Tru-Fire Hurricane Extreme Release Review

| Last Updated May 4, 2020

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While there are still a few holdouts, by now most archers use a release aid of some kind. Releases make it more comfortable to shoot and improve accuracy. I’m not the type of person who overspends on hunting gear. It’s just not in my nature or my budget. Tru-Fire has a great reputation and when purchasing my first release buying a Tru-Fire was a no brainer. Being a man of thrift, the Patriot was my release of choice and it served me well during my first season of bowhunting. However, it was time to move up to something without a Velcro strap and the Hurricane Extreme Buckle has a lot of great features at a retail price around $45.

The buckle doesn’t seem like a big deal at first glance. However, having the buckle as opposed to Velcro means your anchor point should always be the same as long as you always use the same hole when fastening the buckle. The buckle is also much quieter than Velcro when putting the release on while hunting. The wrist strap is constructed of non-stretch nylon for shooting consistency.

The triggering mechanism is mounted with 360 degrees of rotation. This makes the release comfortable to wear and prevents string torque(twisting). The 360 degrees of rotation also allows the release to work for left and right handed archers. Some of the high end releases on the market today will pivot completely out of the way. This comes in handy for climbing up tree ladders. This release doesn’t have that feature but it does pivot to the side if you’re opening a water bottle or making a small adjustment to gear.

When it comes to the trigger itself, many of the same features you will find in more expensive releases are on the Tru-Fire Hurricane Extreme. You can adjust the trigger with a few turns of an allen wrench. Unlike my Patriot, the jaws close automatically after letting go of the trigger. If you’re an experienced shooter you know that lighter trigger pull leads to better accuracy. The Tru-Fire Hurricane Extreme takes just 3.5 ounces of pressure to release an arrow from a 70 pound bow. The trigger pull just feels smooth. I’ve seen my groups get much tighter after using this release.

There is a lot to like about this release. You can find releases with more features but certainly not anywhere near this price point. If buying US produced products is important to you, Tru-Fire has you covered in that department as well.

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