Daypack Hunting Essentials – What To Pack While Hunting

| Last Updated September 24, 2020

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One of the mot important things I make certain I have with me while heading out into the field, is a positive mental attitude. It is important to have all the right gear and equipment, but I think that mindset is just as important as any paraphernalia.

After that, I have a personal list of stuff that can always be found in my backpack while out in the field. A daypack will vary quite a lot from my multi-day backpack. Backpack hunting is a whole different article; this time around we will focus on daypacks and some of the essentials.

Start off with a quality made pack, you will be carrying it for long hours and possibly for quite a few consecutive days, good quality packs will help. The size of the pack is a personal choice, but remember, a 20lb pack feels like 120lb after a long day out. I will list some essentials the can be found on me.

Essential Items to Carry in Your Bag

  • Small survival kit (matches, compass, small first aid kit, blister kit, pain killers)
  • Light rain gear
  • Binoculars
  • Extra knife and sharpening stone
  • Head lamp
  • Cotton handkerchiefs
  • Bug repellent
  • Water bottle, water tablets and/or water filters
  • Snacks (power bars, Wilderness Athlete, power gels)
  • Extra socks
  • Mini leatherman
  • Digital camera
  • Garbage bags x 3
  • Nylon cord
  • Hunting essentials (licenses, tags, extra ammo)

This is simply a basic list, depending on the hunt or the day’s activity, the equipment list could vary. Heading out in to the field with the proper equipment is a valuable element towards ensuring a successful outdoor adventure.

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