Best Hunting Vests – 2021 Top Picks

| Last Updated July 7, 2021

Proper hunting accessories are must-haves for people who love a successful gaming season. 

A hunting vest is deemed as the most important part of hunting clothing as it helps in maximizing your safety. So, you need to buy a high-quality hunting vest to make sure you stay ahead of the game. 

Here is a comprehensive roundup along with a buying guide to help you get a suitable hunting vest. 

Comparison of the Best Hunting Vests

  • Made from durable cotton canvas fabric and quality stitching
  • Shoulders are quilted for added shooting comfort and protection
  • Features front shell holders and fabric gun protector
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  • Pull down PVC waterproof lining made for rugged and wet conditions
  • Multiple pocket design for convenient and versatile storage
  • Includes an extra compass and LED light that is attached to zippers
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  • Best for the Money
  • Package include vest and cap combo
  • Made from high-quality polyester
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  • Best Upland Hunting Vest
  • Made from the highest-quality material
  • Designed for comfort and stealth
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  • Best Turkey Hunting Vest
  • Fully equipped design with call and striker pockets, shell loops and game bag
  • Noise reduction fabric is made for the ultimate in stealth quality
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  • Best Orange Hunting Vest
  • Made from durable oxford polyester
  • Features snap flap shell pockets
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  • Best Heated Vest For Hunting
  • Four integrated heating zones with three adjustable settings
  • Designed for freedom of movement without compromising protection or insulation
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What Makes a Great Hunting Vest?

With so many hunting vests on the market, it is hard to settle on a reliable one. So, you have to be careful of the following features that are present in all great hunting vests. 

Bright Color

The foremost concern should be the color of a hunting vest when you are buying one. It has to be bright and fluorescent so that it is visible from a distance too. This is to make sure you stay undetected by the game, but fellow hunters can see you clearly. 


Another factor that distinguishes excellent hunting vests from mundane ones is the affordability. The price should be the right match for the features that it offers. This is to make sure your money does not go to waste, and you get what you pay for. 


Stealth is also quite significant when it comes to hunting vests as it improves your chances of a successful game. It should not create any flapping noise while you walk. It works even better with camouflage so that you stay hidden from the animals. 

Damage Resistance

The material has to be of high quality too so that it does not get any damage. It should retain its color and texture under sun exposure as well. So, get a hunting vest that does not get any visible wear and tear. 

Are All Hunting Vests The Same?

No, all hunting vests are not the same as they come from different brands who have different ideologies. The units on our list are different from each other based on their camouflage ability. 

Some of them have camouflage design on the sides at the front and at the back, while some do not. The material distinguishes them from each other too. Some even have PVC lining on them to resist water seepage into the vest. 

Moreover, the number and positioning of pockets also help some of the hunting vests stand out from others. So, all of them are not the same, and you have to look at their specifications strictly before buying one. 

Review of the Best Hunting Vests

We have already shed light on what makes a hunting vest great, right? Let’s have a look at some of the available options on the market to see which one is perfect for you.

Best Overall:
Gamehide Switchgrass

Gamehide Switchgrass Upland Field Bird Hunting Vest (Chestnut Brown/Orange, Small)


  • Gun-protected front shell holders
  • Oversized vest can go over a jacket
  • Pockets have a blood-proof game bag
  • Zipped slash pockets with greater space
  • Cotton canvas material for additional comfort


  • Sizing can be inaccurate

What Recent Buyers Report

Recent buyers fell in love with this Gamehide vest because of its insightful construction. It has a blood-proof game bag that does not let any blood seep through your clothing. So, buyers like it for the ease of carrying games that it provides as well.

Why it Stands Out to Us

It is the best overall vest on our review as it has a thorough design with all the right features. It has an oversized construction that fits you even when you are wearing a jacket. The fabric does not get any damage due to gunpowder, too, so your ammunition will be safe in the shell holders. 

Along with all this, it has cotton canvas material that provides you greater comfort in all weather conditions. The zipped sash pockets on the vest create a greater storage space, so you can easily carry your essentials. 

Bottom Line

In our expert view, this is a worthwhile hunting vest that comes at low prices but has high usability. It comes from a trusted brand, so there will be no issues regarding its quality. Hence, you can invest in it without any hesitation. 

Primos Gunhunter's Vest

Primos Gunhunter's Vest


  • Back has a license tag holder
  • Tough design for harsh conditions
  • Zipper has a compass and LED light
  • Waterproof PVC lining on the surface
  • Shooting stick pocket with high elasticity


  • Buttons should be replaced with zippers

What Recent Buyers Report

Primos has gained another proportion of loyal customers with this product. They took to it so well because of its storage space and the accessories that it comes with. They also like its affordability since it does not come at an outrageously high price. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

This vest has gained our approval with its resistance to all kinds of damage as it has a tough construction. It can withstand most weather conditions no matter which part of the world you are in. 

Another amazing detail is that it works well for everyone, irrespective of their hunting experience. It also has a compass and an LED light on its zippers, which help you in several situations. Moreover, it has a shooting stick pocket that accommodates said sticks due to its elasticity. 

Since it has a PVC lining over its surface, it does not get any water damage. It also resists damage due to sunlight, so it has excellent usability. 

Bottom Line

In our opinion, it deserves to be the runner-up on our round-up with its construction quality. It has many useful accessories and small details that come in handy when you are away from home. So, this is a thoughtful and useful product that you should go for. 

Best for the Money:
Outdoor Cap Blaze

Outdoor Cap BLZCPV Vest and Cap Combo Adult Blaze, Blaze Orange


  • One size fits most design
  • Elastic sides for an easier fit
  • Polyester material resists wear
  • Comes with a blaze orange cap
  • Front has hook loop adjustable pieces


  • No pockets in the vest

What Recent Buyers Report

This Outdoor Cap hunting clothing has blown recent buyers with its amazing price. It has a soft texture with just the right shade of blaze orange to make you stand out from your surroundings. This is why buyers love both its stylish appearance and sleek design.

Why it Stands Out to Us

We have added it to our list of favorites, owing to its simple yet attractive design as this combo has a hunting vest and an orange blaze cap. The cap helps you stay distinguishable even when thick bushes surround you. This is why it brings optimal protection your way. 

In addition, it has a one-size-fits-most design, so there are no concerns about finding the right size. It can go well over any clothing since it has elastic sides. Other than this, it has polyester material that prevents staining and other kinds of damage. Its hook loop is also commendable as it helps in achieving the right fit.

Bottom Line

Summarizing it, this is an affordable and practical hunting vest that never fails to fulfill its task. It has a thin and comfortable polyester material, so it does not cause excessive sweating. 

Best Upland Hunting Vest:
Gamehide Upland Vest

Gamehide Upland Vest


  • Large pockets to carry stuff
  • Highly durable construction
  • Reinforced stitching to avoid tears
  • Made with the finest quality material
  • Does not create any noise while running


  • No shell loops on it
  • On the bigger side of sizes

What Recent Buyers Report

The Gamehide vest has a long chain of satisfied users with its admirable stitching and durable material. It has a brown and orange blaze combination, which looks as impressive as it works. The back has a major part of an orange blaze, which makes sure there are no accidents. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

It has grabbed our attention with its brown and orange design. The material used in its construction is of high quality and has better resistance to damage. It does not cause any rustling sounds due to its soundless fabric. 

There are two large pockets at the front, which make it easy for you to carry your stuff. It is also very comfortable due to its seamed design and hand warming pockets.

Bottom Line

All in all, it is a remarkable vest for you if you want both class and comfort. Everything from its stitching to the material is on-spot, and there will hardly be any issues. So, go for it to have fun on your next hunting trip. 

Best Turkey Hunting Vest:
ALPS OutdoorZ NWTF Impact

ALPS OutdoorZ NWTF Impact Turkey Vest


  • Front pocket is removable
  • Removable seat for better sitting
  • Adjustable straps for various sizes
  • High stealth with a noiseless design
  • Weighs only three pounds on the whole


  • Seems a little pricey

What Recent Buyers Report

Buyers are quite happy with their purchase as it has a highly practical construction. They like the stealth that it provides because of the soundless fabric. They love its lightweight construction as well. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

ALPS OutdoorZ has brought many amazing hunting vests to consumers. And, this one stays true to their standards with high-quality material and ease of use. The fabric has a soundless construction that does not rustle while you move in windy places. 

Moreover, it has adjustable straps; hence you can change the size according to the thickness of your clothes. Also, it weighs only three pounds, so there is no additional burden to carry when you are taking along ammunition. Lastly, it has a removable front pocket, so you can remove it when needed. 

Bottom Line

To sum up, this is an incredible option for people who love to go on hunting trips. It has a strapped design with a camouflage that makes you stay blended with the background. So, give it a shot and have fun with your game. 

Best Orange Hunting Vest:
Browning Adult Safety Vest

Browning Safety Blaze Overlay Vest Small


  • Zipper closure at the front
  • Two large pockets on the front
  • Higher durability than other vests
  • Complete blaze orange construction
  • High tensile strength helps in carrying heavy things


  • Buttoned pocket opening can be noisy

What Recent Buyers Report

This Browning hunting vest comes highly recommended by people who bought it lately. They like its simple yet chic style as it has an all-over orange blaze construction with the solitary Browning logo on the front. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

It distinguishes itself from us with higher tensile strength, which makes it able to tolerate heavy loads. It increases the durability of the vest as you can carry any additional items that you need. Moreover, it has a vertical front zipper that makes the orange of this vest pop out more. 

The best thing about it is that it has equal effectiveness for both professional and novice hunters. It has two large pockets at the front that bring more ease by helping you carry extra ammunition. Also, it has an import quality construction, so it lasts for many years without any damage. 

Bottom Line

The bottom line on this one is that it has a lovely finish and a smooth texture. It does not make you feel suffocated or congested even in hot weather. The pockets are a huge plus, so choosing this one will be a wise move. 

Best Heated Vest for Hunting:
ORORO Lightweight Heated Vest

ORORO Men's Lightweight Heated Vest with Battery Pack (Small)


  • Machine washable material
  • Insulated vest for greater warmth
  • High resistance to water and wind
  • Nylon material does not damage easily
  • Carbon fiber heating elements inside the vest


  • No blaze orange on the vest

What Recent Buyers Report

The all-black Ororo hunting vest hit home with buyers with its stylish appearance and practical working. They loved the fact that it stays warm for over ten hours without needing any reinforcement. The vest is machine washable, so it does not require any extra care or maintenance equipment. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

It catches our eye with its internal heat producing mechanism, which provides ample heat to last a day. Once you charge it entirely, you can be free of worries for more than ten hours. The vest has effective insulation, too, which traps the heat inside. This way, you will not feel cold even when there are cool winds on the mountains around you. 

Moreover, the heating elements are made of carbon fiber, so they are perfectly safe for you. They do not cause any itching or breathing difficulties when they are on. 

Bottom Line

Considering all this, this Ororo hunting vest is perfect for those who value both their safety and looks. It is quite fashionable and has internal heating, which helps you have a cooler hunting experience. As it comes with a USB port to charge your phone, you feel like everything is well taken care of. 

Best Bird Hunting Vest:
Browning Bird'n Lite

Browning Bird'n Lite Strap Vest


  • High tensile strength
  • Comes with a 100% guarantee
  • Adjustable straps for better sizing
  • Soft cotton and polyester materials
  • Greater space with extra-large pockets


  • Game pouch leaks

What Recent Buyers Report

Reports show that this hunting vest has impressed almost everyone who chose to invest in it. The combination of khaki and orange blaze is well-balanced, so hunters do not feel too exposed while wearing it. It has a tactical design, which makes sure there is no strain on their shoulders either.

Why it Stands Out to Us

We have developed a liking for this Browning hunting vest because of its tactical construction. It has straps that you can use to adjust the size while wearing it. Thus, you and your buddies can lend this vest to each other as it is quite easy to adjust. 

In addition, it has high tensile strength, which actively prevents any tears in the fabric. It also makes it possible for you to carry slightly heavier stuff in your pockets as they can withstand pressure. Also, it has extra-large pockets, so storage space will not be an issue either. 

Bottom Line

Keeping all the pros and cons in view, we can say that this is worth your money. It is particularly handy if you like to wear a jacket under your hunting vest. You can adjust the straps according to the times you are wearing a jacket and when you are not.

Best Small Game Hunting Vest:
Briar Proof Hunting Vest


  • 100% nylon vest
  • Available in two cool colors
  • Handwarmer pockets at sides
  • Pleated shoulders for easier shooting
  • Cargo pockets snapped down for additional security


  • Cold wash only
  • Customer service needs improvement

What Recent Buyers Report

Dan’s Hunting Gear vest gave a pleasant experience to users. It has fine stitching that does not get any loose threads even on frequent use. This is why they could wear it without having to re-stitch the sides after every single use. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

It stands out to us with the availability of two cool colors. If you want to have higher safety, then you can go for the orange blaze vest. But, the brown vest is good enough if you want something subtle. 

Moreover, since it is entirely briar proof, it does not get tangled in any bushes or thicket. This way, you get to move freely through bushy hunting spots and chase your game easily. Moreover, there are two cargo pockets in this vest that have snap-down closing. They do not fly open or flap about when you are running, so there is no noise to warn off your game. 

Bottom Line

All in all, this hunting vest is an incredible option that does not fail you when you are out on a hunt. This 100% nylon vest does not get any damage and stays good enough to use for a long time. So, go for it if you want an exciting and useful hunting vest. 

Best Bow Hunting Vest:
Primos Bow Vest

Primos Hunting 65733 Gen II Bow Vest, X-Large/2XL, Realtree Xtra Green


  • Very lightweight material
  • Low priced and high quality
  • Effective camouflage design
  • Reinforced stitching for added strength
  • Multiple zipped pockets to avoid flapping


  • No fluorescent color to warn other hunters

What Recent Buyers Report

People are quite fond of this camouflage hunting vest by Primos as it has a superior design. The camouflage is so good that it is hardly detectable when you are on one of your hunting sprees. The only drawback that people complained of is that it does not have an orange blaze. But it can be overcome by an orange fluorescent cap.

Why it Stands Out to Us

It has made it to our list with its superb pricing-to-features ratio. It comes loaded with features that are highly desirable in a hunting vest. It is quite lightweight and has high breathability. This makes it perfect for hunting on hot summer days when you feel all flustered. 

Furthermore, it has multiple pockets at the front that provide you more than enough space for food. You can store extra ammunition and gadgets inside the pockets as well. Moreover, all the pockets are zipped up, so there is no rustling of fabric. They bring an additional security measure for your stuff as it does not fall out of your pockets. 

Bottom Line

To wrap up, this is one of the most liked hunting vests and has an all-over camouflage design. Its zipped pockets and more significant storage space make it a must-have. The stitching is also quite durable, so this could be a nice purchase overall. 

How to Choose a Hunting Vest

You have to buy the right hunting vest for you if you want to make the most out of your hunting trips. Considering this, we have listed some of the most important factors that you have to look for in a hunting vest.


The material of the vest has to be your primary consideration when choosing to buy one. It has to be waterproof and wear-resistant so that it does not get any damage while you wear it. It should also be breathable to prevent any excessive sweating on hot summer days. 


The flashier the color of a hunting vest, the better your hunt will be. Fluorescent orange is considered ideal for hunting vests as deer, and most other game animals cannot detect it. Some states have made it mandatory to wear orange hunting vests, so it is better to go for them. 

Ease of Wearing

Your comfort is another major priority, as most of the hunting is done in summers. Thus, it gets suffocating if you have a tight vest or if it is too thick. It should be breathable as well as lightweight to make it easy for you to chase your game while wearing it.

Advantages of Investing in a Quality Hunting Vest

Investing is a quality hunting vest is a compulsion to have safe and convenient hunting. You will enjoy many perks if you get a high-quality hunting vest, some of which are discussed here. 

Greater Safety

The best thing about hunting vests is that they provide additional safety if you go hunting in popular hunting zones. They have bright colors that inform other hunters around that you are there. This way, there are lesser chances of any accidents so that you will be alright there. 

No Legal Issues

Another benefit of having a hunting vest is that it can save you from many legal complications. In case of any misadventures, you have to assure the authorities that you took all the necessary precautions. 

Tactical Wear

As hunting vests are designed with your hunting needs and adventure in mind, they provide you optimal comfort. So, you stay active and all ready for thrills as you do not feel any discomfort due to your clothing. 

Smart Carrying

These vests help you carry your essential stuff easily as it has many pockets. This way, you will not have to carry an extra small bag for your gadgets and other necessities. 


To conclude, you need to buy a reliable hunting vest when you are planning a hunting spree with your buddies. Make sure both you and your friends have your hunting vests on to ensure everyone’s safety. When choosing one, compare the ones on our list and choose one that suits your needs the best.

People Also Ask

Hunting vests are a great accessory to have when you go out to have thrilling adventures. They not only help you stay safe and functional but also help you get into the right feels for hunting. Here are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions to help you make the right purchase. 

How Many Square Inches is a Hunting Vest?

Hunting vests come in different sizes and fabric proportion distributions. But, there is a standard for all hunting vests to stay true to. They should ideally cover 400 square inches, including 144 inches on the back and chest. 

ALPS OutdoorZ NWTF Impact

What to Wear With a Hunting Vest?

A hunting vest alone is not enough to have safe hunting, as you need other clothing items. You need to have a daylight fluorescent orange or yellow hat too. It will prevent you from any accidental shooting when you have company. However, any tactical pants will do good with a nice hunting vest. 

Why Are Many Hunting Vests Orange?

Most hunting vests are orange because many states have legalities regarding orange vests for hunters. This is also because the deer cannot distinguish flashy orange well, but other hunters can. So, there are no accidental shots or unintentional aiming while you are wearing an orange hunting vest.

Hunting Vest Reviews

Below are all our buyer guides surrounding hunting vests. To make your experience a bit smoother, we have organized them in one place. Feel free to browse through a few and find exactly what you're looking for.
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