Best Pier Fishing Rods of 2021 – Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

| Last Updated July 7, 2021

Pier fishing is considered a productive pastime and has been so for ages. Piers often range in heights and lengths, greatly depending on your location and the level of the tide.

Pier fishing is different from surf fishing as in the former, you can easily get further out into the water from a higher point than you are in surf fishing.

Pier fishing is not at all complicated and can serve to be an exciting feat. In this article, we will discuss some of the best Pier fishing rods to make your fishing experience the best.

Comparison of the Best Pier Fishing Rods

  • Reels of high speed and power
  • Lightweight blank made form carbon
  • Smooth diamond polished guides
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  • Made from SCII graphite of high quality
  • Black frames and Zirconium rings in guide
  • Highly durable and ergonomically-styled handle
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  • Best for the Money
  • Aconite inserts and deep pressed frames
  • Secure lock design for reel seat
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  • Ergonomic design for better grip
  • Cushioned hoods made from stainless steel
  • Sensitive and lightweight blank construction
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  • Strong and highly durable rod
  • Versatile and can be used in various coasts
  • Guides made from stainless steel
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Perks of Getting a New Fishing Rod 

Fishing rods have evolved from mere stick and stone to high tech high-performance tools. Getting a new fishing rod is always a troubling decision due to the vast number available on the market. However, getting a new one always comes with great benefits.

The reason you aren’t able to catch any fish might be due to the worn-out fishing rod you are using, and a new one may help you in ways that you can’t even imagine. From being fast in action to having a more accurate catch, getting a new fishing rod can affect your overall speed and power in the exercise of fishing. Some advantages of a new fishing rod are as follows:


With a worn-out fishing rod, the flex at the tip is not of much use. After long term usage, many rods get weak flex at their tips, and this makes them weak at catching fish. A new rod has stiffness present inside and good flex, allowing you to catch the fish you want easily.

No Wear and Tear

After some use of a rod, the material starts to corrode and deteriorate, and this weakens the entire fishing rod. This makes it difficult to catch the fish, and the rod becomes prone to breaking with heavy weight. With a new rod, you no longer have to worry about such things and can fish worry-free.


With an older rod, you can no longer make proper and accurate adjustments that make it trickier for you to handle and catch fish. For this reason, getting a new rod allows you to adjust and use it as you want to without any issue.

What to Look For When Buying a Pier Fishing Rod 

Choosing the proper rod is one of the most important decisions one has to make and is often overlooked. Being able to put your bait in a precise manner without scaring away the fish can have a great impact on how you fish.

While using the right rod may not guarantee you the biggest fish, using an incorrect rod will definitely make it harder for you to put anything in your live well. Some of the very basic things to look for in a fishing rod are mentioned below:


The very first thing to look for when purchasing a new fishing rod is the length of the new piece of equipment. Fishing rods can range from four to fourteen feet, measuring from the tip to the butt. The general rule of selection is the shorter the rod, the shorter the distance, and the longer the rod, the longer the distance.

Shorter rods are great for fishing in close combat and allow for less bend and stretch. Longer rods give you the opportunity to cover more water and to cast at a greater distance. They are great for deep water fishing and walking baits.


Fishing rods are generally made from fiberglass, graphite, or a combination of both. Graphite rods tend to feel lighter and more stiff and may break easier than fiberglass. Fiberglass rods are much heavier and are unbreakable; however, the added weight might cause you some problems when fishing for long hours.

When choosing a new rod, you must always take into account the material the rod is made up of while keeping in mind your fishing habit.


Most fishing rods come with cork or foam made handles. When purchasing a new one, you must keep in mind the grip of the rod that you are purchasing. You don’t want the grip to be too stiff or slippery.

There is no right choice when looking for a grip. All you need to keep in mind is how long you will be holding the fishing rod and whether or not the grip is comfortable enough for you. Shorter handles are often great for roll casting or one-hand casting. Some rods even come with a split or pistol grip that allows you to target a precise cast.

Review of the Best Pier Fishing Rods

Continue reading to find out our top picks for the best fishing rod to help you choose and cut down your search in finding the perfect fishing rod for your suited requirements.

Best Overall:
Shimano Trevala Casting Rod

SHIMANO Trevala Casting Rods


  • Rubber grip handles provide a comfortable fishing experience
  • High-quality carbon body fused with a TC4 tip provides fast recovery
  • Extremely durable due to the reinforced aluminum oxide that can withstand wear and tear
  • Designed in a way that the rod tip is quite responsive which provides for increased sensitivity
  • Being extremely lightweight and well-balanced helps in flexible movements and ease in fishing


  • The guides are a bit tricky
  • Springs do not pair with traditional jigs
  • Feels under-powered when extreme pressure is applied

What Recent Buyers Report

Recent buyers have all been pleased and quite happy with their new fishing rod. Even those who haven’t used a jigging rod before have said that it is quite easy to use. In addition, the build quality and the hi-tech design of Shimano have left them stunned.

Why it Stands Out to Us

Shimano Fishing rod is one of a kind due to its high speed and high powered reels. It features a lot of facilities that make you comfortable while you’re fishing. This model has an extremely comfortable EVA handle that is coated with rubber grips. It comes in a variety of strength, length, and weight, giving you the chance to choose the one suitable for your requirements.

Who Will Use This Most  

This is an ideal gift for your friends or loved ones that love fishing. It is a professional fishing rod with all that you can look for. It’s sturdy and has a long lifespan, making it the best father’s day gift and getting someone into the fishing hobby.

Bottom Line

Shimano Trevala is the best overall fishing rod with its amazing features and aesthetic design. It is long-lasting and a very durable fishing rod that accompanies you on all your fishing trips. It helps to make fishing comfortable and is the ideal gift for your fishing partner.

St Croix Mojo Surf Spinning Rods

St Croix Mojo Surf Spinning Rods


  • Rod action is precise and responsive
  • Made from premium quality graphite and is durable
  • Purpose-driven performance with diverse application
  • Extremely lightweight and comes with zirconium rings
  • For durability, style, and comfort, it contains custom wrap handles that provide you with amazing performance


  • The ferrule is a bit tricky
  • Fitting both the pieces could be an issue
  • Relatively expensive compared to other fishing rods available

What Recent Buyers Report

Recent buyers have all been quite satisfied with their new fishing rod. The only complaint they have is that the price is too high. Apart from that, they state that it performs flawlessly, and the design is both sleek and strong. Having the perfect amount of stiffness and the zirconium rings provide great casting distance and accuracy.

Why it Stands Out to Us

St Croix has evolved over 70 years and has taken many twists and turns. The fishing rod is one of the most advanced built rods with a single purpose that gives you an angler upper hand. It comes with a range of rod powers and weights that suits specific needs.

Who Will Use This Most

We find that this fishing rod is easy to use with a relatively small size of guides. It is an ideal choice for those who are new to fishing and those looking to switch or change their fishing rod. With its professional features and sturdy quality, it can serve as the best fishing rod for both professionals and beginners.

Bottom Line

To sum it up, this model is close to the very best model. Its thin rod design makes it look very delicate but at the same time makes it very sturdy. The sloped frames reduce any sort of tangling that usually takes place during fishing. It is an amazing fishing rod that gives you all that you pay for.

Best for the Money:
Fenwick HMG Spinning Rod

Fenwick HMG Spinning Fishing Rod


  • Has a AA cork full handle grip
  • Extremely lightweight and durable
  • Comes with alluring warranty features
  • Has a stainless steel frame and fuji guides
  • Features black carbon construction that makes it both strong and stylish


  • Paint quality is not up to the mark
  • Packages may contain bent guides

What Recent Buyers Report

Many of the recent buyers have been quite happy with the useful features it contains, such as the lock design. They have been very happy with the sturdy build quality of the fishing rod and the overall carbon black feel. The stainless steel frame provides an added backbone to the fishing rod, making it sturdier than other rods available on the market.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The AAA cork handle provides for an easy and comfortable grip, making it almost impossible to slip. Most people avoid spinning rods, but this model is a top of the line fishing rod that is quite powerful and easy to handle. Plus, it has a lock design that makes it very secure.

Who Will Use This Most

This is a perfect choice for those engaged in the fishing activity. It’s a professional, well-built fishing rod that will save you the trouble of reinvesting. Not to forget, its well-built nature makes it a long-lasting unit. It is also quite easy to put together, making it a great option for those who are just getting into the fishing activity.

Bottom Line

This fishing rod is the best pier rod you can get without splurging. If money is not an issue, then this could be your first choice. Its robust nature and aesthetic look allow you to feel stylish while fishing. The great features present on this rod makes it the perfect buy.

4. Ugly Stik Tiger Elite

Ugly Stik Tiger Elite Spinning Fishing Rod, 7' - Heavy - 1pcs


  • Designed with precision and accuracy
  • Has blank construction that provides great sensitivity
  • Lightweight and durable, making the fishing experience easy
  • Has stainless steel guides that eliminate the chance of it popping out
  • Lightweight fishing reel comes with EVA handles that provide great grip and flexibility


  • Shipping issues
  • Not suited to handle snags
  • The lighter weight makes long-distance casting difficult

What Recent Buyers Report

Recent buyers have reported that it is one of the sturdiest and most well-built fishing rods they have used. The lightweight EVA grip provides great comfort during long and lengthy fishing hours. However, the low weight of the rod does make it quite difficult to use for long-distance casting. Apart from this minor shortcoming, users have had nothing but good words to say about it.

Why it Stands Out to Us

As mentioned earlier, this unit is quite sturdy. The indestructible black construction with added graphite adds increased sensitivity. This paired with the lightweight and comfortable grip makes it great for those who spend hours fishing.

Who Will Use This Most

For us, this is the best buy for professionals that spend hefty hours in the fishing exercise. It is a well-built professional fishing rod that can withstand all sorts of wear and tear. It is sturdy, comfortable, and quite elegant, regardless of the name it has.

Bottom Line

Another one of the best pier fishing rods is this one by Ugly Stick, a prominent name in the fishing industry. It is a versatile rod that comes with various types of equipment. Its durability, lightweight nature, and elegant design allow comfort and an easy fishing experience.

5. Shakespeare Ugly Stik Tiger Casting Rod

Shakespeare Ugly Stik Tiger Casting Rod , 7'


  • Comes with pac bay roller guides
  • Has durable EVA grip which is an additional feature
  • Come with a clear tip design that provides extra strength
  • Graphite and fiberglass combination makes it sturdy and durable
  • Contains stainless steel guides that provide for additional durability


  • It does not go with spinning
  • Expensive compared to other fishing rods discussed above

What Recent Buyers Report

Recent buyers have all been quite happy with the clear tip design as it helps in extra strength and can be used to fish any kind of fish species. As per recent buyers, the tough construction gives anglers a significant advantage and comfort while fishing.

Why it Stands Out to Us

This fishing rod offers versatility and strength that is required for professional water game fishing. Its hi-tech construction makes this rod both sensitive and tough. The EVA grip is another great feature that provides good support and easy fishing.

Who Will Use This Most

Since this is a professional fishing rod, it can usually be used by professionals in all types of water. It is built with high quality, which makes it the best fishing rod for catching any type of fish species. It is also an ideal gift for your fishing partner.

Bottom Line

Shakespeare Ugly Stik Tiger Casting Rod is a professional fishing rod and is our last pick among the many other great fishing rods available out there. Its high prices make it difficult for those who are new to fishing. If you’ve had your fair share of the waters and feel like switching to the professional fishing rod, this is your number one choice. It is the perfect choice for beginners, and due to its tough construction, you can use it without any worries.

What Do I Need To Know Before Buying?

Before you go ahead and invest your money in the first pier fishing rod you find, it is important for you to know more. By keeping the following factors in mind, you are guaranteed the best pick.


The power of the rod is one of the most essential elements to look out for. The power stands for how much it can take to bend the fishing rod. A rod that has more power will bend easily and be good for the bait; the right combination of action and power is important for the working of your bait. Keep in mind that the more power present, the stiffer the backbone of the rod.


Action is described as the part of the rod that bends. A rod that is fast in action tends to bend from the tip, whereas a rod with a slow action bends from the butt. Most fishers tend to invest in faster action rods as they come with a stiffer backbone and can handle larger fish that are difficult to catch.


Versatility is incredibly important when buying fishing rods. If your rod is not flexible enough, then it is not comfortable to use. Whether it is a slow action rod or a high action one, you will be able to catch bigger fishing species if your rod is versatile and provides you with a unique angling thrill.


With this Best Pier Fishing rod review, you can relax and keep your mind at ease. This article helps you find the top best pier fishing rod present on the market. It also lets you know about the features to look out for and how to buy the rod. So we hope this article helps you with purchasing your best pick!

People Also Ask

Even with all the information above, there are some questions left unanswered. To help clear these queries out, we have answered some frequently asked questions down below.

Is Pier Fishing Better at High Tide or Low Tide?

In general terms, fishing is ideal when the tide is simply running, and this happens during the middle period of it and not during low or high tides. Many different species of fish tend to bite more when the water flow is continuous and stop when there is low or high tide.

What Kind of Tackle Do You Use For Pier Fishing?

There are different things you can use for pier fishing. You can use weight or sinkers as they help in keeping your bait in the water and prevent it from moving. Popular bait and lures for pier fishing include squids, shrimp, anchovies, and even sardines. During pier fishing, you can also use J hooks as they are ideal for this kind of fishing.

Do You Need a License to Fish From a Pier in Florida?

For recreational purposes, you can fish from the pier; however, you do need a lawful pier saltwater fishing license for Florida.

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