Best Ice Fishing Lures For Trout – 2021 Complete Round-up

| Last Updated June 9, 2021

Fishing excursions need you to gather fishing equipment, especially fishing lures, with keen attention. Fishing lures intend to benefit avid anglers in many ways.

In this article, you will find the fishing lures that are most suitable for ice angling. You will also acknowledge the fundamentals of fishing lures that promise to upgrade your fishing expertise.

Let’s move on and discover more about these.

Comparison of the Best Ice Fishing Lures For Trout

  • Made from iron and zinc to resist corrosion
  • There are sharp treble hooks on the lure
  • Great for a wide variety of fresh water species
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  • Scales are made bright for better visibility
  • Hooks are made from high-quality carbon steel
  • The 25-piece set includes everything needed for fishing
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  • Best for the Money
  • It is very suitable for light jigging
  • There are 5 different colors of lure in the set
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  • Made from high-quality materials to be durable
  • Bright and attractive bait for greater visibility
  • A strong box included to keep everything safe
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  • Meant for many different ice fishing applications
  • Offers rapid sinking with great responsiveness
  • With the hollow construction you get great sound for luring fish
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  • Minnow profile has a balanced design
  • Single reversed hooks for extra effectiveness
  • Environmentally-friendly zinc with glow and standard color
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  • One of the most effective all-round fishing lures available
  • Ideal for game fish like muskee, bass, walleye, and pike
  • Has unique and lifelike wiggling motion
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What Makes a Lure Great For Ice Fishing Trout?

Fishing lures bear undeniable importance in achieving a successful catch. They assist the fishermen in attracting fish towards it and grasp the lively species when they come in contact. 

As far as ice fishing is concerned, there are some fishing lures specifically designed to perform their duties in the chilled weather and water conditions. Read on below and find out what the contributions of a fishing lure towards ice angling are.

Lifelike Dupe

Ice fishing lures do the task of replicating more like a natural fish or prey. In this way, hungry fish come closer to eating them.

The lure is given the shape of small fish, adding realistic details and colors to its body.


The lures tend to move in a vibrating, jiggling and bouncing motion in order to give an impact of a live creature. Considering lures to be a weak prey, fish show interest in swallowing them.

Pointed and Curved Hooks

When the lures get success in enticing a fish, the hooks attached to its head, do their job. These hooks are assigned to snare the predators through sharp tips when they try to eat the lure.

Review of the Best Ice Fishing Lures For Trout

The market is bombarded with a huge number of ice fishing lures for trout, but not all of them are as functional as they should be. For your convenience, we have compiled a list of sturdy and unique fishing lures and reviewed them honestly. These do the desired job in the best way possible.

Best Overall:
Thkfish Silver Ice Fishing Spoons

THKFISH 30Pcs Silver Ice Fishing Spoons Lure with Treble Hook Jigging Spoons Lure Kit for Trout Salmon


  • Hooks are unbreakable
  • Length of spoons varies from 3 to 4.3cm
  • Colorful stickers look like genuine living prey 
  • 30 pcs of lure spoons come in a single package
  • Galvanized iron lures sustain harsh weather


  • Comes with no lure box

What Recent Buyers Report

Buyers from around the globe have praised this product. They liked the thoughtful design. Moreover, they reported that these spoon baits helped them catch trout and many other freshwater fish. All the anglers considered these worth recommending.

Why it Stands Out to Us

These spoon lures boast massive strength and are made with iron and zinc. During construction, each lure goes through the galvanizing process, which successfully opposes corrosion, bending, and dulling. All these features go in favor of using it for enticing big fish and trout.

Besides the sturdy construction, the design is also a plus point. The spoon-like structure and reflective laser stickers will come in the notice of every fish and compel it not to miss on the lure.

The two pointed and molded hooks will grab the fish in the first attempt.

Who Will Use This Most

Freshwater anglers can make the most of these lures. The vibrant-colored stickers will tempt the fish by giving the impression of lifelike beings.

Apart from that, if you are interested in catching salmon, walleye, pike, musky, perch, redfish, cod, or flounder, then you can rely on these lures without thinking twice.

Bottom Line

Big fish demand hooks that can tolerate their weight. Hence, these lures place their services before you for catching large fish and freshwater species. Trout will rush toward the sparkling stickers in every light condition. Hence, Thkfish spoons complete your fishing gear and give you the opportunity to explore ice fishing thoroughly.

ZWMING Ice Fishing Jigs Kit

ZWMING Ice Fishing Jigs Kit, Ice Fishing Lures in Tackle Box Bass Trout Walleye Perch Winter Ice Fishing Baits Treble Hooks (A-25Ppcs)


  • More jigs in a kit
  • Hooks are crafted with carbon steel
  • Eyes are equipped with 3D illustration
  • Good for marine as well as saltwater fishing
  • Body radiates rich colors when it comes in contact with the lights


  • Construction material contains lead

What Recent Buyers Report

The customers of this jig kit are happy and content with their purchase. They strongly advise other anglers to try these lures. Most of the buyers used these for saltwater and inshore fishing in the winter season and gained positive outcomes.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The appearance of Zwming jigs is simply out of this world. These jigs mimic the shapes of insects, ants, and whales. The richly colored bodies and natural-looking fish scales exhibit the perfect imitation of live prey.

Furthermore, the eyes are 3D structured to emerge more like a real species.

The jigs not only dive in frozen water bodies smoothly but also tend to move freely and glow in order to draw the attention of more fish. Once the fish takes a bite of a jig, the well-built, carbon-steel hooks trap it firmly.

Who Will Use This Most

Saltwater fishers should opt for these jigs for hunting trout, perch, crappies, bass, walleye, and sunfish.

The kit involves 25 jigs of different shapes and a plastic tackle box. In short, you not only get enough lures for a long fishing excursion but also get a chance to store these jigs safely without needing to buy a box separately.

Bottom Line

The Zwming jig package comprises of six insect jigs, six ant egg jigs, six whale jigs, two balance jigs, five bucket jigs, and a tackle container. All these lures showcase realistic fish scales and 3D eyes for an advanced approach towards ice angling. The lures glow when light falls on them, thus making them a great pick.

Best for the Money:
Sougayilang Jigs Fishing Lures

Sougayilang Jigs Fishing Lures Sinking Metal Spoons Micro Jigging Bait


  • Feathers attached at the end
  • Good option for deep jigging
  • Hooks are sharpened chemically
  • Jigs flaunt vertical, real-life motion
  • Zinc alloy prevents rusting in saltwater
  • Plastic tackle is also included in the accessory kit


  • Hooks seem to retire after a few excursions

What Recent Buyers Report

The fishers’ community approved of the design, shape, sturdiness, and everything about this particular equipment. The lures were quite useful for everybody who included these jigs in their fishing gear. They impressed most anglers right after the first use. We came across several recommendations for these too.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The jigs present in the Sougayilang kit are smaller in size and 5 in quantity. People often infer that small jigs are not reliable for big fish. However, these will surely change their opinion as the zinc alloy construction provides the utmost strength to endure the defensive power of big fish.

The chemically sharpened hooks also play a vital part in grasping fish. Moreover, the 3D eyes and flamboyant body behaves typically like an actual fish. Hence, no fish will resist eating the lure.

Who Will Use This Most

Fishers who are fond of angling deep down and in marine water will find success in choosing these jigs. The rhombus shape enables it to penetrate through water-resistance and come in contact with deep water fish like snapper, tuna, and silver carp.

You can also employ these lures for slow and micro jigging, and to catch trout on the go.

Bottom Line

The shape of these jigs resembles a rhombus, being slightly pointed towards the head. For this reason, they have a great tendency to immerse themselves in deep and frozen water. This versatile approach makes them ideal for slow and in-depth jigging. Plus, 3D eyes make the fish bait appear even more naturalistic.

Honorable Mention:
Goture Ice Fishing Jigs


  • Resistant to corrosion
  • Glows noticeably in faint lighting
  • Almost six types of fishing bait comes in a single purchase
  • Tacklebox has different compartments to organize the jigs accordingly
  • Catches bluegills, crappies, panfish, perch, trout, sunfish, walleye, and pike


  • Some jigs have the surface painted on one side

What Recent Buyers Report

Anglers are delighted to get jigs of various shapes in one package. These jigs allowed them to continue fishing throughout the cold season. They appreciated the capabilities of each lure provided in the package. Every angler had a fantastic field day whenever he joined these lures to the fishing line.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The retail box includes six sets of fishing lures. Each set defines a different class of jigs. There are four pieces of spoon jigs, small minnow jigs, slick jigs, five pieces of drop jigs, and six pieces of colorful drop jigs.

Each lure accompanies vivid colors and glows due to the presence of UV coating. In this way, they become prominent in dark light situations. As a result, more fish are attracted to bait.

These lures make sure that no fish is able to escape once snagged. Consequently, each embodies sharp, carbon steel hooks, thickly plated with nickel. The nickel plating guarantees complete protection against marine water for a prolonged time.

Who Will Use This Most

Slick jigs have a weight-forward design, conducive to sinking efficiently. Hence, this set will be helpful in angling the fishing line down the frozen layers of water and catch deepwater fish. Similarly, the propensity of minnow jigs for buoyancy will be favorable for catching rainbow trout, crappies, and shoreline-oriented fish.

Also, if you ever plan to catch fish at night, then consider these lures as they can be easily seen, thanks to the UV layer!

Bottom Line

The nickel plating on the lures makes them survive notorious weather and hardness of seawater. Moreover, the UV coating illuminates the surface of jigs in dim light conditions. The 27-piece jig collection comes with a storage box so you can store them category-wise. If you are a recreational fisher, then complete your fishing gear with remarkable Goture ice fishing jigs.

Editor's Pick:
Dynamic Lures HD Ice Fishing Lure

Dynamic Lures HD Ice Fishing Lure | 2.00 Inch 0.20 Oz | Vertical Jig Winter Lure | (2) - Size 10 Treble Hooks | for Fishing Bass, Trout, Walleye, Carp | Count 1 |


  • Sinks in faster
  • Wobbles when it moves
  • Appearance is more like a natural fish
  • Sharp hooks don’t lose the grip of fish
  • Suitable for aggressive and non-aggressive fish


  • Slightly heavier than standard products

What Recent Buyers Report

Fishermen reported that these lures never failed to impress them. They also reported that these became their favorite fishing lures for winter. The weight distribution in each item encouraged it to swim and move, pretending to be a live fish. Hence, the intelligent construction made most buyers its fans.

Why it Stands Out to Us

These jigs deserve to be your fishing companion on account of their swimming potential. They are the result of genius workmanship. The shape is such that the weight spreads evenly throughout the lure. In turn, the jig floats and bounces so as to come in the sight of fish.

In addition, the construction is kept hollow so that it can be sensed by the fish while floating closeby.

Two hooks are attached whose tips ensure sharp projection. The jig is adorned with highlighted fish scales, 3D eyes, and dazzling colors. As a result, it displays a real representation of a fish.

Who Will Use This Most

If you are a fishing enthusiast, then you would definitely look for a fishing lure that swims well. Fortunately, these jigs can fulfill your wishes since the lure’s body features equal distribution of weight. Thus, you can reap its benefits for catching trout, walleye, carp, bass, and many other freshwater fish.

Bottom Line

The jig depicts the features of real-world fish, advantageous to deceiving seawater species. The tips of the hooks won’t let the fish get away. The hollow cavity intends to jiggle the lure and create vibration while jiggling. In a nutshell, your fishing day out will not go astray at all, and you’ll be returning home with the fish you tried to hunt.

Best Lake Trout Ice Fishing Lure:
Rapala Jigging Rap 07

Rapala Jigging Rap 07 Fishing Lure


  • Available in 15 different colors
  • Has an attention-grabbing brass body
  • Good for both shallow and deep water fishing
  • Possesses exceptional quality construction material
  • Comes with single reversed hooks as well as the treble hook


  • Weight is more than other units available on the market

What Recent Buyers Report

Extreme satisfaction has been reported from recent buyers of this lure. Many fishermen who used it state that they have had the best output using this. It is great for catching fish that put up a fight before coming out of the water. It has been quite productive for catching trout as well.

Why it Stands Out to Us

This product has set a high benchmark since it is available in several sizes and colors. Its natural manifestation with unique colorful patterns augments its look and makes it different from its competitors on the market.

These lively, bright colors are particularly helpful if you are out fishing on a cloudy day or thick ice present on the water surface. They also quickly help to attract fish and are the best for catching trout and walleye. The unit is also made of a strong and eco-friendly material that does not harm the fish.

Bottom Line

To conclude, we must say that catching certain fish may turn out to be a tough task. However, with this lure, you are bound to seize their attention and attract the fish. After that, the lure will not let you down.

Best Trout Ice Fishing Spoon:
Original Dardevle Spoons

Original Dardevle Spoons (Red/White, 1 Ounce)


  • Comes with a lightweight body
  • Hassle-free to transport around
  • Constructed with a very durable material
  • Has an attractive appearance for the fish
  • Great for catching fishes like trout, bass, and pike


  • Better to change after 50 catches
  • Paint begins to chip off after regular usage

What Recent Buyers Report

Most recent buyers are pleased with this product because it has helped them catch large trout. It has made its mark in the world of fishing. Moreover, it is remarkably affordable, and buyers love its price-to-performance ratio. The durability and reliability of this product are reported to be worth the money.

Why it Stands Out to Us

With the upcoming winter season, Dardevle Spoons is a one-of-a-kind lure for trout fishing. The wiggling motion of this device underwater easily helps to catch an abundant amount of fish.

Then its color, too, makes it attractive for the fish that find it hard to resist and come at it at once. It is suitable for casting and trolling. Moreover, it is great if you are aiming for larger fish near the surface of the water, such as trout.

Bottom Line

Summing up, this lure is very effective for catching fish that tend to swim near the surface. Trout is one such fish that moves closer to surface waters for food, especially in winters. So, whenever you are fishing for trout in the future, try this unit out and give yourself a treat.

Best Ice Fishing Tube Jig For Trout:
Berkley PowerBait Fishing Soft Bait

Berkley Power Bait Bearded Crazy Leg Chigger Craw Power Bait Bearded Crazy Legs Chigger Craw (5 Count), 4-1/2'


  • Imitates a wounded baitfish
  • Has an attractive color for the fish
  • Available in different sizes, shapes, and colors
  • Fish tend to hold it 18 times longer than other lures
  • Turns out to be a powerful bait with its flavor and scent


  • Loses the scent with time
  • Unlikely to last very long

What Recent Buyers Report

Reports suggest that these lures will help you catch anything from tiny bluegills to large healthy trout. Their simple design is more than attractive for the fish with the soft body and moving tentacles. As a result, it helped buyers catch fish without having to wait for too long.

Why it Stands Out to Us

With a size of only 3.5 inches, this lure is great for fishing. It has been designed very smartly and mimics an injured bait's movement. This factor instantly catches the attention of the fish.

These lures do not need to be overworked. Moreover, they are made of a biodegradable material that is safe for the fish as well as the environment. Their visibility under the water is great too. As soon as they come in contact with water, they begin to give off a particular scent that makes fish like trout come at them for food.

Bottom Line

Finally, we must say that this product is unique in itself. With the approaching winter season, ice fishing for trout is going to increase. If you are a fan of fishing, we suggest you try this product to catch the biggest trout this season.

Are Lures Important While Ice Fishing Trout?

Lures are extremely important when ice fishing for trout as without them, you can sit for hours without any success. A few reasons why they are so important are outlined here:

Trout Are Usually the Main Predators

Being the main predators in a lake, trout are often quite aggressive when looking for food. They are particularly in search of a quick, easy meal that can be given to them in the form of a lure. If this lure appears as a dying or injured baitfish, it can prove to be very effective in getting you a good catch.

Trout Are Selective for Food

Researchers claim that these fish are selective in their food. Sometimes, they fall for an aggressively jigged spoon, while other times, they go for a smaller bait with no movement. The products on our list are all best for varying trout behaviors. If one does not work, try using the other.

Colorful Baits Help Catch a Lot of Fish

Trout are attracted to colorful baits, much like other fishes. Using one will speed up the process of fishing, and you would not have to spend the whole day mourning over not getting a catch.

What Kind of Lures Do Trout Like?

Different types of lures can be used for catching trout based on the behaviors they exhibit. Mostly small, jigging lures are a better option for preying on a trout. Some of the best options are:


Jigs with a weight of up to 1/8-ounce can be used for catching trout. Tube jigs are particularly helpful if you are aiming for lake trout. However, you must be careful when choosing the weight of your product.

Your lure weight will determine how deep your jig sinks. For trout fishing in summer, you must target deep water. Meanwhile, in winter, trout are present in shallow water, so you must pick a jig accordingly.

Jigging Spoons

Jigging spoons are also effective lures for fishing trout. Here again, you must keep a check on the weight. And if you cannot catch any fish, you must not hesitate to change the bait.


Trout love minnows for food and they are one of the best live baits. Properly jigging and casting a minnow as a lure can get you a trout in no time.

Ice Fishing Tips For Trout

When fishing for trout, certain techniques must be kept in mind for a productive outcome. Some efficient tips include:

Weight of the Lure Must be Kept in Check

Select a lure that has an appropriate weight so that it sinks to the level of water where you might find the trout.

Pick a Bright Color

Using lures of bright color and prominent appearance will speed up the process of catching a fish. This is because bright colors entice the fish quickly.

Do Not Hesitate to Change Your Bait

If you have been trying to catch a trout for some time but are not succeeding, try changing your bait. It is often possible that the color or smell of the bait has failed to attract the fish. It is also possible that the lure you are using is not at the same level where trout are swimming.

Ice Fishing Rainbow Trout Tips

Keep the following points in mind to efficiently catch the finest rainbow trout even if you are new to fishing:

  1. Some of the best rainbow trout can be caught at the start of the winter season.

  2. Rainbow trout are found in shallow waters during winters, sometimes as shallow as three feet.

  3. The ice hole that is half in weeds is the prime area for finding rainbow trout.

Ice Fishing Lake Trout Techniques

For ice fishing lake trout, you can stick to certain techniques. These will help you get more fish and less disappointment:

  1. Using jigs can be more prolific in the case of lake trout.

  2. Pink maggots, mealworms, dew worms, and corn are also considered fruitful for catching lake trout.

  3. Using colors like blue, silver, pink, and chartreuse for the bait ensures that it is visible to the lake trout.

Cautious Considerations to Keep in Mind

Adding appropriate fishing lures to your fishing tackle bag can be effective in making your ice fishing trip even more thrilling and amusing. But that’s only possible when you have plenty of knowledge about the basics of fishing lures.

These aspects enable anglers to wisely pick a fishing lure relevant to his fishing interests. These include:

Natural-Looking Appearance

A fishing lure must be pigmented with vibrant and luxurious colors and must be enriched with 3D detailing in order to appear as a dupe of a lifelike creature. Lures, with well-crafted fish scales, holographic eyes, defined lips, and glow patterns, would be more appealing to underwater species.

If you are a beginner angler, then consider the water condition and light situations before choosing a lure.

In clear water and daylight hours, primary-colored lures would be a great option. Meanwhile, in stained water or faint lights, go for dark and fluorescent lures to arouse more fish. These lures will be equally beneficial for in-depth fishing.

Size and Shape

Underwater predators demand the right size of lure to catch them. Ice fishing lures are generally of small sizes.

The shape also matters when it comes to ice fishing. Your fishing lures should be designed with the right orientation. The lightweight jigs and those who have a concave face are a perfect choice for inshore fishing as they swim slowly and float freely to catch up on a fish.

Avid anglers who are fans of offshore fishing should lay hands on grubs, jigs, and lures that possess long or slim figures. Such lures offer maximum jiggling and are made to dive into deeper waters and hunt fish like bass, trout, walleye, and crappies.

Sharp But Safer Hooks

Hooks are resourceful in hunting seawater scavengers as soon as they attempt to seize the lure. But some mighty fish manage to get out of the trap and swallow the lure.

Here, the material of hooks plays a crucial part in the safety of fish. Therefore, never choose stainless steel hooks as they are indigestible and can be deadly to aquatic life.

Thkfish Silver Ice Fishing Spoons

How to Ice Fish for Trout

Follow the steps below to ice fish for trout and have a successful fishing experience:

1. Attach the jig to your fishing line and drop it to the bottom of the ice hole.

2. Keep a lookout for trout on the graph, if you have one.

3. Basically, you have to fish the whole water column because you can never be too sure where the fish might be, even though trout swim nearer the surface in winters.

4. After your jig has touched the bottom, bounce it off a few times, and after a while, let it all the way up to the top at a steady pace.

5. After reaching close to the surface, drop the jig to the bottom again.

6. Keep repeating the process until you get some chasers.

How to Jig For Trout

Jigging for trout is simple if you know the technique. Find the spot where you think you will be able to collect a good number of fish. Then, when you are fishing, you must go three to four feet up, pause, and let your fishing line come back down. This process must be repeated till you get your catch.

Trolling for Lake Trout

Lake trout must be present where the food is. . It is a general practice to troll for lake trout at a speed greater than one meter per hour and below two-meter per hour when the fish are in deep water and you are fishing on a boat.

Be sure to refer to the video below for a visual representation of what was just described above.


From strong hooks, 3D textures, and light radiating patterns, to holographic eyes and lively movements, the above-reviewed lures have everything that complies with the requirements of an ice fishing session. These lures are worth buying due to their exceptional characteristics. Pick from these and keep on fishing all year-round.

People Also Ask

Go through some questions as it might be of help to you in getting rid of confusion regarding ice fishing lures and techniques.

What is the Best Bait For Ice Fishing Trout?

Generally, live nymphs, maggots, redworms, waxworms, and minnows are the best baits for ice fishing trout. However, many people prefer to use artificial lures as they are long-lasting and can be used again and again. Tube jigs, jigging rapalas, or spoons are great as artificial baits.

Where to Find Lake Trout in Winter Ice Fishing?

In the winter season, trout generally tend to move from deep to shallow waters.

What Color Swedish Pimple For Ice Fishing Brook Trout?

If you are ice fishing for brook trout and want to use Swedish Pimple for that, experts suggest you pick silver, gold, or any of the "crushed ice" colors. This is because subtle presentations are more effective with the Swedish Pimple.

How Do I Tell the Difference Between a Trout And Salmon When Ice Fishing?

In salmon, the caudal fin is slightly forked, and the caudal peduncle is narrow and tapered. Meanwhile, in a trout, the caudal fin is square-shaped with a thick caudal peduncle. The adipose fin is grey in salmons, while it is spotted with orange or red for trouts. Also, fully grown trout usually weighs less than a fully grown salmon.

How to Rig a Tube Jig For Lake Trout

For rigging a tube jig, you need a hook, a quarter of which is inserted into the nose of the tube bait. Then the hook is turned and made to pass through the bait. After this, the tube is bent so you can insert the point of the hook into it at the right angle. The lure should make a straight line between the point and the eye of the hook.

How Do You Attract Trout to Ice Fishing?

Trouts stay more in deeper waters, so try to cast your fishing line deep in the ocean or lake. They like to eat minnow fish and insect larva. Therefore, you can go for minnow fishing jigs that have a concave head. Choosing such lures will be favorable to swimming better and deeper.

What is the Best Time of Day to Fish For Lake Trout?

Choosing the hours consciously can increase your chances of catching more fish. In case of trout, you should head out to the fishing site soon after dawn when trout are more likely to be active in search of food. Other than that, try fishing in hours when water reaches a temperature of 34 to 67 degrees Fahrenheit. Trout activities are in full swing at such temperatures.

What is the Best Depth For Ice Fishing Trout?

Lake trouts are mostly found in depth between 10 and 60 feet, depending on seasonal changes. During summer, trout prefer to live in deeper columns of water around 50 to 65 feet down from the surface. In spring, you can cast your lures 30 to 40 feet below the surface of the water. And 10 feet would be enough for winter.

What Do Rainbow Trout Eat in the Winter?

Rainbow trout’s meal variety consists of larvae, minnows, and insects. When you plan to catch rainbow trout, we suggest you use minnow bait and spoon jigs. Apart from that, you can employ ant egg jigs for catching fish. 

Keep in mind that rainbow trout show great interest in colorful bodies. Therefore, consider picking artificial lures that exhibit rich color contrasts and 3D eyes.

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