Best Hunting Flashlights of the Year [2021 Honest Review]

| Last Updated June 2, 2021

We take human vision and its capabilities for granted. The amount of information our eyes capture in low light conditions is incredible; although, the amount we don’t capture is equally extraordinary.

Throughout the years, and thanks to technology, we have gotten the upper hand when it comes to night time activities like hunting. Modern flashlights can emit incredible amounts of light that can not only help you spot game easily but provide you with much-needed utility and in extreme cases, even self-defense.

When hunting, having the ability to see game even in low-light conditions is vital to your success. In this article, we will give you tips on what to look for in a hunting flashlight and review some of the top products on the market.

Comparison of the Best Hunting Flashlights

  • The Beam Can Travel Across an Incredible Distance
  • Can Fit in Almost Any Pocket and is Surprisingly Lightweight
  • Adjustable Zoom and Focus to See Brighter at Further Distances
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  • Excellent Light Output for High Brightness
  • Large Variety of Modes Makes it a Versatile Option
  • Has a Durable Build That Can Withstand the Elements
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  • Can Reflect on Eyes Even at 500 Yards
  • Can Be Completely Submerged in Water
  • It has the Most Extended Range for a Green Light on the List
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  • Great for Hunting Coyotes or Hogs
  • Has Different Modules for Various Situations
  • Designed for Hands-Free Use While Carrying a Weapon
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  • Includes a Rechargeable Battery and a Charger
  • Built to Last so it Can Take Some Hits and Handle Getting Wet
  • Incredible Light Output to Illuminate Any Area Even at a Distance
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  • Has A Lot of Versatility Thanks to its Design
  • Includes Charger and Batteries for a Complete Kit
  • Provides Excellent Energy and Battery Management.
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  • Great Distance for a Green/Red Model
  • Comes With a Rechargeable Battery Kit and Mount
  • You Can Pick Between Two Colors for More Versatility
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  • Made With Sturdy Aluminum Which Makes it Sturdy
  • Cost Effective With an Impressive Amount of Features
  • It Includes Five Modes and Memory Mode for Easy Access
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Benefits of Having a Flashlight While Hunting

Below are the main reasons to invest in a new flashlight from our list:


The right product performance depends on a series of properties that you should pay attention to them. If you use it to traverse the land or following tracks, then you need a product with significant light output to identify the details that you would miss otherwise.

On the other hand, if you plan to spot animals, then the range of the model is a priority. Depending on the task, you can prioritize certain aspects to exploit your equipment’s potential.

Ease of Use

Flashlights are very versatile, so a great product stands out because it isn't too complicated to use. It should simply accommodate your needs. The product’s characteristics can mitigate problems. For example, a noiseless model is useful when you're about to shoot a target.


The flashlight should be able to withstand the weather and other elements. Its battery needs to last for a long time even on the highest settings. A good product is sturdy enough to take a couple of hits or even serve an improvised self-defense mechanism.


Prices vary a lot between models, but that doesn't mean some are better than others. Sometimes they just fulfill a  completely different need.

While many lights emit large beams to allow you to traverse the land efficiently, others emit a green or red light that animals find harder to see, which lets you take a better shot without being spotted.

Depending on your needs, you can even consider getting a second flashlight without your wallet taking a hit.

GearLight High-Powered LED Flashlight S2000

How to Choose a Hunting Flashlight

To determine certain aspects or characteristics of different products most manufacturers voluntarily adhere to the ANSI FL1 quality standards whose terminology is used widely to advertise flashlight traits. A good hunting product should excel in these areas:

Light Output

This is generally referred to as lumens or luminous flux. This attribute measures the brightness of the device, or how much light it emits. However, as necessary as this is, there are other aspects to look for when searching for the right model.

Peak Beam Intensity

Referred to as Candela, this determines how intense the light is around the center of the flashlight’s beam. Sometimes advertisers claim their products travel an incredible amount of distance. Though the intensity varies, without a decent beam intensity, you won't be able to see much of anything.

Beam Distance

This, as its name states, determines how far the ray of light you’re emitting can go. Depending on the situation, or the kind of weapon you’re are using, you’ll want different distances and colors for your model. Some game animals are colorblind to specific colors and you can use this to your advantage.

Run Time

This refers to the amount of time the product can operate with before it gets to less than 10% of its power. This characteristic is heavily dependent on the type of battery the device uses.

Review of the Best Hunting Flashlights

Flashlights can fulfill such a large amount of tasks that sometimes they have entirely different features than others, like the color of beam intensity. This list contains the best products for different situations and scenarios so that you can pick a model that fits your requirements.

Best Overall:
J5 Tactical

J5 Tactical V1-Pro Flashlight The Original 300 Lumen Ultra Bright, LED 3 Mode Flashlight, Forest Camo


  • Great range
  • Energy efficient
  • Adjustable zoom
  • Lightweight and small


  • Can’t be mounted on weapons

This LED product comes with a light output of  300 lumens, which means it has a decent intensity, even at a distance of 600 feet. That is almost as far a two football fields!  It has high, low, and strobe settings so you can adapt to specific situations, and it can last at the highest setting for about an hour of intensive use.

When it comes to battery usage, this option uses a single AA option, meaning it is very energy efficient. You could purchase a rechargeable battery to save even more money in the future, and of course prevent a pile of depleted batteries. On intermittent use, one battery can last up to a week.

With this light, it’s quite easy to see far away areas as it comes with an adjustable focus and zoom. Both provide an intense beam or just a broader light. This model is compact at only four inches long, and with a weight of only 3.2 ounces, it can be carried anywhere or inside almost any type of pocket. One nice addition is the spiked front which makes it a great last resource defensive tool, should the situation require it. Sadly, this alternative can’t be mounted on a hunting weapon.

Bottom Line

This device can provide the versatility that other flashlights can’t, as it can be used to either spot objects across a great distance or illuminate the immediate path. Its varied light settings are an excellent complement to an all-around great product.

Brightest Hunting Flashlight:
GearLight High-Powered LED Flashlight S2000

GearLight LED Flashlight - Bright, High Lumen, Battery Powered Tactical Flashlights for Emergency, Camping & Outdoor Use - S2000


  • Great grip
  • Lots of modes
  • Durable design
  • Water-resistant
  • Very bright beam


  • Extensive battery management and energy consumption

If your demands go more in the way of brightness, then let me introduce to this model. This flashlight features 1200 lumens, which is the brightest on this list. The beam is also ultra wide and can illuminate entire rooms or cover a considerable amount of territory if you’re outdoors.

It’s a LED option that has five modes, high, medium, low, strobe, and SOS, which mean it is adaptable to a lot of situations and scenarios. The versatility of this product and its incredible light output make it perfect not only for hunting situations but for any other occasions where lack of light is a concern.

It has an aluminum build with anti-slip design for a better grip and can withstand rain, snow, and the manufacturer claims it can survive even ten-foot drops making it a splendid outdoor and survival driven product. Although you can use it in the rain, it is not completely waterproof as it can only be submerged for a short amount of time.

In terms of energy demands, it requires four AA batteries which tend to be more cells than other products on the list. It weighs 11.2 ounces which is fairly heavy for a device compared to other products on the market. This model comes with a one-year extended warranty which covers full return should the situation require it.

Bottom Line

If you need to light up the area around you for maximum brightness, then this is an option for you. The durable material, water, and shock resistance make it a durable model which can be very versatile given its many modes. However, you should get some rechargeable batteries or otherwise you may be looking at a pile of them soon enough.

Brightest Green Flashlight:
Orion M30C 377

ORION M30C Red 377 Yards 700 Lumen Long Range LED Hog Predator Varmint Hunting Light Flashlight Kit with Mounts, Pressure Switch and Rechargeable Batteries and Charger


  • Waterproof
  • Long-range beam
  • Powerful illumination
  • Silent pressure switch


  • Issues with battery not recharging

There’s a big difference between white and color devices because the former one is more effective for spotting wildlife without remaining hidden. This option is the most potent green flashlight on the list with 700 lumens, enough to light up a considerable amount of land without being detected.

It has a beam distance of 377 yards, but eye reflection on animals can be seen even at 500 yards. With this product, it is easier to spot animals than in daytime hunting. Utility-wise, it comes with a silent pressure, so you remain unheard. Your hands can be on your weapon at all times, as it comes with a hands-free remote switch

It has a waterproof rating of IPX8 which means this device can be submerged entirely in up to three feet of water and will continue functioning. It can last for 1.8 continuous hours of usage at high mode, and on medium, it can last for about 3.5 hours, which is still more potent than most similar products. Unfortunately, some users have reported that they had problems with the lifetime of the device.

Bottom Line

If you favor a more long-distance approach to hunting, then this is your product. Spotting game becomes more convenient than in daytime when you can see the reflection of animals so far ahead.

Best Red LED Flashlight:
Odepro KL52Plus

Odepro KL52Plus Zoomable Hunting Flashlight with Red Green White and IR850 Light LED Lamps Remote Pressure Switch Hunting Kit for Hog Coyote and Varmint Hunting, Gift Box Packaging


  • Large range
  • Varied modules
  • Durable material
  • Different mounts
  • Noiseless buttons


  • Light output is not as high as other options

This device is a scope-mounted alternative and is the first flashlight that instead of being utility driven is specifically for hunting. This model comes with four LED modules, green, blue, red, and white to accommodate hunting various game animals that are color blind to certain color schemes like coyotes and hogs.  

Each color mode on the Odepro KL52Plus has a light output that ranges from 100 lumens to 130, except for the white light. The flashlight comes with an intelligent remote switch that frees your hand to easily carry a gun. Since this is a hunting-designed product, its buttons are entirely noiseless.  Its beam can reach a distance as far a 1350 feet.

Depending on your weapon, you can choose between two mounts. The first one allows it to be used on shotguns, while the other can fit on multiple scopes with different sizes, no matter how large or small the weapon is. When it comes to durability it’s made out of aluminum, and the design is shock and water-resistant, this also means it is resistant to rough use. It’s not entirely waterproof so it only can stay underwater for a limited time.

Bottom Line

This model sacrifices the mobility and utility other flashlights have by focusing on doing an excellent job specifically for hunting. Its different light modules offer a great variety of options to stay concealed.

Best for Hunting at Night:
Professional Series ZX-2

Super Bright Handheld LED Emergency Flashlights – Professional Series ZX-2 Kit High Lumen Flashlight – 5 Light Modes, Adjustable Focus, Outdoor Water Resistant – Rechargeable Battery, Charger


  • Zoom focus
  • Memory mode
  • Rugged model
  • Water-resistant
  • Multiple modes
  • Excellent brightness
  • 1200 luminous flux
  • High-performance LED
  • Rechargeable batteries


  • May scare off animals

If you’re concerned about brightness not reaching a specific place or not illuminating an area, this LED model comes with 1200 lumens. This option is a heavy-duty model and is used by law enforcement, fire departments, and even the FBI so you can guess how reliable it is. It can be ordered with a rechargeable battery kit so that you won’t have to purchase anything else for it to work. It uses either AAA batteries or lithium ones.

Utility wise, it’s water-resistant and aluminum made, which means it can sustain some hits and still function. It includes a memory mode so it can remember your desired configuration; this is crucial in moments where you need to stay concealed. The five modes it has are respectively: strobe, SOS, high, medium, and low.

It is built for survival situations and comes with a zoom to spot objects in the distance. In terms of dimensions, it weighs 6.2 ounces and is 5.2 inches long, so it is compact and lightweight.

Bottom Line

Provided you’re aware that a flashlight this bright can scare off wildlife due to its intensity, then this is a great option. In terms of utility, this product is made to last and has a considerable amount of versatility that makes it an ideal choice.

Best for Deer Hunting:
GRDE Zoomable Super Bright LED Headlamp


  • Adjustable light
  • Great light output
  • Comes with batteries
  • Great energy consumption


  • Few modes
  • Can’t be mounted on a weapon

In some cases, the equipment that we use may hinder our mobility or end up being a trade-off between some other trait. This is where a headlamp truly shines. This multi-function flashlight has 1800 lumens and can last up to four hours in "high" mode, which is impressive when it comes to energy consumption. Its strap makes it a versatile option; it can even become a desk lamp if you desire. It has much utility beyond hunting.

The product can be turned 90 degrees up and down which allows for better positioning. Since this flashlight has a bright beam, it is best that you dim the beam for spotting game, as it can easily scare animals. The model falls short when it comes to functionality as it only has three modes which are respectively: slow, strobe, and high.

It also includes a zoom to expand the light or keep it focused on a single point. It works as an excellent spotting tool as at its widest point at which the beam length is around 200 inches.

This light lasts for a long time and can illuminate long distances brightly for while you are out hunting in the dark for long periods. Being able to see your surroundings will keep you safe and allow you to locate that thirty point buck you just took down more easily.

Bottom Line

The best thing about this product is the fact that you can have a hands-free experience. Although it has a limited amount of modes, its high setting is high enough to spot different objects at a great distance. It can light up an entire area around you or focus on a single point in the distance.

Best Hog Hunting Flashlight:
Orion H30 Predator

ORION H30-G Green Predator Premium 273 Yards Rechargeable Hog Hunting Light with Scope Mount, Rail Mount, Barrel Mount, Remote Pressure Switch & Charger Kit


  • Durable
  • Waterproof
  • Long-range beam
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Versatile color choices
  • Can be mounted on any weapon


  • Lacks utility
  • Only has one mode

Animals like hogs, coyotes, and varmints are colorblind to red and green beams, and for this reason, there are models specifically designed to spot them. What these types of models lack utility wise, they make up for in effectiveness, as game animals won’t even know you’re looking at them. The Orion H30 Predator can be purchased in your desired color and comes with a kit that includes mounts for rail, scope, or barrel. Aside from this, you’ll get rechargeable battery kit.

Color modules tend to be just powerful enough to spot animal but not scare them, but this option stands out because its beam distance is enhanced by its 300 lumens reaching a distance of 273 yards.

You can pick your preferred color choice, but they do impact your effectiveness. While red is the least visible of the two for most animals, it’s also hard for humans to see. Green is effective against hogs but more visible to coyotes and varmint. This makes the green option perfect for all your hog hunting needs. Needless to say, whichever choice you decide to purchase makes a significant impact on your hunting.

The batteries can last up to four hours of continuous use, and the flashlight is waterproof for around an hour which is impressive considering most on the list are only rain-resistant.

Bottom Line

This product does its job like no other. It could use a little bit more utility, so it is recommended to take another flashlight for activities unrelated to hunting, but nothing spots game with the added benefit of being concealed like this model.

Best Coyote Hunting Flashlight:
Ulako Green Light

Ulako Green Light 350 Yards Spotlight Flood Light Zoomable Flashlight Torch for Hunting Hog Pig Coyote Varmint


  • Versatile mounts
  • Resistant material
  • Quick release mount
  • Waterproof and shockproof
  • Charger and high-capacity battery


  • Only has one mode
  • Remote control switch problems

This product can cover the longest distance of any green lights on this list with an impressive 300 yards which are more than two football fields. This alternative is a floodlight with means it is used to illuminate large areas, usually fields. Unfortunately, it only has one mode, but it's enough to get a good grasp of your surroundings.

Setting it onto a gun is comfortable with its two versatile mounts, and it comes with a remote control so so turning it on/off is easier and more convenient. However, many people say the durability of the switch is not as excellent as the rest of the floodlight.  The product comes with a high capacity 2600 mAh battery and a charger. This option is a waterproof and shockproof model made with durable aluminum.

The green light is invisible to coyotes, so it is perfect for hunting down these types of animals. It can be mounted so that your hands remain free to handle your weapon optimally.

Bottom Line

This product's floodlight illuminates fields like no other. Its green color is excellent for staying undetected while providing vision. Provided you have a backup utility flashlight, this is a great product.

Best Long Range Flashlight:
The Kill Light XLR250

Elusive Wildlife The Kill Light XLR250 Gun Mounted Hunting Light, Green, Single Mode, On/Off Switch


  • Versatile
  • Many colors
  • Various accessories
  • Long distance beam


  • Mount doesn't work on all weapons

Beyond a mere flashlight, this is a whole setup. This kit includes a floodlight that has four colors options depending on your preference and the type of game you’re trying to find. The includes batteries, charger, hands-free switch, and mounts.

When it comes to the product itself, it has an incredible range and can light up an area even at 250 yards, although the most impressive aspect is that eyes are easy to identify even at 500 yards.

Although the mount is versatile, it might not completely fit on every product, with some people reporting that they had to buy an additional mount. You can also purchase three options that come with either a triple mode switch or a single one. The third option is a pressure switch that can eliminate sounds.

Bottom Line

The best thing about this model is how complete it is. It brings a wide array of accessories that can suffice any need that you may have regarding the floodlight. Its long-distance beam can spot animals at incredible distances, making it a practical device.

Best for the Money:

[Rechargeable] LED Tactical Flashlight, OxyLED MD50 Super Bright 900 Lumens CREE T6 LED Torch, 18650 Battery Included, IP65 Waterproof, Zoomable, 5 Modes for Camping/Hiking/Emergency Use (1 Pack)


  • Cost-effective
  • Includes many modes
  • Water and shockproof
  • Includes memory mode
  • Lightweight and compact


  • Can’t be submerged in water

The last model on the list happens to be the most cost-effective one for users on a budget, yet it has an astonishing amount of features, and its capabilities are also excellent. It comes with 900 Lumens. Though it might not be the brightest on the list, it can undoubtedly illuminate a considerable amount of space.

The product has five modes, high, medium, low, strobe, and SOS. It is water and shockproof, although it cannot be submerged in water. Its length is 5.3 inches with a total weight of 11.2 ounces including accessories. It takes four hours to charge and the battery lasts over four hours on high mode.

The material used is aluminum, meaning it can take a couple of hits and still function correctly. A nice addition is the memory mode function, so you don’t have to go through it in the middle of the action.

Bottom Line

This alternative is a great option not only for those on a budget but also is perfect for people that want a functional flashlight with great utility and durability.

Best Scorpion Hunting Flashlight:
Vansky 51 LED Blacklight


  • Has a 12-year long lifespan
  • Waterproof protected design
  • Compact and easy to carry around
  • Can also authenticate currency and ID cards
  • Uses 51 UV LED lights for a brighter performance


  • Batteries need to be bought separately

What Recent Buyers Report

This UV light is great. You definitely see a lot you didn’t expect to. It is not only perfect for keeping your house clean, but it can be used for outdoor things as well. It works fine, has a great battery life, and is a very good investment because it has numerous uses.

Why it Stands Out to Us

This handheld flashlight houses 51 UV LED bulbs that give out a bright beam that can spot any stain anywhere. You can use it to spot pet urine on your tiles or carpets and keep your house clean. If you are a clean freak, make sure to take this with you on your next hotel trip. 

Another unexpected thing about this is that it can be used to check if a currency, ID card, or passport is real or not. If you are looking for more of a fun use, then use it to highlight fluorescent decorations or body paint.

Bottom Line

As we mentioned before, this has a lot of uses. Buy it for hunting and end up using it for other things. You can’t go wrong here. This light will detect animal traces on the ground and help you track them or steer clear of them. At the price it comes in, it is a must-have.

Best Head Flashlight for Hunting:
Kohree CREE 80000 LUX


  • Has a long 275-yard range
  • Options for green and red LED
  • Can be easily attached to your cap
  • Uses a rechargeable lithium battery
  • Durable and waterproof construction


  • Cap locking mechanism needs improvement

What Recent Buyers Report

The light is very convenient and keeps your hands free at all times. It has a very long battery life as well, which is great because hunting can take long. It is very bright and has a good long-range. Overall, it seems durable, well-made, and worth the money.  

Why it Stands Out to Us

When hunting games, having green and red light helps a lot because animals are often less sensitive to these wavelengths and don’t get spooked by them. This way, you can aim better. It also has a normal white light option for walking. It has a rainproof finish, which keeps your light protected from fog and humidity. 

On high beam settings, the battery lasts as long as six hours and almost the entire day for low beam settings.  

Bottom Line

Since this is a headlight, it can be used for hiking, climbing, working, and just keeping your hands free for other tasks. It has a high-quality design and comes with its own cap and charger, everything you will need to get going.  

Types of Hunting Flashlights 

The type of hunting flashlight can depend on a lot of things, but broadly speaking, there are four types.


Imagine mine workers and their yellow hats. They have lights on them to help them get their work done and not worry about holding the light. This concept has gone from being just used by workers to be used by hikers, hunters, and campers. 

These are the most convenient flashlights for outdoor use, including hunting. You can just wear one on your head or attach it to your cap if it has that option and has your hands free for work.

Gun Lights

Hunting guns have options for attaching accessories like scopes. On top of these scopes, you can install LED lights for hunting at night. These lights also have colored LEDs. Lights attached to the rifle directly make aiming much easier.


Handheld flashlights are the most common. You probably have one lying around in your house somewhere. But flashlights made for hunting have longer range, battery, and are waterproof for safe outdoor use. These are used mainly for hunting small animals.


These flashlights sometimes have different filters and UV lights to detect things like blood and urine, etc. This acts as your tracker and makes things faster.

Battery Type

The batteries used in these lights are of three types, i.e., rechargeable, disposable, and renewable. Rechargeable batteries can be charged via an AC/DC power outlet, and the renewable type uses power sources like solar energy to recharge. The disposable batteries, however, need to replaced when out of charge.  


Flashlights do more than illuminate a path. They are essential tools that can not only make you a more effective hunter but offer a large amount of utility that many other products can’t. They come in many sizes and prices which means it wouldn’t hurt to own a couple of different types.

People Also Ask

Hunting without light is in itself a complicated task, but what makes it more complex is the fact that the eyes of wildlife process information in particular ways and that’s why we are here to clear up a couple of questions about flashlights and hunting.

Can You Use Flashlight When Hunting?

You can definitely use a flashlight when hunting, and you need to when you are hunting at night. If you cannot hold it in your hands, these lights are designed to be attached to your hats and rifles as well. They also have different wavelengths and colors, so the animals are not scared off.

Can You Use a Flashlight When Hunting Coyotes?

Hunting lights have red and green light options. These wavelengths are less effective on coyotes, so they don’t get spooked unless you make noise.

What is Flashlight Hunting?

Flashlight hunting is simply hunting with a flashlight to locate tracks, posts, small animals, etc.

Is it Better to go in With a Flashlight or Wait Till You Can See When Deer Hunting?

It is okay to use flashlights for deer hunting. They don’t get easily scared by the light. It’s better to use them, so you don’t make noise and have a clear path. 

Can Deer See Green Light?

There are many myths around about deer vision, and the reality of it is that they can perceive blue and green wavelengths, but they can’t pick up red and orange. That’s why wearing orange gear during rifle season is not a bad idea.

What is the Best Color Flashlight For Deer Hunting?

Whitetail deer are like some people, colorblind to red, so a dim floodlight of this color is the best piece of equipment to catch them at night. In reality, a deer might not see you, but its sense of smell and keen hearing are way more likely to alert it of your presence.

My name is Jeff and I have been hunting and fishing for over 40 years. I am an avid archery lover, bass fisherman, and all-around outdoorsman. Currently, I'm obsessed with elk hunting but I'm sure I'll move onto a different favorite soon. You gotta love hunting for that reason :) If you have any questions, or just want chat about your latest hunting score or big catch, you can reach me at Read more about Big Game Logic.