Best Fly Fishing Sunglasses of 2021 – Ultimate Review

| Last Updated June 13, 2021

Fly fishing is a great activity for the outdoors. Whether you are with friends or family, it is a fun way to spend time and relax as well because it can be done without too much moving around or noise. But for every activity, proper equipment is required. For this, you need things like a fishing line, bait, tackle, etc. 

But one component that people sometimes forget about is sunglasses, which are actually quite important if you want to see properly into the water and protect your eyes.

So in this article, we will be discussing the best sunglasses for fly fishing and what constitutes a good pair.

Comparison Chart of the Best Fly Fishing Sunglasses

  • Glare is reduced thanks to the polarized lenses
  • Headaches, eyestrain avoided because there's no optical distortion
  • Frame is lightweight and very flexible
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  • Scratch-resistant and very durable design
  • Can be worn by men as well as women
  • Able to block all UVA and UVB rays
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  • Best for the Money
  • Sleek and attractive modern appearance
  • Weighs only 25 grams but is durable
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  • Best Polarized Sunglasses for Fly Fishing
  • Lightweight and can be worn all day
  • Can resist the glare from the water
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  • Best Smith Fly Fishing Glasses
  • Makes use of patented polarization and color management
  • Offers a medium-large fit on the face
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Are Sunglasses Important While Fly Fishing?

Sunglasses, in general, protect our eyes from harsh sunlight during the daytime and allow us to see better at times. But they also consist of a few other important features that can help a lot when fly fishing, such as protection from UV rays, the impact of objects, clear vision, and being able to see into the water. 

Also, different conditions such as low light, freshwater environments, saltwater environments, etc. can require different types of sunglasses or at least different types of lenses. So considering all of this, the glasses we have picked will meet the criteria of most fishermen and anglers, if not all. Plus, they are great for use in other outdoor activities as well, such as biking, rollerblading, hiking, etc.

How to Choose Sunglasses For Fly Fishing

Some of the features that a good pair of sunglasses should possess are:

Material of the Frame

Frame material matters a great deal, as you want something that sits comfortably on your face, and that fits properly, without any sharpness that may potentially damage your skin. 

The frame is the most important part of the glasses, as it has to bear the weight of the lenses. So, it has to be strong in construction but light in weight, so the person who is wearing it does not feel like they are balancing a brick on their face.


There are a variety of sunglasses available with different types of lenses in different materials. But for fly fishing, the most sought-after ones are made out of glass or polycarbonate, both of which are highly scratch resistant and durable, along with having great visibility. Also, polycarbonate lenses are better for rough environments, as well as being heavier than glass. 

Now, lens color is a whole other thing. Different colored lenses have different strong points. For instance, yellow, amber, or brown lenses are good for depth perception, and low light conditions, green and grey ones are good for light reduction with no color distortion and rose, copper or vermillion lenses are great for contrast in blue colored backgrounds.


Polarization is an important factor in fly fishing sunglasses, as well as general sunglasses because it blocks the harmful UV radiation that emits from the sun, after increased exposure, this can cause lasting damage to the eyes. 

Lens Color Guide (Source)

It also minimizes or nullifies reflective glare caused by sunlight, allowing the person to see their surroundings properly and, in the case of fly fishing, be able to see into the water. In the case of alternatives, mirror coated lenses are preferable to non-mirrored ones.

Warranty and Durability

Warranty and durability are important factors to look out for. Some companies claim to sell the highest quality products but actually sell duds. So, research is key. 

Also, buying products from renowned companies mostly ensures that you have a good product that will be of use to you for many years to come. Also, the sunglasses themselves have to be made of good material, or there is no use of a warranty.

Review of the Best Fly Fishing Sunglasses

Now that we have discussed some general features of fly fishing sunglasses, here are some of our top picks, with their features, pros, and cons, and why they are featured on this list.

Best Overall:
KastKing Skidaway Polarized Sports Sunglasses

KastKing Skidaway Polarized Sport Sunglasses for Men and Women,Ideal for Driving Fishing Cycling and Running,UV Protection


  • Smoke lenses ideal for bright sunlight and great color reproduction
  • 1.0mm polarized lenses for UV protection and reduced reflective glare
  • Grilamid frames which are light in weight for the best fit and durability
  • Scratch and impact-resistant TAC lenses for protection from flying objects
  • Custom Prym1 camo microfiber case for proper storage and cleaning of glasses


  • Not scratch resistant in some cases
  • Low-quality products received by some customers
  • Lens finishing started to come off after a few weeks

What Recent Buyers Report

People who have recently bought and used this product have been highly impressed by its performance. It has received mostly positive reviews, with a lot of customers saying that they are the best pair they have ever gotten. They are super light and great for eye protection from UV rays and great for reducing glare. Also, the pair helps with an in-depth view of the water.

Why it Stands Out to Us

It stands out to us because of its TAC lenses. These are some of the best in the world and offer great protection against sunlight and UV rays. They are also impact resistant and highly durable.

Who Will Use This Most

People who mostly go fly fishing in fresh or saltwater environments can really make use of this product. They can also be used for other outdoor activities, such as kayaking, mountain biking, dirt biking, hiking, etc.

Bottom Line

This is a great pair of sunglasses that has had mostly positive reviews from new and old customers. They have bought them as a gift for loved ones or have gotten another pair for themselves. Overall, this is a great investment for most people.

Flying Fisherman Fowey Polarized Sunglasses

Flying Fisherman Unisex-Adult Fowey Sunglasses, Crystal-Matte Black Frames/Copper Lenses, Medium


  • Highly durable and will last for a long time
  • Polycarbonate frames that fit great and are lightweight
  • Glasses are hard coated for maximum scratch resistance
  • Offers great clarity and allows an in-depth view of the water
  • AcuTint polarized triacetate lenses for great UV protection and improved visibility


  • Brittle and easily breakable
  • Return policy issues in some cases
  • Bad quality product received by customers in some cases

What Recent Buyers Report

Those who have recently bought and used this product have been fairly satisfied with its performance. Some negative reviews aside, a lot of customers have loved this product and have recommended it for others. They say that it is durable, and the lenses have great clarity and visibility, among other things.

Why it Stands Out to Us

We like it because of its great clarity and in-depth vision. Most companies boast having products that offer this feature, but upon receiving the actual product, customers have complained about its low-quality or the complete lack of clarity and in-depth vision. But this product meets the standard because of this perfect feature.

Who Will Use This Most

People who enjoy outdoor activities, of any sort, would not be disappointed with these. They are great for all sorts of activities, including fishing. They can be used as a regular pair of sunglasses as well, worn while running errands or going to the supermarket.

Bottom Line

This is a great pair of sunglasses that are composed of a lot of great features; such as polycarbonate frames, AcuTint polarized lenses, scratch-resistant hard coating, increased in-depth vision for water, great clarity, etc. It is great for any sort of outdoor activity and is highly recommended by its users.

Best for the Money:
DUCO Mens Sports Polarized Sunglasses

DUCO Mens Sports Polarized Sunglasses UV Protection Sunglasses for Men 8177s(Gunmetal Frame Gray Lens


  • Nose pad for good grip and perfect placement
  • Super light and gives HD vision with great clarity
  • Resistant to scratches and strong impacts, with UV400 protection
  • TAC polarized lenses for reduced reflective glare, and sharp, vivid colors
  • Frames and nose pieces can be gently bent for the best fit and great comfort


  • Cheap lens coating that comes off easily
  • Cracked lenses in case of some products
  • Some products got easily scratched while claiming they would not

What Recent Buyers Report

Individuals who have bought and used this product have been satisfied with it to a great degree. Aside from some complaints of low-quality products, most of the reviews received for these sunglasses have been very positive. Most people say that they bought one pair as an experiment but ended up buying more for their group of friends because of the great clarity and sharpness of vision it gave during use in outdoor activities.

Why it Stands Out to Us

Its malleability is what makes it stand out to us. The frames and lenses can be gently bent to fit the contours of the face, ensuring that they fit the customer perfectly, without a hint of a problem. Glasses do not offer such a feature regularly, which can cause them to feel tight around the temples or some develop headaches because of the bad fit. But this counters it all.

Who Will Use This Most

Those who love fishing, hiking, or any sort of outdoor activity or sport can use these sunglasses. They offer protection for the eyes against the sun, great vision with vivid colors and clarity, and will last you for quite a while as they are highly durable.

Bottom Line

These glasses are highly recommended for use by existing customers. Its features such as UV protection, malleable frames, HD vision, etc. have made it a favorite among people who love the outdoors or people who use sunglasses in their everyday lives.

Best Polarized Sunglasses for Fly Fishing:
Fishoholic Polarized Fishing Sunglasses

Fishoholic Polarized Fishing Sunglasses UV400-9 Colors Fishing Gift Men Women


  • Great for any sort of outdoor activities
  • Great clarity and in-depth vision to see into the water
  • Fully fitting frame that keeps glasses perfectly in place
  • Free hard case and cleaning pouch for proper cleaning and safekeeping
  • Polarized lenses for UV protection with wide sides for maximum reduction of reflective side glare


  • Snapped after being dropped once
  • Frames are tight around the head at times
  • Lens coating was cheap and came off easily

What Recent Buyers Report

Recent buyers have been quite satisfied with it. There have been a few complaints of low-quality products, but most of the customer reviews have been positive, with people saying that they have used them for all sorts of outdoor activities with friends or family, and have even bought these as gifts for their loved ones.

Why it Stands Out to Us

What particularly catches our attention is that this unit comes with a cleaning pouch and hard case. Most companies do not give these accessories for free with a pair, which makes it easier to store them and clean them, ensuring that they last a long time and make the customer satisfied with money well spent.

Who Will Use This Most

Avid enthusiasts of outdoor sports, such as biking, fishing, hiking, rollerblading, etc. can make use of these. Plus, they can even be worn as regular sunglasses or to outdoor family events, as they are stylish and look great.

Bottom Line

Overall, these are a good pair of sunglasses and are highly recommended for use by customers who have already purchased these. Also, they are more targeted towards anglers and fishermen, or fly fishing enthusiasts, making them a great choice for this outdoor activity.

Best Smith Fly Fishing Glasses:
Smith Guides Choice Sunglasses

SMITH Guide's Choice Sunglasses Black/Polarized Low Light Ignitor


  • Incredible clarity of vision with sharp vivid colors
  • TLT polarized lenses for UV protection and great visibility
  • Anti-reflective and great against harsh glare caused by the sun
  • ChromaPop lenses with hydrophobic lens coating for water resistance
  • Temple pads and megol nose for comfort, great fit, and perfect placement


  • Lenses were scratched upon opening
  • Low-quality product received in some cases
  • People have complained of getting headaches after wearing them for a while

What Recent Buyers Report

People who have recently bought and used this product have been satisfied with it for the most part. Aside from a few negative reviews about low quality, the overall quality of these glasses has been praised with people saying that they are the best possible lenses for low light. They further state that they are lighter, better fitting, and offer better coverage than sunglasses of some other companies.

Why it Stands Out to Us

It stands out to us because of its ChromaPop hydrophobic lenses. These are said to be some of the best lenses in the world, with features such as great polarization, UV protection, stark and vivid colors, great in-depth vision with perfect clarity, being only a few of them.

Who Will Use This Most

Those who love outdoor activities of different kinds or those who even work in the great outdoors can make use of this product. They are great for all kinds of people and can be used even in normal everyday life.

Bottom Line

To sum up, these are a great pair of sunglasses that have mostly received mixed to positive reviews from customers. It has a whole host of features that the company swears by and that has been loved by its clients, such as, polarized lenses, vivid colors, protection from harsh sunlight and glare, etc.

Pros and Cons of Wearing Glasses While Fly Fishing

Wearing glasses while fly fishing comes with a great set of benefits, they also have their attached set of limitations. Knowing both sides of the story can help you make the right decision. 


Let’s first go over the pros of using glasses during the activity:

Sunlight Protection

It is great to be able to make that catch of the day, but that would be impossible with the sun getting in your eyes at every moment, and you need to shield your eyes with your hand. Sunglasses offer you that protection, making your fishing fun and comfortable.

UV Protection

No one wants something fun to become deteriorating, and that can happen if our eyes are exposed to sunlight for long bouts of time without any protection. Sunglasses offer protection against UV rays, ensuring that there is no lasting damage to your eyes.

Protection From Impact

Sometimes things can get out of hand. The elements or situations may not be in your favor. In case of something hitting you in the eye without protection, serious injury can occur, leading to lasting damage. Such things can be overcome by wearing sunglasses so that your eyes are protected from elements and objects.


On the other hand, some drawbacks include:

Low-Quality Products

Though they are recommended, they might not always be good for you. Low-quality sunglasses can actually cause lasting eye damage, as well as constant headaches and migraines.

Easily Breakable

Sometimes, low-quality sunglasses can break easily. If they are impacted by something, they may break, and the shards can get into the eye, causing a lot of damage, which may need a lot of time to fix and never fully heal in the end.


All of the products mentioned in this article are of the highest quality, with great reviews from customers and great features that make them stand out from the rest. Aside from a few negative aspects faced by some customers, most of the people have loved them and have continued to buy and use them. 

This article consists of the top picks that we personally recommend for use, so make sure to try them if you find them attractive enough.

People Also Ask

Now, even though we have given a lot of information regarding sunglasses and the mentioned products themselves, people can still have confusion about different aspects of the products or questions about their features. So below, we have a few commonly asked questions regarding the products of this article.

What Color Sunglass Lens is Best For Fly Fishing?

Lenses that are brown, amber, or come within the bronze range are best for fly fishing as they give great protection, as well as keep the eyes from straining. And they can be used while fishing both in the morning and evening times.

Can You See Fish With Polarized Sunglasses?

Yes, you can see fish with polarized sunglasses as they are great for reducing reflective glare caused by sunlight. Plus, they offer superb clear vision and are great for in-depth vision into water.

How Can I Tell if my Lenses Are Polarized?

The most common thing in polarized sunglasses is that they reduce the glare caused by the reflection of sunlight. So if you want to check for polarized lenses in sunglasses, make sure that you look through the lens to see if the glare disappears. It should look dark, but you should still be able to clearly see your surroundings.

Are Mirrored Sunglasses Better For Fishing?

In case of sight fishing, yes, mirrored sunglasses are better as they offer eye protection, as well as keep dangerous penetrating rays away from the eyes in high sunlight conditions, making it easier to see your surroundings and into the water.

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