Turkey Hunting Terms And Definitions

| Last Updated May 4, 2020

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Compound Bow ATA Standard draw length- A method of measurement has been established to provide an industry standard of draw length and eliminate the variances in the original method caused by different thicknesses of bow risers. The ATA Standard Draw Length is arrived at by measuring the "Draw Length to Pivot Point" which is the distance from the string's nock point to the pivot point of the grip, and adding 1 and 3/4 inches. The 1 and 3/4 inches represents the average distance from the far side of the bow to the bow grips pivot point. Manufactures use this ATA Standard Draw Length when they designate the draw length of a bow.

Compound Bow Brace Height - The distance between the pivot point of the grip and the string at rest.

Guide services -providing any of the following: advice to hunters while hunting about how and/or where to hunt; setting decoys; calling, stalking, pursuing, tracking, field dressing; caring for meat; field preparation of trophies; carriage of hunters, hunter equipment, and/or animals harvested by the hunter

Hunting Outfitter- An outfitter is a person who both receives compensation (i.e., money, services, or gifts) from hunters and provides outfitting services to hunters.

Outfitting services include providing guides, guide services*, equipment, stands, blinds, or transportation to and from the field for hunters.

Jakes- One year old male turkeys are called jakes

Jennnies- One year old female turkeys

Poults- Turkey chicks are called poults

Turkey Grand Slam- When a turkey hunter shoots one turkey from one of the each of the 4 major turkey subspecies.

Stalking- Stalking is the slow, silent pursuit of an animal that allows the hunter to get close enough for a good, clean shot.

Still Hunting- Still hunting is the continuous movement of a hunter through an animal’s environment in hopes of finding the desired game. The hunter takes a few steps, stops, looks around – sometimes with binoculars – and listens for the slightest sound of the game animal being hunted.

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