Best Coyote Traps – 2021 Top Picks Reviewed

| Last Updated December 6, 2022

Coyotes are some of the most challenging and extraordinary animals to hunt. However, since they are typically not dangerous to humans, many coyote hunters want to opt for more humane methods to hunt them. Additionally, trapping coyotes might be better for containing coyote spread.

Therefore, coyote traps are a great alternative to shooting and bowhunting.

However, they are available in a diverse range of kinds and qualities, which makes choosing the best coyote trap difficult. 

Comparison Chart of the Best Coyote Traps

  • Each package contains 12 snares.
  • Each snare measures about 60 inches.
  • Features a deer stop, making it the best overall.
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  • Gravity-action door.
  • Extra-large design.
  • Steel cage is coated with rust-resistant powder.
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  • The whole package weighs 1.7 pounds.
  • Each snare features an adjustable loop end.
  • The snares are made with aircraft-grade material.
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Why Would You Want to Trap a Coyote?

Coyotes are difficult animals to trap. They can be dangerous as well if you pose any kind of threat to them. However, this is not the only reason behind trapping them. The number of reasons that people might want to trap coyotes include:


Coyotes are a source of good meat and food. Many hunters go for these on their hunting spree because they provide a good quantity of food. 


Coyotes have an exquisite look because of their high quality of fur. There are a whole market and industry for their fur. Their fur is warm and thick, which makes a great material for winter clothing. 

Danger to other animals 

Coyotes might not pose a lot of threat to humans, but they do attack livestock animals, dogs, and even rabbits. Therefore, to control their population and protect other animals, it’s important to trap coyotes. 

Are All Coyote Traps The Same?

The basic functionality and purpose of all coyote traps are the same – to trap coyotes. However, each of them functions differently. Some traps are particularly designed to kill the animal on the spot. Meanwhile, other traps are not exactly made for hunting; instead, they are made to trap and control any kind of threat coyotes may pose to humans or animals around them.

Since coyotes hunt other animals and livestock as well, many professionals like hunters and farmers often try to trap them in cages. The major kinds of variations that exist in such traps are:

Construction Material

The biggest difference in coyote traps is their construction material. All traps are not particularly made with one material. Some are made with steel, some with metal and some with stainless steel. The construction material changes the functionality of the trap and also affects its usage and longevity. 


As mentioned earlier, all traps do not aim to kill the animal. Some only trap the animal for you to either release later or kill by yourself. Therefore, all traps have a different mechanism and work differently to feed different purposes. 

Rubberized Jaws

With rubberized jaws, traps can be dog-safe and safe for people who have other animals and pets around. With rubberized jaws, the coyote may be hurt but not killed.

Snare Traps

Snare traps are a kind of coyote trap that hunts and kills the animal by wrapping around their neck and killing them. Sometimes, with snare traps, you might miss your shot and catch the animal by a limb. In such cases, hunters can kill the animal by themselves. Therefore, snare traps are a much better choice to increase your hunting opportunities. 

How to Choose a Coyote Trap

A good trap has some specific qualities and features that you must always look for. Here are a few important things that help you choose the right one. 


If you are a hunter on the go, this will be an important feature. A good quality coyote trap will be lightweight and easy to carry. It shouldn’t be too bulky to work with because half of your energy goes into setting it up. 

Easy to Use

Even if you are a professional hunter, you should still go for an easy-to-use trap. A complicated, complex trap will consume more of your time and energy. Plus, easy-to-use traps will increase your opportunity at hunting as they will be set up very quickly.

Build Quality

The product you are buying can only truly benefit you if it has good quality construction. It should be a well-designed trap constructed from a long-lasting, durable material such as metal or stainless steel. This feature ensures longevity and durability.


When you are choosing a good quality coyote trap, make sure that it’s multi-purpose. By this, we mean that it should be good enough to be used on other animals and hunting opportunities.

Review of the Coyote Traps

Moving forward, we are now in the most important section of our article. Here, you will find the reviews of the six best coyote traps on the market. All reviews are backed by honest customer feedback. Take a look to find out which product is the best for you. 

Best Overall:
Redneck Convent Versatile Snare Wire, 12-Pack


  • Safe for areas with deer
  • Budget-friendly package of 12
  • Can be used to trap other animals
  • Extremely easy to use for beginners
  • Can be used in different areas with different legal laws


  • Some issues with loops suggested

What Recent Buyers Report

The product has an impressive number of positive reports. Users have loved their long-lasting build. Moreover, users have also reported these to be very easy to set up and use. Buyers have used the snares for more than just trapping coyotes. Beavers were also trapped using these, which makes them highly multi-purpose.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The reason why these snares stand out to us is their value package. With all the versatile and sturdy features including a reliable loop, the snares come in a packet of 12 at a good price. Therefore, this makes them a budget-friendly option that can be used on more than just one occasion. Therefore, we added this to our list of the six best coyote traps.

Who Will Use This Most

The snares are versatile and appropriate for use on several occasions. Therefore, we highly recommend these coyote traps for all kinds of hunters and users. It’s also good for people with pets and dogs and in areas with deer.

Bottom Line

In conclusion, this is one of the most reliable traps you can find on the market. With this versatile feature that includes a deer stop and a shiny, rust-resistant construction, it’s going to last a long time. The 12 snare packet adds value to your money as well. It’s a good choice for all hunters who want a lightweight alternative that is safe to be used.

One Door Catch Release Cage

Heavy Duty Catch Release X-Large Live Humane Animal Cage Trap Small Bait Cage Included for Foxes Dogs 58x26x17


  • Comes fully assembled
  • Sturdy and safe door with locks
  • Rust-resistant durable construction
  • It has a carry handle for better mobility
  • Allows prevention from injuries to animals
  • Extra-large design to accommodate large animals or a number of small animals


  • Expensive
  • It’s not good for hunting coyotes, only capturing them

What Recent Buyers Report

Buyers were extremely satisfied with the product’s performance. The reports suggested that the product worked well for all kinds of hunting and trapping purposes. Moreover, users also appreciated the fact that the cage never missed an opportunity and worked well every time bait was set. However, few disappointing comments were made regarding the door. A user reported that a wild dog could tear down the door.

Why it Stands Out to Us

An essential feature of this cage is its size. It has an x-large design that allows you to trap a variety of animals, including foxes. Moreover, it also stands out from other products with its rust-resistant and corrosion-resistant construction that is bound to last you a long time. Therefore, this product is added to our list.

Who Will Use This Most

This cage is particularly great for people who want to trap animals but not kill them. It also makes a great choice of products for people with great budgets and who plan on using the trap for a long time and extensive use.

Bottom Line

In brief, the extra-large cage is not only a humane method for trapping coyotes, but its spacious design is also coated with a rust-resistant powder that will ensure longevity. Consequently, your hunting experience and your money will have value added to it.

3. Coyote Eliminator Snare Traps


  • No legal issues associated
  • Has a universal support collar
  • Comes in a value-adding package
  • Built with high-quality aircraft-grade cables
  • Adjustable loop end to ensure multi-purpose use
  • Great for population control and protection for livestock/pets


  • Does not kill
  • Not for large animals

What Recent Buyers Report

Recent buyers have reported the product to be highly effective and beneficial. Users have had a great experience protecting their livestock with this easy-to-use trap. Moreover, the bundle with its pocket-friendly price tag has proven to be valuable for many hunters and buyers as it saves their money. There have hardly been complaints regarding any rusting, which proves the high quality of the construction material.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The most distinctive feature of these snares is their aircraft-grade construction. It is very difficult to find metallic or steel built traps that won’t rust or wear off after some time. However, these are built to last you a long time with their heavy-duty construction.

Who Will Use This Most

Since the snares are not designed to exactly kill, they will be great for farmers and people who have livestock. It’s also good for pet owners. People who want to trap coyotes for meat/fur and want to kill it later can also use this for hunting.

Bottom Line

To sum it up, the 12 snare pack is one of the most economical choices on the market. They are made with great quality materials and are also durable. The traps have worked well for most of its buyers and users, and therefore, it proves to be a great choice for population control and livestock protection.

4. Duke Coyote Trap Offset Jaw #4


  • Convenient for carrying
  • It can trap lynx and bobcats as well
  • Safe for people with dogs and other pets
  • Foothold design works great for population control
  • Also available with padded jaws for more safety and reliability


  • Rusts pretty soon

What Recent Buyers Report

Recent users and buyers of this product have highly appreciated the ease of use of this trap. Many have also reported the product to work great even for foxes. However, some reports suggest that it rusts very soon, which may result in weaker performance. However, other buyer reports suggest that the product requires minimum maintenance for it to work just as great even after months of use.

Why it Stands Out to Us

Duke traps are one of the leading ones on the market. They have a really reliable construction that ensures the safety of use along with ease as well. Therefore, this foothold trap by Duke is on our list for its ease of use and easy setup design that works great for all hunters.

Who Will Use This Most

The trap is highly recommended for use to control the wildlife population. Beginners and first-timers will also find it easy to use.

Bottom Line

The product is one of the leading, most reliable ones on the market. Not only is the product reliable, but it’s also much easier on your pocket while also promising great performance. The trap might rust quickly because of the steel components, but basic level maintenance will ensure proper functionality even after frequent uses.

5. Duke Company Coil Spring Animal Trap


  • Lightweight design, travel-friendly
  • Ideal for population control purposes
  • Steel construction ensures sturdiness
  • Highly affordable alternative with reliable functionality
  • Can be used for raccoons, coyotes, and other small wild animals


  • Might be difficult to set up
  • Need strong hands to open it

What Recent Buyers Report

Buyers who used the trap for the first time ever found it extremely easy to set up and use. However, some users found it to be a little hard to open, but after that, it was a quick job to set it up. Moreover, buyers have reported it to be appropriate for trapping foxes as well, which makes it a highly versatile product. Furthermore, other users reported that it is difficult to set up and comes with little to no customer support. However, for users who had some experience setting up foothold traps they found this one easy to use and effective as well.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The trap has an exceptional design that offers fulfillment of more than one purpose. Its lightweight steel build also makes it stand out from other higher-end options. It’s budget-friendly, yet works great for several hunting occasions and for trapping many small to medium-sized wild animals. Its versatile design, along with a pocket-friendly price tag makes it outperform other alternatives on the market.

Who Will Use This Most

We recommend this trap to be used by people who want to trap coyotes for population control and not for killing/hunting. Moreover, people who have prior experience using similar products should also opt for the product. We do not recommend this to be used by first-timers for its relatively difficult setup process.

Bottom Line

To sum it up, the trap proves to be a good choice for absolutely all kinds of hunters. It’s a much more humane method to trap coyotes without hurting them quickly. It’s also a budget-friendly option for people who don’t want to spend a lot on a coyote trap.

6. 4 Duke #2 CS Offset Traps


  • Easy to set up
  • Does not kill instantly
  • Comes in a bundle of 4, adding value
  • Works great for trapping more than one animal
  • High-quality steel construction ensures reliability and longevity


  • Jaws are not rubberized
  • Many people find the jaws to be harsh and inhumane

What Recent Buyers Report

The product is backed by a number of positive user reports. Most of the users have reported this product to be much better than most duke traps. Buyers have also reported effective and efficient use with raccoons and coyotes. It’s easy to set up for beginners and works great in all environments.

Why it Stands Out to Us

Duke traps are one of the best ones on the market, and they are used by most professional hunters. Therefore, this one is also an exceptional product that comes with sturdy steel construction that does not rust after some time of use and will last you a long time. The product also comes in a bundle of 4, which further makes it one of the best coyote traps as it adds value to your money.

Who Will Use This Most

Since the traps are made with heavy-duty materials and require proper mechanical force to set up, these traps are great for professionals. If you don’t have good mechanical knowledge or strong hands, it might be too hard for you to set up.

Bottom Line

The duke foothold trap is one of the easiest and most effective ways for trapping coyotes. Even though the jaws do not have rubber pads, they still make a reliable and sturdy alternative from the rest of the market. We highly recommend these traps for professional use for their durable construction and effective performance.

Types of Coyote Traps

There is more than just one kind of coyote traps that you will find on the market. The best kind of product will hugely depend on your skills and preferences. Here are the most common types:


Conibear traps have proved to be highly successful for most hunters. Even though they require a mechanical setup, they are still convenient if you want to go for a straight and quick kill. Since they instantly kill, these traps are not legal everywhere.

Foothold Traps

Foothold traps work by capturing the animal from its feet. It ties their feet and stops them from running away. Such traps do not particularly harm the animal. However, a drawback of this type of trap is that it requires lots of mechanical skills and techniques. So, if you are not so good with mechanical knowledge, this might be difficult to use.

Box And Cage

Box and cage traps are great for trapping more than one kind of animal. Plus, with such traps, you also ensure that the animal is not harmed in any way. They require you to set the cage up and lure the coyote in. It might be possible that you may cage another animal that you may not intend to, but it’s very easy to let them go so it should not be a big problem.

Aspects to Consider Before Buying a Coyote Trap

Before you go ahead and buy a coyote trap, make sure to consider the following factors before the final decision is made.

Do They Have Rubber Pads?

Rubber pads on the jaws of your trap can prove to be highly beneficial both for you and your prey. Basically, rubber pads will ensure that the animal is securely trapped but not instantly dead. This will protect dogs and other unintended animals that were caught. 

Can They be Used for Other Animals?

Try to find a trap that works for all kinds of hunts. A trap that is only suitable for coyotes can be restrictive and might not add much value to your money. Therefore, go for a multi-purpose and versatile product.

Is it Legally Qualified in Your Area?

You need to make sure that the trap you are choosing to buy meets legal requirements and standards in the area you are planning to hunt in. It’s essential to consider legal issues to ensure that your money does not go to waste, and you can fully benefit from the product.


Coyotes are harmless animals if you don’t act like potential prey in front of them. However, they can pose a great threat to livestock animals and even pets. So, many people want to trap them not for killing purposes but for ensuring safety and protection. Foothold and cage traps are some of the easiest and safest ways to trap coyotes without causing them any major harm. Make sure that you consider all the aforementioned factors, such as rubber pads and build quality before buying one. 

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