Best Stand Up Fishing Kayaks of 2021 – Buyer’s Guide

Fishing and angling are a different sort of fun outdoor activity, which requires you to be more vigilant than physically active. But in the case of fishing in a kayak, it is completely opposite.

You need to be able to carry your kayak, paddle, and be on the lookout for your catch.

So to make it easier for you to choose, in this article, we have our top picks of stand up fishing kayaks.

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Comparison Chart of the Best Stand Up Fishing Kayaks

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Pros and Cons of Stand Up Fishing Kayaks

Like every activity, this one has both positives and negatives. They can include things about the activity itself, its effects on a person’s health, or the type of equipment used for it. Some of them are listed down below:


The pros of stand up fishing kayaks are as follows:


Storage can be a problem in normal fishing kayaks as they do not offer much room at times. But in stand up kayaks, you can really take more than a days worth of supplies with you easily, especially if you are going away for a few days and have no intention of getting into trouble over minor inconveniences.

Better View

Standing up to view your surroundings is always better as you are able to clearly see everything around you and are also able to see farther. The same goes for stand up kayaks which gives you a better view of the water as well as your other surroundings.


Stand up kayaks may feel as if they are dangerous, but they are actually really fun. They offer a whole lot of stability because most of them are manufactured with a flat hull, which allows the fisherman to safely stand on it without the danger of falling into the water.



Meanwhile, the cons include:

Getting Wet

Let’s face it. If you are a beginner or are not good at paddling, there is a high chance you will fall into the water, mainly because the kayak will tip over or something similar. Or it could be that you did not have the right footing while throwing a line and put too much force into it. Either way, learn how to paddle properly.


Most fishermen complain about aching backs at times, because you either stand for a long time or sit for a long time. Both of these can get quite uncomfortable after a while.

Review of the Best Stand Up Fishing Kayaks

Now that we have discussed some pros and cons about the products and the activity, here are the reviews of our picks of the best kayaks for stand up kayak fishing.

Best Overall:Hobie 2020 Mirage Outback


  • Comes with H-track storage pockets
  • Consists of a multi-adjustable Vantage CTW seat
  • Features kick-up fins and MirageDrive 180 turbo drive
  • Has a transducer shield and Lowrance-ready capability
  • Includes a kick-up rudder system for easier navigation through shallow water bodies


  • Complaints about speed
  • Some problems with the rudder in a few products

What Recent Buyers Report

People who have recently bought and used this product have loved it. It has had a few setbacks in some pieces, but overall, the reviews are good, with full customer satisfaction, saying things like how it is really easy to transport, and how it works just as well as the sleeker models.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The MirageDrive is the best peddling mechanism on the market. And this kayak has that. It promises smooth peddling without even the slightest hitch, making for a smooth ride and a good time in case of fishing, thus making it stand out.

Who Will Use This Most

Well, naturally, it is for those who love to go fishing. Be it as a time in which they can enjoy solitude, or as a family and/or friend oriented activity, they can make use of this product. It is fun to use and makes for a good time outdoors.

Bottom Line

Well-loved by fishermen and anglers all around, this is a good product. It consists of the latest peddling mechanism, kick-up fins, and rudder system, a multi-adjustable Vantage CTW seat, H-storage pockets, etc. that make it the perfect fishing kayak.

Runner-up:Old Town Topwater 106 PDL


  • Comfortable and adjustable ElementAir seat
  • Super stable double-hull design for easy transport and precise control
  • Universal transducer mounting system that can easily install a fish finder
  • Great forward and reverse maneuverability for fast peddling and complete control
  • Able to carry more than 3 fishing rods and equipment because of holders and storage


  • Black marks on the stern
  • Dents on some newly received products

What Recent Buyers Report

Mostly positive reviews have been received about this product. There have been a few complaints about the quality of the product and the way it was packaged. But in terms of performance, the reviews have been super positive, and users did not regret investing in it!

Why it Stands Out to Us

Old Town is a company with a great reputation among fishermen and anglers as it offers great warranties and customer service, as well as products. In this one, the double hull design is a great addition, as it makes the kayak move quietly over the water, and makes it easier to sneak up on fish.

Who Will Use This Most

Fishermen of any kind will love this product because it makes for a great time to spend with yourself or friends and family outdoors. And it offers a slightly different experience than normal fishing, which is good, as new things are fun to try out.

Bottom Line

Overall, Old Town is a well-known company with a good repute among the fishing community. People buy their kayaks for themselves or as gifts for loved ones to enjoy the outdoors as they make good quality products with a lot of features. This one is exactly that!

Best for the Money: BKC UH-TK181


  • Twin waterproof hatches/storage compartments
  • Has 4 flush-mounted and 3 articulated fishing rod holders
  • Eight scupper holes to drain any water that may get in the kayak
  • Twin secure paddle rests to keep them from slipping in the water
  • Bungee tie-down system in the rear cargo area to secure larger gear


  • Not good to use in bigger water bodies like seas or oceans
  • Some took massive amounts of water into the hull, rendering them useless as they didn’t float

What Recent Buyers Report

Well, this product has received some mixed reviews, with most of them being highly positive. Though some complaints about the kayak not being adjustable to rough conditions have been received, those are few and far between. 

The performance and features have indeed garnered positive reviews, with the users saying that the several fishing rod holders are an immense help while paddling, as well as the scupper holes in the floor that drain the unnecessary water from the kayak.

Why it Stands Out to Us

You can never have too many fishing rods, which may seem weird to say but is actually a thing followed by this company, as this kayak has a total of 7 holders, 3 articulated and 4 flush-mounted. They will be more than enough to catch all the fish you want.

Who Will Use This Most

Anglers come to mind first and foremost as well as fishermen. They do not need to be professionals or anything; they just need to be possessed of the desire to have fun and to be able to be good at catching fish. But even if they aren’t, they can learn using this.

Bottom Line

We find this to be a great product that has been specifically manufactured and targeted towards anglers and fishermen as it is a stand up fishing kayak. Other than the water problem, people have liked it a lot. That can be seen as they have recommended it for use by others.

4. BKC RA220


  • Two flush-mount fishing rod holders
  • Bungee paddle rests to secure paddles to the hull
  • Waterproof storage space with a large area for cargo
  • Stable standup platform to cast long lines without falling overboard
  • Foot pedal operated rudder for maximum control with no requirement for pedal steering


  • Delivery delays in some cases
  • Handle/grip hole at the front is not comfortable to hold

What Recent Buyers Report

The overall performance has been given good reviews, with things such as the stable platform, the bungee paddle rests, and the water-resistant storage taking most of the compliments. The only problem with this one has been the delivery, and even that has been an inconvenience in only a few cases. Thus, buyers found this to be a suitable investment. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

Bungee paddle rests are a new thing in kayaks. They keep the paddles protected and in place, secured to the hull, without the danger of them slipping into the water. The paddles also have rubber stoppers on both sides so that the water doesn’t drip into the kayak.

Who Will Use This Most

People who like to go kayaking generally, as well as people interested in fishing, can use this product. Also, those who are regular fishers and anglers can also use it as it is fun and different than regular fishing.

Bottom Line

To sum up, this is a good product in the case of performance and features, but the delivery process needs to be improved. It’s not problematic in functioning at all and is a favorite among kayakers and fishermen alike.

5. Sun Dolphin Boss SS


  • Also has a dual-position fold-down seat
  • Consists of paddle holders and carry holders
  • Front and back storage big enough to fit a crate or bucket
  • Pads in place to prevent slipping as well as a stand-up strap
  • Hull design similar to that of a catamaran, with a flat, stable platform


  • Issues with the seat not being stable enough
  • Some products received were of really bad quality that came apart quickly

What Recent Buyers Report

People have loved the features on this one, and have given it positive reviews because of them. The steadiness of the platform has been really loved as people feel safe standing up while fishing without the danger of falling in the water. Also, they like the added help of the stand-up strap.

Why it Stands Out to Us

A stand-up strap is great as it keeps the person steady and firm on the kayak while they are standing and fishing. There is minimal to no chance of them slipping into the water with the strap and the steady platform, which is always great because no one likes wet shoes.

Who Will Use This Most

Buyers can use it when they go on vacation with their families or friends, or fishermen can use this when they go on fishing trips by themselves, because let’s face it, sometimes you just need some alone time in the outdoors to feel completely relaxed.

Bottom Line

Great features have made this a favorite among fishermen. The seat has been a little problematic for some people, but the pros definitely outweigh the cons, and as it can be seen, the majority of the customers are quite satisfied.

How to Choose a Stand Up Fishing Kayak

Some things you need to keep in mind when choosing a stand up fishing kayak are:

Rod Holders

This is the most important thing. Multiple rod holders are a must as they make it easier for you to take your fishing rods with you. You can’t just shove them into a storage unit, as most likely, they will not fit. Plus, it is not possible for you to paddle the kayak and hold your fishing rod in your hand at the same time. That will only end badly.

Good Storage

Get a kayak with a good storage area, or one with decent sized storage. You have to be able to take all of your necessary supplies with you as well as a little extra in case you decide to stay a little longer.


Make sure that the kayak you buy is sturdy in build but light enough to be carried around from one place to another. It is obvious that you will need to carry your kayak up to the location, so something heavy is definitely not ideal. Also, keep in mind the size of the kayak.


Make sure that the company from which you are buying a kayak sends it with a paddle. Without that, your kayak is basically useless, as you need to paddle to be able to move across the surface of the water or to move to a spot that you particularly like. Also, make sure to have paddle holds to keep them from slipping into the water.



All the stand-up fishing kayaks listed in this article have been compiled through research and reviews, and are our own personal picks. All of them consist of great features that have made it possible to be featured here, and trying out any one of them will be a great experience for you as we assure good performance from all of them.

People Also Ask

Though we try to answer all of the general questions people could have and give accurate details about the products listed, there may still be things people are not clear about or have confusion about. So for that, we have answered a few questions below to help out.

How Can I Make My Fishing Kayak More Stable?

Stability allows you to move more easily while paddling and fishing. It also keeps you from falling into the water. The main thing to keep in mind is your stance, such as if you turn to the side while leaning forward, your kayak will not move around too much. Also, keep a wide stance while standing, and do not put too much weight on one foot.

How Do I Keep My Kayak From Tipping?

The most important thing is to learn how to properly paddle, and until you learn, not to go kayaking alone. Also, in case of big waves, paddle into or away from them, and use a low or high support stroke to keep your kayak from tipping over. Learn the proper measures in different scenarios to keep yourself and others safe. 

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