Best Turkey Hunting Blinds of 2020 – Buyer’s Guide

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Blinds are an important aspect when it comes to hunting, especially if the target has a keen eye and could easily spot human movement.

Blinds today are much simpler to set up than they may have been in the past, and they provide excellent coverage to hide human movement and a silhouette, allowing a hunting target to get close enough for a clear and accurate shot.  

Here, we have provided information on blinds and reviewed some of the best on the market to make your choice easier.

Comparison Chart of the Best Turkey Hunting Blinds


Barronett Radar Ground Blind

  • Triangle Shaped Windows and Peek Windows
  • Strongly Woven 150D Fabric and Black Interior Coating
  • Mesh Camouflage Window Panels Which are Replaceable
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GhostBlind 4-Panel Predator Blind

  • Twelve Pounds and Easy to Transport
  • Mirror Ground Design With Shooting Parts for Easy Aim
  • Eliminates Unwanted Sun Reflections and Animal Movements
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Ameristep 4-Spur Blind

  • Includes Stakes and Tie-Downs for Security
  • Simple Design That Makes Transportation a Breeze
  • Simple Panel Aids in Concealing Movement Below Your Neck
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Primos Up-N-Down Stakeout Ground Blind

  • 12 Feet Wide and 23-36 Feet Tall
  • Includes a Carrying Case With a Strap
  • Double-Sided Lightweight Camo Material
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Barronett Blinds Big Cat Pop Up Blind

  • Low-Profile Zipperless Windows
  • Durable Framework and Tough Materials
  • Very Large Interior, Capable of Shooting While Standing
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Knight & Hale Umbrella

  • Simple Umbrella Ground Blind
  • Relatively Light and Easy to Transport
  • Durable Materials and Sturdy Structure
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Ameristep Tent Chair

  • Quick to Put Up and Take Down
  • Front and Side Zippers for Easy Access
  • Comfortable Seat and Foldable Design
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Ameristep Care Taker Ground Blind

  • Shoot-Through Mesh Windows
  • 69-Inch Shooting Width and 66 Inches Tall
  • Durable Construction and Quality Materials
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Are Blinds Important While Turkey Hunting?

Some people may think blinds are unnecessary, but they’re quite important, especially for turkey hunting. Turkeys, along with other animals that may be hunted, have a keen eye and are easily spooked by small and subtle movements. This is significantly true when they are in close perimeter to a hunter.

Barronett Radar Ground Blind

Blinds are able to not only camouflage the hunter and keep them hidden, but they also hide a human silhouette, which allows the hunter to move without alerting or startling their prey. Since blinds completely hide a hunter, they are great for someone new to hunting, whether they are young or just new to turkey hunting in general.

New hunters who may not know how to properly sit still won’t startle the bird if they’re in a blind, so the bird can get close enough for the hunter to be able to take a clear shot and they won’t be startled like they would if the hunter were not using a blind.

What Makes a Great Turkey Blind?

Blinds are great for hunters, new or experienced, and they make for a more successful hunting trip. There are many criteria that can make for a great turkey blind and we’ve listed a few below for you to take a look at.


As with any hunting gear, durability is important so it lasts through more than one season. An item that can only last for a few months really wouldn't be worth the money, and the same goes for a turkey blind. 

A great turkey blind will be durable and able to withstand multiple weather patterns as well. This would mean that it would be a good idea to have one that is waterproof, or at least water-resistant. Choosing one that is of a wind-resistant fabric is also important, so the blind will remain in its spot and won’t easily budge.


If you plan on hunting solo, you need not worry about this, but hunters often hunt with a partner or in a small group, so the capacity of a turkey blind should reflect this. You should consider a blind that would not only be able to hold more than one person, but it should also be able to hold all the hunting gear that would be brought on the trip. Ample room for movement is also important, for the safety and comfortability of you and your fellow hunters.


Weight is an important factor that can make for a great turkey blind, since it needs to be sturdy enough to stand on its own, and this will require strong parts and a good construction or materials. If you plan on being mobile while you hunt, a great turkey blind will be both able to stand on its own, while also being light enough to deconstruct and carry around for when you move locations.

Quick Take | Best Turkey Hunting Blinds

Just looking for the top three best turkey hunting blinds? Here they are:

  1. Barronett Radar Ground Blind
  2. GhostBlind 4-Panel Predator Blind
  3. Ameristep 4-Spur Blind

Review of the Best Turkey Hunting Blinds

With so many different types of turkey hunting blinds out on the market, it may be difficult to decide which would be best for you and your hunting style. Luckily, we’ve compiled a list of what we believe are a few of the best turkey hunting blinds to make your decision more simple.

Barronett Blinds RA200BW Radar Pop Up Portable Blind, Bloodtrail Backwoods Camo


  • Easy to Transport
  • Water-Resistant and Durable
  • Lightweight and Easy to Set Up/ Take Apart
  • Great Size for an Individual and Lots of Hunting Gear


  • Door May Be a Bit Difficult to Get in and Out

The Barronett Radar Ground Blind features a five-piece design that is easy to put up and take down, so you are able to quickly pop it up to begin your hunt. The mesh camo window panels are replaceable and attached via hook and loop strips, and open through the use of zippers, allowing you the ability to take aim and shoot through the mesh without removing the window panels.

This blind has a lightweight design and is durable, is water-resistant, and made from a strongly woven 150D fabric with a black interior coating that helps protect you from the outdoor elements.

There are triangle shaped windows that are zipperless and peek windows are also located on the back side of the blind, allowing you to see all around. This blind can fit up to two people comfortably so you and your hunting partner have ample room for yourselves along with your hunting gear.

Bottom Line

Overall, this is our top contender for turkey hunting blinds. It is made of a lightweight and water-resistant material and is durable enough to handle various weather conditions while providing protection to you and your hunting gear. It is easy to set up and disassemble and is easy to transport.

The door may be a bit difficult to get in and out of, especially if you’re wearing lots of layers of clothes, but other than that, this is a very high-quality turkey blind that comes at a great price. It is comfortably able to fit you and a friend, along with some gear.

GhostBlind 4-Panel Predator Blind


  • Easy to Put Up and Take Down
  • Lightweight and Simple to Carry
  • Great for Using With a Chair or Stool
  • Reflective Panels Great for Camouflage


  • Might Be a Little Short for Someone Tall, Especially if a Chair or Stool is Used

The GhostBlind Four-Panel Predator Blind is made to be very easily portable, making it a great choice for hunters on the go. The lightweight mirror ground design makes this a great blind for a hunter who would want to sit on a hunting chair or stool while waiting for a target to enter the area.

The mirror ground design also makes it ideal for a hunter that uses a gun, crossbow, traditional bow, or whatever weapon you have. At only twelve pounds, it is easy to transport and simple to put up and take down. Unbreakable polymers make up the construction of this blind, contributing to its durability and resistance to various weather patterns.

Shooting spaces in the design allow you to easily aim with your weapon of choice, so you won’t have to move any part of the blind to get an accurate shot. This design also eliminates unwanted reflections that may occur from the sun and does the same for any unwanted animal movements.

Bottom Line

This is a pretty great blind, and the mirror ground design makes it perfect for a hunter that may want to use a hunting chair or stool. However, it may end up not being quite tall enough for someone of significant height, especially if a chair or stool is used.

Other than that, this blind is easy to put together and take down, and it is lightweight, making it simple to transport. The reflective panels efficiently work at eliminating unwanted sun reflections and any animal movements.

Best for the Money:
Ameristep 4-Spur Blind

Ameristep 4-Spur Blind Realtree-Realtree Xtra Green


  • Simple Design
  • Easy to Set Up
  • Light Design, Not Too Big


  • May Be Too Short for Some
  • Panels Occasionally Slide Off the Poles
  • Has a Plasticky Smell, so You May Want to Air it Out Before Use

The Ameristep Four-Spur Blind allows for great concealment and ample room for a hunter to move. Its simple design makes it easy to set up and take down, and also makes mobility and transportation a breeze.

Stakes and tie-downs are included, so you can set up the blind and put it to use right away. These items help ensure that the blind remains where you want to put it. This simple panel design is made to help hide any movements below your neck and it does not extend all around as an enclosure, so be aware of this when purchasing.

It is the perfect height to comfortably sit while also being able to aim at an approaching target.

Bottom Line

For what this blind is and can provide, it’s not too bad. It is not a full blind, so don’t expect to be completely concealed from all directions. The simple panel design makes setting up and disassembly quite simple, and it is very light so mobility is ensured.

This would be a great choice for a hunter on the move, where locations are expected to change based on where a target is located. The panels do occasionally slip off of the poles, so you may want to add some extra ties to secure them. Once you receive your blind, you may want to air it out to get rid of any factory smell, but then it will be simple to set up and easy to use right away.

Primos Up-N-Down Stakeout Adjustable Ground Blind


  • Very Portable
  • Easy to Set Up
  • Cut Out Areas Give a Nice Texture


  • Fabric is Very Thin 
  • Height Adjustment Wears Out

This ground blind is 12-feet wide and can reach up to 23 to 36 feet in height, making it very adaptable to the surrounding environment. A carrying case is included for storage, as well as if you need to move hunting locations.

The carrying case includes a strap as well for easy managing, and the lightweight material of the blind makes transportation a breeze. Five adjustable stakes with sharpened ends and push caps are included to help secure the blind in place.

Bottom Line

This isn’t a bad blind, as it has a lot of adjustabilities that make it a really nice ground blind. However, the height adjustment tends to wear out and the fabric material is quite thin so it does wear out rather quickly.

This blind comes with a handy carrying case and is very portable and easy to set up. The cut out areas give it a nice texture, and the camo design blends well with surroundings. The lightweight material has its ups and downs, so think about what you want to get out of a ground blind and if this product fits your criteria.

Barronett Blinds BC350BB Big Cat Pop Up Portable Hunting Blind, Bloodtrail Blades Camo


  • Lots of Room
  • Easy to Set Up
  • Pretty Portable
  • Stand Up and Shoot


  • Could Invest in More Durable and Strong Tent Pegs

This pop-up blind has a very large interior, perfect for you and a hunting partner, with ample room for your hunting gear as well. It is 80 inches tall and 90 inches wide, with a 70-inch by 70-inch footprint.

With its great height, you are able to shoot while standing, so you won’t have to hunch over and worry about getting an accurate shot. The low profile windows are zipperless, allowing for easy access and noise-free adjustments to be made which give you more shooting options. The durable framework has thick and stiff poles that contribute to how sturdy this blind is. It weighs around 20 pounds, not too bad considering how large it is and how durable the framework and materials are.

Bottom Line

Overall, this is a very nice pop-up option that is relatively easy to set up. The material is rather thin and the tent pegs aren’t very strong so it may not hold up against strong winds well. You may want to invest in some better tent pegs for this reason.

However, it does have lots of interior space, which allows you to shoot while standing, and you have plenty of room to stretch and store all your hunting gear. The low-profile windows provide a nice height to shoot at, and since they’re zipperless, you won’t have to worry about making any extra noise that may startle prey.

Best Umbrella Blind:
Knight & Hale Umbrella

Knight & Hale KHT0036 Umbrella


  • Easy to Use
  • Easy to Transport
  • Great Ground Blind
  • Durable and Sturdy Design


  • A Bit on the Smaller Side

This umbrella design is simple and allows you to conceal yourself as targets approach. This is great for a solo hunter, as it is a nice ground blind and has a space for you to look out and aim with.

It features quality material and is well made in order to last through multiple seasons while functioning properly. It is pretty portable and not too heavy, which makes transportation easy for an individual hunter. It is on the smaller side, and since it’s an umbrella design, don’t expect to be totally concealed from all angles and sides.

Bottom Line

Though a bit on the smaller side, this is a great ground blind for a solo hunter, able to provide frontal concealment. Due to the umbrella design, this blind does not provide concealment from multiple angles or sides, just the frontal area.

A cutout area allows you to have a space to aim your weapon, and to keep a lookout as targets near. This blind is relatively light, and since it’s small, it is very easy to transport and have an individual carry.

Best One-Man Blind:
Ameristep Tent Chair

Ameristep Tent Chair Easy Fold Over Ground Blind, Realtree Xtra


  • Comfortable Seat
  • Lightweight and Easy to Carry
  • Easy to Set Up and Disassemble
  • Insulates a Bit and Provides Protection From Wind


  • Fabric is a Little Noisy
  • A Little Difficult to Move a Gun Around In

This ground blind features front and side zippers that allow easy access into and out of the chair tent blind design. It provides just enough room for a solo hunter and the seat allows you to hunt comfortably while supporting your back and neck. The canvas material is of good quality and can hold up well through multiple uses, so you are able to use this blind through many seasons to come.

The material is relatively light and the blind is able to fold, which helps for storage and mobility. The provided carrying case also makes it quite easy to transport. The foldable design also makes it easy to put together and take down, and the material can add a bit of insulation and protection from the wind, both of which contribute to keeping you warm.

Bottom Line

This is a great foldable blind that is easy to put up and take down, and the carrying case allows for convenient storage and transportation. The lightweight material is able to provide protection from harsh wind and weather conditions, and it helps to keep some heat in for insulation.

The fabric is a bit noisy though, so be subtle with movements so the material doesn’t make too much unwanted noise. The seat is very comfortable and will provide great back and neck support as well. The design is perfect for a solo hunter, but it is a bit of a tight fit, so it may be difficult to move your weapon of choice around.

Ameristep Care Taker Ground Blind, Realtree Xtra


  • Has Lots of Interior Space
  • Easy to Put Up and Take Down
  • Nice Window View Capabilities


  • Velcro is Loud
  • Water May Get Through the Windows

This blind has a 69-inch shooting width and is 66 inches tall, providing ample room for movement and weapon management. The mesh allows you to shoot through it and includes a gun port. This blind is very well designed and constructed, and even though it is a bit large, it is very simple to put together and take down.

The 180-degree windows provide a great range of visual sight so you are able to better observe your surroundings, and the base of the windows can open and close, which allows you to choose which direction you’d like to look in. The D-shaped door allows for easy entrance and exit so you won’t have to deal with lots of rustling as you attempt to move the door flap and squeeze through.

Bottom Line

This is a very nice blind and it is capable of squeezing in two people, though it may be a tight fit and mobility may be hindered. The shoot-through mesh windows keep you from having to worry about moving any material or opening a window flap. The door to the blind is a D-shape that provides easy access into and out of the blind.

There is some velcro to provide security to the blind and it can be quite loud if you need open or close the adjustable see-through window. Also, don’t expect it to be entirely waterproof. If left in rain, you may experience a few leaks from the roof, and water will surely come in from the windows. Other than that, this is a very nice blind that is quality made and provides proper function.

Pros and Cons of Using a Blind

As with most items, a blind comes with both pros and cons. We’ll take a look at a few of the pros first.



Using a blind is really beneficial in its ability to conceal you from the prey that you are hunting for. It not only hides your movements, but also the human silhouette that may disturb a target. With a blind, you won’t have to worry about any of your sudden movements that may alert the target, so you can adjust your weapon as you please.


Another benefit of a blind is that they not only help conceal you from being spotted by the keen eye of a target, but they also can provide some type of protection from the elements. If you purchase one that is made of waterproof or water-resistant material, you won’t have to worry about getting drenched. They also work well in protecting you from harsh winds.


Blinds can be great to use since many have ample room for movement and to store hunting gear. They are great options for a solo hunter, or to use with a hunting buddy.


Though there are other pros that can be looked at, hunting blinds also come with their cons.

Takes Up Space

Like any hunting gear, a hunting blind will take up space. It is important that you find one that best suits your hunting style. Something small and lightweight for a solo hunter on the go, or a more durable and larger blind for a small group.


Not only do hunting blinds take up space, but they also add weight to the gear that you have to carry and manage throughout your hunting trip. Some items are relatively light, while others have heavier and more sturdy frames.


Hunting blinds are great at concealing the human form from the keen and wary eye of prey, and there are many different models and structures that each present their own benefits and flaws.

A hunting blind is very beneficial to hunters that target easier to shoot prey in a shorter range, since the blind conceals you and allows the target to wander close to your stakeout location. Take time to consider what you want from a blind and how different models and designs would fit with your hunting lifestyle.

Ground blinds are becoming increasingly popular among turkey hunters. Blinds are an absolute must for archery hunters. But shotgun turkey hunters are also using them more today than ever before. Manufacturers and designers are making ground blinds lighter and easier to set up. They are great for hunting in areas without cover and for hunting in the rain or wind. While the advantages outweigh the shortcomings, there are a few things to be aware of before heading out for a ground blind turkey adventure.

hunters should were black inside the blindThe first step is finding the right blind. Do you hunt by yourself or plan to hunt with a partner? Are you interested in filming hunts? Will children be along for the hunt? If hunting alone, a large blind isn’t necessary. One-person blinds are less expensive and lighter than larger, two man blinds. Shoot through screens are awesome for archery hunters. If you hunt with a youngster, it’s nice to have see through mesh windows. These allow them to see what is going on while concealing their movement. On the other hand, you will want the windows to open wide if you plan to bring a video camera along.

Waterproof material may not be important to hunters in arid regions. But most of us are going to want a waterproof blind. Being sheltered is one of the great advantages to hunting out of a ground blind. However, most ground blinds don’t have a floor. There will be a roof overhead, but the ground is still going to be wet so plan accordingly.

Before hunting with your new blind, be sure to mud it up. Waterfowlers regularly do this with their coffin blinds before they hunt. Mudding up a blind is exactly what it sounds like. Set up the blind, make some mud, and wipe down the entire blind with it. Four or five handfuls should do the whole thing. The goal is to take the sheen off the fabric. Even though it’s camouflage, the sun will produce a glare on new fabric. You might as well be hunting in an aluminum Airstream camper. Leave the mud on for a day or two and then just brush off what is left with your hand.

If it’s possible, set the blind up in your hunting spot a few days early. Some states don’t allow unattended blinds on public land, so read the regulations before doing this. Like tree stands, blinds have a habit of disappearing into the back of other people’s trucks, even on private land. Ground stakes are a necessity as well. I’ve witnessed a few blinds tumbling across a corn field. There is some risk involved but this strategy can pay off. If wildlife become used to the blind, it will just become part of their natural habitat.

While an early setup can help, I’ve killed birds out of blinds that were slung over my shoulder a few hours before pulling the trigger. After popping the blind up, use natural brush to help it blend into the habitat. Branches and weeds can make a blind disappear. On public land use deadfalls. Many states don’t allow cutting trees on public land.

The most important tip for hunting out of a ground blind is to be on the “X”. Sometimes setting up a blind in the middle of a field with no cover is the best strategy. I’ve seen hunters place their blinds in a fence line to take advantage of trees to break up their outline. Usually, they end up calling to turkeys who have no interest in paying them a visit. Instead of asking them to come to you, go where the turkeys want to go. In my experience, being out in the open where turkeys regularly travel or feed is more productive than being in cover just off their paths. If you’ve got decoys out and are in the right place, turkeys will often ignore the blind.

Having mobility is vital to my turkey hunting strategy. I usually hunt turkeys with my turkey vest/seat combo while sitting against a tree. Hunting like that gives me the flexibility to run-and-gun. However, in bad weather or when hunting wide open fields, nothing beats a ground blind. Every serious turkey hunter should have one.

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