How Do I Add Sightings Using the Trail Cams?

To add sighting or images to trail cam, simply click on the “Add More Items” button from you Camp Home screen to go to your map editor. Click on the trail cam icon on the map where you have images to load. Follow the same instructions as adding a deer sighting with image. 

NOTE: Adding trail cam images is treated as a Deer Sighting. To share trail cam images with hunting party I would recommend creating an album under the photo tab of your camp. You can then name the album with date and time stamp and upload all images from that cam. These images will NOT be used as sightings.

NOTE: Try to be smart about which pictures you load for deer sightings off the trail cam. Adding all pictures may not be the best way to track movement. Some deer may stick by the camera for 10 minutes and take 20 pictures at 30 intervals. This may skew the data. You may want to enter one sighting at the beginning of the string and one sighting at the end. Just a thought!