Tink’s 69 The Original Deer Scent

| Last Updated May 4, 2020

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Tink's is by far one of the most recognized names when it comes to deer scent. We had a chance to chat with Terry Rohm from Tink's at the 2011 ATA show in Indianapolis.

Tink's 69 is like the Coca Cola of deer urine. Tink's 69 contains real deer urine but there are also other ingredients that make up the formula. Tink's 69 is made in batches and each batch is smell tested by Tink's employees. According to Terry the feedback Tink's has received over the years is that the 69 product works best with mature deer.

Tink's 69 was developed back in the 60's by Tinks Nathan. He was a bow hunter and wanted to develop a formula to not only attract deer but stop deer to smell the formula. So it was really developed for a bow hunter to get the bow hunter a better shot.

So why use deer scents? According to Terry, deer scents can be used two different ways, attraction and to stop a deer where you want to get the shot. Stopping a deer in the right spot to get a clean shot can be just as important as attracting him to the area and is often a benefit of using deer scents that is overlooked by bow and gun hunters alike.

If you hunt near a logging road that deer often cross Terry suggests dragging a scent line of Tink's 69 down the middle of the road so when that deer crosses the road and smells the scent he will stop right in the middle of the road so you can judge him and take a good clean shot. Use your imagination and check out the Tink's website for more info on how to use the product.

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