Best Hunting Coveralls of 2021 – Complete Round-up

| Last Updated June 11, 2021

Conditions are rarely ideal during a hunting trip. However, this does not take the excitement out of a true hunter by any means.

Hunting in extreme situations is not only pointless but also very dangerous. This can make the experience quite miserable. However, a hunting coverall can help tip the scale in your favor.

Before you pick any random coverall, go through this buying guide for the best choice to up your comfort and odds of success.

Comparison of the Best Hunting Coveralls

  • Comfortable, adjustable cuffs of neoprene
  • Scuff guard for durability
  • Polyester lining holds in body heat
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  • Made of cotton-polyester blend
  • Adjustable cuffs and waist
  • Underarm vents for improved comfort
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  • Best for the Money
  • Made from durable polyester
  • Designed to stay dirt-free
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  • Best Insulated Hunting Coveralls
  • Insulated and waterproof design
  • Quiet and breathable design
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  • Best Women’s Hunting Coveralls
  • Able to hide wearer's scent
  • Zip legs for secure fit
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  • Best Waterproof Hunting Coveralls
  • Comes with a removable hood
  • Waterproof and windproof design
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What Are Hunting Coveralls and What Are They Used For?

As the name suggests, hunting coveralls are used by hunters to cover their whole body during a hunt. Hunting is never easy, especially in cold conditions. It requires a high-quality coverall to offer great coverage for your body.

Coveralls prove very helpful in keeping the body warm and resist water as well as wind. The layer of insulation proves very effective in extremely cold weather. Since it is quite easy to put one out in the field, it keeps hunting safe and quiet for you. Some of them are even equipped with multiple pockets to keep your accessories within access. 

How to Size Hunting Coveralls

Whether you are a male or female hunter, whenever you are in the market for getting a new coverall, you will come across weird sizing factors. The main reason is that manufacturers have a hard time figuring the right fit. 

Honestly, there is no hard and fast rule for sizing a hunting coverall. It is always better to get a suit that tends to fall on the larger side. There are various models available that have a universal fit with elastic waist and adjustable cuffs. These are equally good for people of almost every stature.  

Review of the Best Hunting Coveralls

What you wear is highly influential in the success of hunting. A comfortable coverall would keep you dry, silent, and warm, especially in cold seasons. If you are planning a hunting trip, it's high time to get your hands on a brand-new hunting coverall. Go through these suggestions to make the right choice.

Best Overall:
Wall's Camo Insulated Coverall

Walls Men's Camo Insulated Coverall, Realtree Edge, 8X Large


  • Allows easy movement during the hunt
  • Comes with a zipper closure for easy wearing
  • Adjustable nylon cuffs give you the perfect fit
  • Features double knee patches for improved strength
  • Superior cotton and polyester construction make this coverall highly recommended


  • No hood available
  • Pockets are quite small

What Recent Buyers Report

The beautiful combination of polyester and cotton easily meets the expectation of users. What they really like about this coverall is its zipper closure that allows maximum comfort during the adventure. The fit is also commendable. You can easily move around silently without making the target suspicious.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The Wall's Camo coverall is second to none and outperforms in every way. The body is manufactured from polyester and cotton for durability. In fact, this incredible combination of materials keeps the air out and therefore maintains comfort during the hunt.

It features a zip closure so you can easily get in and out of it without much effort. The nylon cuffs are also fully adjustable and ultimately give you the perfect fit. To add on, the camouflage print makes sure you blend in well to not make your prey suspicious. Once it gets dirty, you can wash it in the machine to get rid of all the stains. There are double knee patches for protection.

Bottom Line

If comfort is your priority, this coverall is just the right choice for you. The construction is durable and keeps you dry and comfortable all day long. It can easily withstand extreme temperatures and improves hunting success significantly. Moreover, it offers a universal fit.

Rothco Flight Coverall

Rothco Flight Coverall, Woodland Camo, X-Large


  • Multiple pockets to accommodate your supplies
  • Adjustable waist and cuffs to ensure a universal fit
  • Beautiful air-force style print makes it look attractive
  • Comes with front and leg zipper for easy adjustments
  • Reliable cotton and polyester construction keep you dry


  • Does not offer flash protection
  • Available in one standard length only

What Recent Buyers Report

As per user reviews, this coverall is a great deal to get your hands on. It keeps you silent during your adventure while maintaining comfort. The material is of high-quality and tends to last for a long time. People love its versatility because whether you are a painter or a hunter, this coverall will cover everything for you.

Why it Stands Out to Us

For those who did not like our top model, this second-best option would make for an ideal choice. The material used in the construction is cotton and polyester that effectively avoid moisture. It comes with a zipper closure with several pockets to keep the stuff for you.

The best thing is that this coverall can be used by almost everyone since the waist and cuffs are fully adjustable. With the perfect fit, you can enjoy a full range of motion and maximum comfort. You also can't ignore the attractive Air Force print, coupled with its versatility, which makes it equally good for everyday use by painters, tankers, and hunters.

Bottom Line

One of the finest civilian versions of the Air Force suit, this coverall is known for its durability and amazing versatility. It is great for general use and ensures a silent hunting trip to make it successful. All in all, it delivers everything that it claims.

Best for the Money:
Zicac Outdoor Camo Ghillie Suit

Zicac Outdoor Camo Ghillie Suit 3D Leafy Camouflage Clothing Jungle Woodland Hunting


  • Body is quite lightweight and avoids dirt
  • Offers the maximum coverage every time you wear it
  • Polyester material is highly useful in keeping the hunter dry
  • Surely the most economical camouflage coverall on this list
  • Attractive 3D leaf design takes the style game to the next level


  • Zipper feels a bit cheap
  • Availability in only one size can be a problem

What Recent Buyers Report

Users are happy with the unique yet attractive design of this coverall. It comes with prominent features that make for a great coverall. With this, you can get the full coverage and stay vigilant during your hunting trip. The best thing is that this is as good as any high-end unit but at a pretty affordable price.

Why it Stands Out to Us

This coverall from Zicac is probably the most pocket-friendly one you can get. Manufactured from polyester, this bodysuit keeps you warm and dry even in extreme weather situations. The 3D leafy effect not only sets it apart but also makes camouflaging easier.

The suit comes with zipper closure to make wearing it quick and easy. It fits almost everyone, thanks to the adjustable waist. Apart from being an ideal hunting companion, it can also be used for purposes like wildlife photography as it provides a full range of motion. Last but not least, all this is available at a very good price.

Bottom Line

For those of you who are looking for a great coverall for their next hunting trip at a budget-friendly price, this product can be a great choice. It is great for multiple uses and meets the expectations of the users to the fullest.

Best Insulated Hunting Coveralls:
Guide Gear Insulated Hunting Coveralls

Guide Gear Men's Dry Waterproof Hunting Coveralls with Hood, Insulated Camo Hunt Overalls, Realtree Edge, Medium


  • Elastic waist gives you a nice fit
  • A number of pockets available for sufficient storage
  • Removable hood to suit your needs on a sunny or rainy day
  • Quilt-lined interior keeps you warm in freezing temperature
  • Waterproof exterior to make it endure extreme situations like a pro


  • Additional layers and hood make it a bit noisier
  • Front zipper often breaks after a couple of uses

What Recent Buyers Report

The Guide Gear coverall has received a lot of appreciation from users. They are in absolute awe of the incredible warmth it offers in cold weather. There is no question about the quality and stunning design that makes it perfect for a hunting trip. To add on, the pockets have good storage space for all your accessories.

Why it Stands Out to Us

Although this is slightly highly-priced than other models on this list, the Guide Gear Men's hunting coverall is worth the price. It is specially designed to keep hunters warm in cold weather. There is a quilt-lined interior that delivers you the comfort you are looking for.

One of the most interesting things about this suit is its water-resistance. The incorporation of a removable hood offers protection from rain as well as the sun. There is also a two-way zipper with an adjustable waist for a tailored fit rather than a clumsy bulk. Finally, the storm cuffs feature thumb holes to give you outstanding hand movement.

Bottom Line

Given its superior insulation, this coverall is undoubtedly the best choice for hunting in cold weather. With a removable hood and adjustable waist, it comes with almost all the features found in a reliable hunting coverall.

Best Women’s Hunting Coveralls:
Scent Blocker Shield Series Coverall

SCENTBLOCKER Drencher Insulated Coverall RT Edge 2X-Large


  • Easy to get in and out of the dress
  • Superior fit allows easy and quick movement
  • Features a four-pocket design for maximum storage
  • Waterproof membrane keeps you safe from moisture
  • Incorporates silver antimicrobial technology to keep the suit clean


  • Size is not as accurate as described
  • Design could use extra elastic for a universal fit

What Recent Buyers Report

Users are highly satisfied with the marvelous build and great design of this coverall. Being fully insulated, it is highly useful for extremely cold conditions. It keeps you warm and dry to deliver high-end comfort. Wearing it is quite easy and quick, plus the safety harness ensures maximum safety.

Why it Stands Out to Us

We like that this is an ideal coverall for women and proves to be a great companion on every hunting trip. Manufacturers have used high-quality polyester material in the construction to make it a durable option. Polyester not only keeps you quiet but makes movement convenient and unrestricted too.

The use of silver antimicrobial technology is the greatest addition to this model. It keeps you fresh by limiting the odor caused by bacteria. You will find four large pockets on this suit that offer great storage for all your stuff. The addition of a safety harness makes it stand out from the rest of the competitors.

Bottom Line

Overall, this is a high-grade coverall for women out there and has everything you might be looking for. It comes with all the prominent features to give you an unforgettable experience of your life. Just wear it, and you are all set for your next trip.

Best Waterproof Hunting Coveralls:
MidwayUSA Elk Fork

MidwayUSA Men's Elk Fork Coveralls Realtree Edge Camo Large


  • Offers a quiet hunting experience
  • Comes with a removable hood for convenience
  • High zippers help you cover the body completely
  • Water and windproof exterior to enhance durability
  • Insulation shell keeps you warm in freezing temperatures


  • Lacks any hand cover
  • Only two styles to choose from

What Recent Buyers Report

Reports show that this coverall has also succeeded in winning the confidence of customers with its fine features. The insulation works amazingly well to provide the comfort you expect from it. It is highly loved for the quiet hunting it offers. You can easily hunt down your prey in the woods.

Why it Stands Out to Us

With a great set of exceptional features, this coverall packs a punch. It is composed of high-quality materials with poly insulation. The outer shell is completely waterproof and windproof to keep you comfortable in all weather conditions.

The front zipper allows you to get in and out of the dress quickly. You can also keep yourself safe from scorching sun and rain, thanks to the removable hood.

In addition, this coverall features multiple pockets with great storage space to keep all your accessories safe and within access. In short, it will keep you moisture-free and always ready for a hunt.

Bottom Line

Weather can be quite problematic, especially out in the field. This coverall is specially made waterproof with high-end technology. To put in a nutshell, it is a product with all the essential qualities unlike anything on the market, making it a great investment.

Best Men’s Hunting Coveralls:
 ScentLok Savanna Quickstrike

Scent-Lok Men's Savanna Quickstrike Coverall, Mossy Oak Country, 2X


  • Keeps you completely warm in cold weather
  • Scent blocking technology improve your success chances
  • Built with heavy-duty polyester to make it a reliable option
  • Comes with an additional pouch to accommodate your accessories
  • Two-way front zipper makes the dressing convenient during adventures


  • Belt design is not up to par
  • Does not offer a good waist fit for thin people

What Recent Buyers Report

This is a very well-reviewed coverall and is extremely popular among hunters for many reasons. The quality and design are highly commendable. With the scent blocking technology, this coverall has become a go-to choice of most hunters for hunting down the prey without making it suspicious.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The ScentLok model is one of the best options for men and is meant to provide comfort in the field. The use of 100% polyester with an inner layer of wicking fabric in its construction makes it a pretty good choice. It keeps the body warm, even in extreme weather situations.

There is a two-way zipper to help you get dressed in a matter of seconds. The most loved feature is the safety harness on the back of the suit.

However, it mainly stands out to us for the incorporation of carbon alloy technology that limits body odor and, ultimately, helps you continue the hunt without being suspected by animals. Apart from a number of pockets, there is an additional pouch for increased storage space.

Bottom Line

Who won’t like an elevated coverall for the best hunting trip? From superior build to amazing scent blocking technology, this coverall has set the bar quite high. Just jump in your coverall and begin your hunt like a pro.

Are Coveralls Important While Hunting?

A reliable hunting coverall is always a great accessory for hunting in the woods. You can easily get in the dress in a matter of seconds to begin the hunt most comfortably. If you’re still unconvinced about buying one, here are some reasons that make it a great investment:

Full Coverage

The most prominent benefit of wearing a coverall is the superior coverage it provides to users. It completely covers your body for safety purposes. Plus, the camouflage print keeps you low-profile and less suspicious during the hunt.

Keeps the Body Warm

Hunting can get quite difficult in extremely cold conditions. A coverall with insulation protects you from freezing by keeping the body warm all day long. This way, you can withstand frosty mornings without going numb.

Additional Pockets

Believe it or not, you are going to need multiple accessories on a hunting trip. What's better than having the essential ones within easy access? Coveralls have multiple sides and chest pockets with great storage space. They also keep your stuff safe for you. Just put your necessary things like a torch and lighter in these pockets to use them in the hour of need. 

What to Look For When Buying Hunting Coveralls

Coveralls are extremely important to keep the legs, back, and chest covered. Since the market is currently flooding with tons of options, you might pick the wrong one. Therefore, it is always better to do some research beforehand.

This section has summarized a couple of features that make a coverall stand out from the bunch. Let’s have a look.

Quality Material

The quality of any coverall is determined by the type of material used in its construction. Those made from polyester are not only durable but water-resistant as well. Meanwhile, those made from polyester are not only lightweight but retain the shape very well. 

There are some models with an incredible combination of polyester and cotton that absorbs the moisture quickly and are easily washable. 


The melting snow or rain can be highly damaging for the quality of a coverall. This can spoil all the fun for the hunter. Therefore, it is always better to get your hands on a coverall having a membrane or combined fabric to protect the exterior from any damage. This will keep you dry and comfortable throughout the hunt. 


Advanced coveralls are equipped with a fleece lining to perfectly retain the heat. This feature proves quite helpful in cold weather conditions in keeping the body warm.


Hunting requires you to be active all the time. Make sure to get a coverall that is perfectly stitched and easy to wear. 

Comparison Overview

Coveralls, overalls, or bibs; what’s better for you? Well, let’s make the decision a bit easier for you. Go through this detailed comparison to make an educated decision.

Coveralls vs. Overalls

While coveralls and overalls look slightly similar, they vary in a way or another. Let’s see how:


Coveralls are specially designed to cover the legs, chest, and arms. On the other hand, overalls are made to cover only the legs and chest covered during the hunting trip.


When it comes to coverage, coveralls provide better coverage than overalls. The former covers almost every part of the body to keep you safe from branches and bushes. 


Coveralls tend to fall on the slightly heavier side of the spectrum. Contrary to that, overalls feel light on the body.

Coveralls vs. Bibs

Next, we have drawn a comparison between coveralls and bibs to make the choice easier for you.


Mostly coveralls are manufactured from polyester to keep you warm. However, bibs are generally more breathable.


Cold weather conditions can be quite troublesome. A coverall is specially designed to provide maximum coverage and resist wind. In comparison, bibs don’t provide good insulation against cold situations.


Coveralls have a convertible design. They are often equipped with a removable hood so you can use it according to your needs. Overalls have a standard design that can’t be changed at all. 

Coveralls vs. Bibs, Which one is the best? (Source)


Choosing the right coveralls depends on various factors, and therefore, you need to be careful while making the final choice. Hopefully, by now, you are capable of picking the right one for your needs. If there is still any confusion, you can always go for one of our recommended options. They are all worth the consideration.

People Also Ask

Hunting is not as easy as it seems. You need to consider tons of factors and pick the right accessories. The same is the case for coveralls, and when picking one, you might often have some questions in mind. Read on to know answers to some of the frequently asked queries by people. 

Are Hunting Coveralls Insulated?

Yes, advanced hunting coveralls are usually made with a fleece lining. Insulation effectively holds in the body heat and keeps you warm all day long. This makes them highly useful in freezing temperatures. You can simply wear a coverall to conceal yourself and continue the hunt without any hurdle.

Are Coveralls For Hunting Weather-Proof?

Manufacturers use multiple technologies in their units to make them stand out. Most insulated coveralls are made water-resistant as well as weather-proof. They prove to be extremely functional in keeping the moisture away from the exterior as well as the interior. Moreover, it can also easily withstand an extremely windy environment.

What to Wear Under Hunting Coveralls?

Regardless of the weather conditions, it is always recommended to use long sleeves and pants under a hunting coverall. You can also go for a cozy and cool fabric if the weather is warm on the field. You should always wear a base layer close to the skin to avoid chafing or swollen skin.

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