Best Moultrie Game Cameras [Top 10 Picks!]

| Last Updated June 2, 2021

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If you’ve got your favorite brand for game cameras, you’ll want to keep up-to-date with all the latest news and discounts. By keeping up on the latest with one of the best brands out there for hunting trail cameras you’ll be one of the first to get your hands on some new technology. The following article will discuss all the latest information and trail cameras by the Moultrie brand, one of the most well-known currently on the market.

Comparison of the Best Moultrie Game Cameras

  • 14MP Quality
  • 60ft Detection Range
  • Camera Range is Up to 80ft
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  • The 14MP Provides a Great View for Any Hunter
  • The Trigger Provides You With an Almost Instant Motion View
  • The HD Video Quality Allows You to Analyze the Game
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  • Crystal Clear Images Help Create Your Hunting Strategy
  • This Wireless Technology Allows for Remote Viewing
  • The Interface Makes the Setup Fairly Easy Even in the Dark
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  • Camera Quality is One of the Best Currently on the Market
  • The Outstanding Range Will Maximize Your Opportunity to Capture Photos
  • The HD Video Will Allow You to Analyze Any Game Around the Area
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  • The Rapid Trigger Time Means You’ll Capture Movement Better
  • Camera Quality is the Best We’ve Mentioned Yet
  • The Video and Sound Quality is Modern Technology
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  • Almost Instantly Capture Any Movement With Decent Trigger Speed
  • Camera Quality Will Provide You With a Clear Image
  • The Camera Range Can Help Detect Any Animals in Close Range
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  • The Quality of This Camera is One of the Best on the List
  • The Range of This Product Can Reach the Immediate Surrounding Areas
  • The Flash That’s Used for Night Vision is Invisible
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Who is Moultrie? The Company Behind These Game Cameras

This part will expand into more detail about the brand. This is where you’ll learn a lot about the brand and what they’re really known for.

This brand was founded in 1980 by a respected game manager and passionate hunter, Dan Moultrie. Soon growing to one of the world's top and most respected manufacturer’s of trail cameras, you can always count on Moultrie to give you the best.

Many people like this brand because of their longtime work in the industry and having been founded by a hunting legend. Moultrie is best known for their approach (or lack of) to current trends and technology. They don’t believe in following the latest fashion statements and trends and instead, concentrate on providing their customers with a camera that works for almost everyone.

How Do Moultrie Game Cameras Compare to the Competition?

Every brand has different selling points that just don’t come close to their competitors. Some brands have better designers, engineers, or patented technology that ultimately makes them more attractive. The following features are the best that Moultrie provides.

Image Quality

The image quality of each product created by the Moultrie brand is beyond exceptional. They’ll never drop below a certain standard which, even at their lowest quality, is usually high quality for competitors. You’ll be able to find trail cameras from this company that provide up to 20MP clearness, with the lowest being 9MP.


The furthest your Moultrie trail camera can detect and take accurate photos is up to 100ft. This is the same for nighttime photos as well. This incredible distance is due to the infrared LEDs that are attached to the camera body. The least distance any camera from Moultrie can perform is 80ft, again, providing a far better experience than most competitors.

Field of View

These cameras aren’t restricted by a narrow field of view like others on the market. The widest angle you can find on a Moultrie is an impressive 180-degree field of view, which provides an even greater advantage of seeing as much around you as possible, maximizing your chances of snapping a photo or video of possible game animals.

Review of the Best Moultrie Game Cameras

The most important part of the article is the main review of some of Moultrie’s most popular products. This section will take a deep dive into the details, and we’ll give our view on each trail camera. By the end of this, we hope we’ve helped you make your mind.

1. Moultrie A-35

Moultrie A-35 (2017) Game Camera | All Purpose Series | 0.7s Trigger Speed | Moultrie Mobile Compatible


  • 720p Video
  • 14MP Quality
  • 60ft Detection Range
  • Camera Range is Up to 80ft
  • 32 Long-Range Infrared LEDs


  • SD Card Could Be Better
  • Video Quality Could Be Improved

With an outstanding 14MP camera, this device is one of the best on the market at the moment. This high-quality piece of equipment can detect and photograph any movement in just under 0.7 seconds.

The flash range on this camera can reach up to 80 ft, meaning you’ll have clear photographs, even at night. This is thanks to the long-range infrared 32 LED flash. Offering video recording, this device can provide you with 720p video quality which is right in the Goldilocks zone and will help analyze any movements or behavior of the game.

Bottom Line

The important point to remember is that this is the first product on our list and already shows the might of the brand. The 14MP quality is only the beginning and you’ll realize that other models have better quality cameras.

The 60ft detection range works hand-in-hand with the 80ft camera range, an impressive marriage of features. The long-range infrared LEDs provide great backlight for any night vision photos or videos. Speaking of video, the video quality on this product is decent but could be better. The same goes for the SD slot. A 32GB SD card won’t last long on this camera and may require a new SD card purchase.

2. Moultrie M-880 Low Glow Game Camera

(4) Moultrie Low Glow 14MP Mini 888 Long Range Infrared Game Cameras | M-888


  • HD Video
  • Flash Range of 70ft
  • 14 Megapixel Camera
  • Daytime Camera Range of 100ft


  • Slow Trigger Time
  • The Flash Should Be Removed
  • The Video Could Be Improved

Again, with one of the highest-quality cameras on the market, this product will no doubt help you track down the areas the game roams most. These cameras work perfectly in all weather and have a flash range of up to 70ft at night.

The daytime camera range can capture images of up to 100ft away, making this one of the most effective trail cameras out there. What makes it even better is the 14-megapixel camera and the 720 HD video which is also another benefit to many hunters out there. These images will take around 0.7 seconds between detection and capture, which is a reasonable time for trail cameras.

Bottom Line

The night vision range of 70ft is one of the best nighttime ranges that the market has seen for a while and the daytime range isn’t far ahead with a 100ft capability. The video capabilities of the trail camera are HD, meaning you’ll be able to effectively record the behavior of any game animal caught on the camera.

The 14-megapixel images will also help you in refining this hunting strategy. There are a few improvements that could be made, the video quality could be 1080HD like many other trail cameras and the flash should also be removed. However, this is what gives the camera such a far night vision range. The trigger time is one of the slowest a trail camera could have.

3. Moultrie A-40 Game Camera

Moultrie A-40 Game Camera (2018) | A-Series| 14 MP | 0.7 S Trigger Speed | 720p Video | Compatible with Moultrie Mobile (sold separately)


  • 14MP Camera
  • Long Battery Life
  • Easy User Interface
  • Wireless Technology


  • Wireless Cameras Have Connection Issues

With a trigger speed of just 0.7 seconds, this camera will help capture the perfect shot using the 14-megapixel lens that will provide crisp images ready for analyzing. These analyzations can be done via the user-friendly app on your phone as the trail camera is wireless. The video is HD meaning you can record any game as well as take images. The flash range is up to 70ft as well as the detection range.

This stops you from scaring away game with your scent every time you check on the camera. The interface makes the setup of the trail camera an easy experience even in the dark, thanks to the back-lit buttons. To operate the device, all you need are eight AA batteries, these will last for up to 17,000 images. This should take you through at least a few months, even if your camera sees a lot of action.

Bottom Line

Another high-quality camera that can barely be faulted. The 14 megapixels and HD video quality will be a decent tool in determining what the next steps are with your trails. The wireless technology allows you to do this without contaminating the area with your scent.

The long battery life allows for up to 17,000 images to be collected which should last a few months. If you do find yourself setting the device up again, the easy user interface will make the process fairly simple, even in the dark. The only problem with these cameras is that the wireless abilities have connection issues depending on the environment.

4. Moultrie M-888 Mini Game Camera

Moultrie M-888 Mini Game Camera, Mossy Oak Bottomland


  • HD Video
  • 100ft Range
  • 14 MP Camera
  • Wireless Ability


  • Slow Trigger Speed
  • The Connection Might Be Rusty

The 14-megapixel camera is one of the best quality cameras on the market and this product will allow you to count each individual hair on the game’s fur (slightly exaggerated). This camera quality works hand-in-hand with the 100ft infrared flash range that will pick up a lot more animals than a 50ft range camera would.

This option gives you a much larger field of view. The HD video will allow you to track the actions of each game animal and use this to your advantage. The trigger speed for this camera is 0.7 seconds, this is a common speed for cameras within this range. The wireless ability of this device means you’ll receive the images or video almost instantly, allowing you to track times of movement.

Bottom Line

This camera is just like many others within the range. The 14MP camera will pick up the smallest of details from the game animals and the 100ft range also helps with the number of animals your camera can track.

The wireless ability allows you to monitor the times of day when they’re most active. The HD video will help you monitor their behaviors and grazing patterns. The only improvements that could be made are in regards to the slow trigger speed that is common within this particular range. The other problem is the connection can be faulty sometimes due to the environment.

5. Moultrie No Glow Invisible 20MP Mini 999i Infrared Trail Game Camera

Moultrie No Glow Invisible 20MP Infrared Weatherproof Hunting Trail Game Camera - HD Images, 1080P Video Recording, and 70 Foot Range (2 Pack)


  • 20MP
  • Fast Trigger Time
  • HD Video and Sound


  • Not Wireless

In this purchase, you’ll receive two trail cameras that are capable of providing image quality of up to 20MP. This quality is the best we’ve mentioned on this list. The other features include the super fast trigger speed of only 0.5-seconds.

The video and audio technology is of the highest quality; also, the video is able to provide you with crystal clear recordings, 1080HD to be exact. This video will be key in helping you build a solid plan for when the hunting season starts. The sound aspect is also important, as you might be able to hear animals that aren’t on the screen.

Bottom Line

These cameras are double trouble, but in a good way, providing you with the best quality images on the market. The 20MP images mean you can’t find any trail camera that has a better, crisper feel to it. The same goes for the HD video and sound ability. The 1080HD quality will help you in planning your next hunting trip. The no glow is also a bonus.

The trigger time is also one of the fastest in the market and probably the fastest of the Stealth Cam brand. The only downside to this product is that it’s not wireless and you’ll need to travel back and forth to take care of the camera every now and then.

6. Moultrie Game Spy 2 Plus Game Camera

Moultrie Game Spy 2 Plus Game Camera (2017) | 9 MP | 1.0 s Trigger Speed | 50 Feet Flash | 50 Feet Detection


  • Clear Images
  • 32GB Data Slot
  • Standard Night Vision
  • Reasonable Detection and Camera Range


  • All the Features Are Basic

This 9-megapixel camera can offer you a clear view of any game roaming around the immediate area, as in 50ft ahead of your trail camera. This 50ft range is also the same for the detection range in night vision missions.

One of the most impressive features of this trail camera is the one-second trigger time which will capture any movement across the screen. The SD slot can handle up to 32GB of data, which should be plenty for this standard device.

Bottom Line

This device has plenty of features like the 32GB data slot and the 9MP camera. The camera will be able to do its job to a good standard, the same goes for detecting animals from over 50ft away. The one-second trigger time is longer than most other trail cameras. These features are all good enough for a starter kit and should be taken as a beginners pack. As we said, the features are all very basic and that would be our only complaint.

7 . Moultrie No Glow Invisible 12 MP Mini A20i Infrared Trail Game Camera

Moultrie No Glow Invisible 12 MP Mini A20i Infrared Trail Game Camera | A-20i


  • 12MP Quality
  • Invisible Flash
  • Can Scan the Immediate Surroundings for Movement


  • 50ft Range
  • 480p Video
  • One-Second Trigger

With one of the best-quality resolutions on the market. The 12MP camera will be able to provide some of the clearest photos you’ll see. The trigger can release in just under one second to scan the range of 50ft before snapping a photo of anything that’s moving around.

The flash that’s used during the night is invisible so to they don’t scare away any potential targets. The video quality will reach 480P, which will record any movement within the area.

Bottom Line

This camera starts off well with a great quality camera that can provide a 12MP resolution. Not every camera can provide such a thing. It can scan its immediate surroundings at a range of 50ft and ensure that night time operations are just as clear as any daytime snapshots with help from the invisible flash.

However, that’s when it all goes downhill. The 50ft range isn’t good enough for a camera that offers 12MP. The same goes for the trigger time being as slow as one full second, the 480p video quality is shocking for any trail camera, and there isn’t an excuse for how bad that is.

8. Moultrie P-Series Game Cameras (2018)

Moultrie P-180i Game Camera | P-Series | 14 MP | 0.4 S Trigger Speed | 1080p Video | Compatible Mobile (Sold Separately)


  • HD Video
  • Fast Trigger
  • 14MP Images
  • Wide Field of View


  • Wireless Connection Isn’t Reliable

The 14-megapixel resolution is something reserved for only the best cameras on the market. It can show you the finest of details, this is only made better by the HD video ability which can help monitor any sudden changes in the game’s habits.

The fast trigger speed is a helpful asset when trying to get a decent photo of fast-moving animals. These instant photos will help paint a clearer picture for you as a hunter. What maximizes the chance of finding game along your trails is to have a wide field of view that allows your camera to see most of the area facing the lens. The invisible flash is also an asset and can be trusted not to scare any potential targets.

Bottom Line

The 14MP camera will provide you with some of the best quality on the market. The same goes for the HD video. These two features are the most important and this model makes it look easy to get so perfectly. The fast trigger will allow you to snap those photos at a fast rate without any problems with animals moving too fast.

The wide field of view also shows you much more of the land around you and is a great benefit. Despite having a wireless ability, which is helpful, it only helps if the device isn’t facing connection issues.

9. Moultrie M40i Game Camera

Moultrie MCG-13182 M-40I Game Camera


  • 80ft Day or Night
  • 16MP Image Quality
  • HD Video and Sound
  • Super-Fast Trigger Speed


  • Wireless

The detection range for this camera is an impressive 80ft. This sounds fun until you hear that the invisible infrared flash also can reach up to 80ft, even in the dark. Then it becomes even better. Regardless of night or day, the same quality will be seen throughout with 16-megapixel resolution and 1080HD video with quality sound.

These videos and images are only good if they can capture the game as soon as it’s detected. This is why the trigger speed is the fastest on this list at 0.3-seconds. Not only this but the product is wireless, meaning you can connect your phone and watch from the comfort from your own home.

Bottom Line

This astounding product can provide its owner with some of the best resolution money can buy. The 16MP camera will pick up some of the finest details, the same goes for the HD video and sound to help monitor any habits the animals show or even analyze the patterns.

These game animals can only be tracked by using a decent trigger speed. Thankfully, we’ve got better than decent. The only downside to this product is the wireless connection isn’t the best when you’re too far from the WiFi hub or radio signal.

10. Moultrie A-35

Moultrie A-35 (2017) Game Camera | All Purpose Series | 0.7s Trigger Speed | Moultrie Mobile Compatible


  • HD Video
  • 60ft Detection
  • 80ft Flash Range
  • 14MP Resolution


  • Trigger Time is Lengthy

The incredible 14MP resolution promises to blow you away with the details this camera can catch. You can detect any movement up to 60 ft away while the night vision will be able to flash within a range of 80ft. This effectiveness is what makes this product so attractive to many hunters out there.

The trigger speed currently sits at just 0.7-seconds before it snaps a photo after detecting movement. The video quality is also decent with the HD 720p videos, you won’t have any problem deciphering what’s going on in these shorts bursts. The long-range infrared flash is what makes this product so useful at night time. This wouldn’t be possible without the 32 separate LEDs.

Bottom Line

The amazingly clear images that this camera can create is what makes it so special. The 60ft detection range is suitable for the 80ft flash range that works at night, providing you with plenty of light to take a clear photo that looks as if it’s been taken in the early hours of the morning.

The HD video also helps people track animals more effectively and study their patterns for a successful hunting season. The only important disadvantage is that the trigger time is lengthy and the company should look further into lowering this trigger time.

What Makes a Great Moultrie Game Camera?

Several features should be included in a trail camera to make it stand out as the best. The following features are what we believe to be some of the most attractive for choosing a Moultrie.

Image and Video Quality

Moultries are some of the most advanced trail cameras currently on the market. All of the trail cameras on this list have a great megapixel rating with some even ranging up to 20MP. However, anything between 9 and 12MP should be considered the Goldilocks zone of trail camera image quality. The same goes for video, anything between 720 and 1080 (HD) should be considered top-of-the-line.

Night Vision

A great Moultrie game camera will have some of the best night vision capabilities on the market, one model can detect motion and snap a photo of game up to 100ft away in the dark. However, the standard range for night vision is around 60 ft and anything above that should be considered top of the range.

Trigger Speed

The trigger speed is the time between the camera’s motion detector realizing there’s game in the area and taking a photograph. This time is incredibly important and you should aim to have this time as short as possible. The fastest in the Moultrie range can trigger a photo in 0.5-seconds. You should aim for anything less than one-second. This seems fast. However, you’d be surprised how fast some game can travel within that time. You don’t want to miss your chance because of a slow trigger speed.


The Moultrie brand is one of the most respected and well-known hunting brands on the market. You’ll not get a reputation like this anywhere else. It’s clear that there’s a lot Moultrie does far better than competitors. This brand is a market leader, and it is more than worth it to follow their latest releases. 

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