Best 1-8x Scopes of 2021 – Complete Round-up

| Last Updated June 11, 2021

1-8x scopes are versatile in their use and can cover mid-range distances as well as long-range when fully magnified. They are highly popular among rifle shooters and hunters. 

A quality 1-8x scope would minimize the problems associated with missing the target. Its magnification would give a clear and lucid view. And the eye relief adds to the comfort.

All in all, a 1-8x scope is a great investment for all sorts of shooters. The market is saturated with many options. Here we will discuss some of the best available options. 

Comparison Chart of the Best 1-8x Scopes

  • Fitted with high-quality multi-coated lenses
  • Glass etched reticle features 11 lighting settings
  • Sturdy construction with water, fog, and shockproof features
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  • Superior clarity provided by Emerald coated lenses
  • Smart Spherical Structure provides responsive adjustment
  • Strengthened tube enhances telescopic functions
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  • Best 1-8 Scope for the Money
  • Fitted with excellent optic technology
  • Rugged construction with fog and waterproof design
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  • Fully fog, water, and shockproof design
  • 11 red illumination settings to provide low-light assistance
  • Rugged weatherproof design and aircraft-grade aluminum
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  • Best 1-8 FFP Scope
  • Durable weatherproof aircraft-grade aluminum tubing
  • Multi-coated lenses provide superior image quality
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What Does 1-8x Mean? 

The 1-8x represents how magnified your field of view can be. Popularly, 1-4x or 3-9x rifle scopes are employed for accurate shooting. 

The 1-8x scope is capable of providing close range visuals of a non-magnified scope at 1x. The scope is zoomed to a higher value for clearly analyzing distant surroundings. At 8x, the scope may cover up to 800 yards of distance. 

In this way, the scope provides the mid-range hunting ability of 1-4x and extends to high range hunting with 8x magnification. This all-rounding magnification power of the 1-8x scope is a high selling point.

When Would a 1-8x Scope Come in Handy? 

Since the 1-8x scope is flexible, it finds usage in several circumstances. It is great for close and mid-range shooting. At the same time, it has the ability to cover a few yards and still provide a clear image. Due to these reasons, they find usability in various sectors and areas. 

Following are some of the main uses of a 1-8x scope:

Target Shooting

Target shooting is not only a widely known sport; it is also a great way to perfect the skills of armed forces personnel. For target shooting, shaking needs to be minimized. With magnification higher than 8x, the shaking becomes more noticeable and renders it difficult for the eye to set on the target. 

Hence, the popular choice of magnification for target shooting is up till 8x. 1-8x scopes provide versatility from the non-magnified 1x to the stable magnification of 8x.


Hunting requires quick switching between magnifications as the animals are on the go. A scope with wide magnification options is always recommendable for hunting. A 1-8x scope comes in handy here as well. It can move anywhere between 1-8 times the magnification.

As a result, the hunter can zoom in to a distance of a few yards easily without changing position. Since the field of view is clear and stable, hunters can efficiently visualize the surroundings as well. This leaves very little chance of missing the shot.

Military Purposes

The military requires robust and efficient technology. While long-range scopes such as those for sniper rifles are crucial, there is a high demand for mid-range scopes as well. The infantry utilizes scopes of lesser magnification than snipers, and for them, the 1-8x scopes deem perfect. 

High-quality scopes that can withstand the rigorous beating of military action are required for use by the armed forces and police. The scopes under discussion here fit the demands of the sector.

Review of the Best 1-8x Scopes 

Now that we have seen how useful these 1-8x scopes can be, let’s look into the options available. There are many companies that manufacture these scopes. Each differs somewhat in build, depending upon the intended use. 

Below we have reviewed in detail some of the best available 1-8x scopes present on the market.

Best Overall:
Vortex Optics Strike Eagle


  • Glass-etched BDC reticle is illuminated for low light performance
  • Reticle supports 11 illuminated settings for quick swap in dim light
  • O-ring sealed and Nitrogen reinforced makes it fog and waterproof
  • Fully multi-coated lens for clear imagery and low light performance
  • Comfortable eye relief with a fast focus dial allows for quick adjustments


  • Short battery life
  • Low illumination in daylight

What Recent Buyers Report

Recent buyers keep coming back to Vortex for more. They reported that the build is of high quality and scratch-proof. The eye relief is ample and gives a sharp image as well as keeps the eye protected during recoil. The users have used it for hunting and long-distance shooting.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The aircraft-grade Aluminum enhances the durability and strength of the scope. It is designed to facilitate the user in all possible ways. It has an etched reticle that allows for quick target acquisition, as well as a dial to fix the focus. 

A single-piece tube construction maximizes alignment accuracy. Meanwhile, the side illumination adjustment knob makes shifting between illumination settings hassle-free. In addition, the scope is supported by a lifetime warranty, and Vortex’s customer service is highly efficient.

Bottom Line

One of the frontrunners in the line of 1-8x scopes, the Vortex Optics Strike Eagle is all a user can ask for. A sturdy build and user-friendly intelligent layout come in play to provide versatility in functioning. It is useful for all situations requiring a 1-8x magnification. 

Leapers UTG 1-8x28mm


  • Clear visuals due to good-quality glass
  • Comes with mounting accessories as a whole package
  • Intelligent design to minimize the effect of gravity on the bullet
  • Nitrogen reinforcement makes it resistant to fog, water, and shock
  • Moderates illumination to provide maximum clarity under the given circumstances


  • Edges may not be very clear at 1x magnification
  • There might be some issues with the quality assurance upon arrival

What Recent Buyers Report

Most recent buyers are ecstatic over their purchase. They were very appreciative of the intelligent design built to facilitate the user. Upon arrival, the package included mounting accessories, which was another plus point as separate accessories need not be bought. Moreover, apart from some distortion at 1x magnification, the overall features were very impressive.

Why it Stands Out to Us

An illuminated reticle is a great feature. But mostly, the illumination is not bright enough to work under highly lit conditions. The Leapers’ scope solves this problem. It provides a red, black, or blue reticle with adjustable brightness. However, in full-color reticle mode, 34 colors are available for reticle visibility. 

Moreover, memory features allow you to quickly return to previous light settings under weather conditions. The dot reticle is precise, helping the user make accurate shots. It also holds on zero very well. 

Bottom Line

Overall, this scope provides all the basic features of a strong build, a clear lens, and an easily engageable reticle. However, that’s not all. It features an ergonomic style and multiple reticle illumination options that enhance its usability by many folds. 

Best 1-8x Scope for the Money:
Visionking Optics 1-8x24

Visionking Optics 1-8x24 Long Eye Relief Rifle Scope 1/10 MIL Low Profile Turret Illuminated Dot


  • Long eye relief protects from recoil shock
  • Perfect 1x magnification without fish eye issues
  • Illuminated dot reticle for easy target engagement
  • Multi-coated lens minimizes distortion and enhances clarity
  • Long clickable turret makes it easy to use outdoors by counting the clicks


  • Bulky to carry around
  • Short battery life makes it difficult to manage on long trips and for extended usage

What Recent Buyers Report

According to recent buyers, the VisionKing 1-8x scope delivers what it markets. The build is rugged and is able to withstand constant rough use and is resistant to shock and water. The reticle is clear, and the dot makes the target easy to acquire. They said that the scope delivered well with respect to its price.

Why it Stands Out to Us

A clear, sturdy, and easy-to-use scope is every shooter’s dream. If the said qualities are provided at an affordable rate, then the deal becomes too good to drop. That is exactly what this Visionking scope promises. It is a great choice of scope for beginners and newbies. 

The reticle of this scope does not require any wire components and works better than wire reticles. Long eye relief protects the eye against recoil, especially when using lower magnification and larger cartridges.

Bottom Line

To sum up, if you are someone who does not use rifle scopes regularly but still needs a scope for weekend hunting, then this is the one for you. It is a good choice for beginners or infrequent users who still want to practice a 1-8x scope without spending a lot. However, usability is not limited to beginners; professionals may also use it.

Editor's Pick:
Riton Optics X3 Tactix 1-8x24


  • Supported by an unlimited lifetime warranty by the manufacturers
  • Fog-proof and waterproof body can take the beating of rough use
  • Turrets are capped and easily resettable to zero, allowing for a prompt response
  • 11 different red light illumination settings render it operational under varying light conditions 
  • Turrets are ½ MOA adjustable, making it easier to adjust by counting the clicks rather than having to look at the dial


  • Only red illumination is available for the reticle
  • Short battery life; batteries need to be changed regularly

What Recent Buyers Report

Buyers have enjoyed working with this scope. It provided the versatility that is expected of a 1-8x scope. The clickable MOA adjustments was a very useful feature, especially for hunters who need to change settings on the go. The fast resetting to zero was also another very desirable feature for hunters. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

Riton Optics is a lesser-known company, but this scope by them works wonders. The company was set up by a former veteran; hence, the products were built on user experience. As a result, they are robust and very accommodating to the needs of varying situations.

This scope has a capped turret that could easily be reset to zero and characterized by ½ MOA adjustments. It features a total of 182 MOA adjustments, catering to almost all needs. 

It is also characterized by a red reticle with 11 different illumination options for the user to work with optimal settings under the given conditions. 

Bottom Line

Overall, this scope is a great option for those with a mid-range budget. It is efficiently designed to provide great comfort and ease of use to the user. It is supported by an unlimited lifetime warranty, which is a further testament to its durability. In short, it is an option worth considering.

Best 1-8x FFP Scope:
Trijicon AccuPower


  • Easy to mount and dismount, which makes it user-friendly
  • First focal plane reticle allows for easy target engagement and hold
  • Illuminated reticle makes the scope functional in lowlights and dark
  • Wide field of view lies between 20 and 25-degrees through the reticle
  • Multi-coated lens provides one of the clearest views of all the listed scopes


  • Weighs approximately 250oz., which is heavy to carry around
  • Reticle is thick at the center which might pose problems at full magnification

What Recent Buyers Report

Most recent buyers report the fine clarity of the scope. They found it very easy to move from 1x to 8x. Moreover, the movement from 0-800m was easy to attain. The turrets were lockable and very easy to set to zero. The reticle is well-illuminated even under broad daylight. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

This scope provides the best visuals among all options available. The clarity is uncompromised, even at higher magnification. The reticle might get thick at full magnification, but the clarity of the glass and crispness of the image account for it. 

Moreover, the scope is illuminated enough to be visible even in broad light, and the field of view is very wide. The precise windage and elevation adjustments allow for repetitive shot accuracy. The scope has an FFP reticle that zooms with the increase in magnification, giving an exact representation as to where the bullet will land.

Bottom Line

If you are looking for a scope with high definition clarity and easy mounting, look no further. The Trijicon AccuPower is one of the best visual-providing scopes. Even though a little heavy to carry around, it still is very versatile in its functioning.

Pros and Cons of 1-8x Scopes

1-8x scopes are indeed a very useful piece of optics for use with rifles. There are many features that make them a great choice for various types of shooters. However, like everything else, they have cons accompanying the pros. 

In this section, we will discuss both the pros and cons associated with 1-8x rifle scopes.


The pros make for a strong case as to why one should buy a 1-8x scope. These are hard to ignore and very useful in deciding upon one option.

Wide Magnification Range

With 1-8x scopes, users can zoom their field of view anywhere between 1 and 8 times the original visible sizes. While 1x magnification is used for target acquisition, the higher ranges allow for a detailed analysis of the target and the surroundings. The higher magnification may cover a distance of a few hundred yards easily to make the distant object clearly visible.

Versatile Use

Owing to this wide range of magnification, these scopes are highly versatile in their usage and functionality. They are popular among different sectors and for different sports. For the militia and police force, etc., they provide for a perfect accessory for the infantry. Simultaneously, they are highly useful for hunters who need to swiftly shift between various magnification powers. 

Moreover, for tactical shooters, the scopes allow for a detailed study of the target and help achieve a secure aim and a successful shot.

Illuminated Reticles

Since these scopes are vast in their functionality and diverse in their usage, they need to support user-friendly designs for maximum customer satisfaction. Apart from having a strong, damage-resistant design with ample eye relief, these scopes also support an illuminated reticle.

These reticles may come in one or more colored illumination lights. The illumination renders them useful in very bright as well as dark lighting conditions. During bright hours, the illumination works to make the reticle visible against the sun’s glare, while during darker hours, it simply makes the reticle visible against all the blackness. 


One must also be mindful of cons while buying a 1-8x scope, including:

Reticle Thickness

Even though the reticle is a great addition, especially for beginners, it becomes too thick at 1x magnification. As a result, the reticle lines or dot cover most of the field of view, making it difficult to locate and lock the target. This downside to the 1-8x scopes may be looked over in case the lens is very sharp, and the image is very clear. Moreover, the battery life of most of these scopes is very short. 

1-4x vs 1-8x Scopes - Comparison Overview

1-4x and 1-8x scopes are both common choices of optics. The differences between the two make them suitable for specific uses. While a good lens and a solid body are crucial to both, a few other differences and similarities really help decide which one is the best suited to your particular need.

Here is a comparison between the two.


These are the features that relate to the two scopes and are found in both types of scopes. These are not deal-breakers.

Similar Lower Magnification Power

Both the 1-4x and 1-8x have the least magnification power of 1x, which is useful for hunting and combat for quick target acquisition. It provides a non-magnified field of view for finding the target. 1-4x and 1-8x both support this value of magnification, which adds to their strengths.

FFP or SFP Reticles

The reticles in both the scopes are available as a first focal plane or second focal plane. In FFP, the reticle grows larger with the increase in magnification while in SFP, it remains the same. Each has its own advantages. FFP reticles make more accurate shots, and with the SFP, the reticle remains the same size and does not cover the lens even at a larger magnification.


These features make the real difference and are responsible for your final choice. Whether you opt for a 1-4x or a 1-8x scope depends entirely on your intended use and which of the two fulfills it better.

Highest Magnification Power

As apparent, the highest magnification that the 1-4x has to offer is 4x, and for 1-8x, it is 8x. While a magnification of 4x covers a yard distance of up to 600 yards, an 8x can magnify an object 800 yards away. 4x is suitable for small game hunting in lesser dense forests, and 8x is used for hunting in thick forests or for military combat.


1-8x scopes are highly popular and widely demanded because of their wide magnification range. Owing to their diverse usage, they are built with some of the strongest material to withstand the vigor of constant and rough use. Features like a dial-focus and an etched and illuminated reticle further enhance their usability. There are many options available under different price ranges for the users to select from.

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