Best Night Vision Trail Cameras [Rated & Reviewed 2020]

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Are you looking to purchase a trail camera for hunting?

Wildlife monitoring?

General surveillance?

Regardless of the reason, you may be interested in capturing footage beyond the daytime. Night vision trail cameras have been designed specifically for this purpose. Knowing how to choose a great one is important because the right features can show you whatever action you may be missing by day.

Best Night Vision Trail Cameras Comparison Chart


Campark Trail Game Camera

  • Low Glow, Little Disruption to Natural Habitat
  • 0.3-Second Trigger Speed, Recording Begins Quickly Following Motion Detection
  • 8MP Photo and 1080P Video
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TOGUARD Trail Camera 14MP 1080P

  • The Low Glow Does Not Disrupt Flora and Fauna in the Area
  • Trigger speed is 0.3-seconds and Begins to Record When Motion is Detected
  • 14MP Photo and 1080P Video
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Campark Trail Game Camera 14MP 1080P

  • Not Disruptive to Natural Environment Due to the Low Glow
  • Starts Recording with Motion Detection and Has a 0.3-Second Trigger Speed
  • Video Records in 1080P and Photos are High-Quality at 14MP
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Browning Strike Force HD Camera

  • Detectable Red Glow and the Light May Disrupt the Natural Habitat
  • 0.67-second Trigger Speed Leads to a Lower Start to Following Motion Detection
  • 10MP Photo and HD Video
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Victure Trail Camera 16MP 1080 HD 2.0" LCD

  • No Glow UnDetectable and Will Not Disrupt the Natural Habitat
  • 0.5-Second Trigger Speed Means a Slower Start to Recording Following Motion Detection
  • 16MP Photo and 1080P Video
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How to Choose a Night Vision Trail Camera

To be an informed consumer, there are some essential considerations to make when choosing a night vision trail camera. The top-rated products share a few specific features in common. Customers are drawn to cameras with the popular qualities of:

  • Low/No Glow
  • Fast Trigger Speeds
  • Long Battery Life
  • Quality of Footage

Low/No Glow

The effectiveness depends on the level of glow it emits. If an animal can sense the light coming from the camera, it will likely avoid the area, therefore never appearing on the footage. Customers rely on products with low/no glow to record successfully wildlife in the dark.

Fast Trigger Speeds

Most of these products are motion-triggered, meaning that they begin recording when they sense the presence of an animal. Trigger speed refers to the amount of time it takes to start recording after sensing movement. The models with fast trigger speeds are the most effective. They are popular because they capture the most activity.

Long Battery Life​

Models with long battery life are practical and popular among customers. Cameras with passive infrared sensors preserve battery when capturing footage. Some cameras are also designed to hold eight batteries at a time, while only using four, so you always have extras.  When the first four are drained, the camera automatically switches to the others. Convenient qualities like these contribute to the overall ease of use.

Quality of Footage​

Buying a camera that records high-quality footage is essential to capturing clear recordings at night. The resolution of images is measured in MPs; the most popular products typically range from 8-16MPs. The resolution of video recording is usually 1080P/HD. When choosing a camera, these numbers are important for ensuring quality footage.

Quick Take | Best Night Vision Cameras

Review of the Best Night Vision Cameras

Let's see which models made our list and what they have to offer!

Campark T70 Trail Game Camera No Glow Night Vision 14MP 1080P Outdoor Hunting Cam Security Motion Activated Camera with 2.4' LCD and IP66 Waterproof Battery Powered


  • Low Glow: Camera Does Not Disrupt the Natural Habitat of Wildlife
  • Three Passive Infrared Sensors: Preserves Battery While Capturing Footage
  • Fast Trigger Speed: Only 0.3-Seconds Between Motion Activation and Recording


  • Lower Photo Resolution: 8MP is Less Than Competing Cameras

The Campark Trail Game Camera is one of the most popular night vision trail cameras on the market. It records footage in color by day and in black and white at night.

With an impressive 0.3-second trigger speed, it quickly captures pictures in 8MP and video at 1080P. Recordings are motion-activated and use sensors that extend to 120 degrees. This camera is waterproof for outdoor durability.

Customers rave about the Campark’s easy setup and overall convenience of use on Amazon: “Very impressed by the video interface, battery life, ease of use and high-quality photos…. still can't believe I have something this high-quality at this price!”

Another review states, “I have purchased a lot of game cameras in my life and so far this is one of my favorites, especially for the price!”

Bottom Line

This Campark is an excellent choice if you are in the market for this product type. It is practical and durable but takes lower quality photos than its competitors. Video footage, however, is high resolution. Overall, customers report high levels of satisfaction with the night vision features of this camera.

TOGUARD Trail Camera 14MP 1080P Game Cameras with Night Vision Motion Activated Waterproof Wildlife Hunting Cam 120° Detection with 0.3s Trigger Speed 2.4' LCD IR LEDs


  • Low Glow: Not Very Detectable by Wildlife
  • High Photo Resolution: 14MP for Quality Photos
  • Long Battery Life: Three Passive Infrared Sensors and Eight Month Standby Time


  • Customer Reviews Report Difficulty Opening the Battery Door

The Toguard is another great choice. Similar to the Campark, it has a fast trigger speed of 0.3-seconds, uses three passive infrared sensors, is low glow, senses motion in a scope of 120 degrees, and records in black and white at night.

The main distinguishing factor between the two is that the Toguard takes photos at 14MP. This means a higher resolution photo quality. It is also waterproof to withstand weather damage.

Amazon reviews praise the Toguard: “The image quality is the best I've seen of the 7 brands and models of trail cameras I’ve owned. The colors are accurate in daylight and the black and white images by the infrared light at night are sharp and clear.”

Bottom Line

Despite possessing similar popular qualities as the Campark, the Toguard stands out for its high-quality images. It captures images quickly with its fast trigger speed and has an impressive motion detection system. With sustainable battery life, this camera is a customer favorite for night vision.

Campark Trail Camera-Waterproof Game Hunting Scouting Cam 14MP 1080P with 3 Infrared Sensors for Wildlife Monitoring with 120°Detecting Range Motion Activated Night Vision 2.4' LCD 42pcs IR LEDs


  • Three Passive Infrared Sensors Are Highly Sensitive to Motion
  • Improved Photo Resolution at 14MP for Higher Quality Images
  • Low Glow and Captures Footage of Animals Without Disrupting Them


  • Hypersensitivity, Motion Sensor May Trigger Recordings of Movement Like Snowfall and Drains Battery

This product is an improvement over the prior Campark model. Main enhancements to quality include 14MP photos, while the video footage remains high resolution at 1080P.

With a trigger speed of 0.3-seconds and three passive infrared sensors for battery preservation, this camera is both effective and efficient. It records in black and white at night and has a sensing range of 120 degrees. Like its competitors, this Campark is low glow.

This camera has also received high ratings and reviews on Amazon: “I am favorably impressed with this camera. Both the photos and videos have high resolution, correct colors and are bright. Night-time illumination is just right, no glare or under illumination at 6 yards, the only distance tested. Motion sensing seemed to work well. Functionally, I rate this camera very high.”

Bottom Line

Overall, this Campark is an improvement on the prior model. With enhanced image resolution, customers praise its quality of footage. High motion sensitivity can occasionally trigger unnecessary recordings, but this sensitivity also makes the camera reliable when animals are present. Battery life is strong, except in cases of unintended recordings by due to camera hypersensitivity.

Browning Strike Force Sub Micro 10MP Game Camera


  • Strong Battery Life: Six AA Batteries
  • Clarity of Recording With Zero Blur Technology
  • High: Resolution footage with 10MP Photo and HD Video


  • Visibility:  The Red Glow is Detectable and May Deter Wildlife From the Area
  • Slower Trigger Speed at 0.67-Seconds Between Motion Activation and Recording

The Browning Strike Force Camera is popular among customers for its high-quality recording. With an image resolution of 10MP and HD video, this option is equipped with zero blur technology to ensure clear footage.

However, the trigger speed is 0.67-seconds (twice as long as most competitors). The Browning is a red glow infrared camera, meaning that its level of glow is detectable to creatures at night.

Reviews on Amazon praise the camera’s overall quality: “Browning has delivered a terrific product at a very reasonable price. I have not seen any other camera that will beat a Browning in performance per dollar.

If you are looking for a trail camera that takes great pictures, night and day, has trigger response and recovery times beaten only by cameras at 3x the price, reasonable battery life, is very compact, and is also affordable, you've found it.”

Bottom Line

The quality of the footage the Browning Strike Force captures is impressive. However, the slower trigger speed and red glow infrared features may impact the camera’s nighttime effectiveness. Customers appreciate the durability of battery life and overall, this product can get the job done; however, other cameras on the market may do it better.

Victure Trail Camera 16MP 1080 HD 2.0 inch LCD Game Cam Night Vision Motion Activated with Upgrade Waterproof Design 38Pcs IR LEDs No Glow for Wildlife Hunting and Surveillance


  • Durability: Waterproof for Product Longevity
  • High-Quality Footage: 16MP Photo and 1080 Video
  • No Glow: Undetectable Presence for Optimal Functioning


  • Slower Trigger Speed: 0.5-Seconds
  • Customers Struggle With the Design of the Camera for Battery Replacement

Customers love the Victure option for recording at nighttime. With effective features like no glow, it is undetectable to wildlife and records extremely high-resolution footage. Images are 16MP and videos are 1080P.

This camera uses its passive infrared sensor to record motion with a 0.5-second trigger time. Waterproof features increase the Victure’s durability, but some customers experience inconvenience with the battery door.

An Amazon review describes, “Generally speaking, this is a decent product with high-quality imagery, interface and motion activation. But it has a HUGE design flaw in that you have to load the batteries from the bottom. This means you have to take it off the tree, replace the batteries, then strap it to the tree again.”

Another customer states, “This is an awesome camera for a great price. I've had it in the woods ever since I bought it and only had to change the batteries once. Takes good day time and night time pictures. Handles well in all kinds of weather.”

Bottom Line

This Victure trail camera captures recordings of incredible quality. While it does have a relatively slower trigger speed, it is easy to set up and proves durable in harsh weather conditions. With no glow and passive infrared sensing, it is a great choice for a night vision camera.


When choosing a night vision trail camera, remember to consider the qualities of:

  • Low/No Glow
  • Fast Trigger Speeds
  • Long Battery Life
  • Quality of Footage

The most popular cameras are no/low glow and are undetectable to wildlife. A camera’s effectiveness and durability depend on fast trigger speeds, long battery life, and high-quality footage. These are essential elements to consider to ensure your purchase meets your needs.

People Also Ask

The following questions are commonly asked by people in search of a night vision trail camera. These answers are intended to provide additional guidance as you make your purchase.

Do Game Cameras Flash at Night?

Yes, they may; infrared trail cameras flash depending on their level of glow. The intensity of the flash depends on whether a camera is no glow, low glow, or red glow infrared. When a camera does flash at night, it is typically a red light.

Will a Trail Cam Work Through a Window?

No, they do not work through windows. These products begin recording when a motion detector senses movement, but glass panes block these motion sensors. Passive infrared sensors will not work and nothing will be recorded through a window.

Does Night Vision Work Through Glass?

No, night vision is not effective through glass. Window glare results in distorted images/video due to a camera's infrared glow. Behind glass, night vision simply doesn’t work.

Do Night Vision Cameras Give Off Light?

Depending on the device’s level of glow, it may give off some light. If the camera is classified as low glow or red glow infrared, it will emit red light at varying intensities.

Do All Trail Cameras Have Night Vision?

No, not all products in this category have night vision. If you want to capture footage at night, it is important to choose a camera that specifically advertises night vision capabilities. 

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