What Is Ozonics ?

| Last Updated September 3, 2020

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Ozonics is an ozone creating machine used to eliminate a hunter’s scent while hunting. Ozone is a naturally occurring gas found in the atmosphere. A1 Archery’s Dan Ellyson says ozone is what creates the fresh smell immediately after a rain shower. The fresh smell is the result of bacteria in the atmosphere being killed. Ellyson says Ozonics works the same way with the bacteria found on a hunter’s body. Bacteria is what makes us smell. Ozone created by an Ozonics unit can allow a hunter to leave no scent.

Ellyson has hunted with Ozonics for about three years. In fact, he says the unit has changed the way he does business in his archery shop. “I no longer carry scent eliminating clothing.” If a customer is looking for scent eliminating clothing, he recommends Ozonics. “It is revolutionizing the way we will hunt deer.” Dan admits some people look at him funny when he recommends these units. But those who trust him, and there are a lot of folks who do, try it. The results have been outstanding.

One of the common criticisms of scent eliminating clothing is that it doesn’t kill the scent left by breathing. Ozonics takes care of that. A small tree mounted unit sits over the hunter and emits ozone. It is silent and powered by rechargeable lithium batteries. Another great feature is convenience. A lot of hunters head home to take a quick shower before hitting the woods after work.

With Ozonics no shower is needed. It allows hunters to go directly from work to the tree stand.  For those of you who film hunts, Ozonics is a must according to Ellyson.  It's impossible to eliminate the scent of two people using traditional methods. Simply stated, Dan says he sees more deer closer to his tree stand when using Ozonics. In this video, Dan Ellyson gives a detailed description of Ozonics and how it works.

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