Best Bow Hunting Clothing – 2020 Complete Buyer’s Guide

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Are you interested in buying excellent quality hunting clothing for this hunting season? Confused with all the options out on the market? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

We took the liberty to round up some amazing options to save you from going through the hassle.

These products are some of the very best in the market. So, keep on reading to find out more about them!

Comparison of the Best Bow Hunting Clothing


HECS Suit Deer

  • This product includes a long sleeves shirt, a pant, and a head cover.
  • It can serve as an outer garment or an undergarment, making it the best overall.
  • This unit has a Stealth screen construction with 86% polyester and 14 % carbon grid.
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ScentLok Men's Recon Thermal Pants

  • This unit can be machine washed as well.
  • It has a 6-pocket design for important gear storage.
  • This product is manufactured from 100% polyester, making it the runner up.
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North Mountain Gear Ghillie Suit

  • This product has been made out of 100% soft premium polyester.
  • This product consists of a shirt and a pant, making it best for the money.
  • It features double stitched fully cut leaves for a superior camouflage experience.
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IWOM XT Hunting System

  • It comes in 4 different color variations.
  • This product has three different modes of wear.
  • It was designed for hunters in any condition from -40 degrees to 40 degrees, making it best for cold weather.
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SITKA Gear Core LightWeight Crew

  • This product is available in a range of 5 colors.
  • It has a next to skin foundation for high exertion system.
  • It features permanent polygiene odor control technology, making it best for early season.
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Yukon Gear Men's Waylay Softshell Hunting Jacket

  • This product has welded pockets.
  • It can be washed in the machine at home.
  • It is made from 94% polyester and 6 % Elastane, which is why we find it to be an honorable mention.
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Icebreaker Boot Blanket

  • It has 180 gms Polyfill insulation
  • It has two side entry hand pockets and two inside pockets.
  • This product is made from rugged cotton Ripstop material and is our editor’s pick.
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Is Camo Necessary for Bow Hunting?

You may be wondering; is it a necessary investment? The answer is yes, it is! When you’re outdoors hunting, you may face adversities such as the weather. The appropriate clothing prepares you against all the odds and gets you in the right mood to hunt. Hunting clothing may be expensive and an added expense on your already tight budget. But it is worth the investment.

How to Choose Clothes for Bow Hunting?

Here are certain figures and factors you can consider while investing in any product. These are all the things which will help you find an excellent product. It is like a general guideline one should refer to prior to investing in a product. So, let’s take a look at them!


Nobody likes to spend on hunting apparel over and over again. If your hunting clothing is starting to wear out and you need to repurchase, then it means that the product you’re investing in is not durable. Not only is it a hassle but also can prove to be a lot heavier on your pocket. Therefore, invest in good quality durable products.


The material is probably the most important factor to consider while investing in hunting apparel. The material you choose for yourself should be in accordance with the external conditions you’re hunting in. The material you invest in should be lightweight, so it is easy to carry, and it should allow you to move your arms freely. It should not be restricting or limiting.


Your comfort is really important. The product you invest in should be comfortable and breathable but also within your budget. You should be comfortable spending the amount of money you want and get an excellent product.

Quick Take | Best Bow Hunting Clothing

Just looking for the top three best bow hunting clothing? Here they are:

  1. HECS Suit Deer
  2. ScentLok Men's Recon Thermal Pants
  3. North Mountain Gear Ghillie Suit

Review of the Best Bow Hunting Clothes

Now that you know how to make the right pick, let’s see some of the options you can opt for. All of the following bow-hunting clothing pieces are best and would make a worthy investment.

Best Overall:
 HESC Suit Deer

HECS Hunting 3-Piece Suit - Realtree Xtra Camo - Large


  • It has a Breathable Fabric
  • This Product is not Scratchy to the Skin and is Highly Comfortable to Wear
  • The Lightweight Construction Increases the Comfort Level for the Consumer
  • The Versatility of the Products Allows the User to Get Maximum Use Out of it
  • The Three-Piece Construction Makes it Complete Gear to Use and Reduces the Hassle of Investing in Any Other Product


  • It is a Slightly Expensive Product
  • Consumers Observed that it Wasn’t Scent Resistant
  • It Tears Easily when it Makes Contact with Brambles

What Recent Buyers Report

Nearly all of the buyers reported this product to be an excellent investment. They are happy with their purchase. The product seems to work very well, and the quality is up to par. It has thoroughly received positive remarks. This can be evidence of its excellence and what an amazing investment it is.

Why it Stands Out to Us

This product caught our attention for being so wholesome. This is the best you can get in the price range with so many features and advantages. This product has versatility and efficiency, which are both amazing features to have in your hunting apparel. This is the reason why we deemed it our best overall.

Who Will Use This Most

This product will be of most use to people just starting out with hunting. This is the best fit for people who do not have a habit of being in heavy-duty, heavyweight, thick materials and are still getting used to the entire experience. However, it could work with everyone.

What Could Be Improved and Why

A major improvement for this product would be to make it from a thicker material which is scent resistant. Having your scent blocked from the animals you’re about to hunt gives you a huge advantage over them. Furthermore, the thicker material will also allow it to be a bit more heavy-duty as well as tear resistant.

Bottom Line

It is evidently an excellent product. There is so little wrong with this product, which makes it such a great investment. This product will not leave you disappointed but also make your hunting experiences better and more comfortable.

ScentLok Men's Recon Thermal Pants, Realtree Xtra, X-Large


  • This is an Excellent Quality Product
  • These Work Very Well to Keep One Warm During the Cold Season
  • The Camouflage Design Works Efficiently in Disguising Your Presence
  • It Also has a 21-Inch Leg Zipper Which Allows You to Change in the Field Quite Fast
  • It Features a Carbon Alloy that Works in Conjunction with Activated Carbon and Zeolite to Absorb Maximum Odor


  • Only a Single Piece
  • These Can be a Bit Expensive
  • The Material is Too Thick to Work for Summer

What Recent Buyers Report

All the recent buyers are delighted with their purchase. They think this product is an excellent investment. It has a durable, high-quality construction. Furthermore, it can work wonders in keeping you warm in the winter.

​Why it Stands Out to Us

The reason why we’ve deemed it as our runner up is how durable and well-constructed this is. There are several gimmicky products on the market. This one surely isn’t one of them. This will not leave you disappointed as it is durable, efficient, and effective.

​Who Will Use This Most

This would be most beneficial to those of you hunting in the cold season. These are thermal pants that will keep you warm. They are ergonomically designed and easy to put on. They also have a lot of storage space to keep all your important belongings in.

What Could Be Improved and Why

A major improvement for this product would be to be a bit more versatile. It should work for every season. Thus, a little lightweight construction would do great.

Bottom Line

All in all, it's a wonderful product to invest in. It has some cons; however, the pros largely outweigh them. There are few products with such great quality build and construction. It is a necessity for winter to make your hunting experience better.

North Mountain Gear Ghillie Suit - Camo Hunting Suit - 3D Leafy Suit - Camouflage Hunting Suit w/Hooded Camo Jacket & Pants - Full Front Zipper, Zippered Pockets - Breathable, Quiet, Green - LG


  • It Works Well for Men and Women
  • The Soft Polyester is Comfortable to Wear
  • This Suit can Easily Fit Multiple Body Types
  • It has Double the Leaves of Any Standard 3D Suit
  • This Product Provides a Next to None Camouflage Experience
  • The Suit and Pants Come with Knee Length Zippers Thus are Easy to Take Off


  • It Rips Easily
  • The Suit Glows Brightly in the Dark Like it’s Radioactive
  • The Camo Pattern is Brighter than What Appears in the Pictures

What Recent Buyers Report

Recent buyers seem to be happy with their purchase. They claim that the suit is not as heavy as some of its counterparts and provides an excellent camouflage experience. You can wear a base layer inside, and the suit would still remain comfortable, which is attributed to its medium weight construction.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The reason why it caught our eye is that this seemed to be the best option for its price range. Therefore, we have deemed it the best buy for the money. Its superior quality construction and comfortable fit nature make it a worthy investment.

Who Would Use This Most?

This would be a great choice in general; however, it is best suited for people who like to get the extra mile and have no issues wearing slightly thicker materials. It may still be a challenge for people just starting out with hunting. However, for professionals, it is an excellent choice.

What Could Be Improved and Why?

A major improvement for this product would be to get rid of the extreme bright glow it emits in the dark. This basically gives away your cover and makes the animal aware of your presence. The camo seems slightly brighter in real life from the pictures. Furthermore, it rips apart easily. It would be a nice improvement if it was made a bit heavier duty and durable.

Bottom Line

This is a great product all in all. Not only does it camouflage one but also is somewhat comfortable to wear. It may not be perfect for beginners, but it is the perfect place to start if you want to invest in 3D suits. This has to be, perhaps, one of the most comfortable and easy to use options out there.

Best for Cold Weather: 
IWOM XT Hunting System

IWOM Kloak Arctikon, 5'9' - 6'1' X-Large/2X-Large


  • It is Highly Versatile
  • It Absorbs the Maximum Odor
  • It is Waterproof and Windproof
  • This Product is Comfortable to Wear
  • It is Made of Superior Quality Materials


  • It is Hard to Get Into
  • It is Pretty Expensive
  • Only Works for Winter Hunting Season

What Recent Buyers Report

Recent buyers were pretty happy with their purchase. They seem to enjoy their respective products and deem it a worthy investment. This overall is comfortable to wear and made from high-quality materials. It is durable and convenient. This product isn’t gimmicky like some others available on the market. It works very well in winter.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The reason why it stood out to us is how well-built and versatile this product is. It has three modes of wear, which is rare to see in any product. It works wonders in winter and provides a lot of comfort to the user. It doubles as a heating suit. You may not need to wear any base layers as it on its own fights the harshness of the environment with great ease.

Who Will Use This Most

People who will get the most use out of it are those living in the colder regions. It would be great for those of you who are not on a budget and can afford to make the splurge.

What Could Be Improved and Why

A major improvement in this product could be to make it easy to wear. This product is hard to get into.

Bottom Line

All in all, it is a great investment. It has high-end features and is very convenient to use. It is made of superior quality materials, which are what makes it durable.

Best for Early Season:
SITKA Gear Core Lightweight Crew

SITKA Gear Core Light Weight Crew - Long Sleeve Optifade Elevated II Medium


  • It is Comfortable to Wear
  • It is Designed With Superior Quality Materials
  • This Product Comes in a Good Range of Sizes
  • It Comes With a Decent Amount of Colors to Choose From
  • It is Equipped With Technology to Prevent the Growth of Odor-Causing Bacteria and Fungi


  • This Unit is Expensive
  • It may be Too Lightweight for Winter
  • The Logo is Slightly Brighter in Person

What Recent Buyers Report

Most of the buyers were very glad about their purchase. Some did complain of the size issue; however, it was not a big problem. This product evidently has won the hearts of the general public.

​Why it Stands Out to Us

It stood out for us for being the top quality and convenient option that it is. It is hard to fund a trustable brand with excellent quality service and products. However, this one by SITKA is truly a game changer. It will elevate the bar on your hunting experience. It is surely next to none.

​Who Will Use This Most

It is perfect for new hunters as it has a lightweight build. If you do not have a habit of wearing heavy-duty hunting gear, this could be a great place to start at.

What Could Be Improved and Why

A major improvement for this product would be to make the material a bit heavier weight so it can work for winter as well.

Bottom Line

To conclude, we would say that this is a great product, which is why it has been featured on our list. It will work wonderfully for early season hunting. It is pretty durable and made of excellent quality material that will not disappoint you. This is a great investment that is worthy of the splurge.

Yukon Gear Men's Waylay Softshell Hunting Jacket, Mossy Oak Break-Up Country, X-Large


  • It is Comfortable to Wear
  • It is Windproof and Waterproof
  • It is Durable and of Good Quality
  • The Combination Looks Very Stylish
  • It is One of the Most Affordable Options on the Market


  • It is Too Loud
  • It has Limited Color Options
  • The Fit May not Work for Everyone

What Recent Buyers Report

Recent buyers found this product to be an excellent investment. It shocked the consumers to see a great quality product with such an affordable price tag. It truly is a bargain.

​Why it Stands Out to Us

It stood out to us for being an excellent investment for the money. The superior quality and build is what compelled us to deem it as our honorable mention.

​Who Will Use This Most

People who will get the maximum use out of it are probably those who fit the standard size of athletic wear and don’t care much for a wide variety of colors. It can work for professionals and beginners. It is just a matter of preference.

What Could Be Improved and Why

An important improvement is to expand the size range and color options available. It will give the product more versatility and viewers better selection options.

​Bottom Line

It is, all in all, an excellent product. It will generally work out for most conditions. It is made from high-quality materials that vouch for its durability. Therefore, you won’t regret investing in this product, especially given the price point.

Editor’s pick:
 Icebreaker Boot Blanket

IceBreaker Boot Blanket Large Mossy Oak Breakup, Large (11-13)


  • This Unit has a Large Size Range
  • It Comes With Three Color Options
  • The Design Looks Stylish and Sleek
  • This Product has a Good Storage Area
  • It Comes With Side Pockets to Warm Hands


  • Not as Insulated as it Seems
  • It is not as Heavy Duty as Expected
  • The Zipper Comes Apart Sometimes

What Recent Buyers Report

Recent buyers seem to enjoy their product a lot. They have deemed it as one of the best hunting Camo they’ve ever used. This truly says a lot about the product.

​Why it Stands Out to Us

It stands out to us for being of excellent quality along with having good storage space. It truly is a worthy investment. Furthermore, it has a good size range and some colors to choose from.

​Who Will Use This Most

It is best suited for those of you not hunting in extreme conditions. It will also work great for those just starting out with hunting and are not used to wearing thicker materials.

What Could Be Improved and Why

If they would somehow make the quality of the material a bit better so the zipper won’t come apart that easily, it would be great. Furthermore, another improvement is to make it with slightly thicker material to make it more weatherproof.

Bottom Line

It is a great product worth the investment. Do not expect to get through very harsh weather or environmental conditions with this as it is not that heavy duty, but it works fine for normal conditions.

Types of Clothes Perfect for Bow Hunting

There are different types of hunting apparel. Knowing the different types of options out there will help you decide which one is best suited for you. This could vary according to the conditions you go hunting in. The basic rule is to choose one best suited to your needs and environment. Let’s take a look at them to understand them better.

Three Pieces With Camouflage Pattern

These types of products are more comfortable to wear. They include a shirt, pants, and a head cover. They have a camouflage pattern to help mix you in with the environment. If you purchase a good quality product from this category, you should be able to get a long wear time and comfortable experience out of them.

Single Piece

Single piece units can either be a shirt or a pant. These have multiple purposes as they can double as your external wear or your base layer which you put before you put your final clothing. They are usually made lightweight and with camouflage patterns. These cost way less than a 3-piece suit or a 3D suit.

3D Suits

If you want the ultimate hunting experience and you won’t mind going the extra mile for it, then 3D suits are your cup of tea. 3D suits are basically clothing covered with leaves or branches to give the illusion that you are a part of the surrounding. These are not as comfortable and can be heavy as well. But they are highly effective and efficient in serving their purpose.


We conclude this article by reminding you that all the reviews and guidelines were intended to help you make a better decision. You should be in good hands if you carefully follow the mentioned guidelines or invest in one of our recommendations. All the mentioned products work very well and will not leave you disappointed.

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