Roxant Monocular Review – 2021 Guide

| Last Updated June 2, 2021

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Nothing is better than a high-definition monocular that is also lightweight for someone who loves exploring and adventures. And what better choice than the Roxant monocular? 

It features ideal magnification specs with comfortable handling to allow you to enjoy breathtaking views. In addition to several other features, a compact body and premium build make it a must-have for outdoor activity.

Make your way through this guide to discover why this equipment is the best of the bunch. 

 Roxant Monocular

Authentic ROXANT Grip Scope High Definition Wide View Monocular - with Retractable Eyepiece and Fully Multi Coated Optical Glass Lens + Bak4 Prism. Comes with Cleaning Cloth, Case & Neck Strap, Black


  • Versatile
  • Durable
  • Accessories
  • Optimal view
  • User-friendly
  • A Portable tool


  • Not great for 100+ yards

Specs and Dimensions

The Roxant monocular is incorporated with high-end specifications to stand out from its rivals. 


  • Wide view: 6x30
  • Magnification: 6x
  • Optics: Fully Multi-coated
  • Lens material: Glass
  • Length: 5.5 inches
  • Weight: 7.8 ounces
  • Grip: No-slip grip for a steady viewing experience
  • Accessories: Carry pouch with neck strap, cleaning cloth, and belt loop 
  • Dimensions of product: 5.5 x 2 x 2 inches

Main Features

A quality product ticks all the boxes of criteria for the best model on the market. The Roxant monocular, with its remarkable features, lives up to the expectations of its customers. It comes with some unique features that earn it a significant position on the market. These include:

Compact Body

The Roxant monocular embodies a compact design that makes this scope easier to move around. It is only 5.5 inches long to easily fit in your pocket. Moreover, it is lightweight to allow you to hold it without undue hand strain. The best thing is you won't need a tripod, thereby reducing expenses and increasing portability.

Wide View

This scope features not only a powerful resolution but also a magnification of 6x30. This means you can magnify objects up to six times to zero-in on the details of an object. The magnification proves really effective in keeping objects clear and sharp. Similarly, the wide field of view of 30 allows a magnificent view.

Multi-Coated Lens

In addition to a remarkable magnification, this scope is incorporated with multi-coated optics. This feature reduces the scattering of light while providing a sharper and vibrant image of the object. Additionally, manufacturers have introduced the BAK-4 prism in this model to further reduce light scattering and distortion. 

All glass optics have high-end construction to ensure better light transmission. The image is bright and free of any type of chromatic aberration to provide a realistic experience. 

No-Slip Grip

Apart from being nice and compact, the comfort-molded grip on this scope makes it easier to carry around. You can have a solid hold on it while focusing on your target. 

Solid Build

When it comes to construction, this scope really amazes us. It embodies a rubber exterior that efficiently protects the glass against any fall and makes it easy to carry. Similarly, the premium glass optics are scratch-resistant to mark reliability. 


A Roxant monocular is an exceptional unit specially designed to provide vivid and crisp images and that, too with maximum convenience. Investing in a new monocular can be overwhelming, but this one is surely worth the consideration. 

If you are still struggling to make up your mind about getting this scope, we have compiled a list of major pros which you'll appreciate: 

A Portable Tool

The compact design of the Roxant monocular makes your journey quite easy. This feature not only enhances its portability but also brings convenience while using it. Being small and lightweight, it can easily fit in your pocket. You can literally take it almost anywhere to enjoy clarity and superior image quality.

Additionally, the package includes a belt loop so you can attach the monocular to your belt or backpack during an outdoor trip. 


You just can't ignore the convenient and pleasing experience this scope offers users. It is specially designed to make focusing quick and easy. The grip is slip-resistant and comfortable; it can be stably held in one hand without strain. This way, you can climb rocks or walk through rough terrain and get a steady view through the scope anytime.

The setup is also easy and doesn't require any technical installation. Overall, it is the ideal choice for your next adventure for its convenience of use. 


The type of materials used in the construction is highly influential on the durability of the scope. This model has received a lot of appreciation for its high-end build that is sure to extend it's life. The sturdy rubber exterior secures the optics by offering immense impact resistance, especially against occasional bumps and falls.  

This nitrogen-purged scope is waterproof and fog-proof, as well. You can use this device regardless of any weather conditions without worry about damage. 

Optimal View

This monocular is built with premium-quality optical glass to ensure clear and vivid images. The magnification and lens size are just right. Moreover, the optics are fully multi-coated to limit distortion. The BAK4 prism delivers vibrant images by transmitting the proper amount of light and brightness.  

Its wide field of view also offers a fantastic panorama to truly appreciate those breathtaking views. In short, this beautiful blend of quality and technology provides an exquisite image with detail, brightness, and of course, contrast. 


As per reviews, the Roxant monocular is extremely versatile in its performance. Not only is it an ideal companion for a hunting adventure, but it is also great for concerts, sports events, hiking, and performances. It can efficiently be used for nighttime sky observing and target shooting, as well. So, whether you’re a hunter or an adventure seeker, this scope won't disappoint you. 


Another plus point is the various accessories provided by the manufacturer. This scope comes with a pouch and belt loop to make carrying convenient. The package also includes a cleaning cloth and neck strap. Finally, you will also find a retractable eyecup in the box so this scope can be used with or without glasses.


While there is a never-ending list of pros, this scope has a few drawbacks that we must highlight for full transparency: 

More Expensive than Some

Though the scope packs a punch, it falls on the pricier side of the spectrum, and not everybody can afford to spend a bunch of money on a single scope. 

However, if you have a good budget and can afford this scope, it is worth the investment. The durable build with exceptional features are worth the cost. 

Limited Viewing Capacity

Another drawback is the limited capacity of this scope, as it can't see objects clearly beyond 50 yards. There’s no doubt that this model is a great option for hiking, rock climbing, and natural viewing, but it seems ill-suited for use at distances of 100 yards or more. 

Easy to Lose

Though the compact size is portable, the scope is easy to lose. We recommend finding a lanyard to attach it to your bag or belt. Moreover, locating it in a big backpack is altogether a struggle - keep it in a small dedicated pocket!

What is the Roxant Monocular Best For?

The Roxant monocular is a compact yet powerful companion for any hunter and adventurer. It is equipped with some brilliant features that work beautifully together to provide you an unforgettable experience.

Here are some of the main uses of a Roxant monocular:

View Distant Objects

A monocular is ideally designed to magnify distant objects while providing all the details. Similarly, the Roxant monocular is built to give you a better look at something less than a hundred feet away. This makes it a good choice for hunters, bird watchers, adventure seekers, as well as outdoorsmen. Moreover, anyone who is practicing target shooting and archery can use this scope for better results. 

Clear and Vivid Images

The incorporation of superior optics ensures a bright view through this scope. Similarly, the multi-coating on the lens reduces light scattering, thereby providing a vibrant and crystal-clear image of the object. 


One of the best things about this scope is its weather-resistant build. Being waterproof and fog-proof, you can use it in any weather without compromising on the performance. All in all, you can fully rely on this model for clear images of the objects you want to view. 

What Do I Need to Know Before Buying a Roxant Monocular?

With the plethora of options on the market, it becomes quite difficult to get your hands on the right monocular for your needs. You should pay key attention to a couple of factors to avoid any regrets in the future.

Listed below are the essential considerations to keep in mind while making a purchase.:


A monocular is designed to save space, which makes the size an important factor to consider. The Roxant monocular is small so it can easily fit in your pocket. 


The Roxant monocular is lightweight and will not add bulk or weight to your backpack, pocket, or vest

Magnification Power

With a 6x magnification, the Roxant monocular gives you a crystal-clear image with a wide view of angle. However, this may not be sufficient for viewing very long distances. 


The durability of a monocular is determined by the type of material used in its construction. The Roxant features multi-coated lenses and rubber exterior to tackle anything you throw at it. It also is waterproof, so it continues to work even in rain and damp conditions. 

How to Use Your Roxant Monocular

Unlike many other optical products, using a Roxant monocular does not require a significant amount of effort. Since it involves a little technicality, you need to focus on a few things to make the most of this scope. Here’s a simple guide for that:

  1. First of all, look through the scope with the eye having the best vision. Don't worry if you wear glasses. You can use them with this monocular. 

2.  Now, hold the device properly and make sure that your eye and the lens are as close as possible.

3.  The next step includes adjusting the focus to get the clearest view of the distant object. 

4.  Once you have adjusted the focus, it’s time to locate the target. Turn your head slowly and adjust the focus according to the movement of the target. 


  1. Always use a strap to keep the monocular safe.

2. Avoid touching the lenses as much as possible.

3. Use a lens cap to cover the lens once you’re done using the scope.

4. Try to use high-quality wipes or cleaning cloth to clean the scope. 

5. While using a monocular, don’t rush while tracking the target. 

How to Maintain a Monocular

A monocular is a user-friendly device that is not only powerful but convenient to carry around. The lightweight body of this device requires relatively less maintenance, unlike other optical objects on the market. 

However, you still need to be a bit careful while using it so that it stays in a top-notch condition for years to come. Mentioned below are a couple of aspects that you must keep in mind to enhance the longevity of any monocular. 

Use a Case

It is extremely important to prevent the monocular from dirt and dust for maintaining its working condition. For this reason, it is always suggested to store it in a case once you are done using it. Similarly, try to keep the equipment in dry places as the chemicals and moisture can damage the lens.

Use a Soft Cleaning Cloth

While it is necessary to clean the monocular at regular intervals or whenever required, you must not forget to use a soft cloth for the cleaning purpose. The package normally includes the cloth and polish that you can use to clean the monocular. Remember, never use a rough cloth to clean the exterior. 

Clean the Lens

Smudges and dirt on the lens while using the monocular outdoors are inevitable. The dirt can damage the lens, so you must clean it after every use to keep the equipment in good condition. You can use a few drops of rubbing alcohol to get rid of these smudges and dirt particles. Use with caution as alcohol may damage lens coatings.


The Roxant monocular offers a great balance when it comes to optical capability and usability. With a compact design and a first-rate prism, this scope is built to perform well in all circumstances. It is portable and easy to use. So, if you are looking for a piece of reliable equipment to enjoy birdwatching, hunting, and various events, the Roxant monocular can surely cater to your needs. 

People Also Ask

The Roxant monocular has earned a definite position on the market for its pros. After all this detailed review, some of you might still have a few questions regarding this equipment. Well, don’t worry as we have your back. This section is specially designed to answer some of the frequently asked queries: 

Is the Roxant Monocular Worth it?

The answer is yes. The Roxant monocular incorporates superior components within the glass to provide a crystal-clear image of the object. This portable device with a wide field of view allows multitasking in hunting, and birdwatching, as well as target shooting. Moreover, the molded grip and weather-resistance surely add value to your purchase. 

Who Makes the Roxant Monocular?

The Roxant monocular is a product from the Roxant company. The products are manufactured from quality materials and incorporate a unique set of exceptional features to help you achieve a clear view every time you use them. 

When Was the Roxant Monocular Created?

The Roxant Monocular was introduced to the world in 2015 for the first time. Since then, it has been providing a wonderful experience to customers with the remarkable features incorporated in it. From a durable build to superior performance, this scope covers everything.

Is a Roxant Monocular Hard to Use?

Of course not. The Roxant monocular is ideally designed to provide a convenient and reliable experience to the user. With the easy focus and simple setup, this scope is highly recommended to even beginners. Moreover, the small size and lightweight body allow you to take it anywhere you go.

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