Best Hunting Arrows of 2020

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As a hunter, would you like the idea of reusable ammo? If so, hunting arrow s are for you. With these, game will experience less pain and panic when hit and will usually die close to where they were shot. Because there are so many different types, choosing the best option for you is vital for a triumphant hunting experience.  

Best Hunting Arrows Comparison Chart


Carbon Express Maxima

  • Very Straight Arrows
  • Great, Durable Construction
  • Faster Spin Than Others
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Carbon Express Maxima RED Carbon

  • Direct Measurement of a Laser for Ultimate Straightness
  • Launchpad Precision Nocks for Control and Shaft Alignment
  • Diversity of size: 250 and 350 Available
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Xgeek Carbon Arrows 30Inch

  • High Quality
  • Four Different Material Choices
  • Good Value for the Money
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MS Jumpper Archery Carbon Arrows

  • Comes in Multiple Sizes
  • High-Quality Arrows
  • Durable
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PG1ARCHERY 30 Inch Carbon Arrows

  • For Compound Bows
  • Multi-Use
  • Good Accuracy
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Misayar 12Pcs/lot 30 Inch Carbon Arrows

  • Handmade, High-Quality
  • Easy to Use
  • Classic Look and Feel
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Huntingdoor 30" Archery Carbon Target Arrows

  • Nocks are Rotatable and Points are Removable
  • Great Weight for Shooting Practice or Bow Hunting
  • Product Comes Assembled and Ready for Easy Use
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How to Choose Hunting Arrows

Here are the main aspects to look for when choosing one of our top picks:


The greater the weight, the more power it carries when coming into contact with an animal. The goal is to have the most kinetic energy possible. With the right weight, you can make this happen.


As a hunter, you want to invest in some that is durable and will not break when it makes contact with an animal or other objects whether bale of hay or water jug. The more durable an arrow is, the longer it will last.

Carbon Express Maxima Hunter Arrow

Correct Length

This is important in order for everything to perform correctly with your equipment. If things don’t fit right, you will be unhappy with your purchase.  


Not all are as stiff as you want them or can simply be too stiff. It is important to invest in an arrow with the right amount of stiffness that will bring you the most success in the field.

Aspects to Consider Before Buying Hunting Arrows

Keep these in mind while reading our review:

Arrow Diameter

The diameter matters when buying because when the diameter size is smaller, the penetration becomes greater. With a small diameter, there is also less of a chance of wind drift.


Usually, if it is measured and cut greater than 28”, the spine tends to be weaker than what you may expect. If it is cut less than 28”, the spine tends to be stiffer than what you expect.

Front of Center (FOC) Weight

This is the average percentage of the weight that is located in the front half of the arrow. When weight is added to this region, the spine tends to become much weaker.

Total Weight

The total weight is also important because it will provide you with the most comfort. Generally, an arrow that has a weight of 400 grams or more will kill almost anything. While greater seems to be better in most cases, it’s important to shoot what you feel most comfortable with.

Quick Take | Best Hunting Arrows

Review of the Best Hunting Arrows

Now that we've covered how to choose and the main aspects to take into consideration before buying, let's focus on our main review.

Carbon Express Maxima Hunter Arrow (Blazer Vanes) 6 Pack


  • High Quality
  • Comes in Two Different Sizes
  • Extremely Precise Straightness


  • Camouflage Pattern Makes It A Challenge To Locate
  • Vane color is actually white and green instead of white and red

The Carbon Express Maxima was created using Dual Spine Weight Forward technology. With two contrasting carbon mediums, two spines, and one arrow, this product will keep its speed and present a high level of accuracy. 

The carbon assembly gives consistency in the spine along with a great amount of power and the ability to resist damage or pressure. Not only that, but the way these are constructed makes it able to tolerate more usage than today’s conventional carbon arrows.

These spin 20% sooner than others and has been checked by a laser for straightness to 1/10,000 of an inch. The fletchings are 2” blazer vanes, with 12 arrows per package. For the 250 size, the spine is 0.417” and the diameter is 0.295”. For the 350 size, the spine is 0.337” and the diameter is 0.297”. With all of its features, this arrow comes out on top as the best, most accurate product that Carbon Express has put on the market yet.

Bottom Line

While these do hold a great level of consistency and speed, customers seem to have issues with the colors. First of all, the product is advertised with white and red vanes, and when the product was received, it came with white and green vanes. The camouflage pattern proved to be questionable since most hunters had trouble finding the arrows once shot. Overall, however, the majority of users are happy with their purchase, saying the arrows are of very high quality.  

Best for Deer Hunting:
Carbon Express Maxima RED Carbon

Carbon Express Maxima RED Carbon Arrow Shaft with Dynamic Spine Control, Size 350, 12-Pack


  • Good for Practice
  • Upgrading Abilities
  • Premium Fly Speed


  • Doesn’t Include the Fletching
  • Not for People New to Hunting
  • Need Tools and Materials Not Included (Need a Jig)

The Carbon Express Maxima RED Carbon Arrow Shaft is one of the best midweight hunting arrows on the market right now. This product comes as a 12-pack with the choice of sizes between 250 (8.11gpi & .400 spine) and 350 (9.07gpi & .350 spine).

This model comes with a lot of features, from vanes made by Blazer to the nock collar made by BullDog on each arrow. It has very stiff ends in order to control and accommodate the flex to the Red Zone, which is where the Dynamic Spine is located and makes a broadhead shot in a uniform matter.

With its Launchpad Precision Flight System, controlling the release with precision contact has never been easier. This specific system provides the arrow with precisely aligned nock barrels and a concentric design made for uniform performance.

The Dynamic Spine Control extends to draw weights of 40-92 lbs. With this, you have the ability to upgrade to the previous product, the Carbon Express Maxima Hunter. With its carbon fiberglass construction, this product is stable and durable. Most customers state that this arrow is best used for practice.

Bottom Line

These are a good and effective purchase if you are in need of hunting practice or are looking for a set that come with a good upgrade option. The bottom line here is that these come uncut. A jig and other materials are required for cutting and putting inserts in, so this product is not for someone who considers themselves to be an inexperienced hunter or for someone who is hesitant when putting an arrow together.  

Best Carbon Hunting Arrows:
Xgeek Carbon Arrows 30Inch

XGEEK 30in Carbon Arrows Shafts,Practice Arrows for Target Shooting,Compound Bow & Recurve Bow Arrows for Hunting,with Removable Tips (Carbon 1)


  • Lightweight
  • Good Speed
  • High Durability
  • Cost Friendly Alternative to Feather-Fletched Arrows


  • Ideal Use is for Target Practice or Bow Hunting

The Xgeek 30-inch Carbon Arrows have a total of 500 spine shafts that are made of carbon composite. These are known to be stable, high-quality, and able to withstand damage or wear and tear. 

Because of their high durability, they can be used during long sessions of target practice. This item comes in four different materials. The first, “carbon 1” is the color blue, the second “carbon 2” is yellow, the third “carbon 4” is green, and the fourth “carbon 6” is orange.

These come with inserts that are made of aluminum and vanes that come pre-fletched. Not only that, these arrows have nickel-plated stainless steel tips and colored plastic fletching. Because these arrows are ideally meant for practice, it is important to check for damage before reusing each arrow. 

For the most part, these stick relatively well to all targets. If the vanes become damaged, they are still salvageable through the use of a hair drier or soaking in hot water.   

Bottom Line

This product provides its users with the ability to polish and work on essential hunting skills that are needed in order to have a successful hunting trip. If you are looking to invest in a set that you plan to use for a hunting trip, you should not invest in these. However, if you need more practice, then look no further, this is set for you. This company is known to have good customer service if you are having issues with the product.

MS Jumpper Archery Carbon Arrows, High Percentage Carbon-Fiber Arrow Spine 400 with 4' Real Feathers 100 Grain Points for Hunting/Targeting Compound/Recurve/Long Bow 6Pack


  • Good Performance
  • Easy to Find After Shooting
  • Great for Use During Target Practice
  • Can Withstand a Great Amount of Wear and Tear


  • Specifically Made for Practicing Skills
  • Delivery Time After Ordering is Not Consistent

The MS Jumpper Archery Carbon Arrows are meant for a traditional bow for use in hunting and target practice. It comes in a wide variety of sizes, starting with 28-inch, a 29-inch, a 30-inch, and lastly, to the 31-inch. This model seems to be very versatile when it comes to its dimensions.

The length of these are 28-31”, the diameter of the shaft is 7.4mm, and the fletching comes with two black and one red 4” peltate-shaped feathers that are real. It also features a protector band in front of the fletching that works to prevent the feathers from becoming damaged or lost completely. These come with inserts and screw-in points which make for a great design.

The spine size is 400, which makes the draw weight up to 65 lbs. The tips are 100-grain stainless steel, so these are ideally used for the purpose of practice. With all of these features and positive customer reviews, these could easily compete with some of the highest quality options.

Bottom Line

As a hunter, if you are looking to invest in a set that is very durable during practice sessions, then this is a good choice for you. This model comes in four different sizes so you are provided with the ability to choose the size that you think will give you the highest chance of success. Overall, the majority of customers are happy with their purchase and would buy again.

Best for Compound Bow Hunting:
PG1ARCHERY 30 Inch Carbon Arrows

PG1ARCHERY 30 Inch Carbon Arrows with 4 Inch Shield Turkey Feathers Fletching & Removable Points Tips for Archery Hunting Practice Targeting, 6 Pack White


  • Good Speed With Low Hand Shock
  • Shoots Perfectly and Maintains Accuracy
  • Attractive and UniquePattern and Layout


  • Fletchings Are Made of Plastic so Not Very Durable    
  • Fletchings Are the Same; Takes Time to Figure Out How to Load Them

The PG1ARCHERY 30-Inch Carbon Arrows are a solid and well-made product that comes in the three different colors, white, yellow, or purple. These are fitted for a compound bow and works for anything from target practice to actual hunting.

This product has an inner diameter of 6.2mm, a draw weight of 20-70 lbs, and a shaft length of 30 inches, which comes to a total length of 31 inches. The fletching material is made from 4” real turkey feathers. The feathers are heat shrunk at the base in order to provide them with the best adhesive.

While the shaft material is made of carbon fiber, the nock is made from plastic and is then glued. The tips screw on easily and without effort and are well-weighted for the best flying possible. The end notch comes well fastened and fits the two different sizes of 12 and 14 strand bowstrings.

These provide little challenge to remove from objects such as targets or game. This product is effective in its positive features, but might be slightly unstable here and there.

Bottom Line

These arrows are good and efficient for any event, from target practice to actual hunting. The color scheme and pattern tends to be a big selling point for most customers. While these are versatile in their use and are great for a diverse type of occasions, they are not the most stable option you can buy for every condition. Overall, however, customers rated this product highly and are pleased with their purchase.

Misayar 12Pcs/lot 30 Inch Carbon Arrows Fletched 3 Inch Vane with Field Points for Recurve Compound Bow Targeting or Hunting


  • Efficient Delivery
  • Handmade Traditional Feel
  • Tip and Nock Are Transferable to Other Arrows


  • Heavy on the Front End
  • Fletchings are Tough and Fragile
  • Have to Glue the Broadheads On
  • More Decorative Than Functional

The Misayar 12Pcs/lot 30 Inch Carbon Arrows are high-quality handmade archery arrows and come in the colors of either black or white. These work the best for either standard hunting or target practice. 

The aare 31” in length and have a shaft diameter of 5/16”. Each is made out of wood combined with a metal arrowhead and topped off with three pheasant feathers. Each feather is either black or white, depending on what color you buy, and has a length of 5”.

They already come fletched and nocked, so this makes for an easy experience and ability to shoot right out of the packaging. Besides the cool historic look of these, shooting is very straight at shorter ranges when compared to longer ranges. 

The arrows have an average draw weight of 40-60 lbs. These work for recurve bows, compound bows (excluding all-capture arrow rest), and longbows. Each weighs approximately 45g.

Bottom Line

As a hunter, this is a good choice if you plan to invest in some that isn’t made of carbon or any other material besides wood. The best uses for these arrows are either for target practice or actual hunting. It is recommended to oil the tips before initial use to avoid rusting on the surface. The company, Misayar, is known to have great customer experience if you invest in this product and have questions or don’t end up liking it.

Best for Recurve Bow Hunting:
Huntingdoor 30" Archery Carbon Target Arrows

Huntingdoor 30' Archery Carbon Target Arrows Hunting Arrows with Adjustable Nock and Replaceable Field Points for Compound Bow or Recurve Bow (12 Pack)


  • Great for Target Practice
  • Comes in Two Different Colors
  • Durability is Rated High Due to Wall Thickness


  • Cheap Looking
  • Veins May Become Loose
  • Need to Tighten the Tips Before Initial Use

The Huntingdoor 30” Archery Carbon Target Arrows come complete and ready for shooting right out of the package. These arrows are highly durable, made from a carbon material, and are best used for bow hunting and target practice. The choices of colors for this product is red or black.

For these arrows, the nocks are rotatable for a multipurpose function which makes this arrow stand out compared to all of the others on the market. It comes with a default setting aligned with a cock feather. The feathers are five-inch cock feathers, either black or red depending on what you order.

Many hunting broadheads work with this product because of the removable screw-on 100-grain field points. This arrow is fletched with 3” TPU vanes and weighs 36g with a 550-600 spine and a length of 31.3 inches (80cm). It is recommended to use these arrows with a 35-60 pound bow. As a hunter, when you invest in this product, you should expect an overall good performance and high speed.

Bottom Line

These are a great investment if you plan to use them for practicing your hunting skills. In the reviews, it is noted that if you plan to use these arrows with a recurve bow or a longbow, instead of a compound bow, you need to adjust the orientation of the nocks. Overall, we would recommend these arrows over any of the others if you are looking for an arrow to practice or have fun with.

Features of Hunting Arrows

Below are some of the main features behind these choices:


The color, whether the color scheme or pattern, seems to matter to the majority of customers looking for a good hunting arrow. Whether you want something that is attractive to the eye or easy to find after being shot, color is important to the overall experience.

Manual Assembly vs. Already Made

A choice that you, as a hunter, should make before investing in a set of arrows is whether or not you want to deal with putting them together or not. For beginning hunters, assembling the arrows is not always easy and requires tools that often do not come with the purchase.

Material (Carbon vs. Wood)

The most popular hunting arrows come in different materials, from wood to carbon to plastic. As a hunter, you should figure out which material works best for you depending on what you will be using them for and when you are planning to use them.

Benefits of Investing in Top of the Line Hunting Arrows

Worried about spending some extra money? Here's why you should invest now and save later:

Durability and Longevity

Depending on which hunting arrow you decide to invest in, you want one that is going to last you a long time. This is because most hunters not only use arrows to hunt, but they also use arrows for target practice. The better the material, the longer you will have the arrows. The material is key to the overall durability of the product.


As a hunter, you should be on the lookout for a hunting arrow that is consistent. Once you start using an arrow, you want it to do exactly what you have trained for. With all of these products having good consistency, you won’t have to worry about something unplanned happening when shooting the arrow.


The reviewed products all have great weights for anything from target practice to actual hunting. If you invest in an arrow that is too heavy, it may sink before hitting your intended target.


In conclusion, as a hunter, you have many different options regarding the hunting arrow you choose to invest in. Since hunting arrows are made out of different materials and come in different sizes, it is important to choose the one that suits your needs best. Remember to be safe when using these products. We hope you enjoyed this review of hunting arrows and have been able to find one that will work great for you! 

In this edition of’s Archery Journal, Dan Ellyson of A1 Archery in Hudson, Wisconsin explains how to find the right arrow for you based on several key factors.

Good arrows could be more important than the bow you are shooting. No two arrows are created equal. Straightness, weight, length, and material affect arrow performance. What could be a great arrow for one person can be a disaster for another. In this edition of’s Archery Journal, Dan Ellyson of A1 Archery in Hudson, Wisconsin explains how to find the right arrow for you based on several factors including:

  • Straightness
  • Length
  • Weight
  • Carbon vs. Aluminum
  • Target vs. Hunting

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