Best Spincast Reels of 2021 – Complete Round-up

| Last Updated June 3, 2021

Looking for a fishing adventure? Well, it all starts with sound fishing equipment.

If you’re new to fishing, then don’t worry. We are here to outline some of the best spincast reels, which can make your fishing time a joyful experience.

This guide will help you identify various high-quality spincast reels trending on the market.

Comparison of the Best Spincast Reels

  • Soft-touch thumb button for smooth, easy casting
  • Suitable for right or left hand retrieve
  • Especially ideal for heavy fish species
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  • Changeable right or left hand retrieve
  • Continuous anti-reverse clutch
  • Retrieves the line very quickly
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  • Best for the Money
  • Offers instant anti-reverse for better control
  • Beating system is incredibly smooth
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  • Gives precise level-winding and smooth spincast drags
  • Optimized line aperture for maximum casting
  • Has ultra-smooth, multi-disc drag
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  • Offers instant anti-reverse bearing
  • Designed to give great line control
  • Made to last many years
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What is a Spincast Reel?

A spincast reel is a variation of a conventional fishing reel with some added features. Typically, it uses bait that attracts and hooks smaller fish. Moreover, it features a fixed spool from which the line is released. It is ideal for light lures and bait to catch small to medium-sized fish.

Spincast reels offer ease of use since they are perfectly designed to eradicate backlash issues, unlike traditional reels. Additionally, spincast reels solved problems like line twisting and snaring, which were a common issue in conventional reels. Consequently, if you are a novice fisher, a spincast reel would be a great addition to your fishing arsenal.

How to Choose a Spincast Reel

Spincast reel is a great way to catch fish efficiently and effectively, even if you don’t excel in fishing. However, while purchasing a spincast reel, it’s necessary to identify the features that make for a great option. To give you a better understanding, here are some features that you should consider while purchasing a spincast reel.

Size and Weight

A spincast reel should be lightweight and ideally sized according to your needs. Spincast reels are available in various sizes, depending upon the size of the fish. A durable spincast reel should be composed of aluminum or graphite construction to ensure a lightweight design and maximum sturdiness.


Most spincast reels possess bearings that provide the smooth overall performance of your reel. The greater the number of bearings, the smoother the operation of your reel. Therefore, look for a spincast reel that comes with the maximum number of bearings. In addition, stainless steel bearings prevent corrosion and allow a long-lasting operating capability.


Spincast reels should be perfectly designed to meet your requirements. Some spincast reels are developed for small and medium fish, while others are capable of catching large fish. Your spincast reel should have a durable and user-friendly design to provide maximum performance and reliability. Most high quality spincast reels are made from aluminum or graphite that delivers high durability and a lightweight design.

Review of the Best Spincast Reels

Spincast reels are a convenient way to catch fish without missing out on your prey. However, choosing a spincast reel for yourself highly depends on personal preferences. Therefore, keeping this in mind, we have formulated a list of spincast reels that might be the perfect solution for your fishing expedition.

Best Overall:
Zebco Omega Pro

Zebco Omega Pro Spincast Fishing Reel, Size 30 Reel, Changeable Right or Left-Hand Retrieve, Pre-Spooled with 10-Pound Zebco Fishing Line, Aluminum and Double Anodized Front Cover, Black


  • Aircraft aluminum covers promise high durability 
  • Features a lightweight design that is highly durable
  • The line guide is made up of durable ceramic material
  • Left-hand and right-hand operation offers great versatility
  • Has a rubber guard that offers protection against dust and water


  • Ideal for light lures only
  • A highly sensitive drag adjustment
  • Power and speed handles available for pro models only

What Recent Buyers Report

Most of the buyers are completely satisfied with the Zebco Omega Pro spincast reel. Most of the buyers reported ease of use and high reliability of this spincast reel. This spincast reel is ideal for light lures and smaller fish. Moreover, it offers you great reliability and convenience, even for novice fishermen and children.

Why it Stands Out to Us

What strikes us about this spincast reel is the various features it possesses. The unit promises a highly versatile design with a left and right hand operation. In addition, it comes with an all-stainless steel 7-bearing system. Consequently, it ensures a smooth overall performance of the reel. Also, the aluminum body and aircraft aluminum covers, offer maximum strength and reliability.

Who Will Use This Most

The Zebco Omega Pro is designed perfectly for light lures and small fish. It’s lightweight and durable for long-lasting operation, making it an ideal purchase for novice fishermen and even children. If you’re new to fishing and seek a successful fishing experience, then this won’t disappoint you.

Bottom Line

In short, this is the ultimate choice for anyone who wishes for a durable yet effective fishing solution. If you are into light lures and fishing for small fish, then this spincast reel won’t disappoint you. It offers high versatility, durability, and effective fishing with its aluminum body and 7-bearing system.

Zebco ZB310BX3

Zebco ZB310BX3 Bullet Spincast Reel


  • Extremely easy to use and highly reliable
  • Possesses an ergonomic design that feels good
  • Highly versatile with left and right hand retrieve
  • Capable of smooth casting and can be cast relatively far distances
  • A continuous anti-reverse clutch with 9 bearings for smooth performance


  • It is not a lightweight spincast reel
  • Several issues regarding line sticking while casting
  • The drag requires occasional checking for reliable performance 

What Recent Buyers Report

A high percentage of positive reviews suggest that this spincast reel is ideal for fishing. What’s attractive about this model is the ease of use. Most buyers recommended this spincast reel for novice fishermen since it’s easy to use. The build quality is also great and works exceptionally well due to its smooth drag.

Why it Stands Out to Us

This is one of the fastest spincast reels in its regime. What attracts us about it is the availability of multiple features. Featuring an ergonomic design, this reel offers high versatility with its left and right hand retrieve. It is highly durable with its aluminum construction and double anodized front cover. Moreover, it offers a Zero Friction double bearing system for smooth performance.

Who Will Use This Most

The Zebco ZB310BX3 is ideal for fishing small to medium-sized fish. However, what’s more attractive is its easy to use design. This spincast reel promises ease of use and user-friendly design, which makes it a great choice for amateur fishermen. It is one of the fastest spincast reels when it comes to functionality.

Bottom Line

To sum it up, if you’re looking for a fast and reliable fishing solution, this model is the way to go. It is fast, durable, and effective even when cast at relatively far distances. If you can bear the weight of this reel, it’s the perfect choice if you are new to fishing. 

Best for the Money:
Pflueger President

Reels Spincast Pflueger PRES10SCX President 10Size Spin Cast Reel, 5 BRG. 3.4: 1, 10


  • Aluminum frame allows accurate alignment in the gears
  • Features highly durable and solid construction for longevity 
  • Offers smooth operation and great quality at a reasonable price 
  • The aluminum core is perfectly machined for great performance 
  • It possesses an ergonomic design and knob for maximum convenience 


  • It is not reliable for long term usability
  • Handle becomes loose with consistent use
  • Customer support services offered are not great

What Recent Buyers Report

Well, most of the reviews are positive regarding the functionality and construction of this reel. Most users reported a solid construction paired with a flawless fishing solution that is ideal for catching fish. This spincast reel is highly recommended by most users due to its reasonable price tag and high-quality. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

A lot of users regarded this spincast reel as being highly reasonable when it comes to the price. However, we think a little differently. What attracts us most is the ergonomic design and durable build quality. It features a 5-bearing system, an aluminum frame, and dual titanium pins made with wear-resistant materials. In addition, it features an instant anti-reverse and aluminum cone. 

Who Will Use This Most

The Pflueger President is a professional-grade fishing spincast reel. It is perfectly designed for long hours of fishing without fatigue and stress. It promises an ergonomic design that features a user-friendly handle and knob for longer fishing sessions. If you are a professional fisherman, then this reel is a must-have for your fishing arsenal.

Bottom Line

In a nutshell, this is a professional spincast reel designed to perfection. It offers the best price, considering the features it delivers. It is effective, durable, and user-friendly with its solid construction and sound mechanism. Consequently, you can expect a highly reliable fishing experience without any hassle.

4. Daiwa Goldcast GC100

Daiwa Goldcast Spincast Reel, GC100


  • Offers a fast gear ratio of (4.1:1)
  • Works perfectly well with low braid
  • It reduces line digs while in operation 
  • Versatile with its left and right hand support
  • Very durable metal construction offers great sturdiness 


  • Stock line is not of high-quality
  • The quality deteriorates with time
  • Reel makes a relatively loud noise while operating 

What Recent Buyers Report

Most of the recent buyers reported a flawless and seamless experience with this reel. This is one of the most outstanding spincast reels available on the market. It comes with a ton of features while delivering a durable design and build quality. Most importantly, it’s extremely effective and reliable over years of use. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

What we like about this spincast reel is the oscillating spool. While retrieving, the spool swings back and forth to even out the line winding. In addition, the multi-disc drag offers a smooth and friction-free reel experience. Moreover, it also features a micro-fine adjustment setting, all-metal construction, and a fast gear ratio.

Who Will Use This Most

This is one of the most renowned spincast reels. Goldcast is widely renowned for its smooth and reliable reels. Additionally, it offers smooth and even retrieves with sturdy construction. Consequently, it becomes a great choice for both professionals and amateur fishermen. All in all, it’s a great spincast reel.

Bottom Line

If you are looking for a reel that delivers performance with durability, then look no further. This unit is a great option for anyone who’s looking for a performance module. It offers a ton of features and fine adjustments, which makes it a great choice for everyone.

5. Abu Garcia Abumatic 170

Abu Garcia Abumatic 170 Spincast


  • Promises a Dura gear brass gear 
  • Instant anti-reverse bearing for effective operation 
  • Carbon Matrix drag system offers smooth operability 
  • Aluminum die-cast and machined body for ideal results
  • Offers 3-ball bearings for smooth and seamless operation 


  • The drag is not great
  • It’s relatively expensive
  • Only for right-handed use

What Recent Buyers Report

A large number of buyers are overwhelmed by the quality and performance of this spincast reel. A high percentage of users reported great overall performance; however, some users reported problems with the drag. Apart from that, it’s a great all-round performer considering the price. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

The Abu Garcia Abumatic 170 makes a mark with its drag system. This spincast reel features an Ultra-Smooth Carbon Matrix drag system, which promises a superior drag and smooth reel experience. The drag can be fine-tuned while it’s pre-spooled with Berkley Trilene XL for the effective fishing experience. 

Who Will Use This Most

Here’s another professional spincast reel designed for a professional fishing experience. Now, you can catch your prey without a sweat! The Abu Garcia Abumatic 170 promises fine-tuned properties, which allows you to adjust accordingly. Moreover, it offers a number of features paired with solid construction for long-lasting durability. 

Bottom Line

A final verdict on this spincast reel would be that it’s a great and professional reel designed to deliver the ideal fishing solution. You can fine-tune and adjust according to your fishing needs. It offers an Ultra-smooth carbon Matrix drag system, which enables a smooth drag and an ultimate experience.

What Do I Need to Know Before Buying?

Purchasing a spincast reel for yourself can be a painstaking and time-consuming process. Since there are thousands of different brands that offer similar products, it’s extremely hard to pick the right one. Therefore, here are some of the features we believe are essential to ensure you witness the ultimate experience.


Make sure the spincast reel you are about to purchase features durable construction. High-quality spincast reels are usually all-metal or aluminum body frames that provide the maximum durability in saltwater. Do not purchase plastic body frames due to their low price since they won’t last long against saltwater.


The price is obviously one of the most important considerations before purchasing anything. Most of us are bound to a specific budget, which determines what we would purchase. Therefore, it is necessary to do thorough research regarding the price tag of desirable reels.


If you are looking to fish for small to medium-sized fish, consider a small sized reel. However, if you seek to catch large and relatively heavier fish, consider a strong and large spincast reel. A smaller reel would be ideal for light lures, while a larger reel would enable heavy lures.

How to Spool a Spincast Reel

Spooling a spincast reel properly is essential before you go out fishing. However, you would require some sort of expertise and knowledge to spool a spincast reel. For spooling, you need to follow guidelines in an orderly manner for an ultimate fishing experience. Here is how you are going to do it.

  1. The first thing you want to do while spooling is open up the bail.

  2. Once the bail is open, you need to go through the first guide of your rod.

  3. Now start tying a knot onto the spool.

  4. First start with one overhand knot at the tag end and cinch it tight.

  5. Then, tie a double overhand tie knot and tighten it properly too.

  6. Pull on the main line until you get to the overhand knot tied at the tag end.

  7. Cut the extra tag end off.

  8. Now start winding the line onto the spool. Make sure the line is coming off in the same direction it’s going onto the spool.

  9. Keep spooling until you reach 1/8 inches below the rim of the spool. It prevents wind knots and line twists while fishing.

  10. Once spooled, you are ready to go out fishing!

If you are still unsure, refer to the following video.

How to Use a Spincast Reel?

Using a spincast reel is relatively easier when compared with conventional fishing reels. A spincast reel is a fixed-spool fishing reel that is usually covered with a conical frame. It encloses or traps the spool and allows us to control the line. These spincast reels are usually mounted above the rod for maximum effectiveness.

Using a spincast reel is a piece of cake, even for beginners. Here are some of the steps involved in using a spincast reel.

  1. The first thing you have to do is press the thumb-activated button. As a result, it shoots the lure in the direction you are facing. As you press the button, the lure unwraps from the spool and extends in the direction you currently face.
  2. Now, all you have to do is wait for the fish to be attracted by the bait. Usually, it’s located at the end of the lure to attract small to medium-sized fish. When the fish grabs the bait, the hook stabs the fish, allowing it to be caught and drawn back with the lure.

  3. Now, all you have to do is wrap the lure back onto the spool using the spool handle. Consequently, the lure returns back with the fish!

For further demonstration, be sure to refer to the video below for a full overview of what was just described.

How to Clean a Spincast Reel?

Cleaning a spincast reel is not a difficult task by any means. However, the components are relatively fragile; therefore, you might want to proceed with caution. You would always require some sort of expertise to remove the cover and do the cleaning all by yourself. For cleaning, you will need pliers, a brush, and lubricants to ensure an ideal functionality.

  1. In order to clean the reel, make sure you remove the cover. This would allow you to remove the impurities or dust which has accumulated inside. For cleaning properly, the spool needs to be disassembled so that every component can be cleaned adequately.

  2. As you disassemble the reel, you would be able to access all the components for proper cleaning. Use a toothbrush to scrub the reel. You can also use a dish-washing liquid to facilitate the cleaning process. Once the impurities are removed, allow the reel to dry.

  3. As a final step, once the reel is dry, apply the lubricant to ensure frictionless operation. Make sure you lubricate the bearings and inner components properly using machine oil.

If you are still confused about the cleaning process, here is a detailed demonstration of how it’s done.


Spincast reels are a cheap way to enjoy fishing. However, the real task lies in purchasing the right one for yourself. If you are new to fishing, then a spincast reel is probably all you need. This guide exhibits some of the best spincast reels for your convenience based on user preferences. Now, it’s your turn to get one for yourself!

People Also Ask

Addressing the concerns of the users should be the utmost priority of any manufacturer. There are always certain queries that users may have while purchasing the products. Therefore, to facilitate our viewers, we have formulated a list of frequently asked questions. We hope these questions will serve you with all the necessary information you require while buying a spincast reel.

Are Spincast Reels Any Good?

Spincast reels are a perfect choice for you if you are new to fishing. The reason is the ease of use. Spincast reels are extremely cheap and easy to use. Even for a beginner or child, these reels can perform wonders. You can easily catch small fish; however, it might not be possible to target the larger ones.

How Does a Spincast Reel Work?

Spincast reels are somewhat similar to baitcast reels. They also sit on top of the rod. The line comes out of the small hole on top of the cone, which covers the spool. The line release mechanism is simple. A thumb-activated button ejects the line as you desire.

Can You Use a Spincast Reel on a Spinning Rod?

The answer is yes. You can use a spincast reel on a spinning rod if you own a conventional spincast reel. Since the spincast reel always sits on top of the spincast rod, it is definitely possible. However, using a spincast reel on a casting rod is not applicable as it bends on facing up.

What is a Spincast Reel Used For?

Spincast reels are great introductory fishing gear for children, newbies, and casual anglers. It’s easy to use; therefore, it works perfectly, even if you haven’t got the hang of fishing using a fishing rod. It features simple mechanics and requires little effort. With a mere push of the button and flick of the wrist, you can attract fish using the lure.

Which is Better Spincast or Baitcast?

Which one is better depends upon personal preferences and usage. If you seek to catch small fish, then the spincast is the perfect solution. However, if you seek larger and heavier prey, then a baitcast would work perfectly. Both are designed for a different purpose, yet they serve ideal results.

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