Best Solar Panel Trail Cameras of 2021 – Top Models Reviewed

| Last Updated June 2, 2021

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There’s nothing worse than realizing your camera has a dead battery. To combat missed triggers or hunting blind, solar-powered cameras offer an easy solution.

Solar trail cameras are not only sustainably powered, but provide a more reliable approach to ensure a constantly charged battery and a camera that won't miss a single thing.

With a variety of different models and designs, solar energy allows users to stay connected without compromise.

Comparison of the Best Solar Panel Trail Cameras

  • Most Durable
  • Longest Battery Life
  • Large Viewing Screen
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  • Built-In Safeguard Circuit
  • Long Battery Life
  • Wide Angle
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  • Ultra-Fast Trigger Speed
  • Low Glow LEDs
  • Time-Lapse
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  • Cell Phone Compatible
  • Fastest Trigger Speed
  • Blur Reduction
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  • Cell Phone Compatible
  • AA Battery and Solar-Powered
  • NoGlo Infrared Technology
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  • Power is cut off for protection in case of over-current
  • Solar power bank can easily be recharged
  • Boasts with 3000mAh sufficient capacity
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Are All Solar-Powered Trail Cameras The Same?

No, they are not. Different brands may have similar basic features, but they do offer something extra as well. Even the best cameras on the market have differences, such as battery capacity, charging time, trigger sensor, etc. 

For example, the MyCommand solar trail camera offers 16MP image quality, a 2500mAH solar-powered battery, a 0.5-second motion trigger sensor trigger, but it is difficult to set up for some. 

The SPYPOINT Link-S-V solar cellular trail camera offers the fastest trigger speed on the market, 42 Infrared sensors, but it is highly expensive. Just like these two, there are a lot of different variations available on the market, with different features and price ranges. You just need to search for the right one for yourself.

Aspects to Consider When Buying a Solar Panel Trail Camera

Before buying a new solar trail camera, keep these things in mind:

Detecting Angle and Distance

The effectiveness of any camera is determined partially by how far and wide its scope is. Knowing the size of the property that needs surveying, as well as the angle and depth of the camera’s vision is essential in knowing the number needed and placement thereof.

Game could potentially slip by unnoticed if the camera’s angle or distance of the sight is smaller, unless multiple cameras are strategically placed. Because of this, the camera’s sight must be taken into account in order to obtain the most accurate and useful footage. It is also important to review the capabilities of the camera in relation to its night vision.

Along with infrared technology, some use flash while others choose low lighting, both of which impact the distance of the field of vision in the dark.  


A good camera lasts a long time, which is tough criteria for something with a high level of exposure. Cameras should be made from materials compatible with local weather, meaning waterproof or shock tested if necessary. Cheaper quality cameras may require more maintenance or replacement but could be a good option for a short term installment. This also applies to the camera's interior. Although all recharged by the sun, different cameras have different expected battery life spans.

Review Setup

Collected footage is useless if you can’t see it! Review the setup includes both the resolution of pictures, videos, or sound clips, as well as the vehicle used for viewing. Some cameras have screens that display images, while others can be wirelessly connected to a cellular device. The quality of the footage, as well as the review method, depend on the intention of the camera.

Some hunters care less about the resolution and would rather prioritize camera-to-phone connection, while those using cameras for security purposes might need detailed pictures and videos, but prefer to view the images on the provided screen. Cameras with a time-lapse feature make reviewing hours of video footage efficient and easy, while others record video only after movement is detected.     

How Many Megapixels Do I Need in a Solar-Powered Trail Camera?

One of the most crucial things to look for when buying a trail camera is good image quality. That is a feature not hard to find nowadays due to the evolution of technology. 

Most of the trail cameras on the market nowadays easily surpass 20MP, with the latest models even going up to 30MP, and the video quality going up to 1080p (which is literally HD). This resolution and quality are found in D-SLRs, which is quite impressive. 

The image quality needs to be amazing as trail cameras detect unwanted things or prey that are essential to point out to someone when they are hunting in the great outdoors. So, if 30MP seems to be a good enough range for a good trail camera, then it is good enough for us too.

Review of the Best Solar Panel Trail Cameras

All cameras listed here are solar-powered, have different infrared and night vision technology, and are compatible with a 32BG sim card. All cameras that include video also have the ability to audio record.  Some have the technology to connect wirelessly to cell phones, while others have screens inside the unit itself for viewing.

Best Overall:
 MyCommand Solar Trail Camera


  • Time-Lapse
  • Long Battery Life
  • Intelligent Technology
  • Water, Shock, and Dust-Proof


  • 90-Degree View
  • 0.5 Second Trigger

The MyCommand Solar Trail Camera is an amazing, dependable device that is easy to install and works flawlessly. It features a reliable 2500mAh battery with four levels of output that lasts up to six months, but can also be used with four or eight standard or rechargeable AA batteries.

The panel itself is made of monocrystalline silicon which has twice the lifespan of polysilicon and contains technology to support overcharge, over-discharge, overload, and short circuit. No more worrying about the longevity of your device - this camera takes every precaution to ensure the quality of both battery and footage. It captures three 12MP images per trigger pull and HD videos with crisp sound quality both day and night, with a 20 piece auto infrared filter and a large 65-foot viewing range.

With 90 degrees of PIR sensing,  a 0.5s trigger time, a 2.4 inch LCD screen, and 262K color display as well as a time-lapse feature, detecting and viewing have never been easier or more accurate, though the screen is best viewed inside. Rated waterproof, dustproof, and shockproof, damage is the last thing you have to worry about with this durable camera. It can be used in any weather including low and high temperatures. It has some of the best customer feedback and is perfect for almost any task.

Bottom Line

This is an amazing choice for anyone looking to leave their camera up long-term in harsh climates. It has a relatively quick trigger time, medium scope of vision, and provides both clear picture and video day or night.

ECO LLC Solar Hunting Trail Game Camera


  • Waterproof
  • 16 MP Imagery
  • Safeguard Circuit
  • 120-Degree Wide Angle


  • No Tripod Mount Feature
  • Slight Red Glow From IR LEDs

The ECO LLC Solar Hunting Trail Game Camera is a high-quality and rain-resistant camera perfect for surveying large areas. This amazing setup contains a 1500mAh lithium-ion polymer battery with a built-in safeguard circuit to protect its lifespan from things like overcharge.

Durable and long-lasting, it also captures three crystal clear 16MP multi-shots and 1080P videos with sound with its 0.2S trigger speed from a motion-activated camera. It not only provides accurate information but has stunning image and video quality and will never miss a beat. The ECO LLC Solar Hunting Trail Game Camera has an enormous scope of vision with a full 120 degree PIR detection angle and an incredible 82ft triggering distance.

Monitoring has never been easier or more efficient. Its automatic 850nm, 46 IR LEDs, and 65-foot IR flash range allow for impeccable night vision, so you’ll never miss a single thing. It is sturdy, has a waterproof shell, and is proven to work in low temperatures, ensuring clear and reliable footage no matter the weather. No task is too big for this mighty camera, and with its amazing battery, weather resistant technology, and accurate and clear footage, this unit is a reliable, consistent piece of equipment that never asks to be recharged.

Bottom Line

The ECO LLC Solar Hunting Trail Game Camera is perfect for anyone looking for high-quality photos and videos from a huge angle and depth of vision, rain or shine. It has a relatively long battery life with self-regulating features to ensure stability.

Best for the Money:
 SPYPOINT Solar Trail Camera


  • Time-Lapse
  • Low Glow LEDs
  • Fastest On the Market for Trigger Speed


  • Lower Durability
  • 40-Degree Angle

The SPYPOINT Solar Trail Camera provides great image and video quality with unmatched battery life. This awesome camera has a super fast trigger speed, ensuring that it captures all wildlife in sight no matter how quick they are, and is a great hunting companion. With a rechargeable and strong lithium-ion battery and incredible 0.07s trigger speed, this camera provides dependable footage.

Every single trigger can ensure four beautiful 12MP multi-shots, as well as HD videos with sound, and records time lapses for reviewing ease. Useful in any lighting, day and night, it provides high-quality footage with two high power, low glow LEDs that are virtually invisible to ensure camouflage, so you don’t have to worry about it scaring anything away. With the IR Boost for up to 75 feet of vision in the dark and a 40-degree angle of detection, this camera is perfect for surveying the trails.

Its footage can be viewed on an interior stunning two-inch screen, but watch out if cold weather is common locally- this camera has been known to freeze up! Fit for a task in a mild climate, the SPYPOINT Solar Trail Camera is perfect for capturing images of high-speed prey, as well as stealthily providing footage of animals in the nighttime.

Bottom Line

The SPYPOINT Solar Trail Camera features the fastest trigger speed on the market, uses low glow LEDs for optimal stealth photography and videography, and produces good quality photos that can be viewed on the screen but should not be relied upon in extremely cold temperatures.

4. SPYPOINT Link-S Solar Cellular Trail Camera


  • GPS Feature
  • Blur Reduction
  • Fastest on the Market Trigger Speed


  • Not for Harsh Weather
  • IR Flash Can Scare Game
  • Some Problems Reported With the App

The innovative SPYPOINT Link-S Solar Cellular Trail Camera is the first we’ve reviewed to allow for remote viewing from a smartphone! Not only does it use renewable energy to ensure constant charge, but this camera can also be connected with the SPYPOINT LINK app with Buck Tracker, and can be used with all major U.S. cellular providers, with the exception of Verizon, to send digital images straight to your device. No more checking the footage in the cold or rain, this technology allows for pictures and videos to be seen from any distance at any time!

It is perfect not only for hunting and planning but for surveillance and safety as well. It captures footage day and night with a super fast 0.07s trigger speed and enormous 100-foot detection distance that ensures the capture of anything within range.

With an infrared flash as well as blur reduction and IR boost, it produces six high-quality 12MP multi-shots and HD video per trigger no matter the lighting. This amazing camera is perfect for anyone technologically savvy enough to navigate apps, as well as anyone who wishes to remotely view the captured footage. It exemplifies the next great hunting innovation, as viewing has never been easier!    

Bottom Line

The SPYPOINT Link-S Solar Cellular Trail Camera allows photos and videos to be viewed remotely by cell phone, comes with GPS and blur reduction technology, as well as boasts the fastest trigger speed. It has a long sight distance and multi-shot technology but is not the most durable.

5. Stealth Cam GXW Combo


  • USB Output
  • Adjustable Pixel Value
  • Up to Nine Multi-Shots
  • Wireless Phone Connection


  • Unmeasured Trigger Speed
  • Some Glitches Reported With Battery
  • Max Charge Up to 2 Watts/100mAh Per Hour

The Stealth Cam GXW Combo is a green way to have both a constant and reliable charge and easy access to any footage collected. This high-tech camera can be powered with either a solar panel or 12v batteries and has the capability to send both images and videos to any IOS or Android phone/device. This is an amazing feature for anyone surveying a large property, or for individuals who may not reside where they set up.

Regardless, the flexibility that the camera-to-phone connection provides is unparalleled. It exhibits beautiful 1080P HD video and incredible images with four adjustable resolution settings (12, 8, 4 and 2 MP) to put you in control and features time-lapse mode with PIR override for easy viewing.

This camera has 45 black NoGlo IR emitters which offer nighttime camouflage, so no need to worry about scaring game away. With an enormous 100-foot range, this camera is sure to capture all, and each trigger launches a burst mode allowing for one to nine images at a time, so you’ll always get the perfect shot.

Bottom Line

This camera can send videos and photos to a cellular device, take up to nine multi-shots per trigger and has a USB output and NoGlo IR emitters that view as far as 100 feet. It is not listed as weatherproof and has an unmeasured trigger speed, as well as angle of detection.

Editor’s Pick:
Campark BCI79


  • Has built-in battery protection that will immediately cut off power in case of overcurrent or overcharge
  • Consists of a 3000mAH Lithium-ion solar-powered battery, which can make it work for years and years
  • Compatible with all Campark trail cameras, as well as any 6V/2A hunting cameras from other companies
  • Energy-efficient and will save you money in the long run, as solar power is the cheapest energy you can get
  • Features IP56 Waterproof technology, which protects the solar feeder light from rain, humidity, corrosion, dust, etc.


  • Mount that comes with it could use some improvement
  • Connector that connects the camera and the panel gets rusty after a few weeks of use

What Recent Buyers Report

People who have recently bought and used this panel have been greatly satisfied with its performance. They say that they have only used it a few times, but it has already proven itself to be an upgrade as they do not require batteries anymore to make their cameras operate. Also, it is energy and money efficient and is portable as well.

Why it Stands Out to Us

It stands out to us because of its waterproof technology. The IP56 waterproofing allows the solar panel to protect itself against different weather conditions, such as rain, humidity, etc. as well as from things such as water and rust. This makes the panel highly durable, which in the long run, leads to saving money as well as energy.

Bottom Line

It is a great product without any doubt as customers are highly satisfied with it. It is highly durable because of its waterproof technology as well the lithium-ion battery that can make the camera last up to two days in one charge. It is also a better option than constantly changing batteries to make your camera work, which is a waste of both money and energy.

Is Solar Power Essential For Trail Cameras?

A solar-powered game camera is simply a creative solution to the common problem of dead batteries. It is a smart and innovative way to make use of hours outdoors and assures hunters that they never miss a single detection. They not only ease the pressure of replacing disposable batteries, or charging equipment, but are environmentally friendly and money-saving in the long term.

As a relatively new invention, some consumers experience glitches, especially with cellularly connected devices, but overall choosing solar power is a smart way to stay constantly connected and aware of your surroundings. There is certainly nothing wrong with regular battery-powered devices, but if you’re searching for a replacement, green energy seems like a natural next step.

Benefits of Investing in a Great Solar Panel Trail Camera

Still on the fence? Here's why you should invest in one of these great models:


Instead of paying extra money out of pocket for batteries or using electricity to recharge them, choosing solar power allows the sun to do the work for you. It is an investment that ensures energy in a variety of climates and types of weather and is cost-effective long-term.


Choosing solar power ultimately means ensuring users that their devices will always be charged and ready, and keeps hunters from missing crucial information. Solar power saves users from remembering to charge or change camera batteries and allows them to focus on what’s important. Deriving power from the sun avoids human error altogether and provides accurate and imperative information at all hours.


Using solar energy rather than relying on rechargeable electric batteries opens the door for more remote trails. With no need for electric connection, hunters can explore new off-the-grid places without worrying about missing triggers or hunting blind.   


Solar technology is an obvious next step for ensuring reliable, all-hour footage from your trail camera. By harnessing exposure to the sun, solar cameras are sustainable and efficient and can provide the most reliable information. Making the switch to a solar-powered game camera can seem daunting, but there is a perfect option for everyone. Each camera has a unique set of features that should be reviewed before making a decision.

Durability, including physical material, weather resistance, and battery span are extremely important, as well as the mechanisms by which footage can be reviewed. Also, take into account the camera’s distance and trigger capabilities, as well as the angle of detection. Overall, solar trail cameras are a green way to never miss a single trigger and gather imperative information on the trails.

MyCommand Solar Trail Camera

People Also Ask

Even though we have tried our best to be as detailed as possible, there still may be some things that are not completely clear for some people, be it about this specific solar panel or things related to it. So below, we have a few questions that may help clear some confusion.

How Do You Hook Up a Solar Panel to a Trail Camera?

It is very easy. The main thing is to charge the solar panel, after which all you have to do is take the power cord of your solar panel and connect it with the auxiliary port of your camera, which is typically located on the bottom.

Are SpyPoint Game Cameras Waterproof?

Yes, but not all of them. Spypoint Hi-Definition Video 1080p 5MP Hunting Edition is an HD trail camera that, along with taking photos and videos, is also shock-resistant and waterproof up to a depth of 30 feet, which is quite an impressive feat. It is one of the best trail cameras on the market.

Do Trail Cameras Have Bluetooth?

Not all of them. This feature is more commonly found in the “cellular-capable” wireless trail cameras, which acts as a hybrid of sorts, a mixture of a trail camera and cell phone. A common model known for its Bluetooth feature is the STEALTH Cam FLX.

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