Best Virginia Hunting Guides – 2021 Tell-All

| Last Updated May 23, 2021

Hunting is one sport that can be thrilling, adventurous, and extremely rewarding, all at the same time. And for the most enthusiastic of you lot, finding a good hunting place can be a lifelong dream. 

Virginia is one such place that not only provides you with an abundant supply of habitat, but its diverse wildlife also makes for a competitive environment.

There are many options available for hunting guides in the market. You can avail all of them or one of them, but in each case, you will have to start from somewhere. Fret not, because we are here to help you make the wisest decision.

Comparison of the Best Virginia Hunting Guides 

  • Most Popular
  • Huge hunting territory
  • Self guided trips available
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  • Best Value
  • 3 long days of hunting
  • Accommodation is provided
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  • Best Turkey Hunting Trip in Virgina
  • Full guided hunting sessions
  • 3 days of hunting
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  • Best Deer Hunting Trip in Virgina
  • High-quality trophies
  • Field trophy preparation
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  • Best Black Bear Hunting Trip in Virgina
  • Great for the archery hunters
  • High success rate
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  • A very long hunting session of 6 days
  • Different hunting applications
  • You get accommodation included in the price
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  • Combo hunting opportunities
  • Quite high success rate
  • Transport on territory is provided
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Why Virginia is Such a Great Place to Hunt

It wouldn't be presumptuous for us to call Virginia a hunter’s dream. The land is equipped with beautiful landscapes, affordable private lands, and is home to a lot of diverse habitats. Not only that, but the grounds are spacious, which makes for a quiet and peaceful hunt with your friends and family. Here are all the things that make Virginia such a great place to hunt.

Varied Habitat

This matters the most to a hunter. The state is home to a diverse habitat. This includes waterfowl, turkey, several dove hunts, and elks. This not only offers you a greater choice but also keeps the thrill of hunting alive. You can come back each time and choose to hunt different species.

Private Hunting Lands

Many hunters like to have their own space for hunting. They don't like people lurking around and disrupting their activities. Lucky for them, the state offers a lot of private land hunts. These are well-maintained places that offer comfortable lodgings and even meals for all their guests.


If you think you will run out of options whilst hunting in Virginia, you are very wrong. The land offers coastal plains that offer rich waterfowl areas that are extremely rich in marshlands. These offer perfect hunting hotspots. 

Moreover, the ridge areas and the valleys provide good spots for turkey, bear, and elk hunting. The experience is further enhanced by excellent weather and a serene landscape most of the time.

Review of the Best Virginia Hunting Guides

This part of the article is going to be the most enlightening for all hunters. It introduces a range of best-hunting guides in Virginia to potential customers. We scoured the internet to find the most suitable options. You can see what they all offer to figure out which one suits you best.

What the Hunt Includes

Over the years, the land has seen a surge in the turkey population, and we have made great use of this. The hunt will allow you to catch the best of the species. There are ample opportunities to hunt for other animals too, but turkey hunting is their main specialty. 

The chase is conducted on national forest land, which is privately owned. The land is well maintained and preserved to offer you the best experience. Moreover, should you choose this guide, you will be allowed to make use of several covers ranging from beautiful timber to open fields.

Why it Stands Out to Us 

If we had to pick one reason for this guide to stand out, we would have a really hard time. This is no ordinary service that takes all its customers to the same land every day. You will be pleased to know that the land is 22000 acres large, which means you will have plenty of space to choose from. 

It also stands out because it is the only licensed guide for the George Washington forest. The area is located just two hours from the great city of Washington, a feature that allows both convenience and comfort. When you enter the area, you will get to meet people from all over Virginia. This will give you a chance to make friends and enjoy turkey hunting like never before.

What the Hunt Includes

If a good chase is what you are after, then you will find that easily in Levi Pitcock’s three-day archery deer hunt

Trophy-class deer numbers are increasing day by day, and you will come across a great many species in the ground. But there is a catch. The instructors require you to hunt only the mature deer and leave the young ones alone. 

So while hunting, you would have to differentiate between the ones you want to catch and the ones you can't. This makes for a thrilling experience as the difficulty of the chase makes your catch all the more worthwhile.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The area is famous for its deer hunting. Every year, a large number of large bucks are also harvested around the region so that there is no shortage for hunting enthusiasts. The amazing terrain offers a breathtaking view and makes the experience a unique one. 

Moreover, the guide also adds other leisure facilities to uplift your mood when you are tired of the hunt. There are numerous food places to go and get a great meal. 

But that’s not all; the management also installs food plots to dive the bucks in. This allows you to locate big bucks easily without much hassle. So if you are looking to improve your skills and test your abilities, then this is a great place to be.

Best Turkey Hunting Trip in Virginia:
Levi Pitcock - 3 Day Guided Turkey Hunt

What the Hunt Includes 

With 22000 acres of land, Virginia is known for one of the best turkey hunting areas around the globe. There are various opportunities for hunting, especially when you are interested in turkey chase. There are diverse options available that allow you to pick and choose which bird you want to capture. 

Moreover, the area provides the thrill majorly associated with such an activity. You will be pleased to find several other wildlife animals in the vicinity. All this, along with a beautiful and serene landscape, makes this hunting guide one of the best ones in the locality.

Why it Stands Out to Us 

This guide has been a game-changer in the industry because of several reasons. The most noteworthy feature is the limitation on the number of people that can hunt at one time. You won't see many people around. The guide will scour the full property and will provide you the best place for you to capture the trophy. 

Moreover, hunting will take place from behind the blinds to give hunters the best experience. Not just that, but the hunters can also bring the blinds of their choice. But the main reason for this place's popularity is the option to stay in your cabin for as long as you want. Although meals are not included in your package, you can still use the kitchen.

What the Hunt Includes 

This is a semi-guided trip that will give you a greater level of customizability in your trip. You can take the help of the guide as well as do all you want. The trip does not come with many limitations; however, there is a small catch. You are required to adhere to some of the hunting policies that prevent you from hunting young turkeys. 

If by accident, you end up killing a young animal, you won't be reprimanded; however, since these young animals aren't fully mature, you must hunt only large birds. The challenging circumstances, together with more flexibility, make this Levi Pitcock a good hunting guide. 

Why it Stands Out to Us 

For a guide to stand out, it should provide greater levels of safety, and that is exactly what this package offers. The package is affordable, yet it includes several facilities. This includes very good accommodation and transport facilities to and from your lodgings. 

Moreover, you will also be provided with the field trophy preparation free of cost. As for payment, you will have to deposit 50% of the amount seven days before the booking, and the rest of the payment has to be submitted in person. There are other options and discounts available for bookings, thus adding to the package’s appeal.

Best Black Bear Hunting Trip in Virginia:
Levi Pitcock - 3 Day Bear Hunt Archery

What the Hunt Includes 

Black bears are a rare commodity, and their unique appeal hence adds to their charm as well. Many hunters are extremely interested in black bears and what their chase has to offer. The hunts are available in Northwest Virginia, a place very close to Maryland. 

The land is full of many wild berry patches that not only attract bears from faraway places but also make for an attractive space. Moreover, many harvest records also show that a large number of bears are taken from this specific area, and the numbers are greater than any other surrounding area in the state.

Why it Stands Out to Us

Ease of access and high convenience make this the best place for black bear hunting. The land is accessible from all the main areas of the state. When you book a hunt with the company, you will be allowed to hunt several different animals, including oak flats and mountain berry patches, among others. 

Moreover, you will witness many bears in the surrounding areas eating acorns, and that is a fascinating sight to behold. The shooting distance varies from 15 yards to 45 yards, and you need to have a clear shot to hunt these bears. The challenging aspect of the trip makes it stand out in the crowd.

What the Hunt Includes

We found this to be one of the most fascinating and worthwhile packages that are offered to a diverse group of hunters. This six-day long trip is semi-guided, which means that you and your friends would have a lot of choice in what you want to do. The package includes comfortable accommodation with all the basic facilities that you need. 

Moreover, it includes transportation to and from your hunting grounds. Also, the package doesn't include the food facilities, but there is a kitchen available in the homes where you can cook the delicious animals that you catch daily.

Why it Stands Out to Us

This semi-guided trip is relatively longer, and you will soon realize why that's important. There is so much to explore in the surrounding area that it is only natural for you to extend the trip. Trophy-class deer is forever on the rise, and their ever-increasing number makes them a good hunting option. You can choose from several differently colored deer, and each catch will please you more than the other. 

Moreover, the terrain is rough yet challenging, which makes for a competitive environment. The number of people allowed at any given time is also limited so you can enjoy your activities in peace.

What the Hunt Includes 

If you are looking for a fully accommodating hunting package, then this might be the one for you. The best time for the hunt is the first weeks of November when there are large and diverse turkey roaming around the area. 

The company has installed several food plots that not only attract animals but also make the chase comfortable and easy. The package will include your accommodation as well as travel costs. 

Moreover, you will be allowed to indulge in bear hunting at all times. The bear population increases every year, thus adding to the guide's appeal. 

Why it Stands Out to Us 

Bowhunting is one of the many things that are offered in this fully guided trip. The comfortable accommodation is what makes the trip stand out. You will be provided with comfortable rooms as well as a large kitchen that allows you to feel at home in these distant grounds. You can cook and enjoy the animals that you capture and boast your victory to your friends and family. 

Moreover, most of the bears in the vicinity are large, and to capture and kill one of them is a huge achievement.

What the Hunt Includes 

To survive six long days in a foreign place can be challenging, but you won't feel scared once you read about all the facilities the package provides at an economical rate. Situated in northwest Virginia, this place is home to a variety of birds. 

The harvest records have also shown a steady rise in the number of bears that are harvested each year. These weigh more than 300 pounds and hence make for an exciting and challenging catch. Moreover, you will be allowed to chase mountain berry patches, bear crossings, and white oak flats on your trip.

Why it Stands Out to Us 

If safety is what you care about the most, then rest assured that this place situated west of Maryland is completely safe and easy to access. It mostly stands out to us because of its stalking bow hunting facility and a thorough guide that makes the selection of ground easy. 

Moreover, the shot opportunity is between 70% to 100%, which is great compared to many other guides. But staying at any one place for so many days can be tiring, so the lodgings have been made comfortable and peaceful. After a tiring day in the ground, you will be pleased to see a warm and clean bed waiting for you.

What the Hunt Includes

With a range of wild berry patches attracting the large bears in the vicinity, it is no wonder that this place and package are all you need to fulfill your dream of capturing a black bear. Most bears will weigh more than 150 pounds and measure more than five to seven feet. 

Once you capture such a massive animal, your trust in your hunting skill will increase tenfold. But that’s not all; there are also extremely large bears that weigh more than 400 pounds. Catching one of these can be even more rewarding and worthwhile. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

The beautiful yet serene places surrounding the main hunting ground make it an impressive place to catch a large bear, turkey, or other birds. You will need a license to do all that, but other than that, nothing is stopping you from an excellent three days in the ground. 

The guide also includes a stalking row hunting facility that further enhances your experience. You will also like the food options available in the ground. These are diverse and aren't very expensive. 

All in all, if you are hunting in the open for the first time and want your experience to be fun yet challenging, then this is the place to be.

What the Hunt Includes

The terrain of the area contains all the minerals and vitamins needed for the production of a world-class trophy buck. There are also spring and food plots that are carefully placed all over to attract birds. 

You can enjoy a good chase at the beginning, but rest assured that at the end of your patience, you will get a clear shot of a turkey. 

Another use of such plots is that it makes the turkey healthy and provides them with all the food that they need to grow and mature with time.

Why it Stands Out to Us

If you are bored and tired of all the simplistic guides to help you hunt in Virginia, you need to check out this wonderful package. Although it is a little expensive, this relatively high cost is justified. You will get one of the best accommodation facilities with all the necessities and luxuries that are available in a comfortable home.

Furthermore, the number of people is kept to a bare minimum. This provides you a chance to enjoy your trip in peace and comfort. Moreover, the areas are well maintained, which means that you won't get sick while spending almost a week in the area.

Quick Take | Best Virginia Hunting Guides

Final Thoughts Before Hunting in Virginia 

It is often hard to find a stimulating sport that is both enjoyable and challenging. Hunting is fun, but it can also be the most thrilling sport when done right. Virginia is one of the best places for hunting because of its diversity if nothing else. The area is full of varied species that give room for challenges. You can hunt in one of the privately-owned family lands, or you can hunt in the parks.

But if you are looking to make the most out of your experience, we recommend you go through the above list again and decide which guide is the best one for you. But regardless of which option you choose, you will end up feeling content.

People Also Ask

While going through this review, you must have had several questions at the back of your mind, and that's great because this is the section that rewards you for your patience. Here are all the answers to the most frequently asked questions on the internet.

What Can I Hunt in Virginia?

The diversity of wildlife species in Virginia is something that we have talked about repeatedly in this article. You can hunt for bears in the area. Moreover, the state is home to different kinds of deer, crows, and wild turkeys. Many marshlands allow for duck hunting as well.

Where Can I Hunt in Virginia?

If you want to hunt in Virginia, you can choose some of the many privately owned lands. These are maintained and preserved by families and often provide lodgings and even meals. But most people choose to hunt in the many forests in the area. This includes the dragon run state forest and the highland wildlife management area.

How Much is a Virginia Hunting License?

Contrary to what people believe, getting a license to hunt in the state is not very expensive. If you are 16 years or older, you can get a resident sportsman's license for less than $100. This includes bear license, archery license, and freshwater fishing license, among other things. Moreover, you can also get a one-year license for only $23. 

Can I Shoot a Deer on my Property in Virginia?

The state statute says that killing any deer or damaging livestock, trees, or even crops is not permitted, especially if it creates a hazard. This applies to privately owned properties as well. However, if these deer cause any kind of personal or commercial property damage, then you can hunt the deer.

Can You Hunt on Sunday in VA?

Hunting on Sunday is allowed; however, any activity that occurs within a 200 yard of any worship place or a house is not permitted. You can also not use a gun to shoot any deer or bear. Moreover, using a dog to hunt these animals is also not allowed.

Do I Need a Hunting License on my Property in VA?

Hunters are required to have a valid license if they want to hunt for any animal on their private property. If they are renting other people’s property, then you are required to seek their permission to hunt on their grounds. Moreover, any damage to property that occurs as a result of the activity will need to be compensated for.

How Much Are Deer Tags in Virginia?

Deer tags are available at different costs and hence provide different features. People can choose among three popular options. If you want a one-year license, you can get it for $23. A two-year license costs $44, and a three-year license is worth $65. 

Can You Shoot a Bobcat in Virginia?

The killing of a bobcat is allowed; however, special instructions need to be followed in the case. All trappers or hunters who accidentally or intentionally kill a bobcat will have to report it within 24 hours of the kill. This needs to be done through the department’s electronic harvest reporting system.

Can You Hunt With an AR-15 in Virginia?

Most AR-15s use very small bullets, so they should ideally be illegal for hunting bears or deer. However, the state does not regulate hunting practices based on your guns, your bullet speeds, or even the rifle type. In short, you can use an AR-15 for hunting. 

How Close Can You Hunt to a House in VA?

The state allows hunting in-ground and private property; however, it also provides a certain guideline to do so. One major thing to keep in mind is the hunting distance. The state requires you to ensure that you are at least 100 yards away from any house or public property when you are indulging in the activity.

What is the Minimum Caliber For Deer Hunting in Virginia?

22 calibers are the minimum caliber required for deer hunting in the state, that too from an elevation of at least ten feet. Rifles that are 23 calibers or higher can be used to hunt deer. But in the latter condition, you need to have an elevation of about ten feet above ground level.

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