Best Wood Duck Calls – 2021 Complete Review

Duck hunting, for many, is not just a hobby. It is more than merely a sport, but a cherished tradition passed down from many generations.

It brings an opportunity to bond for those who enjoy it. Hunting has a ton of paraphernalia, some of it you need, whereas some you don’t. A duck call qualifies as the former. A good duck call can be invaluable on a hunting trip.

Here, we will discuss what a duck call is and why you should get one for your next duck hunting trip. We also have reviewed some of the best products available to make your purchasing decision easier.  Read on to learn about this essential addition.

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Comparison of the Best Wood Duck Calls

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What is a Duck Call?

A duck call is a simple tool which lures ducks to your location, especially in early season when there aren’t a lot of them around. By utilizing a duck call, you  increase the probability of locating and hunting a duck.

It does take a little effort to get accustomed to using it, however, with practice, you will notice the major difference it makes as it drastically improves the number of ducks in your area. Most hunters claim that nothing will get you more ducks than a duck call!


What Makes a Great Duck Call

Duck calls may seem to be childishly simple tools, however, they are not. They can be intimidating to buy, given how many options there are on the market and the amount of information thrown at you on the internet. However, we have simplified all the information you need before buying a wood duck call. The following are factors you need to consider prior to investing in a unit.


Duck calls are available in three types of materials, predominantly; acrylic, wood, and polycarbonate. Acrylic calls create a long and sharp noise and are thought to be most durable out of the three. They have long-range capabilities. Wooden calls are hard to care for, but are able to produce a soft, mellow noise, which is highly effective with wood ducks. Polycarbonate calls are highly durable and work well for various species and regions.


Another aspect to consider before investing in a duck call is the distance it covers. The area you hunt in influences the distance your call covers.

Wooden calls are good for personal and close hunting, whereas polycarbonate calls have the capability to cover long ranges.



Volume majorly affects your call. Some calls have a variety of sounds mixed in to give more versatility. This depends on the habitat, as well. Wood ducks require mellower sounds; therefore, wooden calls work better for them.


Duck calls can sometimes be expensive. The brand you invest in can have a major effect on the quality of your call. Therefore, investing in a good brand will guarantee more hits than misses.

Review of the Best Wood Duck Calls

Here are our top recommendations. Hopefully, you will find one that works best for you. We’ve discussed all the important details so you can make an informed buying decision.

Best Overall: Faulk’s Game Calls WA33 Faulk’s Deluxe Duck Call

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  • It is Affordable
  • This Product is Easy to Blow
  • It has a Stylish and Classy Look
  • A Favorite of Many Hunters
  • The Adjustable Ring Works Well to Tune the Product Without Disassembly


  • It Needs Maintenance

What Recent Buyers ReportRecent buyers seemed to really appreciate the product. Most reviewers deemed this product to be of excellent quality and worked effectively in luring in ducks. Buyers said it has a natural sound and is highly-durable as well. Furthermore, the price point of this product makes it an absolute favorite for the audience.Why it Stands Out to UsThis product stood out to us for being an overall excellent investment. The price point, performance, and durability all were top-notch. This product is a user favorite and works wonderfully. This truly is a great investment for hunters. It has a natural sound and is durable, as well.Who Will Use This MostThis product would work well for hunting mallards and gads. It has a natural sound. A great thing about this product is that it is easy to use, therefore, beginners will get great use out of it. No matter what your expertise level is, you will get plenty of use out of it.What Could Be Improved and WhySome buyers complained that it froze, which is rather inconvenient. If this could be fixed, this product would be perfect. Wooden calls need maintenance, which might be intimidating for newbies. However, it is something that gets easier over time.Bottom LineThis product, all in all, is a great investment. This product is a must-have for hunters. The pros largely outweigh the cons and this unit is great for hunting ducks, mallards, gads, etc. It is versatile and durable.

Runner-up: Duck Commander Wood Duck Call

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  • It is Versatile in Functionality
  • Has a Durable Construction
  • Makes Great Life-Like Noises
  • It Seems to Work for Both Amateurs and Senior Hunters
  • The High-Impact Plastic is Tough and Ensures Superior Function in the Field


  • The Outlook is Glossy and Needs Work
  • Some Users Complained of it Being Hard to Work With
  • Some Buyers Complained That the Noise Was Too High-Pitched

What Recent Buyers ReportRecent buyers are absolutely in love with this product. Most buyers were thoroughly happy with their purchase. However, some buyers deemed it to be a little too loud or high-pitched at times. Therefore, it is suggested to quiet down the product a bit when hunting for sitting ducks as it may be too loud for that.Why it Stands Out to UsIt stood out to us for multiple reasons, which compelled us to place it as our runner-up category. Firstly, this product is effective and efficient. Secondly, it is easy to use for most people and can suit both amateur and skilled hunters Lastly, it is one of the most affordable and durable options out there.Who Will Use This MostThis unit can be used by both skilled and amateur hunters, however, it should be strictly used to call woodland ducks, as it is most effective for that. Furthermore, this unit needs some practice to perfect.What Could Be Improved and WhyA great improvement for this product would be if it didn’t make noises at such a great pitch or volume. Furthermore, another way to improve this product would be to make the external texture less greasy and the overall product could also be a few shades darker.Bottom LineAs a whole, this product works like a dream and is a solid investment. This tool will make the entire hunting experience much more enjoyable for you, as it would help you lure in more ducks. It isn’t very heavy on the pocket either, which is always a great factor.

Best for the Money: HAYDELS WW-90 Wood Duck Whine


  • It Makes Authentic Sounds
  • This Unit is Very Affordable
  • Very Compact
  • Great for Close-in Calling
  • Lightweight and Easy to Carry


  • Cheap Construction
  • Not Versatile Enough as it Only Works for Close-in Calling
  • If One Accidentally Blows on it Too Hard, it Stops Working Thus, is Not Durable

What Recent Buyers ReportBuyers seem to enjoy the price-point of this unit a lot. It seems to be highly-effective in luring in birds and does not cost a fortune. It truly is the best you can get for this amount of money. The product, however, doesn’t seem to be very long-lasting.Why it Stands Out to UsIt stood out to us for being such a bargain. This product works very well and doesn’t cost a fortune, unlike some other calls on the market. This unit works very well for the price it is being offered at.Who Will Use This MostHunters who are new to the game and do not have much experience with wood duck calls will be happiest with this. It is better for newbies than skilled hunters as it is lightweight and not as heavy-duty.What Could Be Improved and Why

A major improvement for this product could be to make it a little more durable. It seems pretty cheap, as the manufacturing materials are not of superior quality, which likely cuts down the overall cost. However, it would be great to have a better-quality option.Bottom LineIf you are just starting out with hunting or are looking for a cheaper alternative to a higher-end call, this product is a great investment for you. It works quite well and does not cost a fortune.

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4. PRIMOS Hunting 838

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  • It is Affordable
  • Easy to Use
  • The Plastic Construction is Durable
  • Seems to Work Wonders With Some Bird Species’
  • It Works Very Well for Beginners, as it Comes With Instructions on How to Operate 


  • Cannot Product Louder Sounds
  • It Seems to Stick From Time to Time Because of Moisture in Air You Breathe Out
  • More of a Whistle Than a Call, Which Seems to Work Only for Selective Bird Species’

What Recent Buyers ReportRecent buyers seem delighted with their purchase. Most were pleasantly surprised with this unit. However, some did complain about it freezing up from time to time.Why it Stands Out to UsIt stood out to us for being affordable, yet great quality. A lot of calls out there are pricey if they have a quality construction, however, this one is made of superior quality plastic and is one of the more affordable options on the market.Who Will Use This MostIt will work great for beginners as it comes with an instructional manual. Moreover, this unit is not hard to operate. It will immediately help you hear the difference a wood duck call can make in your hunting experience, as it is very effective.What Could Be Improved and WhyA probable improvement for this product would be to make it a little louder as it does not produce enough sound.Bottom LineThis unit is a great investment overall as the pros outweigh the cons. It is great for beginners. Therefore, if you are looking for your very first duck call, this would be a great option as it works well and is affordable.

5. Duck Commander Classic Commander Double Reed Call

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  • It is Easy to Operate
  • The Product is a User Favorite
  • Great Quality
  • Has a Classy Look and is Very Stylish
  • Mimics a Real Duck Call Very Well


  • Can Be Too High-Pitched
  • Seems to Stick a Little
  • Construction Doesn’t Allow it to Freeze; Therefore, the Noise it Makes is Sometimes Too Loud

What Recent Buyers ReportMost of the buyers were extremely happy with the product. They seem to love the quality and performance of it. This unit seems to sell really well and has a ton of people praising it for its real duck-like sound. Users deem it to sound very authentic.Why it Stands Out to UsIt stood out to us as being a great quality investment. This unit is made of superior quality products and performs very well. This is another user favorite.Who Will Use This MostIt can work for both skilled hunters and newbies, as it is easy to operate. It is made of great quality and will work wonders for anyone.What Could Be Improved and WhyAn improvement for this product would be a lower sound option to as this particular one is high-pitched and loud.Bottom LineThis unit is a great investment. The pros of this product largely outweigh the cons, and it is highly effective in luring in birds for hunting or maybe just bird-watching.

6. PRIMOS Hunting 882


  • It Has a Stylish Outlook
  • Affordable
  • Easy to Use
  • Does Not Freeze or Get Sticky
  • Has a Good Return Policy


  • The Sound is Not as Accurate as Some of the Other Options Available

What Recent Buyers ReportMost buyers seem to enjoy the product. Some, however, did claim it was constructed with low-quality materials, which is why it either breaks easily or may come with some cracks in the wood construction. The company’s return policy is great, though.Why it Stands Out to UsIt stood out to us for being another great option for duck calls. The product may not be able to mimic real duck noises completely. However, it does get pretty close to it and is nevertheless, a good option to have.Who Will Use This MostThis product will be of great use to those who are just starting out with hunting as it is easy to use and does not have heavy-duty construction.What Could Be Improved and WhyA major improvement for this product could be to make it of slightly better quality and more durable. This product works great but isn’t very long-lasting, which can be very inconvenient.Bottom LineThis is a great product to invest in. It can be the best option for those who are just starting out with hunting.

Best Duck Commander Wood Duck Call:Duck Commander Jase Robertson Pro Series


  • Easy to blow and use
  • Reasonably priced duck call
  • Produces accurate Mallard hen sounds
  • Uses durable wood and polycarbonate
  • Wide vocalization range from piercing high to raspy low


  • Gets wet and freezes easily

What Recent Buyers Report

Users report that this is one of the best and loudest wood duck calls. The sound it produces is very piercing and exactly like that of a Mallard hen. It is very well-made, and the wood seems extremely durable. The double reed construction is very thin and easy to blow. Just make sure everything is clean and dry.

Why it Stands Out to Us

This duck call is from Duck Commander’s Pro series, which is one of their best at the price as they utilize the highest quality wood with durable polycarbonate for the insert. Its range includes fishing calls and open water calls. For fishing, the tone is soft, and a high piercing tone is used for open water.

It also accounts for when the ducks are in close vicinity. The smooth lower-end sound means you can blow quietly and not scare them away. It is designed to be easy to use and blow into by using thin double-reed construction.

Bottom Line

If you are hunting for the Mallard hen, then this is a safe and well-tested option. Duck Commander has been in business for over 40 years, and it has well-tested products that keep under-going alterations to make them better.  

Best Buck Gardner Wood Duck Call:Buck Gardner Double Nasty Timber Pack


  • Has a full-spectrum off calls
  • Also gives raspy and mid-range calls
  • Double reed design for better sound
  • Uses durable polycarbonate call material
  • Spit technology ensures usage even when wet


  • Not very accurate in cold weather

What Recent Buyers Report

Using a combination of wood and polycarbonate makes this duck call durable and wide-ranging in its sound. For people that are not fans of plastic duck calls, the design and use of this product will be worth the money. Having so many different sounds in one product is also a positive selling point. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

It stands out to us because it has a very wide range of tones that include many different duck species, including Mallard. It does everything, including ringing hail calls, mid-range feed calls, raspy, and low-end calls. This is possible due to its tone board and double-reed combination.

The other feature of this duck call is its spit technology. Often, wood duck calls will get wet due to spit, not work properly, and even freeze in cold conditions. The spit technology makes sure you are able to use the duck call despite all this.  

Bottom Line

Overall, this is a good beginner’s wood duck call as it encompasses a wide array of sounds in its range. It offers a lot in the quality of its construction and design at a very low price. But the best feature is that it has the entire vocabulary of wood duck calls.

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Pros and Cons of Wood Duck Calls 

There are various types of duck calls, of which the wood duck call is one. All of them have their uses, advantages, and disadvantages. Here are some of the benefits and shortcomings of such a duck call:


If you can’t decide on a wood duck call, then maybe these points will help.

Ideal For Close-up Calls

Wooden duck calls are best known for their soft and low-end sounds. Therefore, when hunting in small areas that might be surrounded by timber or small swamps, these work better.


Wood is a very durable material and is much stronger than synthetic products. When made using high-quality wood, they can last for years without getting damaged.

Collector’s Item

Even after years of use when wood duck calls don’t make the same sound, people often keep them as decorative items. Because of the craftsmanship and beauty of the wood, they remain useful forever.  



There are other types of duck calls to choose from, and many people make a case against wood duck calls based on the performance of these other types. Here are some other drawbacks:


The major disadvantage of wood duck calls is that they need to be kept dry before using. Because their structure is porous, they tend to absorb moisture, which results in inaccurate sounds.

Change With Temperature

Wood also has the tendency to contract and swell up as the temperature decreases and rises. This also reduces sound accuracy.

Acrylic vs. Wood Duck Call – Comparison Overview 

Acrylic and wood duck calls are the two most common and widely used ones. Which one is best depends on users and their preference as they both have their plus points and scenarios where they work better than the other. Here are some basic aspects used to compare them both.


Acrylic duck calls are known for their loud and far-reaching sound. If you are hunting in open areas and large ponds, acrylic calls will be the preferred choice.

Wood calls, on the other hand, produce more soft and low-end sounds. They are used in small swampy areas where you don’t have to worry about reaching ducks that are far away.


Another thing about the tone of duck calls is that with the change in temperature, wood duck calls have the tendency to swell up or contract, which results in a change in sound. Acrylic calls, on the other hand, remain constant in their sound throughout the temperature range.

This results in the former requiring more maintenance as you have to make sure they are fully dry before using.

Let them come to you (Source)


When made using high-quality wood, these duck calls are very durable and strong. They are also easier to master. You can use them for decades without feeling the need to buy a new one.

Acrylic duck calls, on the other hand, while easy to maintain, can be easily scratched and are not as strong.  

How to Use a Wood Duck Call

A wood duck call can be hard for people to use, even though it seems quite simple. These can be deviously complex tools. A wood duck call is not just a simple whistle you blow into and it magically birds flock to you. In fact, a little more work goes into it. Your positioning and the distance you’re covering greatly affect your call, so one needs to be mindful of that.

Ducks have a feeding area and a roosting area. You want to steer clear of the roosting area, so the birds keep coming consistently after you hunt once. After following their travel route, you will become well aware of which position gives you an advantage over the situation. Your call choice will be different depending upon how far the birds are from you.

Once all these matters are dealt with, you will be ready to use the duck call. To use the wood duck call, you turn the cap to the completely open position and hold the product with your fingers (like you would hold a pencil) covering the hole with them. Do not forget to roll it while you blow in it. Wood duck calls are capable of producing many noises which will help the process.


This article was meant to help you make a smart decision when choosing a duck call. We gave you some great options of quality wood duck calls, along with putting together a guide on what to look for in a duck call. We have also provided guidance on how to use a wood call, which can be a complex tool for some people. Hopefully, by now, you will have all the information you were looking for in a wood duck call and will put it to good use for the next hunting season.

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