Best No Glow Trail Cameras – Top Picks for 2020 Rated & Reviewed

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With the advancement of technology, there are updated ways you can keep an eye on the wildlife in your backyard or keep track of activity on your favorite trail. Trail cameras provide you with quality videos and images, day or night, rain or shine. There are many different typesyou can choose from, but today we’ll be looking at and reviewing a few of the best no glow trail cameras. 

No glow trail cameras are also commonly known and referred to as invisible flash trail cameras or blackout trail cameras. Unlike other models, the name of this camera originates from its ability to make an animal visible without the flash of the camera being detected.

Comparison Chart of the Best No Glow Trail Cameras


TEC.BEAN Game Trail Hunting Camera

  • High Resolution
  • Long Night Vision Range
  • Low Power Consumption
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16MP 1080P Time Lapse Game Camera

  • Personalized Password and Serial Number
  • Time-Lapse Feature
  • Great Security Camera
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Stealth Cam G42

  • Best Price
  • Adjustable Detection Range
  • Clear Daytime Images
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Bushnell 119877 24MP Trophy Cam

  • Rapid Trigger and Recovery Speed
  • Adjustable Time Lapse
  • GPS Coordinates to Track Game Movement
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Browning Trail Cameras Dark Ops

  • Clear and Focused Images and Videos
  • Rapid Trigger Speed and Recovery Time
  • Dual Camera Lenses for Day and Night
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What Makes a Great No Glow Trail Camera?

Wondering how to pick out a no glow trail camera - we have you covered:

Non-Visible Flash

What makes a great no glow trail camera is its ability to go up to 10-15 feet without a visible light being emitted. If you can see a small glow, it is categorized as a Low Glow IR camera. If there is a more visible, bright glow, it is categorized as a Red Glow IR.

Great for Security Surveillance

These are great options for security surveillance because they don’t produce visible light to the human eye when taking pictures or recording videos.

Night Range

When searching for the perfect no glow trail camera to purchase, you should keep in mind the night range it has. Some have a very long night range that allows them to take full colored photos or videos in the daytime and black and white versions up to certain distances. Consider what distance you’d want to have covered and then narrow your choice down to the perfect choice.

Quick Take | Best No Glow Trail Cameras

Just looking for the top three best no glow trail cameras? Here they are:

  1. TEC.BEAN 
  2. 16MP 1080P 
  3. Stealth Cam G42 

Review of the Best No Glow Trail Cameras

We’ve compiled a list of a few of our favorite no glow trail cameras, ranging from best overall to our editor’s pick. These listings will contain the top features of each, a section of pros and cons for you to easily compare the different features of each model, and a summary of the camera performance and features. We hope this will help aid in the search for your perfect no glow trail camera!


  • High Resolution
  • Five Capture Modes
  • Long Night Vision Range of Up to 75 Feet
  • Waterproof Protection and Password to Ensure Camera Safety


  • Trigger Speed Occasionally Acts Up or is Delayed
  • Black and White Photos Can Look a Little Grainy at Times
  • Make Sure to Carefully Read the Instruction Manual During Setup

This is a top-rated no glow trail hunting camera that features a long night vision range, allowing it to capture full-color photos and videos in the day and black and white versions at night up to 75 feet/23 meter distance.

The 12MP, high-quality full resolution is provided with one to nine pictures per trigger, giving this a 0.6-0.85 trigger speed. A patented motion freeze is excellent when surveying cold-blooded animals or amphibians and reduces inadvertent triggering caused by the leaves or grass. This feature also saves power and SD card storage space.

Some of the features take work to perfect, and because of this, images can appear grainy, most apparent in the nighttime photos. However, once you find the perfect settings and night range for the setup area, it will work like a breeze. This is protected from moisture, rain, sand, dust, corrosion, etc. A required password also ensures that it is protected from the weather and anyone looking to own a new trail camera!

Bottom Line

Overall, this is a nice option for the price. It includes a large night vision range and a patented motion freeze that can help save power and storage space, while also being able to capture cold-blooded animals and amphibians. This also comes with a lot of protection, being waterproof to protect it from the elements, while also having a password that protects it from sneaky persons in need of a new investment.

Best No Glow Trail Camera for Security:
16MP 1080P Time Lapse Game Camera


  • Time-Lapse
  • Long Battery Life
  • Clear Images/Videos
  • Lots of Protection
  • Includes Many Different Features


  • Operating Menu Can Be Confusing
  • Takes a Bit of Effort to Get Used to the Different Settings

This no glow trail camera is our best pick for all of your security purposes. Featuring a stealth design, time lapse, password set, and serial number, it is guaranteed to provide image and video quality while also being undetected by whoever you want to keep an eye out for.

The security feature allows you to set up a password to protect your camera from unauthorized users and the serial number function helps multi-cam users identify the location of an image when reviewing photos. This model takes photos and videos at specified intervals, automatically and constantly, which is useful when monitoring certain points like a parking lot or a park.

A timer also allows you to meet your timetable and capture what you want, when you want. This also has a unique button design, an embedded 2.4-inch LCD screen, and a simple settings menu that allows for easy installation. A trigger distance of up to 65ft/25m is accompanied by a 0.6-second trigger speed.

With so many different adjustable features and a unique button design, the operating menu can be can be a bit confusing to navigate through, but with a bit of practice and time put into learning the settings, it’ll be working in top form. If photos seem to lack quality, do remember to remove the plastic lens cover which may be hindering the camera from working as it should!

Bottom Line

If you’re looking for a model to use for security purposes, this is the one for you! This unit comes with more than one protection feature, including a password and a serial number function. 

This no-glow camera takes images or videos without a visible flash, so those being captured by the quick trigger won’t be aware they’ve been caught. This model takes a bit of getting used to, but if you put in the time to learn how to operate the multiple settings, you’ll be sure to love this camera and be happy with its performance.

Best for the Money:
Stealth Cam G42


  • Good Battery Life with the Right Batteries (Not a Cheap Brand)
  • Adjustable Detection Range to Alter Depending on Setup Location


  • Camera Only Supports SanDisk and PNY Memory Cards
  • Battery Will Drain Quickly if Photo Bursts are Triggered Often
  • Actual Time Between Recognition of Movement and Shutter Time is a Few Seconds

This Stealthcam camera has a solid build and quality workmanship, along with having the ability to take good pictures and videos. The detection range can vary with setup and can extend as far as 70-feet, giving you plenty of space to select a distance that works best for you.

Though this range can extend quite far, it is suggested that you minimize the range in order to attain the best quality photos possible. These photos are taken with a decent trigger speed and can be adjustable by how many bursts it takes.

Recording time does tend to be a bit delayed though, as it begins to record a few seconds after the trigger. The same can be said about the reaction time of the camera, taking a few seconds which has the potential to lead to a missed opportunity. This option is at a good price and can deliver well, so if you’re looking for a model with fewer confusing and extensive features, this could be the one for you.

Bottom Line

Overall, this isn’t a bad camera and you'll be impressed once you put it to use. The quality seems to vary with users and can produce crystal clear images, but also may have a few grainy ones as well.

The detection range is adjustable, but it is recommended to set to a lower detection range for a better quality photo or video. There also is a slight delay between the actual time of recognition of movement to the shutter going off. The battery life of this model can be quite good if you install it with quality batteries, and keep in mind that extensive photo bursts can drain the battery a bit.

Best Bushnell No Glow Trail Camera:
Bushnell 119877 24MP Trophy Cam


  • Good Battery Life
  • Takes Quality Pictures


  • Can’t Adjust the Length of Video Recording
  • Video Playback on Screen May Drain Batteries

This unit is equipped with a hyper night vision that allows it to ensure sharp and quality after-dark images. It can also automatically embed GPS coordinates to allow you to track the movement of game and helps with optimal placement. An adjustable time lapse allows users to automatically capture images at preset intervals of one minute up to one hour.

With a 0.2-second trigger speed and 0.5-second recovery speed, you are guaranteed to be provided with stunning images. This model does seem to be a bit trigger sensitive and you may end up with a few empty shots. But it still provides good image and video quality and can also be used for security purposes.

Bottom Line

This is a pretty decent camera if you want to have an adjustable time-lapse setting. This also comes with the ability to embed GPS coordinates in order to track game, which is a useful feature. Though the battery life is pretty good, viewing playback on the screen may cause battery drainage and some settings may as well.

It is relatively easy to set up, and once you get a hang of the settings, you can find the perfect combo that works for you and your setup area. A fast trigger speed allows you to miss fewer animals and the night vision range allows for quality nighttime images. One thing to note is that it is slightly larger than others, though mainly just taller, which isn’t a problem. It can take great videos, though it is a bit inconvenient that video mode can’t be adjusted to alter the length of each video.


  • Easy Setup
  • Good Battery Life
  • Fast Trigger Speed and Recovery Time
  • Dual Camera Lenses for Day and Night Photos/Videos


  • Memory Card Can Be Difficult to Remove
  • Occasional Foggy Quality May Be Due to Extended Night Range
  • Day Images/Videos Better Than Night Ones (Which is to Be Expected)

This Browning camera features invisible infrared LED illumination, a “smart IR” video detection system, and provides quality daytime and nighttime videos, all tied together in a highly effective camo finish. The infrared illumination ensures that game or trespassers on your property stay unaware while it’s capturing videos or photos.

Dual camera lenses incorporate a custom tuned daytime lens for quality images during the day, while a dedicated night camera lens takes clear nighttime photos. The 1080 full HD video with sound, along with a 0.15-second trigger speed ensures that every detail is captured, and a 0.5-second picture recovery time readies it for the next shot.

The picture info box displays the time, date, temperature, barometric pressure, and even the moon phase, so you’ll be sure to know about the exact time an image or video was taken. As with most models that can be used during the night, it is expected that the daytime images and videos will be clearer and of higher quality than their nighttime counterparts, but the night images and videos are still of good quality.

Bottom Line

Overall, this is a high-quality camera that knows how to deliver. With dual lenses dedicated to taking photos and videos in the day and night respectively, you’re ensured to get quality results. A trigger speed of 0.15 seconds and recovery speed of 0.5 seconds ensures that nothing will be missed and the sleek camo finish, along with undetectable infrared LED illumination, keeps your camera hidden.

As expected from cameras that can capture night photos and videos, the day counterparts will be of higher quality, so don’t be disappointed if you compare the quality of the daytime and nighttime images. This also still takes good night videos/images and is worth investing in.

Benefits of Investing in a Great No Glow Trail Camera

Undetectable Flash-The main feature of these cameras is that they can be used at night effectively without producing a visible flash. This is ideal because it won’t spook any wildlife, or if you’re using a camera for security, the suspect won’t notice that they’re being caught in the act. These cameras show high-quality in their performance, producing impressive images day or night.

Adjustable Settings

One thing that comes with a great no glow trail camera are the various settings it has to offer. High-quality videos and images can be taken once you find the perfect combination of settings depending on your setup location. Keep in mind that though a camera may have a long-range day or night setting, the longer the setting doesn’t always mean better. Adjustable burst images are also a great feature, ensuring that you get the perfect shot.

Great Protection

Many of these that were reviewed today came with some type of security to ensure that your camera remains safe and protected. Waterproof features protect these from the natural elements of rain, dust, corrosion, etc. Some also allow you to set up a password and have a serial number to securely keep your camera in place and ensure that no one would be able to grab it and go.


No glow trail cameras have gained popularity due to the fact that they can provide wildlife surveillance that typically does not spook game. These also work great for security purposes, ensuring that your property is protected, and being able to capture images or videos in the dark without alerting any animal or person. 

Many of these come with multiple adjustable settings, and it’s important that you take the time to adjust to the settings and find the perfect combination that will produce the best images or videos for you and your setup location.

People Also Ask

What Does No Glow Mean on Trail Camera?

For trail cameras, no glow means that it is able to illuminate an animal or person without them being able to detect the flash. These are also referred to as invisible flash cameras or blackout trail cameras. They are ideal for taking night images or videos and are also commonly used for security of one’s property.

Does an Infrared Trail Camera Flash?

No glow infrared trail camera uses an LED emitter that transmits an infrared light above the 940-nanometer spectrum. Light above the 940-nanometer spectrum is typically not detectable by humans, but a few species can detect certain ranges. Simply put, these do not flash, which is why they’re ideal for tracking game at night or for use as stealth security cameras to capture a trespasser. 

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