Best Motion Duck Decoys of 2021 – Ultimate Round-up

| Last Updated June 3, 2021

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Decoys have been used hugely in hunting for a very long time.  It is an old technique used as a means of distraction. Whether in wartime or in general duck hunting, decoys are used.

However, for duck hunting, there are specific kinds of decoys you that you should choose. There are many types you can use for hunting ducks. But which one will be right for your purposes? It is a rather difficult task to select one from a variety of hundreds and thousands on the market today. 

Therefore, this article will discuss in detail about everything you should know about these. Then, we have reviewed some of the best motion decoys available. We hope this helps you decide on one of these devices for your own use. 

Comparison of the Best Motion Duck Decoys

  • Features a cam lock support pole.
  • Best motion duck decoy with built-in remote.
  • All components are attached to the pole directly.
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  • Requires 2 D-cell batteries.
  • Runner up decoy with its amazing 500rpm motors.
  • Comes with a limited warranty and repair guarantee.
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  • It features a three-piece stake.
  • Best for the money decoy that has a lightweight built.
  • It is a wind-activated decoy and does not require batteries.
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  • Requires 4 AA batteries.
  • Features a cam lock support pole.
  • It is a blue-winged teal duck decoy.
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  • Requires 6 AA batteries.
  • Best decoy for hunting gadwall.
  • Features magnetically installed wings.
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  • It features magnetic wings.
  • It is run on 6 Volt batteries.
  • The battery is rechargeable.
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Types of Motion Duck Decoys

Before we go ahead and review some of the best motion duck decoys, let’s first see the different kinds that exist on the market. Most commonly, you will find water motion duck decoys and spinning wing decoys.

There are some key differences between the two kinds.

Spinning Wing Decoys

These are known to be a successful decoy, especially when you are hunting ducks in the water. This decoy imitates the wing movement of ducks when they are landing. We highly recommend this kind if you are buying one for the first time. They are useful for hunting ducks on the land as well.

Water Motion Duck Decoys

These are best for hunting ducks in the water as it operates in the water and attracts ducks to it. These decoys create motion or movement in the water, which makes other ducks come near. This is not the best decoy in attracting ducks that are far away or at greater distances.

How We Chose These Top Picks

You must be wondering what basis we use to select the best motion duck decoys for our article. There are several factors we take a look at and consider before claiming a product to be one of the best. These are the factors that you should also consider before buying one. Here are some important considerations:

Build Quality and Material

In hunting, whatever equipment or product you are buying needs to be rugged and durable. A poorly built decoy will not last you a long time, will cost you much more between all the repairs and replacements, and will also make you miss hunting opportunities. Therefore, when we select our best duck decoys, we always look at the build quality of the product.


We try to add those products on the list that seem worth the price you will be paying. We also categorized more budget-friendly options separately. You need to remember that an expensive product does not always ensure quality. In the same way, an inexpensive product does not always mean it is cheaply made. Therefore, all products on the list vary in price and are judged based on their features and functionality more than the price.


One of the most important considerations is the brand of the product. The manufacturer, along with the seller, should both be reliable. A well-known and respected brand is more likely to put out a quality product. There should also be enough customer feedback to help you out in deciding whether or not the brand is reliable.

Review of the Best Motion Duck Decoys

While it can be confusing to choose from the plethora of products on the market, you can refer to the products we have cherry-picked for your consideration. You might even find the perfect one!

Best Overall:
MOJO Elite Series - King Mallard Decoy


  • Easy to Install Magnetic Wings
  • Mojo is a Highly Reliable Brand
  • Quiet and Stable Spinning Wings
  • One of the Most Advanced Decoys on the Market
  • Comes With a Remote for Easy Operation


  • Pricier Than Other Models

What Recent Buyers Report

Some customers did complain that the body got marks on it very easily and after very few uses. However, other than these complaints, other reports suggested that the users were highly satisfied. They loved how easy it is to install and use too.

Why it Stands Out To Us

The most distinctive feature of this MOJO decoy has to be its magnetic wings, which allow for more stable and smooth operation. The magnetic wings are very easy to install. Also, the working of the decoy is not wobbly and does not scare away the ducks, instead of attracting them. Therefore, we have added this on our list.

Who Will Use This Most

It’s a great decoy for beginners. This is because it is very easy and quick to use. We also recommend this for die-hard duck hunters and professionals too.

Bottom Line

To sum it up, this has to be one of the most reliable and efficient decoys in the market. It comes from a really reliable, market-leading brand and also features versatile functions. With its magnetic wings and cam-lock support, this will not disappoint.

Wonderducks Cyclone Duck Butt Drake

Wonderduck Decoys Cyclone Duck Butt Hen in Gray


  • The Decoy Has a Random and Realistic Movement
  • It Comes With Waterproof Switches to Ensure Durability
  • All Parts are Made in America With High-Quality Material
  • Users have found it functional on all hunting occasions.
  • The Limited Warranty and Repair Guarantee Add Value to Your Money


  • It Can Be Pricier Than Other Models
  • It Does Not Come With Batteries

What Recent Buyers Report

Many users who used this decoy when duck hunting reported that it lasted a long time without needing recharging. This makes it stand out from other, weaker models. Moreover, it also features waterproof switches, which the users loved because it allowed them to use it in all kinds of situations.

Why It Stands Out To Us

There are many reasons this decoy stands out to us. We especially chose this model because of its versatile features such as the waterproof switches. Moreover, it is also very long-lasting, and even though it is pricey, it will last you a long time. The value this decoy adds to your money makes it highly impressive and is hence, on our list.

Who Will Use This Most

This is a great option for hunters who don’t like to miss any opportunity. It is also a good choice for anyone with a good budget and wants to invest a decent amount in a decoy. It’s great for people who want to hunt ducks near or in the water.

Bottom Line 

Even though there are more similar, affordable models on the market, though nothing beats the diversity and high-quality functionality of this decoy. It is recommended for everyone who knows how important a good, quality decoy is.

Best for the Money:
Edge Innovative Hunting Air Lucky Decoy

Lucky Duck Lucky Air Force


  • It’s Wind-Activated
  • It Has Removable Feet
  • It Weighs Only 2.4 Ounces
  • More Affordable Than Most Models
  • It’s Great for Use in the Wild Where Recharging Batteries is Difficult
  • It’s Made With Durable, Strong Material that Won’t Wear Out Soon


  • Some Issues With the Wings Spinning Reported
  • The Wind-Activated Feature Does Not Always Work

What Recent Buyers Report

Recent buyers have complimented the build quality. They find it very durable and hence, are happy with its longevity. However, there were some issues reported regarding the wind-activated feature. Many said that because of this feature, without proper wind, the decoy won’t work as well as you would expect it to.

Why it Stands Out To Us

We think this will be good for die-hard hunters as well as beginners. This is because firstly, it has a strong and durable build that is very impressive. Plus, it’s great for use in the wild because of its no-battery functionality. These features impressed us and made it a no-brainer to add this affordable decoy to our list!

Who Will Use This Most

It’s great for hunters who are on-the-go in the wild. Its lightweight design makes it easy to carry and use. Plus, with no batteries required, it will be perfect to be used in the wild.

Bottom Line

Overall, this is a brilliant choice for anyone who wants a versatile decoy at a good price. It’s affordable and efficient at the same time. We think and recommend it to anyone who wants to invest in a good, quality decoy. Other than the fact that it may not always work because of the wind-activated feature, there is no reason to not like this outstanding product.

4. Mojo Elite Series Blue Wing Teal HW2475 Species: Blue-Winged Teal


  • It Has a Removable Body
  • The Cam-Lock Support Pole Makes Use Easy
  • Users Report Quiet and Smooth Functioning
  • It is One of the Best Duck Decoys From the Mojo Brand
  • It Has a Flexible Construction That Allows Smoother Functioning


  • Pricier Than Other Models
  • AA Batteries Not Included

What Recent Buyers Report

Mojo is one of the top brands in the market. Users who have used this product by Mojo say it is one of the most innovative and advanced units. Many users have also reported that it is very easy to use, and with its drop-in battery feature, it is a great option for on-the-go hunting.

Why it Stands Out To Us

Two of the biggest reasons this is on our list are its design and appearance. The decoy has an extremely detailed design and looks just like an actual duck. This makes it great and increases its success on all kinds of hunting occasions. The blue wings and face of the decoy are very impressive. Therefore, this outstanding product by Mojo has made it to our list.

Who Will Use This Most

We highly recommend this decoy to be used by beginners, professionals, and big-game hunters. It's quite convenient and easy to use and, therefore, is suitable for everyone.

Bottom Line

Overall, we love this product by Mojo. Mojo has never disappointed us with its products and this is again proof of how amazing and innovative their decoys are. Its details, along with its versatile features such as the cam lock support pole, are all excellent reasons to buy this.

5. MOJO Outdoors Gadwall Decoy

MOJO Outdoors Elite Series Spinning Wing Duck Decoy, Duck Hunting Gear and Accessories, Gadwall,One Size,HW2473


  • It is the Perfect Choice for Gadwall Hunting
  • It Features On and Off Timer Functionality
  • It Can Last up to 16 Hours With 6 AA Batteries
  • Magnetic Wings Are Very Easy and Quick to Install
  • Has Great, Realistic Details That Can Attract More Ducks


  • Slightly Expensive
  • Requires Batteries
  • Might Not Work for All Ducks

What Recent Buyers Report

Even though there are no complaints regarding the functionality of the decoy itself, there were some complaints about deception. Many users reported that the product descriptions and the pictures were not similar to what they received. Some also complained about the colors in the picture and how they were not the same in reality. Other than that, however, many first-timers said that they loved how easy it was to use and also liked how its stability in operating.

Why it Stands Out To Us

We are highly impressed by the details this realistic gadwall decoy has. It will surely attract lots of ducks. Also, we think that the magnetic wing feature makes it great for first-time users and is, therefore, added to our list. Other than that, the most distinctive feature is the timer functionality. There are few, if any, decoys on the market with such a feature.

Who Will Use This Most

This is great for hunters who want to hunt gadwall. It may not be very useful for geese and other duck hunting occasions. Other than that, beginners and first-timers will also use this product a lot.

Bottom Line

To sum up, this is a great product by Mojo. As mentioned earlier, Mojo is a highly trusted and reliable brand, and is, therefore, a great choice for absolutely anyone!

6. MOJO Baby Mallard Decoy


  • It Has a Very Lightweight Build
  • Great for Hunting Mallard Species
  • Very Quiet and Smooth Functioning
  • It Has the Option of Attaching a Remote Control
  • Magnetic Wings Allow Ease of Use for First-Timers
  • Rechargeable Battery Makes it Very Easy and Convenient to Use


  • Might Not Work for All Kinds of Ducks
  • The Remote Control is Supposed to Be Bought Separately

What Recent Buyers Report 

The majority of users of this outstanding Mojo decoy have reported it to be highly functional and beneficial in duck hunting. However, there were some complaints that it never recharged after the first few uses. Moreover, there were also some complaints regarding its build quality. Other than that, most users said that the installation, recharging, and assembly of the decoy were very easy and quick.

Why it Stands Out To Us 

There are many decoys in the market that run on removable and rechargeable batteries that need to be taken out. This is one of the biggest features of this model that stands out. You have a port on the decoy itself which charges the battery. This saves you from the time and energy required to disassemble it. Therefore, this is why the product stands out to us the most.

Who Will Use This Most 

This is a great choice for beginners. We also recommend this for use by hunters who are on-the-go, as its recharging is very easy. Plus, it’s a smaller version and is lightweight, which make it suitable for carrying too.

Bottom Line

Overall, this is a great choice for anyone specifically interested in mallard hunting. It might not work the best for other duck hunting activities. It’s very easy to use and, therefore, can be used by beginners too. Its lightweight build and rechargeable batteries are some distinctive features.

How to Use a Motion Duck Decoy

Now that you have looked at some of the best duck decoys, let’s see and understand how they are actually used. Keep in mind that not all are used the same way, there can be slight variations.

Oversized Decoys

One of the most frequently-given tips about using decoys is to use oversized ones. This allows real ducks to see them better and be attracted to them, too. So, try to go for those that are a little oversized compared to real duck sizes.

Use a Spreader System

The next step is spreading the decoys efficiently and effectively, which means you need to use more than just one. To spread multiple decoys at the same time, you will need a spreader system. The spreader system is hooked onto the decoy and floats on the water while the spreader sinks and is hidden under the water.

Maintenance is Important!

Never forget to paint, repair, and maintain your decoy regularly. Water and harsh weather conditions can damage the appearance. Without maintenance, it will lose its authentic look and will also stop functioning like it used to.

Always Remember to Charge

It is important always to charge the decoy before you go out hunting. Even if you do not really plan on using it, keep it charged and ready. This will prevent any emergencies and will make sure you never miss a good hunting opportunity.


Whether you're new to the world of duck hunting or have been knee-deep for a while, you must not underestimate the need for a good quality duck decoy. They have been, and will continue to be, used to increase hunting opportunities. Therefore, carefully invest in a good, quality unit by considering important factors such as the weight, brand, and build quality.

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