Best Ice Fishing Lures For Crappie – 2020 Complete Round-up

Fishing can be a fun and relaxing activity if you know how to deal with crappies. You must have full knowledge regarding their inhabiting and breeding grounds throughout the day. For example, when the sun is out, you are likely to find them in a bunch around weed beds and boulders. Meanwhile, the surface around dusk is open water or near the shoreline. 

Comparison Chart of the Best Ice Fishing Lures For Crappie


Bassdash Ice Fishing Lure

  • Comes with effective glow in the dark feature
  • Comes with convenient compact tackle box for the set
  • It comes with varying sizes for multiple applications
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Rapala Ultra Light Rippin' Rap

  • Made with lipless design for an easier bait cast
  • Lure is light and does not sink fast
  • Equipped with a useful loud rattle system
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Thkfish Fishing Spoons Lures

  • Best for the Money
  • Made with a streamlined shape for a quick retrieve
  • Produces a life-like and erratic action
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Tailored Tackle Ice Fishing Jigs Lures

  • Versatile to be used for many fishing applications
  • Comes with an instructional manual on ice fishing
  • Comes with sturdy case to keep everything together
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Are All Ice Fishing Lures The Same?

The only thing all ice fishing lures share in common is that they are jigged. Apart from that, each has its own shape, size, and color, and is meant to be fished using different methods. Some basic lure types consist of:

Simple jigs are a basic hook connected to a small jig head, usually made of either lead or tungsten. Tungsten is pricey but sinks faster and feels better for anglers. 

Ice spoons are larger and have an elongated, fish-shaped body. 

Tube jigs are relatively inexpensive and have the most diverse range in sizes, shapes, and colors for all fish.

Swim jigs have various treble hooks and are made to create specific movements in the water. 

What Makes a Lure Great For Crappie Ice Fishing? 

Over the years, people have devised several methods to catch crappies. From traditional methods to baits and now lures, all have their own unique set of benefits. However, the success rate achieved by using lures has generally been the highest because of the factors mentioned below;

Catches More Fish

You can expect to save a lot of time by using lures. Catching bait in the earlier days took up an additional 10 to 20 minutes of fishing, and that too if it’s a lucky day.

 Moreover, by having control over the size of the lure, you won’t have to kill other fish unnecessarily to get to the one you want to fish.

No Mess

Using lures is a lot less messy than using live baits because they gut-hook fewer fish. Gut hooking occurs when the hook is taken in too deep by the fish, even being wholly swallowed sometimes. You also get to cover more water just by standing on the shore.

More Control 

You have more control over your bait presentation and the time you invest, and you don’t need a hand to keep your bait alive. You control the movement of the lure inside the water and how it looks like to your target.

Quick Take | Best Ice Fishing Lures For Crappie

Just looking for the top three best ice fishing lures for crappie? Here they are:

  1. Bassdash Ice Fishing Lure
  2. Rapala Ultra Light Rippin' Rap
  3. Thkfish Fishing Spoons Lures

Review of the Best Ice Fishing Lures For Crappie

Crappies are schooling pan-fish. They are super active and found in cold water, residing about 10 to 15 feet deep. They are attracted to anything that resembles a minnow. The best lures to catch them are ice spoons and swim jigs. If you are looking to get your hands on one, you should be prepared to move a lot and keep a flasher in hand to locate them more quickly.

To help you find a great one, here are top picks: 


  • Constructed of high quality material
  • Comes in multiple color combinations
  • Has ultra-high carbon hooks for better penetration
  • Available in various sizes, which makes it a great kit
  • Compact and portable with EVA foam pads to keep things organized


  • Has an overall generic feel
  • Shanks could have been shorter

What Recent Buyers Report

Recent buyers are reported to have said that they are quite satisfied with the product and have been very happy with the kit as it has various sizes and colors to choose from. They also like the fact that it is compact and makes it easy to organize your lures when fishing. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

For us, this is one of the best lure kits out there due to the well-designed jigs that are made of lead bodies that allow for fast drop and high action. The hooks on the jigs are well placed and allow for proper penetration, which means a catch is confirmed. 

Who Will Use This Most

These lure kits are great for everyday anglers who like fishing. The kit includes different sizes of jigs, which means it is well-suited for many types of fish, fresh and saltwater both. It is an excellent option for beginners and intermediate level fishers and helps increase and makes the fishing experience great. 

Bottom Line

Overall, this is a great kit that allows easy usage and great catch. It is made out of high quality carbon, which means that it is durable as well and can handle quite some rough conditions. For this price bracket, it just doesn’t get any better. 


  • Comes with a lipless design
  • Can make a hard vibrating action
  • Features a tall, skinny body shape
  • Has a unique loud BB rattle system
  • Long casting, which allows you to fish deeper 


  • Isn’t very cost-effective
  • Not the best for clear water

What Recent Buyers Report

Anglers love using this bait, especially when they have to deal with muddy water because that’s when they need a lure with a realistic-looking body and eyes to attract more fish. Fishers also admire the impact on the overall sound it has underwater through its vibrations around the gills.

Why it Stands Out to Us

This one has a unique lipless, in-depth belly profile, which allows it to swim down and do ripping. It can flutter as it drops, and along with the vibrating action accentuated by the rattle system, it is sure to catch crappies. It is also super textured with 3D holographic eyes. 

Who Will Use This Most

Because it is super easy to fish with, it makes for an excellent choice for places with long grass or near boulders. It is mostly designed to be used by families who take their kids for fishing and don’t want to stray too far from the shoreline or from near the boulders because of its flexible running depth. 

Bottom Line

This one is the best to use when you need the lure to look strikingly real and add depth because the water is too muddy or stained. It is also great for noisy places when having sound underwater in terms of vibration is just what you need. It also hooks on pretty fast, so it is time-efficient too. 

Best for the Money:
Thkfish Fishing Spoons Lures


  • Has a fantastic flash ability underwater
  • Creates noise underwater to attract fish 
  • Lightweight so that it can be reeled faster 
  • Equipped with sharp hooks to hold on to crappies  
  • Comes with a unique design which imitates swimming


  • Not the best choice for beginners

What Recent Buyers Report

Fishers are all about their reflective body. It has proved very useful to them in terms of attracting large quantities of crappies along with its movement underwater. They also like how it can be reeled back quickly out of the water before the fish can free itself from the hook.

Why it Stands Out to Us

With its flashy body, which would make a crappie strike in no time, it has a highly attractive design too. So under the water, not only would fish see it from all directions, but they would also witness a lot of movement in that direction thanks to its rapid diving action. It is suitable for long casts too. 

Who Will Use This Most

It is most likely to be used by anglers who need to demonstrate a lot of action underwater and need to retrieve the fish faster. Fishermen could also use the texture present on the spoons, which makes the extra noise to bring out the stubborn fish from their intimate hiding spots. 

Bottom Line

To conclude, this one is great for giving a lot of depth to movement underwater. If that is what you are going for, you will land yourself some extra benefits in terms of time efficiency because its chemically-sharpened barbed hook points will let no crappie escape. So you don’t have to worry about your fish swimming off at the last minute. 


  • Available in all size ranges
  • Has been scented with anise 
  • Comes in various real-life imitations 
  • Characterized by super bright colors
  • You get a book on fishing guidance by experts


  • Cannot create movement underwater
  • Does not have sound imitating features

What Recent Buyers Report

Buyers love these hand-painted ice jig heads and how they are available in all different sizes. But what makes them unique is the scent they are infused with. Anise scent is proven to attract and catch crappies, and this is not something offered in other lures in the market. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

What we love about this lure is the scent that it comes with. Anise attracts crappies to the hook like bees to honey. It is also available in various shapes and sizes so you can buy one pack and you are covered for the season. Its micro pan-fish sizes are sure to catch even the smallest of fish.

Who Will Use This Most

It makes the best choice for families who like going fishing on the weekends. It does not require any forehand technical knowledge to be used. Even a kid can hook it on and without moving, catch some crappie because of the scent of anise present in the lure.

Bottom Line

To conclude, it wins over other lures in the market because of the scent that successfully attracts crappies. While it’s not the best for professionals, it makes for a great pick for beginners. 


  • Has environmental zinc weighted 
  • Features a minnow profile to attract fish 
  • Balanced design makes it easy to handle
  • Glows underwater so that fish can spot it easily 
  • Comes with single reversed hooks for catching more fish


  • Not for professional anglers
  • Lacks variety in terms of size or shape

What Recent Buyers Report

People love how it glows underwater. It attracts the right amount of crappies that way. Many also enjoy how it imitates many species so it can be used anytime, on the ice. A lot of people often enjoy giving it away as a gift because it is not heavy on the pocket either.

Why it Stands Out to Us

When you make one purchase, you get 25 pieces in multiple colors, all glow in the dark. It can be an inspiring gift for someone who has just started fishing. It can catch fish in the coldest of conditions and at any time of the day.

Who Will Use This Most

This is mostly to be used by beginners only because it does not have the flexible features and the technicalities required by professional fishermen or anglers. It can only be used as a beginner tactic to get a grip on the fishing rod and the movement of the body. 

Bottom Line

To conclude, this is an excellent choice for beginners and has enough features for someone who is not looking to catch fish in bulks. It has the ability to bounce, plus, with its ability to glow, it can prove to be a great lure. 

Aspects to Consider Before Buying

Choosing a good lure for crappie ice fishing is not rocket science. It can get tricky because of the enormous variety in the market, but we have laid out a guide for you to follow so you can quickly skim through the ones that would serve no purpose:


This is the biggest challenge you might face. There is still ongoing discussion about what the ideal color might be. For this, you need to observe what the color of the water is. Crappie is usually well suitable for clear water so, you will need subdued tones such as chartreuse, black or white. If the water is muddy, you can catch them with brighter colors. 

Reflective Properties

If you are fishing under the bright sun, using lures that have a metallic or any reflective surface make for great choices. The shimmer makes the bait look like it’s a small minnow, which attracts the target easily from a distance. 

Hook Size

The bigger the crappie, the bigger its mouth will be. When it comes to catching crappies, number 2 and number 4 sizes work well. If you get a bigger size like number 6, crappies can easily escape it. 


To conclude, you can easily catch this tricky fish if you keep all the above-mentioned factors in mind and if you know the correct method. Proper fishing gear and the appropriate weather conditions play a significant role in the success rate too. You must also know their breeding grounds well. Once you keep all that in mind, you’ll get a good catch!