Best Gifts for Hunters – Complete List For Any Special Event

| Last Updated June 2, 2021

Are you struggling to find the perfect gift for your hunter friend or loved one? With an abundance of hunting products out on the market, you may need help getting clear on the best gift ideas out there.

Whether he or she is a beginning hunter or a seasoned pro, the following review describes the best gifts for the hunter who seems to already have everything.

  • Great houseware gift for hunters of all skill levels
  • Practical guide for entire process—hunting, butchering, and cooking
  • Comprehensive book of hunting—relevant tips, tricks, and instructions for success
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  • Embedded with real .308 bullet
  • Unique, eye-catching whiskey glass
  • Perfect houseware gift for gun lovers
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  • Wearable hunting gear: designed for ultimate comfort
  • Essential indoor/outdoor hunting gear: hearing protection increases shooting safety
  • Powerful technology: protects the ears from harmful noises while amplifying the important ones
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  • Durability: strong and sturdy wood material
  • Authentic look and feel: hand painted for quality appearance
  • Beautiful hunting-themed houseware: coasters resemble shotgun shells
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  • Essential outdoor gear for any hunter: perfect for trips into the woods
  • Effective water purifier: LifeStraw filters over 99.9% of bacteria from any water source
  • Practical gift for hunters of all skill levels: clean water is needed for any outdoor excursion
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  • Great for hunters still perfecting their aim
  • Portable: flat, compact design makes this tracker easy to carry
  • Must-have for bow hunters: a blood tracking light can ensure successful hunting trips
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  • Perfect gift for any outdoor lover
  • Beautiful hook design: vintage, rustic vibes and customizable antler color
  • Functional, hunting-themed houseware: hang a variety of items from these rustic iron antlers
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Types of Gifts Ideal for Hunters

The 10 great gift ideas that we review in this article can be categorized into three types. The most popular gifts for hunters typically fall into the following categories:

  • Essential outdoor hunting gear
  • Wearable hunting gear
  • Hunting-themed houseware

Essential Outdoor Hunting Gear

A hunter must have adequate outdoor gear to have any success in the woods. If you know that he or she is in need of any gear replacement, or could simply use an upgrade, your gift could equip him or her with some of the best hunting gear out there.

Some of the outdoor hunting gear (Source)

Wearable Hunting Gear

Wearable gear is a category of hunting gift that refers to any item worn on the body. This includes ear protection, bracelets, and other essential accessories that ensure safety while hunting. A wearable gift is a practical choice for any hunter and is a perfect compliment to any outdoor gear they may already own.

Hunting-Themed Houseware

Hunting-themed houseware includes any item that could be used inside the home and make reference to the hobby. Houseware gifts are often appreciated for being functional and affordable. Houseware is also often on display, and you may be remembered with each use of the book, shot glass, coaster, etc.

How to Choose That Perfect Gift

When choosing the perfect gift for a hunter, there are a few vital considerations to make. It is important to determine what products are a match with your buying needs, and also fit into what the hunter wants. The most popular gifts for hunters often share the following characteristics:

  • Practical in use
  • Compatible with hunting skill level

Practical In Use

The bottom line to great gift-giving is that people love gifts they can use. You already know that the person you’re shopping for likes to hunt, so some of the best gifts for him/her are ones that fit in that hobby. Is he or she an indoor or outdoor hunter? Does he or she have all the essential gear needed for a successful hunting trip? Does he or she appreciate home decor? Is he or she an aspiring survivalist? Questions like these help you choose a gift based on what gifts the hunter will actually make use out of, and you’ll seem like an expert gift-giver.

Outdoor hunter would love to get either one of these gear (Source

Compatible with Hunting Skill Level

Many of the products in this review make great gifts for hunters regardless of the hunter’s skill level. Every hunter, no matter how experienced, needs certain essential gear. Other gifts like houseware are simply hunting-themed, requiring only an appreciation of the hobby. The most popular gifts are compatible with a wide range of hunting backgrounds.

Review of the Best Gift Ideas for Hunters

Now that you know how to choose, let's take a closer look at each gift. 

1. The Complete Guide to Hunting, Butchering, and Cooking Wild Game: Volume 1: Big Game

The Complete Guide to Hunting, Butchering, and Cooking Wild Game: Volume 1: Big Game


  • #1 Best Selling Book on Amazon: high-quality guide to hunting
  • Perfect for any skill level: every hunter can learn more by reading this book
  • Comprehensive: guide covers more than just hunting to teach about butchering and cooking too


  • Issues with book binding—some customers report weak or broken binding upon purchase

This wholesome, big-game hunting guide is a great gift for hunters of all skill levels. Written by renowned hunting pro Steven Rinella, this book is packed full of tips, tricks, and instructions to assist hunters throughout their entire process. Rinella informs the reader on every level, from preparing to hunt to the end of the game meal.

Customers love this book for its wealth of information. Beautiful images complement the text and the writing is detailed, easy to comprehend, and fun to read. Some readers wish the book included more game recipes. Overall, Rinella’s recounts of hands-on hunting, butchering, and cooking experience offer wisdom and insight to enhance the reader’s future experiences.

Bottom Line

While this book could serve as a beautiful coffee-table book, it actually features key information for hunters of all skill levels. This is a great gift for anyone who may want to learn more about hunting, butchering, and cooking big game. Some readers wish that the book included even more recipes, which speaks to the quality of the ones that are included. Author Steven Rinella is a pro with great tips and tricks to share.

2. Lucky Shot .308 Real Bullet Handmade Whiskey Glass

Lucky Shot - .308 Caliber - Whiskey Glasses With Bullet Stucks in Glass | Whiskey Lovers Gift for Men | Boyfriend Gift | Rocks Glasses | Original Handcrafted Embedded Bullet Barware Collection (10 oz)


  • Beautifully designed: high reviews of overall glass aesthetic
  • Practical: whiskey glasses are likely to be used by any recipient who enjoys a drink


  • Creation quality: glue from manufacturing process may be visible on glass
  • Durability: some reviews report the bullet detaching from the glass after washing, but fixable with super glue

This beautiful handcrafted whiskey glass is more eye-catching than most. Embedded with a real .308 bullet, it makes the perfect gift. Whether you are shopping for an avid hunter or just for someone who appreciates the sport, this glass is a great addition to anybody’s houseware. It can hold 10 oz of drink and some reviewers wish it could hold even more.

While this particular whiskey glass may be a bit smaller than an average glass, an average glass does not have a real bullet inside of it. Customer reviews praise this glass as a fun, unique gift that recipients love and can use often. Hunters of any skill level can appreciate this glass as a gift. The bullets embedded do not contain lead and are completely safe. The glass must be hand washed.

Bottom Line

This whiskey glass makes a fun and unique gift for anyone who appreciates both bullets and a drink. With its beautiful design, this glass can be the highlight of someone’s houseware and may be great a conversation starter. While some customers express concerns with the quality of the glass, their experiences reflect that these concerns are mendable with a bit of additional glue. The overall look and feel of this glass make it stand out among others; it is an excellent gift choice for a hunter.

3. Peltor Sport Tactical 100 Electronic Hearing Protector

Peltor Sport Tactical 100 Electronic Hearing Protector, Ear Protection, NRR 22 dB, Ideal for the Range, Shooting and Hunting, TAC100-OTH


  • Practical Gift: any shooter is likely to need and use ear protection
  • Made for Comfort: low-profile cups and padded headpiece for ultimate wearability
  • High-Quality Design: effective technology blocks out what you don’t want to hear and amplifies what you do


  • Battery issues: some customers report trouble with battery insertion/quick draining of batteries in ear protectors

Hearing protectors are crucial gear for shooters and hunters. The Peltor Hearing Protector keeps the ears safe with a 22 dB noise reduction rating and low-profile cups. Built-in technology works to amplify low-level sounds while protecting hunters from any harmful gunshot noises.

Customers appreciate the elimination of background noise and crisp sounds of conversation. Adaptive Frequency Response creates clarity of sound from all directions. Additional echos are reduced by the protector’s Variable Suppression Time. Reviews praise the Peltor Hearing Protector for how comfortable it feels when worn. The headband piece has been specially designed with padding for maximum comfort.  

Bottom Line

This is the perfect gift for both indoor and outdoor hunters of any skill level. Safety is a priority when shooting, making ear protection a necessity. It is high-quality and equipped with cutting-edge technology to protect from harmful sounds while amplifying the important ones. Even for the hunter who already has everything, this high-quality ear protector could be a beloved upgrade from a different model.

4. Pine Ridge 12 Gauge Shotgun Shell 5 Piece Coaster Set

Pine Ridge Buckshot Coasters - Southwest Decor Coasters Bullet Shaped Gifts - Rustic Bar Decor Gun Enthusiast Gifts for Men - Shotgun Shell Hunting Coasters (5 Piece Drink Coasters Set with Holder)


  • Practical and protective: coasters are a houseware necessity
  • High-quality design: hand painted metallic detailing to imitate 12 gauge ammo shells
  • Compatible with all skill levels: hunting-themed houseware for anyone who appreciates the hobby


  • Lack of shine: some reviews say coasters appear dull in the sunlight
  • Not enough protective packaging: some reports of broken product in box due to lack of padding

These coasters make the perfect, unique gift for any shooter or hunter. Each eye-catching coaster in this 5 piece set is hand painted to look like the bottom of a 12 gauge shotgun ammo shell. With non-skid and non-slip features, the feet of these coasters stay securely on the table and protect the table from scratches.

The coasters also come with a holder designed like the side of an ammo shell. Customers love this product for its high-quality design and stability. This gift is great for hunters of all skill levels. The rustic feel of this coaster set fits right into any hunter’s home.

Bottom Line

This coaster set is an excellent gift for any hunter who appreciates houseware. With a striking resemblance to 12 gauge shotgun ammo shells, the coasters and holders in this set look beautiful on the table. The coasters are stable and protect the table while reminding hunters of their love for the outdoors.

5. LifeStraw Personal Water Filter

LifeStraw Personal Water Filter for Hiking, Camping, Travel, and Emergency Preparedness, 1 Pack, Blue


  • Longevity: long lifetime with ability to efficiently filter up to 4000 liters of water
  • High-quality design: hollow fiber membrane technology proves effective in filtering nearly 100% of bacteria
  • The gift keeps on giving: with each LifeStraw you buy, the company donates a year’s worth of clean water to a child in need


  • Physical exertion: drinking from the LifeStraw requires more suction power than other water bottles
  • Tracking liters: while 4000 liters is an abundance of water, it is important to pay attention to when the limit has been reached for safety

For any outdoorsman, the LifeStraw Personal Water Filter could be a lifesaving gift. This filtration device removes over 99.9% of bacteria from any water source and makes it safe to drink. It also eliminates any microplastics and has been verified as a high-quality, effective filter by thorough scientific labs and protocols.

It is lightweight and easily portable. Customers love the durability and longevity of this product. In its lifetime, the LifeStraw can efficiently filter approximately 4000 liters of water—more than the average person drinks in a whole year. Additionally, for each LifeStraw that you gift, a school child in need will receive a year’s worth of safe water.

Bottom Line

The LifeStraw Personal Water Filter is an excellent gift choice for anyone who loves the outdoors. This reliable filter is small but mighty. With this product, a hunter can drink from any water source safely. Hydration is vital when spending time outside, making this product an outdoor essential. Gifting gear like the LifeStraw makes a bigger impact too; a child in need will receive clean water for a year.

6. Primos Bloodhunter HD Shadow Free Blood Tracking Light

Primos Bloodhunter HD Shadow Free Blood Tracking Light


  • Effective day or night: gives traces of blood a vibrant, visible glow
  • Adaptable: 2 power settings for compatibility in any given moment
  • All-inclusive gear: comes complete with holster, belt straps, and batteries


  • Not the best gift for the pro bow hunter: best for hunters who struggle to hit their targets
  • Less effective in wet conditions: some customers report difficulty tracking blood on wet leaves

Hunters describe the Primos Blood Tracking Light as a must have for bow hunting. If you are shopping for a bow hunter but are not familiar with the purpose of a blood tracker, here is a brief explanation:

If a hunter’s target runs off into the woods after being hit, the animal may be hard to find again. This blood tracker is the solution. It illuminates traces of blood so that the hunter can easily follow in the tracks of the target. For any hunter still perfecting his/her shot, this gear is essential to success.

Specially designed with a flat handle, the Primos blood tracker is easy and comfortable to carry. Customers love that it comes complete with a holster, belt straps, and its own batteries. It illuminates traces of blood using the power of 600 Lumen CREE XM LEDs. This technology works in any terrain, day or night. It is adaptable to a hunter’s surroundings with 2 power settings: intense HD tracking or low illumination.

Bottom Line

For any bow hunter still developing his or her skill, the Primos Blood Tracking Light is a perfect gift. Having a blood tracker can drastically improve a hunting trip and ensure success. The Primos is compact and easy to transport. It is designed with powerful technology to illuminate blood undetectable to the naked eye. Anyone still working on his/her shooting aim will love receiving this tracker as a gift.

7. Comfify Vintage Cast Iron Deer Antlers Wall Hooks

Comfify Vintage Cast Iron Deer Antlers Wall Mounted Hooks | Antique Finish Metal Clothes Hanger Rack w/Hooks for Coats, Jackets, Purses and More | Includes Screws and Anchors | in Rust Brown


  • Functionality: hooks are commonly used in homes for hanging a range of items
  • Customizable color: tailor this product to the favorite color of the hunter you’re shopping for
  • Ease of use: mount antlers anywhere in the home with 2 wall anchors and 2 screws already included


  • Smaller than average coat rack: some customers wish antlers were longer to hang more items

These Deer Antler Wall Hooks make a fun, unique gift for anyone who loves the outdoors. Customers describe the hooks as a beautiful addition to any rustic home.  Designed with an antique look, the hooks are perfect for hanging a variety of items: keys, coats, bags, hats, scarves, etc. They are practical and easy to mount on any wall, with 2 wall anchors and 2 screws included.

These antlers are available for purchase in brown, black, white, silver, gold, and copper, so you can customize this gift based on the hunter’s favorite color. While they are smaller than the average coat hook, many customers express satisfaction with the overall hanging capacity of this product.

Bottom Line

These beautiful Deer Antler Wall Hooks will fit right into any rustic home. With a vintage finish, they are easy to mount and use. Anyone who loves the outdoors can make great use out of these hooks. Additionally, they come in many colors so you can choose the most optimized gift for your hunter friend or loved one. These antlers may be smaller than the average wall hooks, but they are arguably far more eye-catching.

8. Survival Gear Kits 13 in 1 Outdoor Emergency SOS Survive Tool

Survival Kit, Gifts for Men Husband Dad, Emergency Survival Gear and Equipment 14 in 1, Hunting Fishing Fathers Day Birthday Gift Ideas for Him Boyfriend Teenage Boy, Camping Accessories, Cool Gadget


  • Durable case: strongbox safely contains 13 tools
  • Keeps hunters safe: survival gear is essential for any outdoorsman
  • Versatility: wide range of important survival gear in one small box


  • Dull knife: not as sharp as the average survival knife
  • Issues with compass: some customers experienced malfunctioning compasses

This is another great gift that could save any outdoorsman’s life. Every hunter who goes out into the woods should keep a survival kit handy, just in case. This pack comes with 13 essential pieces including a compass, knife, saw, water bottle clip, blanket, flint stone, scraper, flashlight, credit card knife, tactical pen, whistle mini light, and black waterproof box.

Customers especially love the reliability of the fire starter. Weighing an impressive 1.1 lbs, this survival kit is light and easy to carry. Each product within the kit is high-quality and essential to survival in an emergency situation.

Bottom Line

This is another perfect gift for anyone who loves the outdoors. By gifting this kit, you could be the reason that your hunter friend or loved one survives a wilderness emergency. 13 essential tools are included in this one durable, portable case. Help the hunter you care about to stay safe and prepared.

9. A2S Protection Paracord Bracelet K2-Peak

Paracord Bracelet K2-Peak – Survival Bracelets with Embedded Compass Whistle EDC Hiking Gear- Camping Gear Survival Gear Emergency Kit (Black / Black 8')


  • Small but mighty: 5 tools in 1 bracelet for ultimate emergency preparedness
  • Made for comfort: lightweight, compact cord bracelet is both fashionable and comfortable
  • Functional: any outdoorsman can and should be prepared with survival gear like this bracelet


  • Quality of tools: some customers report malfunctioning compasses

The A2S Protection Paracord Bracelet is another excellent survivalistic gift for hunters. 5 tools are built into one wearable piece of gear. This strong military-grade cord bracelet contains a compass, flint fire starter, fire scrapper/emergency knife, and emergency whistle. In an emergency situation, the bracelet can unravel into 12 feet of paracord.

Customers feel that all the features within this bracelet give it superb value. Even with so many features, the bracelet is lightweight and designed for ultimate comfort. Some customers experience difficulty with the compass feature, saying that it either does not work correctly or is too small to read easily.

Others experience this product as small but mighty. Bracelets also come in a variety of sizes and some are adjustable, making them easy to gift. Additionally, choose from a variety of colors for the perfect present.

Bottom Line

Overall, the A2S Protection Paracord Bracelet is a great gift for any outdoorsman. As one of the most powerful bracelets on the market, it could save a life in an emergency situation. Hunters of all experience levels could use this gift for survival in the woods. Pick the hunter’s favorite color and he or she is guaranteed to make use of this functional, fun survival bracelet.

10. Hunters Specialties Butt Out 2 Big Game Dressing Tool

Hunters Specialties Butt Out 2 Big Game Dressing Tool, Orange


  • Functional: lightweight and portable design
  • Effortless field dressing: tool is easy to use and effective
  • Alternative solution to traditional techniques: helps hunters through field dressing process


  • Consider personal preference: some hunters prefer traditional field dressing with a knife

Big game hunters need tools for efficient field dressing. If you are shopping for a hunter and are unfamiliar with what field dressing is, it is the important process of removing an animal’s internal organs to effectively harvest its meat.

The Butt Out 2 Big Game Dressing Tool is a perfect piece of outdoor gear for any hunter. This tool allows hunters to easily disconnect the alimentary canal through the animal’s anus. Customers praise the Butt Out 2 for making the hardest part of field dressing nearly effortless. The length of the tool keeps hunters clean and safe during field dressing.

Some hunters, however, prefer field dressing more traditionally with a knife. This is a perfect gift for any hunter who has been struggling with traditional field dressing techniques and is looking for an alternative solution.

Bottom Line

If your hunter friend or loved one is working on his/her field dressing skills, this tool is the perfect gift. With the Butt Out 2, hunters can easily remove the alimentary canal of big game for harvest. The tool’s length keeps the process clean, safe, and simple.


Even if the hunter in your life already seems to have everything, we hope that this article has revealed some compelling gifts you can use to compliment gear they already possess. Essential outdoor gear, wearable gear, and hunting-themed houseware are the most popular types of gifts for hunters. When shopping, remember to consider a product’s practicality and compatibility with his or her skill level. Hopefully, these creative gift ideas have guided you to the perfect present for the hunter in your life.

A Word From Our Friend, Dave R.

You can make your favorite hunter (or maybe just an in-law) giddy for less than the price of a haircut. Before reading further, rest assured these are all products that I use personally and none of them have been provided for me by the manufacturer, nor have I been paid for the endorsement. They are simply things I would recommend to anyone who can’t figure out what to buy the hunter in his or her life.


Gloves are something you buy for any hunter. We are always losing them or drying them out. A hunter can never have enough quality gloves. Even if your hunter usually wears blaze orange, always buy camo gloves. No state has a blaze orange requirement for gloves and camo works for bow hunters, gun hunters, turkey hunters, and anyone else. Camo is always appreciated. Waterproof is a necessity, but look for breathable. Gore-Tex or comparable will provide waterproofing without getting a hunter’s hands clammy. 

When it comes to insulation, I’m all about Thinsulate. It is warmer and thinner than standard “Insulated” gloves. Look for the Thinsulate name. Remember, we’re not going skiing. Big, bulky ski style gloves are no good for pulling the trigger or releasing an arrow. Look for snug fitting gloves. You can find gloves like this at just about any quality outdoor retailer for between $25 and $40. This pair from Cabelas would be perfect.


Most hunters expose themselves to cold weather at some point. A hat is necessary equipment for everyone. But unlike gloves, a lot of hunters have their own style when it comes to hats. Baseball style, beanies, boonies, and everything in between can be found on a hunter’s head. You’re going to have to do a little research on what your hunter likes to wear. If he or she is a firearms only hunter, they are going to want a blaze orange hat. If they like to duck hunt or bow hunt, a camo hat is going to be appropriate.

Again, I would opt for Gore-Tex or comparable and if you’re looking for a warm hat for a northern hunter, Thinsulate is awesome. A lot of bow hunters like fleece hats due to their warmth, small size, snug fit, and quiet materials. A hat with these traits can be found at any retailer from $10 to $40. If you know a hunter or any outdoorsman who seemingly has everything, might I suggest a Stormy Kromercap? It may be the only Made In The USA gift they get all year. A Stormy Kromer may not be as technologically advanced as the latest Gore-Tex hat to come off the line, but they are classic cool.

Heartland Bowhunter DVD

This video is obviously for deer hunters only. If your deer hunter likes to watch hunting shows(just about all of us do), this is, in my opinion, the best hunting show on television. The visuals are incredible. The production qualities mimic those of big-budget network driven programming. The great thing about this gift idea is it fits just about any budget. The 4 DVD set is $40. There is another 5 DVD set for $50 but the additional DVD you get in the 5 video set isn’t as good as the others in my opinion. Of course, you can just buy one season if your budget is lower. Season 3 is my favorite and it can be purchased for under $18.


Calls have been used by duck and turkey hunters for eons. Calling is becoming increasingly popular among deer hunters. I started using the Flex Tone Bone Collector call this fall. It is easy to use and mimics a wide variety of deer sounds. You can find this at just about any outdoor retailer or online for about $20.

For a turkey hunter, look for a mid-range pot call. Pot calls are nice for advanced callers but easy for beginners to learn. Don’t go for cheap. Cheap calls sound, feel, and look cheap. If your budget is under $25, go with a nice pair of gloves or a gift card and let them pick out a call on their own. Unless your duck hunter is just getting started, I would also pass on a call. Serious duck hunters are serious about their calls.


The Thermacell could be the most revolutionary product ever made for deer, turkey, and duck hunters. This handy little device is powered by a small fuel cell and keeps bugs at bay for hours. If your hunter only pursues pheasants or grouse, they probably won’t have much use for it. However, anyone who sits still in the woods or marsh when mosquitoes are still around will love a Thermacell. Everyday they don’t have to swat bugs while hunting, they will think of you! You can find a Thermacell unit in stores or online from $15 to $25.

Have a great holiday season, whether it’s Christmas, Hanukah, or any other celebration. Gift giving is fun. But remember it is all about being together. And don’t forget to work some wild game into the feast. The hunter will be proud to share and non-hunters will get a chance to try something new.

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