Best Ice Fishing Sleds of 2020 – Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Ice fishing is not only crucial for obtaining food in some parts of the world, but it is also widely hailed as a sport. It is not easy to get out in bone-chilling winter to deal with thick ice and come back rewarded with fish. 

The expedition requires a lot of active energy. Surely, no one wants to waste their energies in carrying their gear to the spot, and that is why ice fishing sleds are used. Ice fishing sleds add undeniable convenience to the expedition. 

There are many options available, each with its own suitability and usability. However, below, we have reviewed the best ice fishing sleds present on the market.

Comparison Chart of the Best Ice Fishing Sleds

  • Made from tough polyethylene providing durability while reducing overall weight
  • Molded with runners to improve both strength and stability
  • Contoured body is designed to improve its mobility even when pulling by hand
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  • Constructed with ribbed under belly to improve mobility on ice and snow
  • Made from high ompact polyethylene to provide durability
  • Convenient design ideal for recreational sledding and hunting
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  • Made from all-season durable polyethylene to provide light-weight strength
  • Under belly reinforcement trackings provide stability in all terrains
  • Made with a reinforced lip and a stronger leading edge to provide a better ride
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  • Molded-in runners improves overall durability and provides stability
  • Made from durable polyethylene molded body for all-season durability
  • Engineered ideally for ice fishing, hunting and recreational sledding
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What Size of Sled Do I Need For Ice Fishing?

There are a few things that determine the appropriate size for your sled. It depends on how much gear you carry. The more gear you have, the larger the sled needs to be. This is not only to accommodate everything easily but also to distribute the weight of all the haul evenly. 

If you plan on building a shelter near your drill hole, you’ll need to carry supplies for that too. In this case, a larger-sized sled is useful ​and can conveniently carry everything. For short distance expeditions that expect a quick return, there is no need to carry shelter and food supplies, and hence, for those, a smaller size would suffice.

What Makes a Sled Great For Ice Fishing?

For most ice anglers, an ice fishing sled is a must-have, especially in cases where long distances need to be traveled on the ice before arriving at a fishing spot. These make the overall experience easier to endure and more worthwhile. Why are they so crucial? Let’s find out:

Portable Convenience

Ice fishing sleds are designed to haul heavy weights over ice and snow. They are shaped with molded grooves at the bottom that reduce friction and stabilizes them over thick, slippery ice. This allows the anglers to carry all their gear to the fishing site without having to endure it on their shoulders. 

Moreover, apart from being pulled, sleds can also be hitched to a snowmobile and ATV and easily dragged to the spot.

Carrying Capacity

While some fishers use backpacks or buckets to carry their gear, the carrying capacity of sleds is unmatched. Sleds have far more room than either of the two options. Also, they can carry heavier supplies like shelter gear and many poles, which are almost impossible to carry in a backpack or a bucket.


Another advantage that favors sleds over backpacks or buckets is that sleds allow for organization. While with buckets and backpacks, the most you can do is shove everything at once and empty out all the contents when you need something, with sleds, it is not so. They have an open design where everything could be placed in an organized way with easy access.

Quick Take | Best Ice Fishing Sleds

Just looking for the top three best ice fishing sleds? Here they are:

  1. Shappell Jet Sled
  2. Terrain Sport Sled
  3. Beavertail Sport Sled

Review of the Best Ice Fishing Sleds

Since the sleds form a crucial part of the ice fishing industry, it is only fitting that there are numerous models available on the market. While each model has its own usability depending upon its features, there are a few options available that still outrun the rest.

Below, we have reviewed some of the best available sleds.

Best Overall:
Shappell Jet Sled


  • Easy to pull due to the contoured hull
  • Rugged Polythene construction provides durability and strength
  • Strength and stability are ensured by the presence of molded runners
  • Length and Width measure 54”x24” which is wide enough for large gear
  • Could be used for other purposes like carrying firewood or for playing with children


  • Rope is not very thick and needs reinforcement
  • Rough terrain runners need to be careful as the bottom may wear out quickly under extreme rough use

What Recent Buyers Report

Most recent buyers are very happy and satisfied with their purchase. This is because not only was the sled sufficient for pulling ice fishing equipment, but it also served for many other purposes otherwise. It provided a very sturdy solution to carrying ice fishing supplies to long distances, yet it proved to be incredibly useful for transporting rock and firewood and even giving the kids a swing.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The rugged polythene construction is incredibly durable for dragging over smooth ice terrains. It is wide enough to fit fishing poles, ice spears, and pop-up camping gear without any problem. Moreover, the hull has a contoured D shape, which aids in reducing air friction and makes pulling the sled easier. 

Who Will Use This Most

Ice anglers looking for a dependable sled for smooth terrain with few slopes will find this very useful. It is also suitable for those who need to travel some distance before arriving at the fishing spot. Also, residents of snowy areas who need a sled for other purposes, in addition to fishing, will find its utility boundless.

Bottom Line

The Shappell Jet Sled is a well-thought-out sled apparent from its design. Not only do the contoured hull and molded runners provide for a smooth ad stable drag across snowy paths, but the construction itself is very sturdy yet lightweight. 

Moreover, it comes in a black color, which makes it easy to spot over the vast expanses of white. All in all, it is by far one of the best options present among fishing sleds.


  • Comes with a 2-year limited warranty
  • Rugged Polythene construction easily takes on icy terrains
  • Can be hitched to a snowmobile or an ATV for even easier transport
  • Spacious enough to carry a 5-gallon bucket along with other equipment
  • Measures 54”x26”x9.5” which is wide enough and high enough to house all gear


  • Material feels a little thin for heavy-duty hauling
  • Rope attachment is a weak link and could use some reinforcement for enhanced durability

What Recent Buyers Report

The sturdiness of the sled is what was enjoyable for most recent buyers. Apart from the weak links at the rope, it proved to have a pretty solid build overall. On occasions, it bumped into trees or rocks protruding out from the ice and still didn’t leave a mark. In addition, it is multipurpose.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The carrying capacity of this sled is incredible. It measures 54”x26” which is wide enough to fit all sorts of gear. With a height of 9.5,” it ​ensures that the piled stuff does not fall out. Moreover, for enhanced utility and for dragging to larger distances, it can be hitched to an ATV or a snowmobile.

Who Will Use This Most

The usability of this sled is vast. Apart from carrying ice fishing supplies, it could also be used for firewood transport, deer hauling, and also as a sled for kids. But most importantly, it could be hitched to a snowmobile and hence ​is an exemplary option for those who travel long distances looking for fishing spots.

Bottom Line

Terrain Sport Sled packs utility in a very dependable build. The 2-year warranty is a testament to its long life and convenience. It can serve multiple purposes and endure bumps that come along the way. Moreover, it is spacious enough to carry a 5-gallon bucket and still leave room for further supplies. It is one of the finest options available to snow fishers.


  • Comes in 3 different sizes to choose from
  • Polythene construction is durable yet weighs only 6lbs.
  • Comes with a spare pulling rope; a total of 2 ropes included
  • Measures 44"L x 22"W x 9"H in size which can hold a good amount of haul
  • Designed to have leading edges and reinforced bottom for good performance on rough terrain


  • Objects need to be placed gently, anything thrown in the sled might break it
  • Ropes included are of low quality and do not hold against pulling heavy weight

What Recent Buyers Report

For most recent buyers, this unit delivered what it advertised. The 3 different sizes were a very convenient feature as it provided sizes for all the needs in one place. Additionally, the rugged Polythene construction performed well on ice as well as grass and sand. Also, the mesh brown color was visible from a distance.

Why it Stands Out to Us

Quite a few features earn the sled its place among the top options. Firstly, the design supports leading edges that can bust through debris as well as survive bumps along the path. Secondly, the reinforced bottom performs better on rough and uneven patches. Thirdly, it is 44” long and can easily house large gear. 

Who Will Use This Most

Ice fishing enthusiasts who find themselves often in rougher terrains that might even be cluttered with bushes will find the most useful for this sled. This is because of its reinforced bottom and leading edges that can not only glide over rougher parts with stability but can also pass through bushy clumps.

Bottom Line

With a user-friendly design made to perform well in terrains where others fail, the Beavertail Sports sled is a good option for all ice anglers. It comes in 3 different sizes and works as well on rough surfaces as it does on smooth ones, so you don’t have to buy a new sled for every new place.


  • Polymer is soft and does not become brittle in the cold
  • Rugged Polythene construction gives unrivaled strength
  • Length of 21” and height of 8” are suitable for ice fishing needs
  • Very wide structure with a width of 43” can easily fit large and wide objects
  • Can also be used for removing debris or transporting material like firewood


  • Cannot be attached to a snow motor or an ATV
  • Has stickers over the body that are hard to remove

What Recent Buyers Report

When recent buyers tested the sled’s performance in cold weather and on icy terrains, they found it to serve the purpose well. It glided through fresh or old snow without much effort. Even after using it for long hours, the soft polymer did not get affected by the cold, or crack.

Why it Stands Out to Us

With this sled, Shappell again releases a winner. The most exciting feature about it is its wide structure. While most sleds have a longer yet slim construction, this one has a wider base. This makes it incredibly useful for easily carrying large and heavy weights to long distances.

Who Will Use This Most

Ice fishermen who spend most of their time fishing in the season would find great usability in this sled. This is because it is large and high enough to stably carry their belongings, and the polymer construction does not freeze over time and result in cracks. Other than that, it is also suitable for various other purposes in different climates.

Bottom Line

Shappell continues to launch amazing sleds. The JSR Jet sled falls among the top tier options, owing to its durability and strength as well as multipurpose usability. It is easy to pull and can survive all day long, gliding on cold icy surfaces.


  • Has a weight carrying capacity of 130lbs.
  • Two sleds put on top of each other form a closed box
  • Features built-in attachment points for bungee cords and nets
  • Design measures 45.5”x20” in length and width with an 8” height
  • High density, rugged polythene construction can endure rough terrain


  • Does not come with warranty support of any sort
  • Design would have been more convenient if the rope was attached at the front rather than on the top

What Recent Buyers Report

Buyers report that the Pelican sled is worth its price. It drags through rough snowy terrain effortlessly and does not crack under cold even after long hours of use. Moreover, the usability is not just limited to ice fishing; rather, it serves many other purposes both in snowy areas as well as on grass, mud, and sand.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The high-density Polythene construction is further reinforced with a RAM-X multi-layer material coating. The design that results is strong and durable yet very lightweight. Not only can it carry up to 130lbs. of weight, but it does not put too much strain on the hand either. Moreover, it is 40” long and can fit elongated pieces of gear easily.

Who Will Use This Most

What’s interesting about this sled is that its usability is not extended to just ice fishing or icy terrain. It performs well for these purposes and makes for a very efficient and easy-to-pull sled. 

But its usability extends to expeditions like wildlife hunting and beach explorations. This deems it very suitable for users who need a sled for ice fishing during not only vacations but also something that would serve other purposes back home.

Bottom Line

The Pelican Multi-Purpose sled is the best bang for the buck. It has wide usability, durable structure, and enough space to carry up to 130lbs. And all this is provided at a very reasonable price. The bargain provides a utility sled that extends beyond the price.

Pros and Cons of Ice Fishing Sleds

Ice fishing sleds are a crucial part of ice fishing sports gear. They make the overall process much easier under harsh climatic conditions. Their usability extends beyond seasons and terrains, and they serve for a very long time. However, accompanying these pros are also a few cons. In the following sections, we will see some of both.


Let’s first look at the pros. 

Convenience Over Long Distances

The main purpose of sleds is to make long-distance travel easy. For ice fishing, anglers have to walk over frozen lakes, streams, or rivers to find spots for fishing. These frozen water bodies might not be very safe for wheeled vehicles, and hence, walking is the best course of action. Under such circumstances, sleds provide very comfortable replacements for backpacks and buckets that might tire the person out.

Carrying Capacity

In addition to being more comfortable to glide than carrying backpacks and buckets, sleds also provide more room for supplies and equipment. They have an open structure that is wide and long enough to house all shapes and sizes of belongings.


Another advantage that comes with sleds is the versatility in usage. Once you buy a sled, you will notice that its usability is not just limited to ice fishing, but it can serve many other purposes both in snowy areas as well as in sandy and grassy lands. They may be used to haul other types of weight, remove debris, transfer firewood, wildlife hunting expeditions, and much more.


Meanwhile, some limitations include:

No Cover

Sleds are designed without a proper solid cover. Under the cold circumstances of ice fishing, if it starts to rain or snow, the best protection for your gear against the change in weather would be a fabric cover. These might be thick and even waterproof but will not save your gear from damage that might come from big pieces of flying snow.

Prone to Damage 

Typically, sleds are made of polythene. While this is lightweight and glides easily over smooth surfaces when it comes to rocky, snowy terrains, they may bump into hard snow or rock and crack. If the crack widens, you might be left in the middle of nowhere with all your belongings. However, with careful maneuvering, this seldom happens.


Sleds are the growing needs of most snow sports, but for ice fishing, they form a crucial part. They give a convenient and comfortable solution to all luggage carrying problems. They further ease the process when they can hitch onto a snow vehicle. Also, their usability spreads over many areas and under many climates.

People Also Ask

Deciding on a sled with the right size and space to cater to all your needs is not an easy job. It requires careful consideration in many areas. Hence, there might be something left in the above discussion without understanding might not be complete. In this section, we answer questions related to such considerations.

Do Ice Fishing Sleds Float?

Most ice fishing sleds float in case there is a crack in the ice you’re fishing above. But this is mostly when they are loaded lightly. Even though the individual weight of the sled may be floatable, loading it with heavy gadgets and equipment, strips it of the possibility of floating. 

How Do You Make an Ice Fishing Sled Easier to Pull?

One way to make this happen is by the addition of skis to the bottom of the sled. If you have old skis lying around that you don’t mind cutting to a size that fits the sled, then you might be able to further ease the dragging. Simply cut the sleds to the desired size and drill them in a piece of wood. Then glue this piece of wood onto the plastic body.

How Do You Put Skis on an Ice Fishing Sled?

This is easily done with a pair of skis, a few blocks of wood, wood screws, and water-resistant super glue. 

  1. First, wax your skis for a smoother performance. 

  2. Next, measure them to match the length of the ski and cut off the excess. 

  3. Now, take 4 to 6 woodblocks all even and the same in size. With the help of wood screws, screw the sleds and the wood blocks together at equal intervals. Both the skis should have the same amount of wood blocks attached to them at the same intervals.

  4. Next, use your super glue to join the free/upper side of the wooden blocks to the sled. 

  5. Let dry. 

  6. Now, you have a sled on skis with added ground clearance.

What Makes Sleds Faster?

There are a few things that will make your sled faster. The first is the construction material, which is usually plastic. The plastic glides easily over slippery ice without causing much friction, and as a result, you gain momentum. 

Secondly, a light load will certainly increase the speed of your sled. A heavily loaded sled would be difficult to pull and hence slow in speed. Thirdly, the addition of skis might make it go faster in thick and fresh blankets of snow.