Tenpoint Turbo GT Review – 2021 Overview

| Last Updated June 14, 2021

The TenPoint Turbo GT is a performing and compact crossbow that is ideal for hunting.

TenPoint manufacturers these bows in the USA and offers a product that stands out thanks to its quality and reliability.

Here’s what you need to know about the TenPoint Turbo GT.

  • Comes fully assembled and aligned for ease of use
  • Deliver very high speeds foot per second
  • Cocking mechanism is quiet and integrated into the stock
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TenPoint Turbo GT


  • Speed and Accuracy
  • Safety Features
  • Cocking the Turbo GT
  • Compact and Lightweight Design


  • Noise
  • T3 Trigger


Draw Weight: 175 lbs

Arrow Speed: up to 360 fps

Weight: 6.5 lbs

Length: 35”

Width (axle to axle): 13.5” cocked, 17” uncocked

Power Stroke: 12.6”

Draw Style: Forward

Trigger Pull Weight: 3.5 lbs

Type: Compound


The TenPoint Turbo GT is one of the older entries into the TenPoint product line, but it’s still a performing crossbow favored by hunters. TenPoint released this bow in 2016 as a shorter and lighter version of its predecessor, the Turbo XLT II.

Compact and Lightweight Design

The XLT bow assembly uses lightweight, synthetic materials to deliver a comfortable and balanced feel. The bow has a width of 13.5” when cocked, and measures 17” when uncocked. This narrow design helps with maneuverability, especially when hunting in tight spaces like a tree stand or when moving through vegetation.

At only 6.5 lbs, the Turbo GT is one of the lightest crossbows offered by TenPoint. Features like double-laminated limbs and reinforced nylon safety wings result in a sturdy and durable build despite the lightweight design.

Safety Features

The Turbo GT has safety wings that will keep your hands away from the string path when you shoot the crossbow. The wings feature a layer of reinforced glass for a safe and durable design.

The foregrip has an opening that shields your fingers while delivering a comfortable fit. The T3 trigger is another feature that enhances safety. There is an auto-engaging safety that prevents you from shooting the bow by accident.

The safety will engage when you cock the crossbow, and you will have to disengage it before shooting. There is a Dry-Fire inhibitor feature that prevents you from shooting the crossbow without a bolt. These two safety features will give you the peace of mind you need if you’re an inexperienced shooter.

Speed and Accuracy

The TenPoint Turbo GT delivers an arrow speed of up to 360 fps. It comes with 20” carbon arrows with practice tips, so you can achieve optimal speed.

The barrel has a power stroke of 12.6” and transmits up to 107 ft-lbs of kinetic energy to the arrow for speed and accuracy.

The trigger helps improve your accuracy. It uses molded components to deliver a crisp feel and a standard trigger pull weight of 3.5 lbs. The trigger feels smooth and allows you to stay on target when you pull it.

The Turbo GT comes with a 3x scope. You can use a black dot to aim or enable the illuminated feature and choose between a red or green dot. The scope features three stacked lines and five dots for a 10 to 60-yard range.

Cocking the Turbo GT

The Turbo GT has a draw weight of 175 lbs., which is fairly high. The bow comes with a foot stirrup, but coking it with the stirrup will require some effort.

Thankfully, TenPoint makes innovative cocking devices. You can order the Turbo GT with an ACUdraw cocking device built into the stock of the bow.

The Turbo GT comes with two ACUdraw cocking devices depending on where you purchase it from:

The self-retracting ACUdraw 50 reduces the draw weight by half.
The ACUdraw cranking mechanism drops the draw weight to five pounds.
You can purchase these accessories separately and upgrade any TenPoint crossbow with them.


Even though the Turbo GT is a great all-around bow, there are a few drawbacks to consider.


Vibrations from your crossbow string can be an issue when hunting. The main drawback of the Turbo GT is that it doesn’t come with a string suppressor or noise dampener feature.

TenPoint sells these accessories separately, and you can upgrade your Turbo GT to make less noise if you’re willing to spend a little more.

T3 Trigger

The T3 trigger is not a major drawback since it includes safety features and delivers a crisp feel. However, TenPoint has improved on the design of the T3 trigger and offers newer triggers like the T5 or S1 on its latest bows. These newer triggers have less creep and feel smoother and more consistent.

The T3 trigger shouldn’t be a dealbreaker, but it’s a feature where the age of the Turbo GT shows.

Best Uses for the TenPoint Turbo GT

The TenPoint Turbo GT is a favorite among hunters due to its performance and reliability.

Big and Small Game Hunting

If it wasn’t for the lack of a noise dampening feature, the Turbo GT would be a flawless crossbow for hunting. It’s easy to turn it into your go-to bow for hunting by adding a string suppressor.

The lightweight and compact frame make the Turbo GT the perfect companion for tracking game without fatigue.

The 360 fps arrow speed can stop a big game in its track and makes you reactive enough to hit your target consistently when hunting small game. The narrow design is an advantage if you hunt in tree stands or behind blinds.

Target Practice

The Turbo GT is a fun bow for target practice. The power stroke and sturdy frame make it accurate and will help you improve your aim and shooting skills.

The safety features will give you peace of mind if you practice with a group. The ACUdraw cocking device can reduce the draw weight significantly and help you get plenty of practice time in before your arms get tired.

Is the TenPoint Turbo GT Hard to Use?

The TenPoint Turbo GT isn’t hard to use. The lightweight frame helps keep your arms steady when taking a shot, and the scope will improve your accuracy. The safety features prevent incidents.

The 175 lbs. draw weight is the only potential issue you could run in when using the bow, but the addition of an ACUdraw cocking device eliminates this problem.

Components and Included Accessories

The components and accessories included with the Turbo GT contribute to the overall quality and performance of the bow.

XLT Bow Assembly

Compact and lightweight, the XLT bow assembly is 13.5” wide when cocked and 35” long. The barrel delivers a power stroke of 12.6.”

Adjustable Fusion S Stock

The Fusion S stock is sturdy and comfortable. You can adjust it to improve your accuracy.

MRX Cams

The MRX cams are durable, reliable, and require minimal maintenance.

D-75 Strings and Cables

The D-75 strings and cables pack a punch and can withstand frequent use.

ACUdraw Cocking System

TenPoint will attach the ACUdraw or the ACUdraw 50 to the stock of the Turbo GT, depending on the buying option you select.

3x ProView 2 Scope

The Turbo GT comes with a 3x scope.

What Ages and Skill Levels is the TenPoint Turbo GT Suitable For?

We recommend the TenPoint Turbo GT for shooters of all skill levels. Beginners will benefit from the safety features and ACUdraw cocking mechanism.

The lack of noise reduction can be frustrating for inexperienced hunters, but the compact and lightweight design of the bow will prove to be an advantage when tracking game or hunting in areas with dense vegetation.

Even though the crossbow has a narrow and lightweight design, the barrel length might make it difficult to maneuver for teens or shooters with a small frame.

What Makes the TenPoint Turbo GT Stand Out From the Competition?

The Turbo GT stands out from the competition by delivering a great mix of performance and value. It’s a reliable crossbow that will last for years with minimal maintenance. TenPoint offers a limited lifetime warranty on its crossbows, should you run into any issues.

The addition of a cocking device is noteworthy since most manufacturers don’t include this type of accessory in the price range of the Turbo GT.

The speed of 360 fps and power stroke makes the bow suitable for a wide range of applications. It’s a very versatile option, and we’re confident you will get your money’s worth. You can also customize your Turbo GT, thanks to the archery accessories sold by TenPoint.

Comparison Overview

How does the Turbo GT compare to other crossbows?

TenPoint Titan SS vs Turbo GT

The Titan SS is another crossbow from TenPoint. You can expect the same quality, lightweight build, and lifetime warranty.

The Titan SS is slightly slower at 340 fps. The main difference is that the Titan SS is a lot wider than the Turbo GT. The Titan SS is 18.5” wide when cocked and 21.5” wide when uncocked. This wider design can make the bow more difficult to maneuver, but you might feel more comfortable with the Titan SS if you learned to shoot with a wide crossbow.

The draw weight is 175 lbs. for both bows, and you can use ACUdraw accessories with the Titan SS. 

TenPoint Turbo GT vs Barnett

If you want to explore other manufacturers, Barnett crossbows could be an interesting alternative to the Turbo GT. Barnett offers a similarly limited lifetime warranty and makes its bows in Odessa, FL.

Barnett offers faster bows like the HyperTac 420. This crossbow delivers a top speed of 420 fps, but it’s a little heavier at 7.9 lbs. It comes with superior optics since the scope features a 5x zoom.

The TS380 is closer to the Turbo GT in terms of performance. Weight and safety features are comparable, and the TS380 delivers an arrow speed of up to 380 fps. The 4x32mm scope is a little better than the one TenPoint uses. The TS380 is close to the Turbo GT in width, but the barrel is a little shorter at 32.3.”

If you’re looking for a quiet crossbow, the Explorer XP 400 features string dampeners. It’s a fast bow at 400 fps, and it features an adjustable stock and cheek rest for comfort.

How to Assemble the TenPoint Turbo GT

TenPoint crossbows are easy to assemble. The Turbo GT features a one-bolt assembly design, and you should be able to put this bow together within a few minutes. Here are the steps to follow:

  • Your Turbo GT should come with the scope and ACUdraw accessories already attached to it.

  • Get started by snapping the cable savers onto the cables. Use the grooves on the cable savers to secure the cables.

  • Apply some lube or string wax to the surface of the cable saver.

  • Slide the bowstring assembly onto the barrel of the crossbow. Be careful not to twist the cables.

  • Insert the cable saver inside of the cable slot.

  • Use the main assembly bolt to secure the bowstring assembly to the barrel.

  • Tighten the assembly bolt to take the pressure off the cables.

  • Attach the foot stirrup to the bow.

You can see the steps to follow in this YouTube video: 


The Turbo GT is not the latest crossbow from TenPoint, and the lack of a string suppressor can be a drawback for hunting. However, you can upgrade the bow easily with the noise dampening accessory of your choice.

The Turbo GT remains a popular crossbow thanks to its sturdy and lightweight frame, impressive speed, safety features, and ACUdraw coking device. It’s a great bow for all skill levels, and you will find that the narrow design and lightweight feel give you an advantage when hunting.

People Also Ask

These common questions will give you a better idea of what to expect from the TenPoint Turbo GT.

What Kind of Warranty Does the TenPoint Turbo GT Come With?

TenPoint offers a limited lifetime warranty on its crossbows. The warranty excludes damage that is a result of misuse or alterations, and accessories like the scope and ACUdraw cocking device fall under another, shorter warranty.

Where Are TenPoint Turbo GT Crossbows Made?

TenPoint designs and manufactures its crossbows in the US. The company operates a facility in Mogadore, OH.

How Far Can the TenPoint Turbo GT Crossbow Shoot?

Even though the Turbo GT is powerful enough to shoot further than 50 yards, you will find that the crossbow remains accurate until the 40 to 50-yard range.

What Yardage Should the TenPoint Turbo GT Be Sighted in?

You should start the sighting process with the 20-yard line. Set your target at 20 yards and move to the next line once you can hit your target consistently.

How to Turn On the TenPoint Turbo GT Luminated Scope

The scope features an intensity dial you can use to activate the illuminated dot and adjust its intensity.

What Arrows to Shoot in the TenPoint Turbo GT Crossbow?

You should use arrows with a minimum length of 20.” The bow comes with three 100-grain carbon arrows designed for practice, but you can use different arrows for hunting.

Which Scope Comes With the TenPoint Turbo GT Package?

The Turbo GT comes with the 3x ProView 2 scope. This scope features three stacked lines, five dots, and illuminated dots.

How to Handle Tenpoint Crossbow Turbo GT Trigger Problems?

Trigger issues often come from the string resting on the Dry-Fire inhibitor after you cock the crossbow with the safety engaged. You can solve this issue by turning the safety off and pulling the string back to re-engage the safety.

If you’re encountering issues with the trigger, it’s best to contact TenPoint or the merchant you purchase the crossbow from.

Has the Tenpoint GT Turbo Been Discontinued?

The Turbo GT is no longer listed on the TenPoint website, and newer products are available. It’s still a popular bow, and you can find many merchants that continue to carry it.

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