Best Fishing Times: Tips to Catch Fish on all Weather Conditions

| Last Updated May 4, 2020

What are the best fishing times you follow when go to hunt  in different weather?

The Sunlight, environment, tides, moon, weather conditions and many other factors affect on fish activity. Only the experienced anglers know well when to prepare for a fishing trip, what types of equipment they need and what location will be best for fishing.

​A successful fishing trip depends on right timing. Even if you are on a hotspot, ready with all good accessories, you may not catch anything if you go in an inclement weather.

However, most of us go on a trip when we get some free time, instead of considering the peak time. But we should always go fishing considering these factors for maximum success.

How Fish Behave Under Different Environmental Conditions?

​Fish Activity in Sunlight

  • The eye is the primary organ response to light, but few other parts in the fish body are also sensitive to light.
  • Fish become more active under the sunlight in three different times- early morning, mid-day and early evening.
  • Early morning sun warms the shallow water, which is very comfortable for fish than water under a bright sun.
  • In late morning sun stay colorful which makes the shallow more warmer. It is horribly undeniable that, dark spot of water absorb heat more quickly.
  • It has seen in scientific studies that it required more time for a fish to adjust dark light than time to adjust the bright light.

Fish Activity in Moon Phase

  • The moon phase has great impact on feeding behavior of fish. The moving Sun and Moon both have a direct effect on the sea level up and down.
  • The best time to fish according to four phases of the Moon is full Moon, new Moon, last quarter and first quarter.
  • Fixing up a trip to the full Moon during the low tide of the night is also the smart way to increase hunt.
  • Because of the wave of water between an estuary and the sea, fishes come out from deep to the surface.
  • Efficient foods flow into the food chain by this action of Moon phase to the surface of the water.
  • Then the target species easily caught to bait when they come to feed.

Fish Activity in Different Temperature

  • Fish are cold blooded, so their movement relies on the temperature of the water where they live.
  • Fish can’t keep up their body temperature constant according to change of water.
  • They can be active in a certain level of heat, and when it is scorching the fish dig down into the deeper level of the water to adjust the temperature.
  • Fish either eat bugs or small fish which eat bugs, so most of them are active when bugs are available.
  • Hot water environment keeps baitfish much busy on cold days.
  • Fish go deeper in the water on hot sunny days to keep the body cooler, safer and protected.
  • On this condition, long fishing lines, and large lures, baits and rigs are needed to catch fish.

Best Fishing Times in Different Season

As like as other animals, fish are found active in sufficient numbers during specific duration and condition. That is depending on where you live and what types of fish you want to catch.

Good Fishing Time in Spring

Spring fish life cycle can be divided into 3 stages: pre-spawn, spawning, and post-spawn. Fish from all of these steps have different habitats.

When the temperatures start to increase, metabolism increases in high and the fish require more food to survive.

In spring, fishes begin to move toward little depth bays and north or west-facing bank lines to hold the sun’s warmth.

Fish don’t get much food on the morning of spring as there are not bugs to eat. On that situation, you have a great chance to take it as favor presenting larger baits and catch fish.

Good Fishing Time in Summer

The summer is the best season if you go fishing at the right time of the day. Fish will bite your bait well as they are starved at that time.

Fish will go toward the profound in the midday when the sun releases extra heat on the surface of the water. Water become warms at the depth up to 10fit during this time.

Good Time to Fish in Fall

​Fall is an inappropriate season, but if you find the right time it will be good. Fish will probably not response very much in the morning or afternoon.

​In the day water will be warmest because of sunlight and fish will want to bite vigorously to tackle future food scarcity the next season will bring.

​Dusk is a great time here to catch.

​At the cold air & temperatures of fall, become cooler and dense. Surface water moving due to the wind carries warm water from one place to another.

​With the mixing of materials, water becomes more uniform. Oxygen and temperature become more suitable for fish to move freely.

Top Fishing Time in Winter

Winter is not the ideal season for fishing because most fish become inactive as they are cold blooded animals.

Only ice fishing is possible on this season. Otherwise, you may take a long break. During that season metabolic rate of fishes become decreased, and they almost stop fishing.

​So it is hard to influence fish by your lures.

The best way is to mimic the fishes in the water with larger bait and a very slow shot. You can find some fish at deeper water in coldest days or on sunny days when water become warmth by sun heat.

Best Fishing Times in Different Weather Conditions

Tips for Fishing in Windy Days

Did you hear a complaint from any anglers? , “I’ll fish when it’s hot or cold, but I hate fishing in the wind!

The Wind may play the larger role in your fishing victory. How you should manage fish in wind? Read from here...

Wind mix food and other objects of surface water which travels from one place to another.

So if you’re fishing from shoreline, cast into the wind, your lure will move with the wind, with the other existing food in the surface at the same time.

That will help you maximum catch. Wind decreases visual by the diminution of light infiltration. It also wakes up the sediment, and life, in the water.

Fishing in Storm

​To successfully fish a storm front, you have to understand what is taking place in the atmosphere.Fish increases feeding before a cold front but feed less at the time or after the storm.

Smaller baits are very useful to catch fish after the storm.

Time to Fish in Cloud Days

Overcast days make fish daring. They tend to move far from protected shads and docs area when the light is less. Predatory fish move to shallow in cloudy days when light penetration becomes weak.

Large pikes become aggressive in sunny weather. Most of the anglers use reaction baits, top waters, and spinner baits on overcast days. Based on water clarity use a colored jig.

Fishing in Light Rain

A light rain is prime fishing time, particularly in a warm rain during summer or spring. Rain clean out insects and bait into the water, making a feeding binge for fish.

Fewer light conditions light up fish food habit, especially in trout to walleyes, when the rain puts clear-weather anglers on shore. To keep fish in your next bite, you may use plastic baits and finesse baits with slowing down.

Fishing in Hard Rain

The hard rain is not a good option for fishing, though. But if you follow some techniques like me you may try it. Use hard spinnerbaits during and after rain.Though rain will not make you sick, I’d suggest wearing a rain jacket when you are fishing.

Times to Fish in Rising Barometer

We all know water temperature, light, salinity, etc. can effect on fish and fishing success depends on these elements. There is another less known factor which is called barometric pressure. Using Right Fish Locating accessories also maximize your catch rate.

Ouch! A significant barometer after a massive cold front is sometimes linked with the most fishing failure.

While there is a controversy whether barometric pressure is a bad thing, there’s another thought that rising pressure joins with fish improving a significant case of lockjaw.

Fish often stay place to bottom strongly rather than schooling. Weather condition is typically stays clear when barometer keeps rising. The bright lures are used in rising barometer.

Times to Fish in Falling Barometer

When the barometer falls, the condition of weather become rainy and stormy. Fish goes down to the water. Feeding and other movement increase. Cast crankbaits, spinner baits to catch bass in little barometer pressure.


As stated before, there are plenty of factors that create influence on fish activity and success of fishing or failure. The smart strategy is to know what is the peak time on which season and make a plan to trip.

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