Best Drop Shot Rods of 2021 – Complete Buyer’s Guide

| Last Updated June 3, 2021

Catching fish is no easy task, especially if they are predatory fish that like to stay suspended in deep waters, but having a good drop shot rod will definitely increase your chances of succeeding.

These drop shot will work smartly by placing a lure or bait directly in front of their noses so they can’t resist and fall into the trap. 

Other qualities of the best drop shot are versatility, good action, and compact design, but more on that later. Let’s first understand the basics of the product before we move on to the list of the best drop shot rods. 

Comparison of the Best Drop Shot Rods

  • Comes with strong and steady EVA grips
  • Made with balanced and strong graphite fiberglass
  • Construction includes one-piece stainless steel ugly tuff
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  • Made with premium quality graphite SC2
  • Comes with a double coating of flex coat for better finishing
  • The master Hand by Kigan 3D provides strong aluminum-oxide rings
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  • Best for the money
  • Allows you to escape the threads from the normal reel seats
  • Comes with a handle design that is hidden for better functioning
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  • Provides medium action
  • Best drop shot spinning rod
  • Has a 70 inch of spinning rod
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  • Best drop shot rod and reel combo
  • Comes with a carbon skeletal speed rotor
  • Its construction involves the use of aluminum body
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When Would a Drop Shot Rod Come in Handy?

Drop shot rods are the new big thing, and people love it. This is because they don’t just aid fishing; they completely revolutionize your experience and enable you to excel at the sport. Here are all the times when a drop shot will come in handy.

Catching Larger fish

Regardless of whether you go fishing for fun or for generating revenue, you want to catch larger and bigger fish. This is because larger fish generate more profits, but that’s not the only reason people prefer catching them. Catching large and complex fish is hard, and hence anglers take it as a challenge. There are many people who compete against each other in order to catch the biggest fish in the water.

Penetrating Deeper Waters

A normal rod might allow you to catch fish, but a drop shot rod will go one step further and will enable you to catch fish in deep waters. Their longer lengths, coupled with faster action, allow you to indulge in larger castings and hence penetrate deeper waters. This means that the product can be suitable for use in deep and shallow waters both.

Time-Saving Fishing

Fishermen, especially professional ones, want to catch more fish in less time, and that is exactly why they need and prefer a drop shot rod. The fast action technology and easy handles allow for maximized production. Moreover, most drop shots come with weather tolerance, thus ensuring that bad weather doesn’t stop anglers from doing their job.

What to Look For When Buying a Drop Shot Rod

If you are a fisherman or a sports enthusiast, the chances are that you are really interested in catching bigger and complicated fish easily, and that is exactly what you will achieve with a good drop shot. So to help you out, we will be highlighting all the things you need to look out for before buying the top product.

Medium or Fast Action

When it comes to fishing, action plays a huge part. This feature enables the rod to bend over and curve inside the water. Having a medium or fast action would make the task much easier and will allow your rod to reach the fish inside accurately. Moreover, faster action would ensue the imparting of the plastic bait, which are rather soft.

Longer Length

This is a pretty obvious feature to ensure when you are looking for the right product. Length plays a huge role in ensuring or not ensuring your success. If you are a relatively taller person, you might not need a very long rod; however, for average-sized people, and especially women, longer rods are highly recommended. For the best results, you can look for a 7.5 or an 8 foot long rod.

Medium to High Power

The best rod for shot fishing has to be one with medium to high power. This is because such a rod would be lightweight and hence capable of long casting. Moreover, it will be able to cover more distance while also ensuring higher flexibility, sensitivity, and strength. Not just that, its sensitivity will be enough for the transmission of the handle and bank easily. The backbone and flex would make for a good hook set too.

Review of the Best Drop Shot Rods

People have long realized the importance of a drop shot rod and how it can greatly influence their fishing experience. And while the choice of buying a fishing rod is clear, the choice of which one is definitely not. To help you make a wise choice, we have added a list of the top products for your ease.

Best Overall:
Ugly Stik GX2

Ugly Stik GX2 Spinning Rod, Multicolor, 7'


  • Comes with a 7-year warranty
  • Easy to operate with the help of a spinning reel
  • Lightweight and compact design add to the convenience
  • Higher durability and strength are achieved because of the high-end construction
  • Clear tip design makes it highly sensitive to changes in the environment


  • Can be difficult to use in very cold weather
  • Length makes it unsuitable for shorter people
  • Action is relatively slower than some other models in the review

What Recent Buyers Report

Recent buyers have praised the model for its smooth and steady design that offers the structure more stability. The lightweight and compact design have also come into the limelight because it offers customers ease and convenience. Not just this, the product comes with a 7-year warranty that makes it one of the best and most reliable models on the market.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The most noteworthy feature of the model is its construction that includes not one but 2 reliable materials. The use of graphite and fiberglass not only adds strength to the rod but also makes it steadier. The graphite material makes the rod lighter, whereas the use of fiberglass helps in easy operation. Moreover, the disadvantages of each material are canceled out by using them in combination.

Who Will Use This Most

These rods are most typically used when you want to cast lighter lures such as live bait or plastics into the water. They come with a strong and flexible spinning reel that also adds steadiness to the model and makes it easy for you to cast a longer net. Moreover, the product is made with a combination of 2 strong construction materials, thus ensuring it can be used for any fishing techniques.

Bottom Line

If you are looking for a dependable rod that helps make your fishing experience the best one possible, then this model is definitely the one for you. It not only offers convenience for all fishing techniques, but its strong and steady construction ensures that it offers ease of usage. Lastly, the product comes with a 7-year warranty, thus making it last longer.

St Croix Premier Spinning Rods

St. Croix Rods Premier Spinning Rod , 7'0'


  • Extremely lightweight for easy handling
  • Solid base of the reel adds to comfort and convenience
  • Comes with better sensitivity to the outside environment
  • Black framing and oxide rings provide stability to the model
  • Higher durability is achieved by the double plating of the black frames


  • Does not offer good gripping when wet
  • The graphite construction makes the rod a bit stiffer than usual
  • Smaller casting is achieved as compared to fiberglass construction

What Recent Buyers Report

Recent buyers are extremely pleased with the performance of the drop shot rod due to its premium quality and lightweight design. They have also praised it for its black frames that add to the higher durability. Moreover, the make of the model makes it perfect for lakes and deeper water bodies. Its efficient power and control handles also make it a favorite with the buyers.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The model is made with finely tuned tapers and actions for superior performance, but that’s not the only feature that stands out. The model is made with a high-end graphite material, which not only reduces the overall weight of the product but also ensures that you can use the rod for a longer time. Moreover, the material is also relatively cheaper than fiberglass.

Who Will Use This Most

The model is made especially for freshwater usage, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be used for other purposes. The aluminum oxide guides included with the rod provide ease of usage even in the most rugged surfaces. Moreover, the presence of TCS reel seats offers you a greater comfort base for your reel.

Bottom Line

Comfort, convenience, and reliability come together in the making of this powerful rod. The model is made with graphite that makes it convenient to use. Not just this, the presence of smooth cork handles offers you a smooth and comfortable grip and hence allows you to go fishing for a longer time. The presence of TCS reels also adds to the appeal of the product.

Best for the Money:
Fenwick Elite Tech

Fenwick Elite Tech Bass Spinning


  • The rod comes with the perfect balance and power
  • Lightweight for more portability and easy handling
  • Higher sensitivity helps achieve the desired responses
  • Ensures a very solid grip because of the smooth handles
  • Provides better handling even when the handle is completely wet


  • Higher cost as compared to graphite and fiberglass
  • Provides low elastic modulus thus relatively lower flexibility
  • Casting is sometimes difficult and requires more practice than usual

What Recent Buyers Report

Recent buyers love products that offer the best action but at a relatively lower price, and that is exactly what the Fenwick elite tech rod offers. The use of titanium is a breath of fresh air, and the fans have received this innovation with excitement. Unlike graphite and fiberglass, the use of titanium provides all the benefits of high action and better casting while also ensuring a lower price.

Why it Stands Out to Us

When it comes to fishing, the design and the properties can make all the difference; therefore, this company has gone to considerable lengths to add efficiency and smoothness to the handle of the rod. The design ensures better functioning even when it is wet. Moreover, it offers a better grip, thus ensuring that you don’t lose any time mastering the gripping.

Who Will Use This Most

The rod offers sensitivity, thus ensuring that it can be used for larger fish that are difficult to lure with normal bait. The modern handle design not only offers comfort, but it also prevents you from feeling the threads. Moreover, the model gives professional or amateur anglers with the perfect combination of power and control, thus enabling them to use the rod in the best way possible.

Bottom Line

Low price and superior performance make a rare combination, and that is why the Fenwick drop shot rod is so loved by all the customers. The lightweight design integrates modern innovation with the inclusion of titanium as the construction material. But one factor that has completely mesmerized users is the handle. These work perfectly well even when they are wet and offer users with a stronger grip.

Best Drop Shot Spinning Rod:
 Dobyns Rods Fury Series FR 702SF

Dobyns Rods Fury Series 7’0” Spinning Fishing Rod | FR702SF | Med-Light Fast Action Rod | Modulus Graphite Blank with Kevlar Wrapping | Fuji Reel Seats and Alconite Guides | Line 6-12lb Lure ⅛ -½ oz., Black/Green


  • Boosts performance by steady handles
  • Lightweight and sensitive to external changes
  • High density is provided by the Kevlar wrapping
  • Provides the perfect balance for smooth activity
  • High-end graphite construction helps add durability to the model


  • Kevlar adds to the weight of the model
  • Handles can be difficult to grip when wet
  • The material is stiffer than some of the counterparts

What Recent Buyers Report

Higher sensitivity and strength are words that recent buyers have repeatedly associated with the Dobbyns rods. They are relatively longer than other rods and hence allow for greater casting, a feature fans appreciate a lot. Moreover, they are lightweight, which makes them the best drop shot spinning rods for recent buyers.

Why it Stands Out to Us

We have repeatedly discussed the importance of action in a drop shot rod’s success rate; hence it is no wonder that the fast action of this rod is bound to impress us. The action technology stands out because it ensures a higher casting of the rod. This allows you to penetrate deep water for larger fish easily.

Who Will Use This Most

The model comes with fast action, thus making it suitable for drop shot rigs. It can also go really long hence it is suitable for the sea and oceans too. The fast action allows you to finish the task in less time. Moreover, the model allows the lure weight to be significantly higher; hence you can use more bait to attract larger fish.

Bottom Line

If you are new to the sport and want to learn the techniques faster and with ease, then this is the model for you. It offers fast action and smooth and balanced control that ensures ease of use. Moreover, the use of graphite makes it extremely lightweight and flexible. That’s not all, to top it all off, the company has incorporated Kevlar wrappings for added strength.

Best Drop Shot Rod and Reel Combo:
LEW'S Fishing Mach Crush Speed Spin Combo

LEW'S FISHING Mach Crush Speed Spin Combo, Spincast Combo, Spinning Reel, Fishing Reel and Fishing Rod, Fishing Gear and Equipment, Fishing Accessories (MCR3070MFS)


  • Has high strength with a lighter body
  • Stainless steel helps add durability to the model
  • Presence of side plates help the model achieve stability
  • Comes with a zero reverse technology on the clutch bearing
  • Features a smooth oscillatory system for optimum performance


  • Does not offer very good flexibility
  • It is relatively more expensive than using graphite
  • Length of the rod is slightly less than some other models

What Recent Buyers Report

The product has garnered huge praise from recent buyers thanks to its high-end construction and steady design. The model comes with a stainless steel bait wire that is not only very strong but also useful for luring larger fish. The material has also impressed buyers with its zero reverse technology on the clutch bearings.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The feature that stands out to us has to be the aluminum construction. The material is not only one of the sturdiest and reliable ones on the market, but it is also extremely strong. Moreover, using aluminum ensures that your rod is corrosion resistant and hence can last for a longer time. Moreover, aluminum is also recyclable, making the resale value of the product higher.

Who Will Use This Most

When it comes to fishing, weather can be a huge hindrance and can disrupt your well-made plans, but that’s certainly not an issue with this drop shot rod. The reel features the speed lube that not only offers higher smoothness but also prevents any weather interruptions. So whether it is extremely cold or extremely hot, never let the weather stop you from great fishing.

Bottom Line

With its smooth and steady oscillatory system, this drop shot rod is already marking its name in the industry. It comes with stainless steel bait for better performance. Moreover, the presence of side plates helps achieve greater stability, and lastly, the clutch bearings are one of the most reliable ones on the market right now.

Aspects to Consider Before Buying

What makes a drop shot rod the ultimate best? This question must have haunted you a lot of times, but not anymore. To help you choose the best model, we will be shortlisting the key aspects you need to consider before you buy the right product. So here we go.


When it comes to a rod, power is the key. Like with action, power also plays a huge role in catching fish. The rod is used for the purpose should be flexible enough to bend. Moreover, it should be able to handle large or medium-sized fish easily. Hence more power is needed to ensure that action. Having higher power will not only enable your rod to handle smaller rigs but will also make casting for longer distances easier.


The material of the drop shot determines the strength and durability of the model; hence it should be selected carefully. Most rods are made with fiberglass, graphite, or a combination of these two. The ones made with graphite tend to be stiffer but lighter. They also tend to break much more easily than fiberglass rods. On the other hand, fiberglass rods are more flexible and hence can bend easily to cast a wider length. However, the downside of them is their higher weight, which might be difficult to operate.


Like the material, handles also play a huge part in determining your success. Most rods on the market come with a handle that is made of foam, cork, or a combination of the two. The choice of which handle you need should depend on your personal choice. However, the length needs to be given importance too. If you want to indulge in longer casting, then you need a rod with more length.

How to Drop Shot

Regardless of how perfect the drop shot rod is, the effort will be void if you don’t use it the right way. Using the product is not as hard as it is made to be. Here are some easy steps that you need to follow in order to make the most use of a drop shot rod.

  1. The first step involves the rigging of the rod. You have to tie a Palomar knot at the long tag end. 

  2. Then double the 12 to 30 inches of the line and pass it at the end of the loop through the eye of your hook. Make sure you double the product according to how high or low from the bottom you want your bait to be. 

  3. Then you need to tie the loose overhand knot with your hook hanging from the bottom side to form a loop. 

  4. Next, hold the knot between your forefinger and thumb, and pass the end side of the loop carefully over the hook. 

  5. Now, slide the loop to the above eye of the hook.

  6. Then in order to tighten the knot onto the eye of the hook, you need to pull on both of the lines and the tag end. 

  7. Next, feed the tag end back over to the hook eye from the upper side. 

  8. Then you have to attach a small or medium weight to the end of the line. The distance at which you attach the weight will depend on personal preference. 

  9. Finally, the bait needs to be attached to the hook.

These are some of the summarized steps, for a thorough guide on how to use a drop shot rod, refer to the video below.


Fishing is a fun activity and a very complex one too, but it doesn’t have to be that hard. Having a good drop shot can be a game-changer for you, but only if you choose the right product. Choosing a good rod and then mastering it would enable you to catch larger fish and cover more ground. Not just this, it will also save your time and energy and make the activity much more entertaining.

People Also Ask

If you read on drop shots, you will realize how excited people are to try this amazing creation, but there are many potential customers who still find it hard to understand all the particulars of the model. Here are all your questions answered.

How Long Should a Drop Shot Leader Be?

When it comes to drop shot, the length is very important since it is the length that determines how long the casting of the rod will be. Longer leaders that are approximately 18 to 36 inches long are best. The line of the rod will be coming off the bottom at the angle to the boat, and hence a long leader is important to keep it up from the bottom.

How Do You Rig a Drop Shot For Bass Fishing?

Rigging a drop shot for bass fishing is the first step to ensuring the working of the rod. The best way to attach the hook is to use the Palomar knot. This will ensure that the hook will sit perpendicular to the leader of the rod. Once you are done with the rigging process, you can move onto the next steps.

What Kind of Line Do You Use For Drop Shot?

The kind of line you use for the drop shot is also very important. Since the drop shot rig is one of the most finesse techniques, a light line with comparatively less visibility is the most preferred. The weight of the line could be between 6 and 8 pounds, and the choice of material could be either foam or fluorocarbon.

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