Review of the Flextone Buck Collector Deer Call

| Last Updated May 4, 2020

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Like a lot of deer hunters, I was once afraid to call deer. I had read about calling deer and wondered if it was really effective. My mind was made the first time I successfully called a deer to the stand with a grunt. While grunting at a yearling buck to see how he would react, I inadvertently lured a Pope & Young class buck to within bow range of my tree. He literally appeared from nowhere. Since then, I’ve had countless run-ins with deer I would have never laid eyes on without my grunt call. After using a few different calls in the past few years, I can report that calling deer is extremely effective.

The first call I picked up was not my favorite. I’ve tried a few but found some of them to be temperamental in cold temperatures, others were hard to get consistent call from, and some just didn’t sound right. The Flextone Buck Collector is by far and away my favorite call of the handful I’ve tried. One of the things I like the most about it is the material it is made from. The Buck Collector call feels like some sort of rubberized material. I’m not sure what it is exactly but it is very flexible which allows you to move the call around to control volume and pitch.

It is very easy to produce realistic sounding buck grunts with the call. With the push of a button located on the mouthpiece you can make doe and fawn bleats as well, although it does take a little practice to create the bleats consistently well. The Buck Collector also has a secondary tube for creating a snort-wheeze challenge call. That tube is essentially just an amplifier. You’ll need to make the snort-wheeze using your mouth but it’s an easy sound to duplicate after you’ve heard it once.

The call comes with a lanyard which was intentionally designed a little snug to keep it out of your bowstring. Years of duck hunting in severe weather has trained me to always keep my calls zipped inside my jacket. Again, the rubberized material is comfortable and if you drop it or bounce it off something it doesn’t make much noise.

The Flextone Buck Collector Deer Call is friendly on the wallet as well. I’ve seen it online for no more than $19.99 and as low as 14.97. There really isn’t any reason not to give one a shot.

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