Best Scopes For 22LR Squirrel Hunting – 2021 Guide

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The 22Lr rifle is a favorite for most hunters and hunting enthusiasts. Whether you are a pro or a hobbyist, the 22Lr is going to be on the top of your list. However, finding the right scope to complement this excellent rifle can be tricky, considering the range of options in the market. 

So, to make it easy for you, we have listed down some of the best scopes for 22Lr for squirrel hunting. 

Make your hunting experience happier with the right choices! Take a read through the article to find the best unit for yourself. 

Comparison Chart of the Best Scopes For .22LR Squirrel Hunting

  • Comes with mounting rings, lens cloth and covers
  • 3 - 9x magnification with 32mm objective lens
  • Lifetime manufacturer's warranty (limited)
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  • Nitrogen purged to fogproof
  • Optics are O-ring sealed to stay dry inside
  • 11 handy brightness settings
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  • Best for the Money
  • Accurate tracking with glide erector system
  • Durable and shockproof
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  • Light management system reduces glare
  • Shockproof, waterproof, and fogproof
  • Solid - can be used for a lifetime
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  • Can be submersed up to 40 feet
  • Low power usage
  • Switch controls are digital
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What Makes a .22LR Scope Great For Squirrel Hunting? 

There are going to be various features and aspects to be considered when it comes to choosing one best product for yourself. 

Therefore, we have listed down some of the most important considerations you will need to make.


What good is scope if the image it produces is unclear? The whole functionality of the scope is about showing you distant objects magnified and clearer. So, make sure when buying one for hunting small animals like squirrels, it has extraordinary clarity and sharpness in the image. 


Some scopes that are not of the best quality have poor accuracy. This means that their magnification does not work as smoothly and efficiently as it should, and the zoomed images are not accurately magnified. 

This can cause great confusion and trouble during the hunt, so make sure that the scope you choose does not have this problem. 

Construction Quality

One most important feature to consider is the construction quality. You need to understand the usage that the scope will be under. In the wild, there are extreme weather conditions, and while traveling, mishandling is possible. 

So, go for a scope that has a rugged construction. Most high-end, or best quality models, feature fog, shock, and waterproof construction. 

Review of the Best Scopes For .22LR Squirrel Hunting 

Moving on to the most important section, here, we will review the top scopes for 22Lr. Revamp the look of your rifle with the best scope and enhance your hunting experience. 

Best Overall:
 Barska 3-9x32


  • Good for 100 yards
  • Fully water, fog and shockproof
  • Comes with a durable lens cover
  • Mounting rings come with the scope 
  • Multi-coated optics for improved image quality


  • Sighting in might be difficult
  • Many issues with mounting reported

What Recent Buyers Report

Buyers report that they were able to gain the scope at zero very easily and smoothly. Other reports also suggest that it worked well for 75+ yards, making it good for numerous hunting opportunities. 

Also, the installation and mounting are swift and easy with this scope. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

There are many reasons for listing this scope as one of the best to be used with a 22LR. This particular model by Barska is equipped with a complete package that adds value to your money. It comes with mounting rings, which are reported to be really sturdy and reliable to use. 

In addition to this, it features multi-coated optics. As a result, glare, reflection, and dull pictures are not a chance with this scope! Overall, we find it phenomenal with its sturdy construction that can withstand many rough conditions too. 

Bottom Line

Summing it up, this scope is our best overall, considering the range of features it offers and the positive feedback that backs it. It is great for a maximum of 100 yards. It can be mounted on rails and all weapons very easily too. 

Bushnell Trophy TRS-25

Bushnell Trophy TRS-25 Red Dot Sight Riflescope, 1x20mm, Black


  • Sleek matte black finish
  • Easy and quick to mount
  • Fog-proofed with purged nitrogen
  • O-ring sealed and waterproof construction
  • The adjustment dial is easy to access and use


  • Glare in images is a huge problem
  • Brightness issues, might not be best in extremely high or low brightness 

What Recent Buyers Report

Bushnell is one of the top brands for the best-quality scopes, and this one is no different. The buyers are satisfied with the lens and report that the image quality is excellent and has minimal glare as well.

People also were happy about the price-to-performance ratio. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

Other than incredible brand reliability, this scope has several features that make it the best. One of these is its purged nitrogen lens. It resists any extreme temperature changes and prevents any fog from building up, providing extra convenience to the user. 

Moreover, we find the overall look of this scope fantastic. It has a matte black finish with an orange-colored lens that stands out from the rest. Even the knobs and adjustment buttons are placed strategically, providing easy access. Therefore, it has a really nice look. 

Bottom Line 

Overall, this Bushnell scope is an incredible choice for multiple reasons. If you want to hunt in low lighting situations or at night time, this unit can do wonders for you. It’s also good for most weather conditions. 

Best for the Money:
Vortex Optics Diamondback 2-7x35


  • Turrets are easy and smooth to use
  • Precision erector is smooth and easy
  • Fog, water, and shockproof construction
  • One-piece design made with anodized finish
  • All-purpose functionality, good for pro-hunters


  • Few delivery issues reported

What Recent Buyers Report

This is a rather reasonably priced scope that has allowed many buyers to enjoy its price-to-performance ratio. Reports tell us that the unit has provided its users with exceptional image quality, minimal distortion, and high clarity.

Buyer reports also tell us that the construction of the scope is solid and sturdy. 

Why it Stands Out to Us 

A one-piece scope such as this is a hunter’s best friend due to the ease of use it offers. It weighs no more than 1.2 pounds, making it a lightweight unit on the market. For traveling, hunting, and on-the-go purposes, the low weight makes it one of the best. 

Other than that, its precision erector, shock-proof construction, and metal turrets all add on to the excellency. It’s a professional-level scope available at an affordable price. Therefore, it should make a good choice for most buyers. 

Bottom Line 

Vortex scope qualifies as one of the best ones in terms of the financial aspect. For people who have a limited budget but require top-notch performance and quality, this is the answer. It is lightweight, well-built, and also has advanced features such as a precision erector. 

4. Leupold VX-Freedom


  • Great for low light settings
  • Sturdy, rugged matte finish
  • Water and shockproof construction
  • Twilight HD system for night-time shooting
  • ¼ MOA finger click adjustment is precise and quick


  • Difficult to get it to zero

What Recent Buyers Report

People were able to sight and use the scope at a distance of 60 yards. This pleased them very much. They also show contentment with the customer and repair/return support. 

The zoom ring is said to be slightly stiff, but the accuracy and precision make up for it for most buyers. 

Why it Stands Out to Us 

There are a very few scopes that can do well in bad lighting, which is exactly why we like this Leupold VX-Freedom scope so much. It has an exceptional feature; the Twilight HD system. This is specifically designed for use in low lighting or night-time. 

Moreover, it has all the other essential features such as a shock and waterproof body, as well as an adjustable lens, but is available at a relatively affordable price. 

Another reason to really like this unit is its bright and crisp image quality, as reported by most buyers and users. Even for distant objects, this scope will provide bright and clear images. 

Bottom Line

Summing it up, this scope is an excellent choice for people who want to hunt within 100 yards but at night time. Its phenomenal twilight HD system will make up for the bad lighting. Even in daylight, the image quality will be exceptional.

5. Sightmark SM26005


  • Impressive night vision mode
  • Power consumption is efficient
  • Reticle brightness is fully adjustable
  • Entirely waterproof, durability ensured
  • Extraordinary construction with magnesium alloy casting


  • Mounting is wobbly and unstable 

What Recent Buyers Report

All buyers particularly praise the mounting capability of this scope. The scope mounts easily and quickly, and remains firmly in its place, as reported by buyers. In addition to this, reports tell us that sighting is easy and quick with this unit. 

Some buyers also tested the waterproof quality of this model, and it performed well.

Why it Stands Out to Us

We particularly find this scope worthy of being on this list due to its adjustable options. The reticle has fully adjustable brightness, which allows you to use the scope in various light settings and have more control over how the image appears. 

The magnesium alloy protective casting is another reason why this unit stands out. It is a protective casing that will prevent it from damage and drop impacts. 

This is also one of the few scopes that have a night vision mode for extra convenience. 

Bottom Line

To conclude, this is a good scope for night-time hunting. It has an extraordinarily sturdy and strong construction, along with adjustable brightness and reliable mounting as well. It’s also waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about harsh weather conditions. 

Pros and Cons of Squirrel Hunting With a .22LR 

Not convinced enough that you should invest in a 22Lr for squirrel hunting? 

This section will highlight some of the most significant pros and cons that help you decide whether 22Lr is good for squirrel hunting. 


Let’s see what the pros of owning a 22LR are:

Least Expensive

You will be pleased to know that a 22LR is cheaper than most other long rifles. This long rifle has been on the market for the longest time and is, therefore, a widely used, universal weapon. As a result, it’s cheap and fits most people’s budgets. 

Easy to Use

One of the many reasons hunters like to use the 22LR is its ease of use. The rifle is quick, lightweight, and equally powerful. It is easy to carry and easy to use, making it a good fit for beginners.

Hunts Multiple Species

Apart from squirrels, you can also go for a bigger game with the 22 long rifles. It can hunt deer as well. So, you can take it anywhere on any occasion. 

Excellent For Practice

Since the gun is easy to use, budget-friendly and lightweight, many people recommend it for practicing purposes. It’s also easily available. 


Some downsides to it are also true. Keep these in mind!

Limited Power

Compared to rifles of a higher caliber, this LR is slightly less powerful. 


You now have enough information that will allow you to make a wise decision. Choose the right scope for your 22Lr, and don’t miss out on your aim ever again! Make sure to find the most vivid and clear model that also sits well with your budget. 

Barska 3-9x32

People Also Ask

In this section, we have answered some commonly asked questions about 22LR for squirrel hunting. Take a look to clear out all your confusion as well. 

Is a .22 Good For Squirrel Hunting?

22LR is a universal gun that is used for more than just one purpose. It is easy to use and powerful as well and therefore is used for squirrel hunting

What Distance Should I Sight in my .22LR?

The best, ideal distance that experts recommend is 25 to 35 yards. 

Can You Squirrel Hunt With a .22 Rifle?

Yes, you can hunt a squirrel with a 22LR. However, because the species is really small and quick, a scope is a must-have. 

How Long Does .22LR Ammo Last?

The shelf life of 22Lr Ammo can go as far up as 30-35 years if stored properly. It should be stored in a dry and cool setting. 

Can a .22 Short Kill a Squirrel?

Yes, you can shoot a squirrel with a 22 Short. However, it is not suitable for big games; therefore, the long rifle makes up a better choice. 

Do You Need a Hunting License to Kill Squirrels?

Many laws and acts limit you from hunting any animal without any legal documentation. You will need to keep a hunting license with you when hunting squirrels to prevent any unnecessary trouble.

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