Hunters Using Social Media

| Last Updated May 4, 2020

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Like it or not, social media is growing.  My parents are nearing their 60s and have Facebook accounts.  People are increasingly going online and sharing their story with other people.  One trend that I’m seeing is the growth of hunters using social media.  In fact, many organizations are hiring people to enhance their social media presence.  One of those people is Ben Gustafson.  Gustafson is the Social Media editor at North American Hunting Club.  

Ben started using social media as a blogger.  His personal blog, Ben G Outdoors, got a lot of attention on Twitter.  He actively promoted his posts and had a lot of conversations with other bloggers and hunters on Twitter.  That presence eventually led him to his current position at North American Hunting Club.  Gustafson manages their Facebook & Twitter accounts as well as other promotions related work.  

Both Twitter & Facebook are growing at a wild pace.  According to Gustafson, some hunters are getting on board to chat with other hunters, some to become better hunters.  “I think it’s a good way to get information right at your fingertips.”  But it’s not just individual hunters.  Businesses are investing heavily in social media as well.  Gustafson says it’s a good way expand your brand and boost sales.

Facebook and Twitter are both known as “social media” but both sites have their strengths and weaknesses.  Facebook is generally networks of people who know each other in real life.  Many Twitter networks are started in the real world as well.  However, Twitter makes meeting new people and expanding your network much faster.  Conversations are also much faster on Twitter.  Facebook tends to be a slower medium but one that may foster stronger relationships.  

Ben says companies may gravitate towards Facebook because there are more people using it.  However, individuals who are looking to expand their network fast may find better results on Twitter.  “It’s definitely more for the busy-bee type person.” said Gustafson.  Some people still prefer Facebook for it’s familiarity.  “You know the people.  You know what is going on.  You know who your friends are.”  

Taking online relationships to the next level is also becoming popular.  Tweet-ups are scheduled informal events in which Twitter friends meet up.  Ben enjoys putting a face to a Twitter account.  “You get to see who they are and interact with them.  It’s fun.”  

Both Twitter and Facebook have mobile apps that allow the user to use social media from their phone.  Many hunters actually Tweet from the stand.  A few months ago I interviewed Rudy from Huntography.  Huntography focused on hunters using social media in 2011.  Ben often has Twitter conversations with hunters in the stand but he says being concise is important.  “You only ask them a couple of quick questions.  Otherwise, they could definitely miss something.”  

North American Hunting Club is on Facebook.  You can “Like” them here.  While you’re on Facebook, be sure to “Like” Foremost Hunting as well.  You can follow Ben on Twitter @nahuntingclub or on his personal account @BenGOutdoors.  

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