Parker Bushwacker – 2020 Review

| Last Updated October 31, 2020

Next to your skill, the crossbow you use has the most importance in the world of archery. The Parker Bushwacker crossbow is one of the most renowned and respected archery equipment. 

It is widely known for its performance and construction. This review takes you through what it offers and why it is such a favorite.

If you want to learn more about it, keep on reading:

  • Ultra-compact crossbow with very strong performance
  • With integrated micro-light limb pocket system
  • Comes with a lightweight design of only 7 pounds
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  • Safety
  • Assembly
  • Warranty and Reliability
  • Construction and Design


  • Noise
  • Optics

Parker Bushwacker Specs 

Draw Weight: 160 lbs

Arrow Speed: 300 FPS

Weight: 7 lbs.

Length: 37”

Width (axle to axle): 23.25”

Power Stroke: 11”

Draw Style: G2 trigger system

Trigger Pull Weight: 160 lbs

Type: Compound bow


This unit is incredibly well-constructed and of high quality. Here are a few pros it promises: 


One of the biggest concerns people have is assembling a crossbow. You won’t have any trouble assembling this one as it simply takes a matter of minutes to put together. It comes with easy-to-follow instructions with colorful pictures. This is highly convenient as they leave no room for doubt or guessing. 


Compound crossbows tend to get severely damaged if dry fired. This is a common problem with devices that aren’t equipped with an anti-dry fire system. This safety feature essentially prevents your device from dry firing, therefore protecting it from potential damage. 

It is also equipped with a G2 trigger system that has an automatic engage feature. Many bows can be accidentally fired, however, not this one. It engages as soon as you cock the bow to prevent accidental fire. Both these features ensure the safety of the bow and the archer. 

Construction and Design

The overall construction of this unit is of high quality, and it is incredibly sturdy. This allows it to deliver the performance and power required for hunting. However, it is lightweight and compact; thus, it remains easy to maneuver. It merely weighs seven lbs. 

Its efficient and powerful performance has been made possible with the advanced solid limb technology featuring an integrated micro-lite limb pocket system. The overall unit is ergonomically designed to offer a better grip. The contoured forearm and pistol grip offers easy maneuvering. 

Warranty and Reliability

Warranty is an integral factor to look into. This unit is backed by a lifetime warranty, which is granted to the original owner upon registration within 15 days of purchase. It covers the product from defects in materials and marksmanship. This makes it a highly reliable and long-term investment. 


Unfortunately, there are some cons to this crossbow. They aren’t deal-breakers in any way but are still worth mentioning. Let’s take a look at them:


It does make a loud noise while shooting an arrow. This may not seem like a big deal, but it will scare the game away if you’re hunting with this crossbow. A quick fix to quiet it down is using limb savers. 


The optics quality isn’t the best for different weather. If you plan on using it when it’s a bit foggy or in low-lighting conditions, it’s better to get an illuminated optic. An illuminated optic would gather greater light and give better results in such conditions. 

Best Uses for the Parker Bushwacker

Parker Bushwacker is a popular crossbow in the market. It is equipped with several features that give it an edge in different conditions. Let’s take a look at a few of its uses so you can see how multi-faceted this product truly is and how it can be a great option to resort to:

Target Practice

It comes with optics, which is the 4x multi reticle scope. This tends to work incredibly well for target practice.

It is of good quality and makes aiming pretty convenient. Therefore, if you are a beginner looking for a good option, this is a great one to consider for target practice. 


This is a great crossbow for hunting small and medium-sized game such as turkey and deer. Furthermore, if your hunting range is about 20 yards, it can even work for hunting elk. Its lightweight and easy-to-maneuver design make it a delight to have on the field. 

Ambidextrous Use

It has an ambidextrous design. This means that it can be used by both left- and right-handed people. Its several safety features can also be disengaged using either hand. This is truly appreciated as left-handed folks often find it difficult to find good-quality crossbows for themselves. 

Is the Parker Bushwacker Hard to Use? 

Not at all! In fact, it’s quite the contrary. It is one of the easiest to use crossbows out there. It has a lightweight construction, which makes it easy to maneuver. Plus, the textured design enables a more comfortable grip. Moreover, with the easy installation, it is a dream to operate. 

Components and Included Accessories 

Components and accessories of a product should be paid great attention as they decide whether or not a product is a good deal. Let’s take a look at the components and accessories that come along with this crossbow package.


This unit is equipped with a premium Red-Hot optic scope, which is essentially a multi-reticle scope. This is specially designed for crossbows that shoot at or more than 300 FPS. It offers a crisp and clear image and quick focus to get the perfect aim on your target. 

Quivers and Bolts

This unit comes with a four-arrow quick detach quiver, which allows easy access to your arrows and four bolts with field points. It works well with 20-inch arrows that have a grain weight of 375 to 425.

Safety Features

It has several safety features integrated into it to ensure smooth performance. It is equipped with a G2 trigger system that has an auto-engage feature, which essentially comes into action as soon as the device is cocked. Furthermore, it has an Anti-dry fire system that ensures that your crossbow doesn't fire without an arrow. 

EZ Pull System

Cocking crossbows can be a daunting task; however, that isn’t the case with this one. It is equipped with an EX pull system, which reduces cocking efforts by 50%. 

Owner’s Manual

This contains information regarding the assembly or installation of the product. It is incredibly comprehensive and equipped with colorful pictures to ensure that the process of assembling the crossbow is easy and convenient for the consumer. 

What Ages and Skill Levels is the Parker Bushwacker Suitable For?

The Parker Bushwacker is catered towards beginners and intermediate-level archers. There are many reasons why this is the case. 

Firstly, it isn’t exceptionally powerful. This means you can use it for target practice and small-game hunting but not for big-game hunt. Furthermore, it is easy to assemble and sight. It allows sighting at about 30 to 40 yards and not beyond that, which is a pretty good range for someone just starting out. 

It has an incredibly safe and secure design with the anti-dry fire design, which immediately comes into action as soon as the device is cocked. Thus, overall, it is a preferred option for intermediate or beginner archers.

What Makes the Parker Bushwacker Stand Out From the Competition?

Parker Bushwacker is one of the most popular crossbows in the market, which poses the question, what allows it to stand out? They tend to ace two aspects of a crossbow, which is accessibility and high quality. Their crossbows are on the affordable end of the spectrum, which allows them to work for beginners and a larger audience overall. 

However, it doesn’t compromise on quality. It is equipped with several features like Anti-Dry Fire (ADF) protection, ambidextrous safety, and a G2 trigger system. All of these features make it nothing short of a high-end crossbow in terms of features, performance, and accuracy. Therefore, it stands out from the competition. 

How to Cock a Bushwacker Crossbow 

One of the most inquired questions about a Bushwacker Crossbow is how to cock. This may seem intimidating for beginners; however, it’s really not. Let’s break the process down into a step by step guide for you to make it simpler:

  1. One of the ways to cock a crossbow is by using a rope cocker, which will essentially take 50% of the pull away. This basically means that if you have a crossbow with a 150-pound pull weight, it is reduced to around 80 or 75 pounds and becomes much easier for you.

  2. To get started, first strap the rope cocker on the crossbow. 

  3. Then, use your legs and the right lifting techniques to pull up those 75 pounds.

  4. Go ahead and simply cock it.

  5. The other way to cock a crossbow is by using a cranking device. Each crossbow company has a different one; choose whichever fits best for you. A cranking device essentially works best for people who have back or shoulder injury and therefore are unable to pull 75 or 80 pounds even.

  6. A cranking device is installed at the back of the buttstock of the crossbow. 

  7. First, slap the cracking device on the buttstock and then insert the locking knob in the hole present there until it locks in place. 

  8. It works to reduce the pull weight to merely five pounds or so, further simplifying cocking the device.


Parker Bushwacker is known to be one of the best compound crossbows out there. It has become critically acclaimed in the world of archery and is a top choice for beginners, intermediates, and even professionals. 

This post takes you through the good, the bad, and everything in between of the Parker Bushwacker crossbow package. Hopefully, you’ll now be able to make a definitive decision as to whether it’s the right product for you.  

People Also Ask

Several questions come to mind when it comes to buying the Parker Bushwacker crossbow. Keeping this in mind, we have taken the liberty of answering your most frequently asked ones. This will allow you to further gain some insight into it. Thus, let’s take a look at them:

What Kind of Warranty Does the Parker Bushwacker Come With?

Parker Bushwacker features an incredible lifetime warranty to the original owner who purchased, granted it was registered within 15 days of purchase. This warranty essentially covers any manufacturing defects in material as well as marksmanship for the rest of the product’s course of life.

What Yardage Should the Parker Bushwacker Be Sighted in?

They are suggested to be sighted at 20 yards with the arrows that come along with the crossbow. 

How Far Can the Parker Bushwacker Crossbow Shoot?

It can shoot as far as 30-40 yards; however, aiming beyond that limit isn’t possible with the Parker Bushwacker. 

Where is Parker Bushwacker Crossbows Made?

Parker Bushwacker Crossbows are made in the United States of America. 

What's the Pull Weight on a Parker Bushwacker Crossbow?

The pull weight on this particular parker Bushwacker crossbow is 160 lbs. 

Does Parker Make a Bushwacker Crossbow With 160 Lb. Draw Weight?

Yes, they do. 

What Size Arrows For a Bushwacker Crossbow?

The ideal size of arrows for a Bushwacker crossbow is 20’’ arrows with 400-grain total weight. 

Is the Parker Bushwacker 150 a Good Crossbow?

Yes, it is! It is considered one of the best crossbows out there for beginners and intermediates. It offers excellent performance and high-quality construction equipped with several commendable features.


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