Tenpoint Titan SS – 2021 Review

| Last Updated June 14, 2021

TenPoint is a leading crossbow manufacturer that designs and makes crossbows in Mogadore, OH. If you’re looking for an American-made crossbow or want quality at an affordable price, the TenPoint Titan SS is worth considering.

TenPoint recommends starting with the 20-yard line when. Set a target 20 yards away, and adjust your scope until you can hit the target consistently.

The Titan SS was a top-selling product for TenPoint in the past and is still a fairly popular option among deer hunters. Here’s what you need to know about this lightweight and performing bow.

  • Light and fast and very compact design
  • deliver speeds of up 340 feet per second
  • Safe and quiet cocking and de-cocking
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Tenpoint Titan SS


  • Optics
  • Easy to Use
  • Lightweight Design
  • Speed and Accuracy


  • Width
  • Speed

TenPoint Titan SS Specs

Draw Weight: 175 lbs

Arrow Speed: 340 fps

Weight: 6.5 lbs

Length: 35”

Width (axle to axle): 18.5” cocked, 21.5” uncocked

Power Stroke: 12.5”

Draw Style: Forward

Trigger Pull Weight: 3.5 lbs

Type: Compound


Here’s why the TenPoint Titan SS became a best-selling bow and has remained a popular option.

Easy to Use 

The Titan SS is easy to assemble thanks to its one-bolt design. Using the crossbow feels intuitive, and the ergonomic Fusion S stock and foregrip will help you feel comfortable when you hold it, even if you’re a beginner. The stock and foregrip feature large cutouts that reduce the weight of the bow and help you find your balance when aiming.

The crossbow comes with the ACUdraw Pro or ACUdraw 50 cocking device, depending on the merchant and shopping option you select. These devices reduce the draw weight and allow you to cock the bow effortlessly.

The 175 lbs. draw weight is higher than what you can find on other bows, but the ACUdraw 50 reduces the draw weight to around 87 lbs. If you opt for the ACUdraw Pro cranking system, the draw weight will drop to around 8 lbs.

The wings and finger guards will also prevent you from placing your hands in the path of the string by accident. The T3 trigger has an auto-engaging safety and prevents dry fire. The crossbow won’t fire if you don’t place an arrow in it, and you will have to disengage the safety before shooting.  These safety features make the crossbow easy to use if you’re new to crossbow hunting.

Speed and Accuracy

The quad-limb design results in a fast and powerful crossbow. The ergonomic design of the stock and barrel make the Titan SS feel well-balanced. You can aim and stay on target easily thanks to this design.

The trigger has a pull weight of 3.5 lbs. and feels smooth and crisp. It’s a responsive trigger, and its placement helps with aiming.

The crossbow delivers a speed of up to 340 fps. It’s ideal if you’re using 350 or 370-grain arrows. The 12.5” power stroke transmits up to 95 ft-lbs of kinetic energy to your arrow for an accurate flight path.

The quad cable system is another feature that improves speed and accuracy while reducing pressure on the cams.

Lightweight Design

The Titan SS weighs only 6.5 lbs. It’s easy to pick up, carry, and maneuver. The lightweight design helps keep your arms steady when you aim and shoot and can reduce fatigue when hunting.

TenPoint uses durable, synthetic materials to reduce the weight of the bow. The use of large cutouts in the stock and foregrip of the Titan SS makes it lighter and creates a well-balanced design.


The TenPoint Titan SS comes with the 3x ProView 2 scope. It’s a 32mm scope with 3x magnification. The 8.5” length is a good match for the size of the crossbow.

The scope features illuminated red and green dots with five intensity levels. There are crosshairs for 20 to 50 yards.


There are a few potential drawbacks to consider before purchasing the Titan SS.

Not-So-Narrow Width

The Titan SS measures 18.5” from axle to axle when cocked. TenPoint originally advertised the bow as narrow, but the manufacturer has released other crossbows with a much more compact design since then.

The newer version of the Titan SS, the Titan M1, is only 9” wide when cocked. It’s also a faster bow.

The width of the Titan SS isn’t a dealbreaker, but it can be a drawback when hunting in dense vegetation or behind blinds. It can also be an issue for youth or shooters with a small frame.

Slower Speed Than Modern Bows

The Titan SS can shoot arrows at 340 fps. It’s suitable for hunting small game or deer, but you will need a faster crossbow to hunt big game. A speed of 340 fps was impressive when TenPoint released the Titan SS, but you can find newer bows with speeds that exceed 400 fps.

Best Uses For the TenPoint Titan SS

The TenPoint Titan SS is an excellent choice for deer hunting and beginners.

Deer Hunting

The 340-fps speed is suitable for hunting whitetail deer. You can achieve accuracy at a 40 to 50-yard range, thanks to the scope and balanced design of the crossbow. The lightweight build will reduce fatigue if you need to track deer. You will need a bow with a longer range and faster speed to hunt anything larger than a deer.


If you’re new to crossbow hunting, the wings, finger guards, and safety features of the trigger will help you feel more at ease. The ACUdraw cocking device will help you get plenty of practice without getting tired.

Is the TenPoint Titan SS Hard to Use?

The Titan SS isn’t hard to use. The assembly process is very simple, and the bow comes with safety features that prevent accidents.

The high draw weight could be an issue, but you can use the ACUdraw device that comes with your bow to reduce it. You will find that using the Titan SS is very intuitive, and the lightweight and well-balanced design will make you feel comfortable right away.

Components and Included Accessories

These are the main components and accessories included with the Titan SS.

Fusion S Stock

The Fusion S stock is a standard part that TenPoint uses with most of its crossbows. It’s sturdy and lightweight thanks to its cutouts. You can adjust the buttplate of the stock.

HL Quad Limbs

The Titan SS features 13” quad limbs for power and speed. There is a machined aluminum riser connected to the limbs for accuracy.

T3 Trigger

The 3.5 lbs. T3 trigger delivers a smooth and crisp feel. It comes with an auto-engaging safety, and it prevents dry fire.

ACUdraw Device

The Titan SS comes with an ACUdraw Pro cranking device or an ACUdraw 50 rope cocking device.


The Titan SS features a 3x illuminated scope. You can adjust the brightness of the crosshairs and use the different yard lines to get an accurate result.


The Titan SS package includes three Pro Elite carbon arrows. The 100-gram practice points are perfect for target shooting.

Owner’s DVD

The Titan SS comes with a DVD that covers how to assemble the bow, maintenance, and other important topics.

What Ages and Skill Levels is the TenPoint Titan SS Suitable For?

The price point and performance of the Titan SS make it a good option for beginners. The Titan SS package comes with everything you need to get started.

The pleasant feel and balance of the bow will help you build confidence quickly, and the safety features of the Titan SS will provide you with the peace of mind you need to focus on practicing.

The 340-fps speed makes the bow versatile. You can use the Titan SS to gain experience with hunting deer or small game without the intimidating feel of a faster crossbow.

Even though the Titan SS is lightweight, there are other bows with a more compact design that would be a better match for youth and women.

What Makes the TenPoint Titan SS Stand Out From the Competition

TenPoint is a brand with 27 years of experience. The manufacturer holds 95 patents for different innovative crossbow features.

The Titan SS stands out from the competition thanks to its sturdy and durable build. It’s a well-balanced crossbow that is pleasant to use, and the speed and performance make it ideal for beginners. TenPoint offers a limited lifetime warranty on this crossbow.

This crossbow also stands out because you get a package with the bow, scope, and cocking device at an affordable price point.

Comparison Overview

There are other crossbows from TenPoint worth considering.

TenPoint Titan SS vs Wicked Ridge Invader X4

TenPoint launched its Wicked Ridge brand in 2010 to offer more entry-level options at an affordable price.

The Wicked Ridge Invader X4 features a design that is similar to the Titan SS. The cutouts, quad limbs, and safety features are comparable, but the Invader X4 has improved trigger guards.

The Invader X4 is slightly faster at 360 fps, and the draw weight is a little lower at 165 lbs. The Invader X4 is easy to customize, thanks to the built-in Picatinny rail.

The Invader X4 comes with different scope. It uses a multi-line scope that doesn’t have a magnification feature.

TenPoint Titan SS vs Turbo GT

The Turbo GT comes with the same scope and same selection of ACUdraw devices. The weight, draw weight, trigger, and safety features are similar.

The Turbo GT feels a lot more compact with a width of 13.5” when cocked. It features double-laminated limbs for durability, and its speed of 360 fps is superior to the Titan SS.


TenPoint has released different new and improved crossbows since the Titan SS. The Titan SS isn’t as compact as newer models, but it’s still a crossbow worth considering. It’s a great buy because of its sturdy and lightweight design, and its speed is ideal for deer hunting and beginners who need some practice.

Overall, the Titan SS is a high-quality crossbow that is safe and easy to get comfortable with if you’re new to crossbow hunting, and the package that includes the crossbow and accessories is an excellent value.

People Also Ask

Learn more about the Titan SS with these common questions.

What Kind of Warranty Does the TenPoint Titan SS Come With?

TenPoint offers a limited lifetime warranty on all its crossbows. The scope and ACUdraw device fall under a different, shorter warranty.

Where Are TenPoint Titan SS Crossbows Made?

TenPoint has a facility in Mogadore, OH. The brand designs and manufactures all its products in the US.

How Far Can the TenPoint Titan SS Crossbow Shoot?

Distance varies in function of different factors like windage, elevation, and arrow weight. You can shoot arrows and hit your target accurately at a range of 40 to 50 yards with the Titan SS. You will lose efficiency beyond this range.

What Yardage Should the TenPoint Titan SS Be Sighted in?

TenPoint recommends starting with the 20-yard line when sighting your scope. Set a target 20 yards away, and adjust your scope until you can hit the target consistently.

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