Best Hunting Fanny Packs – 2021 Recap of Our Top Picks

| Last Updated December 22, 2021

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When you hear the term, “fanny pack,” you try not to giggle as you imagine those waist storage travel packs popular with tourists decades ago. Fortunately, for hunters, the fanny pack is a lifesaver.

Specifically engineered to carry all of your gear, hunting fanny packs keep your survival gear, your knives, and everything in between organized within reach.

That keeps your hands free for more important things, like aiming your weapon or making sure that stray branch doesn’t scratch your face.

Comparison of the Best Hunting Fanny Packs

  • Best Hunting Fanny Pack Overall
  • Other ALPS Extensions Attach to it
  • Has Removable Shoulder and Waist Harnesses
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  • Turns into a Day Pack
  • Best Hunting Fanny Pack With Shoulder Straps
  • Six Storage Pockets Plus a Lid for the Unused Day Pack
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  • Best Bow and Turkey Hunting Fanny Pack
  • It has a Pocket Specifically for Your Weapon
  • Harnesses and Straps Distribute Heavier Weight Evenly for Easier Transport
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  • Best Hunting Fanny Pack Overall
  • Nylon straps are adjustable - suitable for men, women, and kids
  • Can store accessories in waterproof pouch to keep them dry
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Why is a Fanny Pack Handy While Hunting?  

There are many reasons you want to have a good fanny pack with you on your next hunting trip. Whether you are just out for the day or you are going on an extended hunting trip, several designs are available for your needs.

Fanny packs are specifically engineered for hunters of every skill level. Unlike generic fanny packs – that usually only have one or two pockets – hunting fanny packs are made for the materials you use on every hunting trip. They are made of durable materials (such as canvas and nylon), with strong stitching and zippers for long-term wear.

Do you know how long people have been using fanny packs? It’s longer than you think.

The fanny pack dates back to the prehistoric period, where people would attach bags made of leather hides to their belts for carrying small items. They were especially popular in the 1980s and 1990s as a replacement for a purse or backpack. They are currently making a comeback, with designer models available by Gucci and Louis Vuitton. There are several types of fanny packs, including models built for hunters and fitness enthusiasts.

They easily store the items you reach for often. When you pack for your hunting trip, there’s a difference between the things you need and the items you might need. With a combination of smaller and larger pockets, you can store everything from your navigational aids and extra ammunition to ponchos and safety gear. With a hunting fanny pack, you’ll always be prepared.

Fanny packs are designed to keep all of your materials secure as you walk. In any other go-bag, your possessions will get thrown around inside as you move. With a hunting fanny pack, the compartments are packed securely. The more sensitive items inside – such as your compass – won’t get knocked around as you walk and trek through uneven terrain.

Essential Items to Carry in Your Fanny Pack

After you buy your fanny pack, you need to know what to put in it. Every hunter will want to carry the following items:

Necessary Identification/Paperwork

If you are hunting, you’ll need proof that you are authorized to do so. You should always carry your hunting license and your photo ID with you. If your hunting fanny pack isn’t waterproof, you want to protect these documents with a waterproof document protector or pouch. You can find some here.

Navigational Aids

If you get lost during your hunting trip, it doesn’t have to be a disaster. Almost every hunting fanny pack has a small pouch for a compass. You can keep a map with your important documents to help you find your way to camp or the nearest landmark. You should always carry a flashlight, in case you get lost at night; always pack extra batteries. Flashlights are also useful for activating the phosphorescent paint on most compasses.

First Aid/Survival Supplies

Getting hurt during a hunting trip is pretty inevitable. You should always have some first aid supplies with you. Some items to include in your hunting fanny pack would be sterile bandages, antibiotic cream, insect repellent, baby aspirin, tweezers, allergy treatment, tape, and gauze. You might also want to include items to treat a snake bite if hunting in an area where this could be a hazard. Before packing these items, you should always know how to use them and what to do if an emergency arises.   

What comes in a typical first aid kit? A fully stocked first aid kit might include:

  • Adhesive, butterfly, fingertip, knee/elbow, knuckle, spot, and triangular bandages
  • Gauze sponges, gauze roll elastic bandages, and wrinkle bandages
  • Abdominal trauma pad
  • Eye pads
  • Medical tape
  • Alcohol wipes, iodine pads, antiseptic wipes, pads for stings
  • Qtips, scissors, tweezers, safety pins
  • CPR face mask, medical face mask
  • Gloves
  • Cold Compresses
  • Tourniquets
  • Finger Splints
  • Tongue Depressors
  • Emergency Blanket
  • First Aid Guide

Hunting Supplies

Of course, you’ll want to bring your essential tools for hunting. Your hunting fanny pack will include room for extra ammunition, your hunting knife, a sharpening stone, and flagging tape. Since every hunter is different, you can use your hunting fanny pack to bring your own items tailored to your specific needs.

What Makes a Great Hunting Fanny Pack?

When you are shopping for a hunting fanny pack, what do you look for? Is bigger better? Or should you find a model with more pockets? It depends on the hunter and the hunting trip, but there are some qualities that every hunting fanny pack has that will benefit any hunter.


The material of your hunting fanny pack should be lightweight yet durable. The best options for your purchase will be either canvas or nylon. This will keep your items safe and hold up to the elements. Canvas and nylon packs are also quiet, this is a valuable quality when you are hunting. The smallest noise will alert the target of your position, so having a bag that stays quiet during movement is essential to taking down your mark.


This also ties in with the material of your pack, but is your hunting fanny pack waterproof or water-resistant? Water-resistant packs will hold up against a light drizzle, humidity, or the spill of a water bottle. It won’t protect against any more moisture than that, putting your contents at risk. Waterproof packs are better for rainy days or extremely wet conditions. It’s always better to get a waterproof bag to make sure your items stay dry, even if you aren’t sure about weather conditions.   

What’s the Difference Between a Fanny Pack and a Day Pack?

Several fanny packs come with the option to expand into a day pack. Day packs are very similar to backpacks. The fanny pack only fits around your waist, while you wear the day pack on your back. If you have a fanny pack, then you wear them towards the front of your body. This makes it easier to reach what you need. You wear day packs on your back, so it isn’t as easy to reach the storage compartments. However, they have more room for storing survival and camping gear.  

Storage Options

The point of a good hunting fanny pack is having enough storage pockets to keep all of your items safe during your trip. But, do you have enough room to hold everything you want to bring with you? Are you taking a day trip, or are you and your buddies going on an extended hunt?

Keep in mind what you will need for your hunting trip when looking for the best fanny pack. Many models extend from fanny packs to day packs for bringing camping gear. Others are compatible with extra storage options. Also, are the storage compartments easily accessible so that you can grab what you need when you need it?


Since you’ll be carrying a good amount of materials with you, your hunting fanny pack should evenly distribute the weight. The best fanny packs will have adjustable shoulder and waist straps so that you can wear them comfortably. The adjustability also works well to give you the best fit. If your weight fluctuates, then this quality is helpful. You don’t have to reinvest in another pack. You can just change the tightness of the straps.

Review of the Best Hunting Fanny Packs

We’ve reviewed the best hunting fanny packs on the market this year. When we were making our selections, we looked at the best-rated items. We also considered other features, such as how well they adapt to your needs and the durability of the materials.

Best Overall:
ALPS OutdoorZ Little Bear

ALPS OutdoorZ Little Bear Hunting Fanny Pack, Realtree Edge


  • Compatible with all other ALPS extensions
  • Extremely lightweight: only weighs 1.6 lbs
  • Removable waist harness has two bonus pockets
  • Has 4 pockets: 1 front pocket, 2 side pockets, and 1 main pocket
  • Removable shoulder harness has an attachment to hold Your coat
  • Compartments of various sizes hold 8 liters, keeping materials of similar size together


  • Not waterproof
  • The zippers are too small for large hands or if you are wearing gloves
  • A few complaints that the shoulder strap causes friction burn against the neck

The ALPS OutdoorZ Little Bear is one of the top-rated fanny packs for hunters. This extremely lightweight hunting fanny pack has multiple pockets of different sizes so you can carry your large and small items on your next hunting trip.

Great for either hunting or hiking, this fanny pack has six compartments within arm’s reach. Hunters love the Little Bear because of its camouflage design and its compatibility with other ALPS attachments.

You can add extra pockets, such as the binocular or turkey call pocket compartment, to the Little Bear without weighing it down. The main pocket is perfect for storing your larger items, and the smaller compartments along the belt and the sides are great for your smaller pieces.

Both the shoulder and waist harnesses are removable, so you can wear the Little Bear however you feel the most comfortable. Although not as big as some of its competitors, the ALPS OutdoorZ Little Bear Hunting Fanny Pack is perfect for the hunter who travels light.

Bottom Line

Although we like the ALPS OutdoorZ Little Bear Hunting Fanny Pack for its compact design, it isn’t practical for any long-term hunting trip. The pockets are too small to pack anything other than what you need for the day. Getting into the compartments themselves can be tricky if you have large hands or you are wearing thicker gloves on a cold day.

The removable harnesses are convenient and there have been no complaints on the Little Bear’s durability. It holds up well, but it isn’t waterproof. That might be a deal-breaker, but it’s a good fanny pack for a day out.

Best Hunting Fanny Pack With Shoulder Straps:
ALPS OutdoorZ Big Bear

ALPS OutdoorZ Big Bear Hunting Day Pack, Realtree Edge , 2700 Cubic'


  • Comes with 6 pockets for storage
  • Weighs 2 lbs, 5 oz; holds 44 liters/2700 in3
  • Compatible with all other ALPS extensions
  • Expands into a day pack when carrying more items
  • The adjustable shoulder harness is removable (required when using day pack)
  • The day pack breaks down and stores into the top compartment when not in use


  • Not waterproof
  • Rear-facing when using the day pack
  • Some complaints that straps are flimsy
  • A few claims that the shoulder strap causes friction burn against the neck

If you are looking for a larger fanny pack than the Little Bear, then the ALPS OutdoorZ Big Bear is your perfect match. This fanny pack has the same pocket options – one main pocket with two on the side and one in the front. It also has two extra pockets on the waist like the Little Bear.

What makes this model so amazing is that it expands into a day pack. The day pack hooks onto the removable shoulder straps so you can convert your fanny pack into the bag you need. It only weighs two lbs, five oz, but the Big Bear can hold up to 44 liters of items! When you aren’t using the day pack, it breaks down and stores in the fanny pack.

Just like the Little Bear, the Big Bear is compatible with all ALPS extensions. Every hunting trip is different: sometimes you pack light, sometimes you don’t. The Big Bear adjusts its size so you can always bring everything you need.

Bottom Line

Just like its smaller counterpart, the ALPS OutdoorZ Big Bear has some design issues that might not suit every hunter. The main difference between the Big Bear and the Little Bear is that the Big Bear has an attachable day pack. The Big Bear won’t protect your items during a heavy rainstorm, and there have been some complaints that the straps don’t hold up.

We do like how you can switch back and forth between day pack and fanny pack (depending on how much you are bringing on your hunting trip), and that convenience of not having to invest in two different packs is worth the investment.

Best Bow & Turkey Hunting Fanny Pack:
ALPS OutdoorZ Pathfinder

ALPS OutdoorZ Pathfinder Hunting Pack, Realtree Edge


  • Compatible with ALPS accessories
  • Easy-access pocket for a gun or compound bow
  • Water-resistant canvas material; weighs 2 lbs, 5 oz
  • Body straps and support harnesses evenly distribute weight for heavier loads
  • You can wear it on your back or across the chest comfortably with padded shoulder harness and waist belt
  • Combination hunting fanny pack/day pack has multiple pockets that holds 44 liters total (fanny pack:13 L/day pack:31 L)


  • Wears out easily
  • Side pouches have no organization for smaller items

There are hunters, and then there are hunters. If you regularly rough it in the outdoors on your hunting trips, then the ALPS OutdoorZ Pathfinder will keep you prepared. A step up from the Big Bear, this water-resistant canvas combination fanny pack/day pack has more room for carrying larger items.

With more straps to keep the Pathfinder securely attached to your body, it aligns your cargo with your center of gravity to evenly distribute what you are carrying. This makes it easier on your back and legs when walking and trekking long distances.

The Pathfinder is adaptable for ALPS extensions as well as other packs so you can create your own go-bag for your hunting trip. It has space for a water bottle, with larger compartments for your jacket, blankets, and tent. The front of the day pack has an easy-access pocket that fits either a gun or a compound bow. No matter how you hunt, you can store your weapon.  

Bottom Line

If hunting is more than a pastime, then you need a hunting fanny pack/day pack combination that can keep up with you. The ALPS OutdoorZ Pathfinder is entirely adaptable, with multiple compartments to store your small to large items. There is also a pocket for easy access to your weapon.

The only downside we see to this product is the pouches aren’t well-organized. This can be troubling if you are trying to keep certain items away from each other – such as your compass from anything with metal in it. There have been some complaints that the pack wears out quickly, but these are relatively minor. Overall, we think the Pathfinder’s benefits outweigh the downsides.  

Biggest Hunting Fanny Pack:
Auscamotek Camo Hunting Backpack and Fanny Pack


  • Ideal for every age range
  • Comes with an adjustable nylon strap
  • Made up of 100% brushed polyester fabric
  • Camouflage printing; natural trees and leaves
  • Very spacious and has many compartments for storage


  • Waterproof material might make some noise

What Recent Buyers Report

This item is well-received by its audience. Buyers use it for carrying and holding shotgun shells. It offers enough space to hold binoculars, a range finder, and a couple of snacks. With its waist strap, you can keep this from swinging back and forth. Its straps are even soft and will hold the perfect position without hurting you.

Why it Stands Out to Us

Its multiple remarkable features are the reasons why this product stands out to us. It is made up of water-resistant polyester that assures the safety of the products inside in the bag when it is raining outside. As this bag is used for hunting purposes, it has leaves, trees, and trunks printed on it for camouflage purposes.

Bottom Line

It comes in convenient dimensions, with a protective coating and adjustable straps, is suitable for all ages, and it is an ideal item to use for all of the essentials for hunting. So if you are planning a hunting trip in the coming days, then make sure you have this product with you.

Best Camouflage Fanny Pack:
Huntvp Tactical Waist Pack

HUNTVP Tactical Waist Pack Bag Military Fanny Packs WR Hip Belt Bag Pouch for Hiking Climbing Outdoor Bumbag-Jungle Camouflage


  • ABS buckles hold pockets in place
  • Weighs 0.9 lbs; waistband adjusts from 27.5” to 51.1”
  • A top elastic bungee cord holds items on top of the fanny pack
  • You can wear it over your shoulder, across your chest, or on your waist
  • High-density 900D nylon/canvas comes in multiple designs for hunting or hiking
  • Several cotton-lined pockets to store your belongings: 3 zippered pouches in the front, the main interior pouch, and a back pouch near the body


  • Not waterproof
  • Smaller than it looks
  • Buckles on compartments are hard to open quickly

While the tactical waist pack is designed more for hiking, this model – just like the Little Bear – is also useful for hunters who travel light. The canvas exterior comes in several versions of camouflage, so you can purchase the one that matches your terrain the best.

This hunting fanny pack is smaller than most others, so you can conveniently wear it over your shoulder, across your chest, or on your waist. If you do choose to wear it on your waist, the adjustable buckle goes up to 51.1”. The Huntvp weighs less than a pound, so you won’t be weighed down by anything more than what you are carrying inside of it. ABS buckles secure the front pockets, so your items are always safe.

Unlike many other hunting fanny packs, the interior of the compartments is lined with cotton. This makes it easier to transport more delicate items. There is even an elastic bungee cord on top of the pack that can hold a long, flat item (like a GPS). If you are just going out for the day, and all you need is your weapon, some extra ammo, and some basic supplies, then the Huntvp is all you need.  

Bottom Line

The Huntvp Tactical Waist Pack is perfect for the casual hunter who doesn’t like to be loaded down with a heavier pack. However, it isn’t an ideal fanny pack. It isn’t waterproof, so it won’t protect your items during extremely wet conditions.

Plus, it is a lot smaller than it looks. It won’t hold much. If you have more than will fit in your pockets – but not enough to need a traditional hunting fanny pack – this would work well for you.

Best With Hand Warmer:
Tenzing TZ 721 Hunting Waist Pack


  • Weighs 2 lbs; holds 727 cubic inches
  • Includes an area for another warming pack
  • Extra flexibility around hips, with an adjustable belt from 24” to 56”
  • Mesh material along your back pulls moisture away from your body
  • Comes equipped with 17 storage compartments of multiple sizes, including one for a cell phone
  • Made specifically for cold climates: space for warming packs along the torso and lower back to keep you warm


  • Not that quiet; Velcro and zippers are too noisy

While we all love hunting, sometimes the cold climate can ruin our fun. The Tenzing TZ 721 Hunting Waist Pack was designed specifically for hunters who live in colder climates. It comes with 17 storage compartments – including one for a cell phone – that holds 727 cubic inches of supplies!

The Tenzing weighs only two lbs, so it's not extra bulky or heavy. This fanny pack has an extra flexible waist, with an adjustable belt that goes up to 56”. The real winner of the Tenzing is the spaces for warming packs. This fanny pack has a built-in hand warmer (with space for a warming pouch), as well as three more warming areas around your back and torso.

Keeping your hands warm is crucial when you are hunting, as it keeps the muscles and tendons in your fingers flexible, so your hands won’t lock up when you’re trying to make that shot. For extra comfort, the Tenzing has a soft mesh material that pulls moisture and sweat away from your back to keep your skin dry and warm.  

Bottom Line

When you hunt in a colder climate, you need the extra protection of staying warm while you are out in the woods. The Tenzing TZ 721 Hunting Waist Pack focuses on keeping your hands and the center of your body warm so you can concentrate on the hunt.

As amazing as that is, the pack itself isn’t perfect. The color isn’t the best camouflage, so it might give away your location. Also, this thing is loud. The Velcro straps and zippers aren’t the quietest, so it makes using it for hunting pretty pointless. However, we give the product credit where it is due: it does keep you warm.

Pros and Cons of Hunting With a Fanny Pack

Before you set some money aside for an item, you need to make sure that you have considered all the pros and cons that come with buying yourself one. 


First, let’s see the pros:

Easy to Carry

Since you are already carrying your rifle, you need a bag that is light in weight and is very easy to carry. A fanny pack is a perfect choice! Its size is small, but it fits all the necessary items.


A fanny pack comes with a strap. You can either wrap it around your waist or sling it over your shoulder – it all depends on your convenience and choice.


The weather can be a bit unpredictable when you are in the woods hunting, so it is better to come prepared. You don’t want your ammunition to get soaked; this is where a water-resistant item comes in handy. Its material can help you keep your things safe.


One major con associated with such packs are:


If you are planning to carry some heavy items, then a fanny pack is not an ideal choice. However, it is safe to put binoculars in it, but you have to think twice before putting a medium-sized water bottle in it.


When you are out hunting, you need to stay focused on the task at hand. The last thing you need is to go digging through your pack to find what you need. Staying organized is the best way to stay focused on the hunt. When you have the right hunting fanny pack, you can keep all of your necessary items organized, safe from the elements, and right where you need them.


People Also Ask

If you are a hunter, then you must have a backpack. But now, if you are thinking about switching to a fanny pack, you might have a couple of questions in your mind. Here we have chosen some frequently asked questions and also provided their answers. Go through them and remember these points when you are heading over to a store to look at your options.

Are Fanny Packs Water-Resistant?

Yes, fanny packs are water-resistant, but that does not mean that they are waterproof. Sure they will save your items for a couple of minutes when you are searching for shelter in the pouring rain, but don’t expect it to protect your phone while you dive into the pool with it.

Do I Need a Camo Fanny Pack For Hunting?

If you are looking for a fanny pack just for hunting purposes, then it is recommended to invest in one that is camouflaged. It will go well with your outfit and will help you hide in the trees as well. That being said, it is not a compulsion to only go with a camo fanny pack.

What’s Better - a Front Position or Back Position For a Fanny Pack?

There is no better position to wear a fanny pack; it depends on your ease and comfort. Since we are talking about hunting, if you think it will be easy for you to aim with a fanny pack around your waist or it is better if you have it by your shoulder, then go with whatever suits you.

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