Fishing Rod Storage Ideas

| Last Updated May 4, 2020

Storing your fishing gear in working order is hard in this day and age when we all stay on busy schedules. Needless to say, an equipment malfunction related to operator failure (for example– Improper storage) can be a frustrating, mind-numbing experience.  Simple preparation, clean up ad fishing rod and reel storage can prove to be a fruitful effort when preserving fishing poles, reels and owner sanity.

Finding the right fishing rod racks can be a challenge as there are a myriad of options.  Big box retailers as well as online boutiques and local bait shops sell different rod racks from small to large, cheap to expensive and everything in between.

Pre-Storage Consideration

Be sure to rinse your fishing poles and reels as well as lures after use.  Rinsing is particularly important when you have spent time in a salt water environment.  Be sure to let your rinsed equipment dry if you plan to store in any sort of enclosed compartment  Finally, do your best to release any tension you have placed on a rod by reeling a lure or hook into the end of the pole or any other eyelet for storage.

No Sun!

Exposure to sunlight is often an overlooked element when considering proper storage. Rods, reels, and fishing line can all suffer damage from light exposure.  Careful consideration should be given to storing fishing gear in a low light, dry environment.  By storing in a proper area, fishermen can also protect fishing poles from harmful mold, rust, and other natural decay.

Fishing Rod Racks

Although there are many types of rod racks, most share a few commonalities. Each rack usually comes with a securing holder for the tip of the rod as well as the base or rod handle.  The fishing rod storage unit is specially designed to protect rods from breakage.  Rod storage systems can be wall-mounted, fee-standing, or enclosed cases.  All serve a common purpose: to keep fishing poles safe.  Cases can be useful for travelling fishermen whether by car or plane.  Trying to store rods in a car without a proper case is a recipe for disaster.  Cases also come in a variety of styles and are usually padded with foam and also allow room for lure or line storage as well.

Storage on Your Boat

Most boats come equipped with some sort of fishing rod cabinet or strap down system.  Using these systems can alleviate concerns or fears of flying rods during transportation or movement from one end of the body of water to another.  Be sure to purchase some sort of lock or security device if your boat’s storage system is not already equipped with a locking device.

Whether you’re building your own fishing rod rack or holder or buying a fishing pole case from a retailer, remember to browse a bit to find the right system for you. By researching and sorting through many options to decide on the best unit, you may save yourself heartache and money by properly protecting your fishing gear.

Now, go FISH!!!

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