Best Turkey Hunting Vests of 2021 – Complete Review

| Last Updated June 14, 2021

Turkey hunters look forward to the fall and spring seasons. There isn’t much deer hunting, and hunters turn to turkey hunting. Every one of them hopes to take dinner home after a day of successful calling and waiting on the bird. 

Having one of the best turkey hunting vests will greatly improve your chances of a successful hunt and make the experience much more enjoyable for you.

This list highlights some of the best turkey hunting vests for your consideration.

Comparison of the Best Turkey Hunting Vests

  • Equipped with a quiet cotton liner materials
  • Up to 22 pockets included with this jacket
  • A bloodproof breathable game bag included
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  • Comes with a 10-point adjustment system to fit more sizes
  • Made from lightweight and strong materials
  • Large storage capacity with many extra pockets included
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  • Best for the Money
  • Equipped with a variety of application pockets for calling and striking
  • Made from noise reduction materials for improved stealth
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  • Best Turkey Hunting Vest With Seat
  • Memory foamed seat with stand included
  • A large game bag is included for meat storage
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  • Best Womens Turkey Hunting Vest
  • Make use of zipper closure for easy fitting
  • Made from noise reduction materials for improved stealth
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What Purpose Does a Turkey Hunting Vest Serve? 

To ensure you don’t go home empty-handed and frustrated, you need turkey hunting equipment and accessories. These can be a handful and need to be organized in the best turkey hunting vest so that you can easily access the gear when you need it.

Turkey hunting vests come with numerous pockets to hold your accessories. You can run, aim, and carry around everything you need without them getting on your way. 

Why Did These Turkey Hunting Vests Make Our List? 

There are many vests on the market, but we’ve researched for the best so that you can spend less time choosing which one to buy and more time going after your prized prey.

These vests made our list because they simply offer everything you need for a successful turkey hunt at the right price points. 

Review of the Best Turkey Hunting Vests 

Here are some of the best turkey hunting vests on the market today:

Best Overall:
ALPS OutdoorZ NWTF Super Elite 4.0 Turkey Vest

ALPS OutdoorZ NWTF Super Elite 4.0 Turkey Vest, M/L, Mossy Oak Bottomland


  • Thick removable seat
  • Comes with a blood-proof bag
  • 22 pockets for hunting gear and accessories
  • Super quiet cotton liner fabric and mesh panels


  • Lacks shell loops
  • Seat buckles are located a bit far

What Recent Buyers Report

ALPS OutdoorZ has earned a reputation as a brand for its high-quality hunting accessories, and the Super Elite 4.0 Turkey Vest is no different.

No matter the number of boxes, calls, and other hunting accessories, this vest has more pockets and features you’ll need to get that turkey. It comes with 22 pockets where you can organize all your calls and strikers.

Why it Stands Out to Us

It also comes with a blood-proof breathable bag for your catch, a removable 2.5-inch thick seat with a waterproof bottom to seat on as you wait for the turkey to come, and padded shoulder straps for added comfort.

Bottom Line

What’s more? The vest cotton liner fabric and mesh panels are super quiet to keep you soundless. You don’t want to announce to the turkey you’re coming for them. The vest weighs 3lb and comes in different sizes.

Knight & Hale KHT0065 Run N' Gun 200-Turkey Vest

Knight & Hale KHT0065 Run N' Gun 200-Turkey Vest Frame, Realtree Edge Frame


  • Lightweight
  • Enough pockets
  • Highly adjustable
  • 6-layer cushion seat


  • Cushion seat is not durable

What Recent Buyers Report

You will feel the difference between Knight & Hale KHT0065 Run N' Gun 200-Turkey Vest and the others the moment you put it on. For starters, it can fit virtually anybody who wears it thanks to its10-point adjustment system. Whether it’s a man, woman, or child, the vest offers a custom fit.

Why it Stands Out to Us

You won’t experience looseness or bagginess in the midsection, as it fits closely. You won’t get caught on limbs, and no matter how heavy your gear is, the vest will stay in place and not shift to one side.

The Run N’ Gun is also probably the lightest vest you’ll find on the market. Weighing 1.5lbs only, you’ll barely feel the weight.

It also features a cinching seat system with a six-layer removable cushion that you can sit on and get out of your way when you hit the road.

Bottom Line

Additionally, the vest has numerous pockets, including quick-dry diaphragm pockets, two pot call pockets, accessory pockets, box call pocket, MOLLE attachments for add-on pouches, striker slots, and a backpack with water bladder compatibility. This vest has all the room you need to carry your accessories as well as bag your prized turkey.

Best for the Money:
ALPS OutdoorZ NWTF Impact

ALPS OutdoorZ NWTF Impact Turkey Vest Small, Mossy Oak Obsession


  • Comes with a fold-out "chair"
  • A host of call and striker pockets
  • Big enough to carry your birds in the back
  • Made using a noise reduction fabric that helps you stay quiet
  • Detachable front pockets which you can bring with you instead of the entire vest


  • Pockets aren't completely waterproof
  • The seat is quite thin and rather uncomfortable

What Recent Buyers Report

This is a highly functional turkey hunting vest that offers a lot of versatility. Not only is it lightweight, but it's also extremely practical. It comes with a seat that allows you to sit anywhere (although it isn't that comfortable). This seat can also be completely removed to make the vest even lighter and less bulky. 

Another advantage is that it comes with a removable front pocket that can act as its own hunting vest, perfect for hunting minimalists. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

The one thing that makes this vest special is that it's made using "Brushed Tricot Fabric." This fabric is soft and durable, but it also offers noise reduction, making your movements that much quitter when hunting. 

The camouflage patterns also help you blend seamlessly into the background. Furthermore, it has a large rear game bag in which you can carry your harvest out. 

Bottom Line

If you are the kind of hunter who likes to carry numerous calls on your hunts, then you will be delighted to learn that this vest comes with a host of pockets for various calls and even three strikers. It also has shotgun shell loops and a silent box call pocket. 

It's well constructed, lightweight, and extremely well camouflaged.

Best Turkey Hunting Vest With Seat:
ALPS OutdoorZ NWTF Grand Slam

ALPS OutdoorZ NWTF Grand Slam Turkey Vest XL, Mossy Oak Bottomland


  • Comfortable to wear
  • Adjustable kickstand legs
  • It has two water bottle pockets
  • It comes with a seat that has a kickstand
  • Comes with lots of large as well as small pockets


  • A little heavy depending on your size
  • The seat magnets aren't the most reliable

What Recent Buyers Report

This is an extremely comfortable and ideal turkey hunting vest by any standard. It comes with an easy to use 3" memory foam seat, which makes it one of the most comfortable vests on this list. Furthermore, it has adjustable legs that add to its stability and keep you from sinking into the ground when you do decide to sit. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

Apart from the fact that this is one of the most comfortable turkeys hunting vests on the market today, there are several other good reasons why it stands out to us. For one thing, it has numerous pockets that allow for the organization of your calls and strikers in a host of different sizes. These pockets are strategically placed around the vest for your convenience. Furthermore, it has water bottle pockets that help with your hydration.

Although it's relatively heavy depending on your size (7 lbs.), this vest makes up for that by being comfortable to wear. It has detachable shoulder straps and side compression straps that are easy to adjust and, therefore, customize the vest to your body shape. Finally, it has a large game bag for your kills, which means you don't have to bring an extra bag.

Bottom Line

This turkey hunting vest is comfortable; it comes with a sturdy seat and has enough pockets to help keep everything organized and within reach while you are on the hunt. These qualities make it a top contender for the best turkey hunting vest on the market.

Best Women’s Turkey Hunting Vest:
Mossy Oak Women's Camo Hunting Vest


  • Quiet Sherpa Fleece Lining
  • Fashionable style for ladies
  • Easy to use zipper closure
  • Stand up collar for better protection from the elements
  • Made out of stretch fabric that conveniently allows for layering


  • Has no seat
  • Doesn't come with plenty of pockets

What Recent Buyers Report

If you have been in the hunt for a simple yet effective turkey hunting vest for ladies, then you definitely want to give this Mossy Oak Women's Camo Sherpa Fleece Lined Hunting Vest in Break-Up Country a second look. It features a beautiful design that resonates with lady hunters; it has a stand-up collar, zippered chest pocket, zippered hand pockets, and a full-length zipper for easy use.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The main reason why this vest stands out to us is the fact that it's made out of excellent material. For one thing, it features Ultra-Soft Sherpa Fleece Lining, which makes it exceptionally warm. However, suppose you are the kind of lady to go hunting even in frigid conditions.

In that case, you will be pleased to learn that this material has easy stretch properties, which allows for easy and convenient layering to keep you warm. The material is also deadly quiet, couple that with the camouflage designs, and you will be virtually invisible to the birds.

While it might not have all the pockets in the world, it does have enough. The best part is that these pockets are ideally placed for your convenience, and they are zippered to ensure that they keep all your hunting paraphernalia from falling out.

Bottom Line

It's one of the best turkey hunting vests for ladies. It's light, warm, quiet, and zippered for easy use.

Advantages of Investing in a Quality Turkey Hunting Vest

There are several good reasons why you need to invest in at least one of the best turkey hunting vests for your next hunt:


The best hunting vests are comfortable to wear and quite warm when you are out there in the woods.


The best turkey hunters carry an assortment of paraphernalia with them when they go hunting. Some of these include calls and strikers, as well as shotgun shells. 

Having a well-designed turkey hunting vest that not only has plenty of pockets for these hunting accessories but also features a reliable design that won't let them fall out of the pockets is a good idea. 

Plus, the best hunting vests are designed so that the pockets are easy and convenient to use.

A Good Way to Carry Your Kill

Almost every hunting vest has a reliable game bag that is blood proof. This means that you don't have to carry an extra bag for the turkey that you kill nor worry about the blood staining your hunting clothes.

If you find the right hunting vest, one that fits you properly and isn't too heavy, you will realize that it's a good addition to your hunting arsenal. Heck, some even come with seats for your comfort while on the hunt.

Aspects to Consider Before Buying 

When buying a turkey hunting vest, there are several things to consider to ensure the vest has basic essential features. Whether you’re new to turkey hunting or a seasoned hunter, these will prove crucial to your hunting experience.

Pockets. Pockets. Pockets

We can’t emphasize enough how important vest pockets are to a hunter. The vest you’re considering should have enough pockets to hold all your hunting gear and accessories.

If not, you’ll end up leaving some behind and possibly losing them. Worse off, you might not catch your prey as it’ll be hard to easily and quickly access your gear when you need it.

The best vests have pockets for different items, compartments, and loops to save time and keep it organized. Make sure there’s enough space for: 

  • Calls: You’ll require different types of calls, some small and others large. Ensure there’s enough space for all of them to increase your chances of hunting your prey.

  • A back pocket for decoy: Carrying along a decoy helps bring the turkey to you. Some decoys are large, so you’ll need enough space at the back to put them.

  • Shell loops: If you are a gun-and-run type of hunter, a place to keep your bullets and ammunition is a must. Ensure the loop size will fit your ammunition.

  • Water bottle holder: It’s easy to get dehydrated when you are hunting. Your vest should have a  compartment for holding the water bottle for rehydration.

  • Gloves and masks: Some vests include a pocket to keep your gloves and masks. Gloves help prevent your scent from spreading, thus attracting other animals. A mask helps keep your face hidden and camouflaged.

It should also have compartments for keeping snacks if you like taking some with you, a light source, your hunting license, and a bug repellent.


Your comfort is crucial when hunting. Your vest has to distribute the weight evenly so that your shoulders and back don’t hurt from the gear’s weight and the harvested turkey.

It’s especially crucial if you are walking long distances. The vest should be lightweight. Some have ventilation for air circulation.

The cushion seat adds comfort as you can sit on it when resting or waiting on your prey. Others have back support, although they tend to be more expensive. Ensure you feel comfortable in the vest, and the cushion is not too thin.


Turkeys have great vision and can notice bright colors from a distance. You probably don’t want your prey noticing you and running to hiding. Your vest should camouflage the surrounding environment so you can easily blend in.

Most vests have camo patterns that are green or grey. You should have separate camo vests for the spring and fall seasons. For fall and early spring, get a vest that blends brown with grey, while for spring, the vest should blend shades of green to fit into the surroundings.

Fitting and Weight

Get a vest that fits you perfectly. An oversize or undersize one will significantly undermine your hunting efforts. If it is a universal size, make sure there are adequate adjustable straps to custom fit into a size that fits you best.

If your vest weighs too much, it will make walking and running hard and slow and tire you down when you carry your gear. You should go for a vest that feels lightweight when carrying the gear. 


Different models have different prices depending on their features. Some with advanced features like back support can be pricey. Others include a large game bag, a water bottle holder and are made with durable materials.

There are affordable vests with basic features that will still serve you well. However, just because a vest is cheaper than others does not mean it’s low quality, and an expensive one doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the best.

If you are on a budget, go for a cheaper option, and you can upgrade later. Otherwise, buy a vest that has all the features you require, and it’s within your means.

ALPS OutdoorZ NWTF Super Elite 4.0

How to Get Your Turkey Vest Ready for Turkey Hunting

Getting your turkey vest ready for hunting is a matter of having a reliable checklist that you can go back to time and time again. Here is an example of a list that will help you get your hunting vest ready for turkey hunting:

  • Clean it

  • Make sure that your turkey calls are all in the right pockets

  • Be sure to carry your hunting license

  • Make sure the vest isn't torn or degraded in any way that will ruin your experience

  • Make sure that it still fits

By simply cleaning and inspecting your turkey hunting vest, you will be able to clearly see what needs to be added and what doesn't. Be sure to inspect it after every hunt and make sure that the game bag is properly washed, dried out, and ready for the next hunt.


The type of turkey vest you buy can determine how successful you will be taking home a harvested turkey. It should be comfortable enough to wear and walk in it and have enough pockets and compartments for your tools and accessories.

Your vest should make hunting easier. Different hunting conditions and landscapes require a vest with various features, including camo patterns and ventilation. But, no matter the brand or model you pick, it should offer optimal comfort, fit you well, and have easy access to pockets and compartments. 

People Also Ask

Here are some of the most important bits of information you need to know to help you become a more successful turkey hunter:

What Colors Should You Not Wear While Turkey Hunting?

Never wear white, blue, black, or red when turkey hunting. This is mostly because red is the color that many hunters look for whenever they want to distinguish between a gobbler’s head from the blue-colored head of a hen. Sometimes, these may appear blue or white. So for your own safety, don't wear these colors. 

Do You Really Need Camo for Turkey Hunting?

While camo does help, it isn't mandatory. You can get away with wearing solid colors (except the ones mentioned above) and making all the right moves. Camo will come in handy when you make a mistake and still want to stay hidden from the prey.

Do I Need a Turkey Hunting Vest?

Not necessarily, but your hunting experience will be much improved with one. 

Why Are Turkey Hunting Vests So Bulky?

Hunting vests can be bulky because they are designed to be a convenient one-stop-shop for all your turkey hunting gear such as calls, strikers, shotgun shells, and so on. 

How to Care for a Turkey Hunting Vest

After hunting season is over, make sure that you give your hunting vest a thorough cleaning using a non-UV brightening detergent. Also, be sure to store it in a dry place after properly airing it out.

How to Use a Turkey Hunting Vest with Seat

Depending on the vest you buy, using the seat is pretty straight forward. Since the seat is almost always held in place by magnets, all you need to do is flip it over and sit. Once you are done, you just flip it back to the easy carry position.

Some vests also have frames that are just as easy to use. They are easy to deploy, easy to adjust for convenience, and can be detached if you feel like you won't need them on that particular hunt. 

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