in the market today. Although the price might be a problem for some, its easy installation, longevity, and included additional sizes certainly make it worth mentioning.

How to Zero a Peep Sight

Here are the steps you must follow for zeroing a peep sight:

1. Set your 20-yard pin

Stand at the 20 yard (18.3 M) mark from the target. Make sure your body is perpendicular to the target and draw back an arrow with your bow. Place the peep sight near your eye, allow the aperture to blur. At this point the target will still be mostly out of focus. While focusing on the front bead, bring it into focus and then center it on your target.

Look through the sight at the top pin and release the arrow. One important rule to remember during sighting is to always follow your arrows. Repeat this step with a few more arrows. This is done to find a shooting position that is repeatable. 

Next, adjust the windage and elevation to further increase accuracy. 

2. Set your 30-yard pin

Once you feel that your 20-yard top pin is accurate, move back to the 30-yard mark from your target. Look through the site at the second pin and shoot a few more arrows at the target. Make the same adjustments you made while zeroing in at 20 yards.

From this point onwards, you don’t need to adjust the entire sight when shooting your arrows from longer distances. You only need to adjust the single pins, but the process remains the same.

How to Install a Peep Sight

You can easily install a peep sight by following these steps:

1. Determine Location

Fully draw your bow with closed eyes and settle onto your anchor points. Open the eye you will use to aim through the peep sight and mark the string at that point.

2. Attach Your Peep Sight

Press your bow and separate the strands evenly at the point where it will be attached. Unpress the bow and check its location and alignment.

3. Tie in the Peep Sight

Once the sight is oriented and attached at the proper location, install stop knots below and above the peep. You can do this on a bow press, with a small amount of tension taken off the bowstring.

Make sure you don’t tie the actual peep sight to the string. If you do this, the peep will lose its forward orientation once the string stretches and will require further adjustment. If you install knots below and above the model, you’ll be able to realign it just by pressing the bow and correcting the alignment.

For a better idea, you can look at this video and follow along.


A peep sight can significantly improve your accuracy and precision. However, with so many options available today, choosing the best one is often a difficult task. For us, the best model is the G5 Outdoors Meta Pro Peep Hunter Sight, but make sure you read the above-mentioned reviews before making your decision!

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