Best Ice Fishing Clothes of 2021 – Complete Review

| Last Updated December 21, 2021

Ice fishing is an activity that can quickly go from a fun adventure to a miserable experience if you’re not prepared with the proper outerwear.

To ensure your next ice fishing excursion is enjoyable and safe, we’ve put together a list of our top picks for ice fishing apparel on the market today.

We hope this article proves helpful as you search for the ideal clothes and gear.

Comparison of the Best Ice Fishing Clothes

  • Created for durable performance
  • Several stylish designs to choose from
  • Super waterproof and weather resistant
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  • Hood is adjustable and removable with a sun visor
  • Tricot lining in the hand warming pockets
  • Shoulder straps are elastic and the zippers are strong
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  • Plenty of pocket space
  • Very stretchy and flexible
  • The best choice for the money
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  • Very warm fabric
  • The best bib option on our list
  • Extra padding for kneeling and sitting
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  • Keeps toes toasty and warm
  • Best boots on our list
  • Double reinforcement for comfort and support
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  • Fully waterproof Cordura nylon shell
  • Best gloves on our list
  • Created with breathable fabric
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  • Heavy-duty make is ideal for cold climates
  • Hydropore technology is waterproof - 5,000mm rating
  • Various accessories custom made for fishermen
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Are Quality Clothes Important While Ice Fishing?

Ice fishing often involves exposure to extremely low temperatures and harsh weather for hours at a time. Because of this safety risk, it’s more or less vital to wear clothing that can keep you warm. But quality clothing is an important buy for other reasons, too!

Although high-quality clothing options may be a little more expensive than you’re comfortable with, the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages. 

Pros of Buying Quality Clothing For Ice Fishing

Below are the primary pros of investing in quality clothes:


The most important tell of an ice-fishing garment is how much heat it can hold. Cold hands and feet can easily ruin a fishing trip. Clothing that is made to be high-quality should keep you toasty.


Ice fishing can only be done on a frozen body of water, so sometimes a hike is involved. You may also be standing for long periods of time. Because of this, having boots and outerwear that is super comfy when doing physical activity is a huge advantage. 

Durability and Versatility

If you go for quality ice fishing clothing, odds are they will last for many years to come. The clothing also doesn’t have to be specific to ice fishing—there’s no reason a great jacket, boots, or gloves couldn’t be used in all your winter outdoor activities. 

How to Choose Ice Fishing Clothes  

The amount of outerwear that an angler needs to have a safe ice fishing experience may seem overwhelming, but keeping in mind some underlying qualities that every product should hold can make the shopping process much easier. 

Seek Out Products Made With Quality Materials

The best way to ensure your outerwear can withstand the cold and the bumps and bruises that may come along with being involved with outdoor activity is to seek out the gear that has been made with quality fabrics and materials. Durability comes along with quality, and no one wants to buy new gear every season.

Make Sure They’re Comfortable

You’ll be moving around in your gear quite a bit, so if it’s possible, test out your clothing for comfort before deciding to keep or return. Great ice fishing clothing should move with you and not be restrictive, allowing for a full range of movement if necessary. 

Know Your Body

If you know that your hands get super cold spending time outside, focus on the gloves. Likewise, if you feel more comfortable having something to keep your neck warm, make sure you invest in a nice scarf.

Knowing what parts of your body are the most uncomfortable in the cold can make the search for the perfect set of gear much easier. 

Eskimo Lockout Ice Fishing Bib

Review of the Best Ice Fishing Clothes

Have an empty closet and some cash to spend? We’ll walk you through some of our favorite ice fishing clothes on the market. 

Best Overall:
Frabill I3 Jacket

Frabill Ice I3 Jacket, Brown, Small


  • Provides insulation against strong cold winds and frosty weather
  • You can order the jacket and bib separately to get the right size
  • Waterproof pockets with zippers to help keep your essentials safe with you
  • Premium quality material is used that provides durability and ensures longevity
  • Waterproof technology helps you stay dry in the rain and wet conditions
  • Stretchy fabric offers a full range of motion


  • Nothing stays safe in the pocket unless you zip them
  • Dark patches at the end of the jacket are not waterproof
  • Needs to be opened to prevent moisture from building up inside the jacket
  • Not breathable
  • Wrist velcro is a little tight for some
  • Zippered storage pockets are too small

What Recent Buyers Report 

Buyers reported that they were satisfied with this jacket as it provided warmth and comfort in cold, harsh weather. It worked well in the rain as well because of its waterproof material. They had to zip open the jacket sometimes to prevent moisture from developing inside the jacket, but this did not seem like a big problem to them while ice fishing.

Why it Stands Out to Us

This ice-fishing jacket is manufactured with really strong, durable material that makes it usable in different weather conditions for a long time. It is not only suited for snowy, cold, windy weather, but it also does a great job in the rain because of its waterproof neoprene core technology. Moreover, the zipper vents in the jacket help you regulate the temperature so that you do not sweat throughout the whole experience.

From the heavy-duty outerwear brand Stormr, the STRYKR brand of jackets has gained quite a reputation in the outdoorsmen community. After its initial release in 2013, it set new standards for severe weather outerwear. Buyers can choose from several sleek jacket designs, ranging from plain black to a bright fluorescent orange color. 

The STRYKR line utilizes Neoprene technology to achieve a warm jacket that is also wind proof and waterproof. The outer layer is made with water repellent fabric and the interior includes water wicking fleece and a soft, thin, insulating membrane. 

Durability and longevity were a large part of the goal Stormr had in mind when creating this line of jackets, so high-quality construction is one of their main selling points. All the fabric included was made to be abrasion resistant, and all the seams are thermally welded for longevity and extra water resistance. The jacket is also buoyant, an added safety feature that could come in handy if the wearer accidentally fell into a freezing body of water. 

Who Will Use This Most

This ice-fishing jacket is best suited for both beginners, amateur ice anglers, and professional ice fishermen who want to make their ice fishing experience comfortable in frosty weather. It is a must-have element of every person’s ice fishing kit because one cannot survive the weather if the temperature falls dangerously low.

Bottom Line

This jacket is overall more highly recommended than any other comparable product because it has the highest ability to keep the heat locked inside and make your ice fishing experience warm and comfortable. Not only is it best suited for cold, frosty days, but it can also be used in relatively moderate weather because you can always set the temperature according to your needs with its zipper vents.

When it comes to ice fishing jackets, durability and comfort should be at the forefront of the requirement list. Luckily, the STRYKR jackets hold a gold standard in both of these areas. While there are some issues with breathability and on-hand storage, this line of jackets checks most of the major boxes. It’s weather-resistant, warm, durable, and stylish enough that you could wear it on and off the ice.

Frabill I2 Insulated Jacket & Pant Rain Suit


  • Comes with a self-rescue ice-pack set
  • Waterproof, weather-resistant, warm, and breathable  
  • Contains a pantsuit and separate jacket for ease of use
  • Nylon jacket and 300 denier nylon Taslan shell pantsuit
  • Warm suit is perfect for layering for indoor and outdoor ice anglers


  • Jacket is not as warm as the pantsuit 
  • Suit can expose wearers to Urethane, which is known to cause cancer

What Recent Buyers Report

The Frabill suit exceeded expectations for most recent buyers. They were very appreciative of how comfortable and practical it was. It kept them warm at below 0°C temperatures and provided good insulation against water. 

In windy areas, the jacket and the suit kept the buyers warm so that they could be out for longer. The overall design with a reflective and easy-to-detect surface was also a loved feature. It let the wearers stay out in the dark and still be recognizable. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

What more could we want from an ice fishing suit that is made with good-quality material and is warm and comfortable? This suit is arguably one of the best available options. The fleece jacket and the fleece-lined trousers keep the user warm. Pockets of the trousers have a tricot lining that keeps the hands warm. An outer shell of 300 denier nylon Taslan shell makes the whole suit effectively water and weather-resistant.

Moreover, the straps, buckles, and zippers on the suit are of the best quality and make adjustments quite easy. The trousers feature a YKK zipper that is known for its strength and long-lasting performance. They can take the beatings of harsh usage. 

Full elastic shoulder straps and CAM buckles ensure that the suit does not pose any problems with the fit. For better usability, the hood has a sun visor and can be easily adjusted or removed altogether to better complement the need of the day. Lastly, the inclusion of a self-rescue ice kit greatly increases the value of the deal.

Bottom Line

Featuring a fleece and 300 denier nylon Taslan shell construction, this suit by Frabill is the definition of modern design innovation for ice fishing suits. The several strategically-placed pockets and user-friendly layout gives it immense practicality. 

Best Ice Fishing Pants:
Clothin Softshell Fleece-Lined Cargo Pants

clothin Men's Insulated Pants Fleece Lined Snow Pants Softshell Water and Wind-Resistant Navy size Medium


  • Pants are designed to resist weather and wind that keep you warm and comfortable
  • Prevents moisture from building up inside the jacket, so you don’t have to keep it open
  • Micro-fleece lining keeps you warm and provides you with comfort right next to your skin
  • You can customize your fit in just the right size with its partially elastic waist and stretchable belt loops
  • With its 2 zipper pockets, 2 back hook pockets and 2 side pockets, you can keep a lot of your necessities safe with you
  • Stylish color choices
  • Keeps you warm all day
  • Comfortable to move around in


  • DWR coating wears off after washing it over time
  • Zippers are low-quality and break easily within a short period of use
  • Cannot handle heavy rainfall and starts getting wet if it rains for a longer time
  • Baggy in the crotch area

What Recent Buyers Report

Buyers were quite satisfied with the fleece quality that was used in these pants. They liked the convenience of having plenty of pockets, wind resistance, and comfortably warm material. For some users, the pockets were not deep enough. However, overall customer feedback remained positive.

Why it Stands Out to Us

These softshell pants have an amazing design that keeps you warm, comfortable, and moisture-free. You can resist snow, light rain, and cold wind without feeling suffocated in it. The moisture-resistant feature prevents moisture from building up without opening the jacket. Easy customization of fitting with its elastic, stretchable waist is another great feature to stay away from the hassle of picking the right size.

With several different color choices to select from, the Clothin cargo pants have a style that is suitable for any angler. These cargo pants are not a typical snow pant you would see in a ski lodge, but they do provide the same warmth and comfort without all the added bulk. 

They are created with a durable, water-resistant outer fabric that can withstand snowfall and light rain. The inside of the pant includes a soft microfleece moisture-wicking fabric that is made for warmth without compromising breathability. It has a softshell, meaning the fabric is stretchy and flexible, so your range of movement won’t be restricted. 

While these pants could be used for an outdoor activity in harsh weather, they’re especially convenient for angling. The 6-pocket design offers plenty of on-hand storage for smaller fishing gear that needs to be conveniently placed. The pants come in a wide range of customizable sizes. They also include an elastic waistband with belt loops for some extra stretch if needed. 

Who Will Use This Most

These cargo pants work amazingly for people who are beginners or professionals in ice fishing, keeping them warm even in cold weather. Apart from ice fishing enthusiasts, they are also well suited for hikers, climbers, and people who like to go skiing because it has versatile features to be used in tough physical activities and harsh weather.

Bottom Line

These are weather-resistant, wind repellant, and keep moisture from building up in the jacket. They easily fit people as they can be customized with its elastic waist and belt loops. It is best suited not only for ice fishing, but also for other outdoor activities like hiking, skiing, and climbing, etc.

If a full-body bib is not the right choice for you, a pair of warm pants are essential. Clothin cargo pants are not only super warm but also stylish and functional. Although you may not want to wear these in heavy rainfall (they’re not completely waterproof), they are a great choice for cold weather in general. The stretchy fabric makes them easy to move about in and they have great pocket storage for essential gear.

Best Ice Fishing Bib:
Frabill I3 Bib

Frabill Bib I3 Black Medium


  • Pockets have a tricot lining inside that keep your hands warm and your essentials safe
  • Knee and seat padding for comfortable sitting and kneeling without any chance of injury
  • Waterproof and weather-resistant yet easily breathable that keeps you warm and comfortable
  • You can regulate and control temperature just according to your requirement with its zipper vents
  • Comes with completely elastic and stretchable shoulder straps with cam-lock buckles for convenient fitting
  • Great safety features


  • Does not have a zipper fly at the front
  • You have to take off the whole bib for using the toilet
  • In some sizes, the knee padding does not fit exactly on the knees while kneeling
  • Not very stylish
  • Can get too warm easily

What Recent Buyers Report

Users have reported that this bib worked very well for ice fishing, keeping them warm and cozy. Meanwhile, the insulated pockets did a really good job of keeping their hands warm. They gave good reviews about its convenient fitting and 300M Thinsulate insulation. The overall customer feedback was totally in support of this product.

Why it Stands Out to Us

This bib is an essential part of ice fishing kits because it provides superior insulation, warmth, and comfort with its 300M Thinsulate insulation. It has tricot insulated pockets to help you keep your hands warm. Internal knee and cuff padding make sitting and kneeling very comfortable. It fits perfectly for waist and underarms because of its elastic and stretchable material.

The I3 bib from Frabill was created with comfort in mind. With a simple, utilitarian look, this bib is thoughtfully-designed for anglers who spend most of their time on the ice. Unlike some products on our list, this bib was created specifically for ice fishermen. This is clear from the extra padding in the knee and seat area, which allows for extra comfort when an angler is setting up their workstation or unhooking a fish. 

Created with a heavy duty nylon outer-shell that can withstand harsh weather conditions, this is also insulated for extra warmth on those extra cold days. For an added element of safety during the dark of winter, the suit is lined with reflective material. For breathability, the bib is equipped with zipper vents, made with quality YKK zippers.

Anglers who dance on the riskier side of ice fishing will also appreciate that this bib comes with an emergency safety feature that includes ice-pick holsters, drainage mesh, and safety information. 

Who Will Use This Most

This bib can be used by people who have a passion for rough outdoor activities but want to keep themselves safe from harsh weather. Ice fishermen, both professional or beginners, need to use it to resist harsh and cold weather. It can also be used for hikers and hunters who can easily regulate their temperature as per their needs.

Bottom Line

Manufactured with bi-layered insulating fabric, this bib will provide you warmth and comfort to survive in cold, frosty weather without making you sweaty. With its 6 pockets, you can warm up your hands and keep your essentials with you. It easily fits well with their elastic and stretchable shoulder straps. All in all, it complements your ice fishing kit well.

For anglers who are serious about comfort on the ice, look no further. The I3 bib may not be the snazziest in terms of style, but it kicks butt in every other category. Buyers of the bib love that it’s cozy and easy to move around in. Also, the added safety features really can’t be beat.

Best Ice Fishing Boots:
Muck Boot Men's Arctic Pro Hunting Boot

Muck Boot Arctic Pro Tall Rubber Insulated Extreme Conditions Men's Hunting Boots, Bark, 8 M US


  • Water-resistant, hence you can prevent your feet from getting wet from ice or rain
  • Lightweight, helping you stay active for a long time without making your feet tired
  • Easily washable by hand, making their maintenance and cleaning process quite convenient
  • High insulation with their 2mm thermal foam and soft fleece lining in harsh weather conditions
  • Rugged and durable from outside with aggressive outsole while soft from inside with additional cushioning
  • Adjustable fit
  • Multi-layer protection
  • Keeps feet very warm, even in subfreezing temperatures


  • Start wearing out quick if you use them extensively
  • Grip on the sole works fine, but it could be deeper than it is
  • Size is 17 inches in height, which can be too long for some people
  • No heel kick

What Recent Buyers Report

Users praised this boot's superb functioning from -50C to -1C, which is quite amazing. The boots were flexible so they could easily slide them on and off without doing laces. The majority of buyers said that they were quite warm, comfortable, and easy to put on because of their low weight. Moreover, they also reported that the company's customer service was very responsive.

Why it Stands Out to Us

These boots do not seem to disappoint anyone with their 17-inch height and fleece liner that keeps your feet super warm. The reinforcements in the instep and heel area can give you perfect fitting and insulation even in extremely cold weather. It is easy to maintain and clean as it allows users to wash it by hand. It also prevents your feet from getting blisters.

Muck Boots is a popular company among anglers and outdoorsmen alike thanks to their products that boast consistent quality and reliable performance in all kinds of weather conditions. The Arctic Pro hunting boot makes its way to our list for its performance in freezing temperatures. The outside of the boots is created with a flexible moisture repellent neoprene fabric that can form to an angler’s foot shape. The warmth comes from the insulated interior, which features a soft fleece lining along with two millimeters of thermal foam underfoot for extra heat. It is suitable for use in temperatures ranging all the way to -60 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Along with the flexible neoprene fabric, anglers can also customize the fit of their boot with a stretch to fit comfort topline, which can be adjusted depending on calf size. The seal also keeps body heat in while deflecting snow and debris. For ankle and foot support, the boots are created with double reinforcement in the instep, heel and Achilles area.  

Who Will Use This Most

These boots are best suited for people who are looking for the perfect pair for ice fishing that keeps their feet warm in cold, snowy weather as it offers maximum insulation with its 2mm thermal foam and soft fleece lining. In addition to that, they are also well designed for hunting.

Bottom Line

Muck boots have amazing features, including being comfortable and warm; offering to cushion at heels, instep, and Achilles; durability; and flexibility. That right there sums up everything that you need in optimal ice fishing boots. Hence, spending on these is no doubt a rational investment to make if you are going ice fishing anytime soon.

Muck Boots are a great choice for ice fishermen who spend a lot of time sloshing around in winter weather. The main complaint about these boots concerns the outer rubber, which some users say tends to tear after repeated use. Luckily, these boots do have multi-layer protection if this problem does occur. Overall, the Arctic Muck Boots win points for comfort and functionality and lose in terms of durability. 

Best Ice Fishing Gloves:
Windrider Rugged Waterproof Winter Gloves

WindRider Rugged Waterproof Winter Gloves | Touchscreen Compatible | Cordura Shell, Thinsulate Insulation | Ice Fishing, Skiing, Sledding, Snowboard | for Women or Men, Large


  • Inner construction has foam insulation and fleece liner that make it soft and warm
  • Rugged outer construction that makes it durable and available for rough use
  • You can easily attend or dial phone calls on your cell phone with its touch screen fingertips
  • Zipper pockets on the back are enough for keeping your credit cards, warmer, or keys
  • Waterproof, meaning you can easily dig into an ice hole to pull up a fish without worrying about your hands getting wet


  • External layer of the glove is not waterproof
  • Start showing signs of wear within a short span of use
  • Touchscreen fingerprint technology does not work for texts and other functions
  • Sizing runs large
  • Design is quite bulky
  • Could use more insulation

What Recent Buyers Report

Buyers reported that this was just the right glove for ice fishing. Their hands remained warm in low temperatures like -30°C and even colder than that. They seemed a little bulky to some, but that was not an issue since it saved them from terrible situations like frostbite. The buyers recommended these for outdoor activities in harsh weather.

Why it Stands Out to Us

These gloves provide maximum insulation with their 3M Thinsulate insulation and are soft and comfortable because of their fleece lining. It not only keeps your hands dry, but also has pockets that have waterproof zippers, which make your products stay away from water as well.

Nothing is worse than having clumsy, cold fingers when you’re trying to pull in a potential catch. Windrider aims to make that a problem of the past with their winter gloves. The Minnesota-based company created the gloves with the goal of being waterproof and super warm through long-term outdoor use. 

The gloves are multi-layered for warmth and durability. They start with a heavy-duty nylon shell, followed by a waterproof layer. The interior of the gloves includes a fleece lining along with “Thinsulate” and foam insulation. 

Along with an adjustable wrist strap, the gloves are equipped with a convenient storage pocket placed on the back of the hand. This is a perfect place to store any essential gear or personal items you may need within close reach. To make sure you’re able to snap a picture of your new catch without leaving the warmth of a glove, they also include touchscreen fingertips. 

Who Will Use This Most

Ice fishermen, both beginners, and professionals can make the best use out of these gloves because it provides them with maximum insulation and comfort. Not only them, but it is generally designed for people interested in other outdoor activities in cold weather like skiing, snowball fights, etc.

Bottom Line

These gloves are durable and have a robust design for longer use. With their foam insulation, touchscreen fingertips to attend phone calls, soft fleece lining, and water resistance features, they are the best gloves for outdoor activities in cold, frosty weather like skiing, ice fishing, and snow fights.

These gloves from Windrider are pretty simple, but effective. While the design could use some minor improvements to eliminate some unnecessary bulk, the gloves are created with long-lasting materials that will protect from harsh weather conditions season after season. Some users complain that a little extra insulation would improve the gloves, so consider buying a thin glove liner to make sure your hands are as toasty as can be.

Best Ice Fishing Jacket:
StrikerICE Climate Jacket

STRIKER Men's Climate Durable Windproof Water-Resistant Insulated Outdoor Ice Fishing Jacket with Removable Hood & Sureflote Flotation Technology, Black/Gray, Small


  • 103% Polyester material provides tear and weather resistance
  • Equipped with useful features like a fast-draining hem and crossflow venting 
  • Effective hydrapore technology with waterproof 5,000 mm rating and breathable 5,000g rating 
  • Separate jacket and jacket liner make the assembly usable all-year-round, depending on the weather
  • Surefloat technology can keep a person afloat for 2 hours, proving very useful in the event of accidents


  • Jacket is hand washable only; cannot be machine washed 
  • Zippers are not waterproof and can cause water to enter the pockets

What Recent Buyers Report

Most users claim that this is the best ice fishing jacket that they have used. The inclusion of a separate jacket and liner enhances usability. The jacket can be used in the winters while the liner makes excellent wear for the fall. With multiple pockets in both the pieces, you can easily fit small gear and personal use items inside your wear rather than having to carry extra bags. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

Hydrapore Technology enhances the jacket's waterproof rating so that it could be used in heavy rainfall and intense snow. A magnetic storm flap closure keeps the jacket securely closed, even in strong windy conditions. Fast-drain hems and sleeve cuffs ensure that even if water enters the jacket somehow, it quickly drains out. 

Crossflow venting regulates temperature and prevents the user from feeling too stiff. One of the greatest advantages of this jacket is Surefloat Technology that can keep a person afloat for two hours. This is a very useful feature, especially in ice fishing, where drowning accidents are always a risk. 

Bottom Line

A good ice fishing jacket can greatly enhance your fishing trip's productivity by keeping you warm and comfortable so that you can spend more time outdoors. This Strike ICE jacket is designed to bring extreme usability with good dependability to the user. Multiple pockets and a two-piece design further increases the practicality of the product.

Best for the Money:
Eskimo Lockout Ice Fishing Bib

Eskimo Lockout Ice Fishing Bibs, Black, XL, Sureflote, 60g Thermadex Insulation, 100% PU Seam Taped


  • Great functionality
  • Super warm and cozy
  • Added safety features


  • Somewhat bulky
  • Not very stylish
  • Can get sweaty in warmer temperatures

With advanced fabric technology and a focus on warmth and comfort, the Eskimo Lockout ice fishing bibs have charmed many ice fishing anglers. The suit features several of Eskimo’s patented fabric elements, like “Hydrapore,” “Thermadex,” and “Surefloat.” 

Each element is used to bring comfort and protect an angler during harsh weather. The outer shell is created with durable polyester fabric, which is meant to resist snow and rain while staying breathable. The inside of the suit includes a soft lining and additional insulation to trap body heat on days with freezing temperatures. In addition, the bib includes the aforementioned “Surefloat” technology. This means the suit is buoyant, just in case. 

The design is fairly plain, only offered in a simple black color with minor hem detailing. The seams are double-taped for extra durability against bumps and bruises. It also has easy-access zippers and zippered pockets for added storage on the water.

Bottom Line

Overall, buyers of the Eskimo Lockout suit were very satisfied with their purchase. It offers some greatly advanced fabric technology that will not only keep an angler warm on the ice but also safe. It’s comfortable to move around in, has easy-access storage and many other great attributes that would make it a reliable purchase. Although this suit may not win points in terms of style, it’s well-designed in terms of functionality. 

Types of Ice Fishing Clothes  

The average ice fisherman should have the following set of outerwear in their closet for the next winter fishing season:


There is no shortage of winter boots in the ice fishing marketplace. While there are tons of styles to choose from, all ice fishing boots should be virtually slip-proof, as the angler will be spending plenty of time on super slippery surfaces. Investing in a great pair of fishing boots is the easiest way to keep yourself safe on the lake. 


Don’t forget your mitts! Chilly fingers get clumsy, which can result in mistakes that might lead to a lost fish, or even worse, a lost piece of essential gear. To keep your fingers toasty, make sure a pair of waterproof gloves are in your fishing pack. If you know that your fingers tend to get very cold, it’s a good idea to get some glove liners as well for a little extra heat.


An ice fishing bib is basically a pair of snow-pant overalls that can keep your legs and part of your upper body comfortable at the same time. It’s a good idea to buy a bib that is made with quality materials that won’t easily tear or rip, giving way to the frigid winter air. 


In many anglers’ minds, the jacket is the most important part of a gear stash. From heavy duty winter jackets to lightweight, sleek cover-ups, the options are virtually endless when it comes to nice ice fishing jackets. Because the weather can be unpredictable, it’s good to go for a versatile choice that won’t keep you too hot or too cold. 

Must-Have Features in Ice Fishing Clothing 

For an ice fishing jacket to be useful, certain characteristics must be included in it. For some, ice fishing is a hobby or a recreational sport; for others, it serves as a major source of food production. Hence, the gear and equipment used for it must be up to par to make the task easy and enjoyable. Here we discuss some of the main features that are a must-have in ice fishing jackets. 


The first and foremost feature that makes a jacket suitable for ice fishing is its waterproofing. Ice fishing involves working in wet and cold environments and requires waterproof clothing for comfort and work-ability. If the clothing is not waterproof, then the angler gets cold and is unable to fish.


Ice fishing clothes must also be warm and insulated against cold weather conditions. Usually, fleece linings are incorporated in the design to provide protection against cold weather. 

Some clothes might have multiple layers for better warmth in harsher climates, while others may have a fleece coating embedded in a soft or hard waterproof fabric shell. A jacket that fails to keep the user warm is simply unusable in snowy and cold conditions. 


Another necessary feature is the addition of pockets and compartments. In ice fishing, it is not possible to travel with a large amount of heavy gear or with multiple bags on a snowmobile. Hence, pockets are a great substitute. 

They can fit small to medium-sized objects like bait, hooks, rolled-up fishing lines, etc. As a result, your hands are free, and the snowmobile does not have excessive luggage to carry. 

Comparison Overview

With multiple types of ice fishing clothes, it gets difficult to decide which would be the best for your use. Would a jacket suffice, or would you need a complete suit are common considerations? Let's compare different types of clothing to see what suits which conditions the best. 

Which is Most Important – An Ice Fishing Bib or Jacket?

Whether it is an ice-fishing jacket or a bib, both perform excellently in keeping the user dry and warm. However, under certain conditions, the need for one may exceed the other. 


  1. Each of the apparel pieces makes a crucial part of the overall ice fishing attire.

  2. Insulation and protection against cold is a necessary feature provided by both.

  3. Both of the pieces are made with waterproof material to keep the user dry.

  4. Reflective material can be used in both for easy detectability on ice.

  5. Multiple pockets are a shared feature between both.


1. A jacket covers the upper portion of a body while a bib has suspenders from the shoulders and a torso coverage that extends down to cover the legs as well.

2. A jacket might have two pieces: a removable lining and the jacket itself. A bib does not have removable layering.

3. Bibs do not have the versatility to be used in different weathers. Jackets can be used in different weathers by removing or adding the lining.

4. Floatation technology is usually added to jackets. It was very recently introduced to bibs.

The differences and similarities above show that both a bib and a jacket have their own functions. Neither can replace the other.

Therefore, for the best experience, an ice angler must invest in both of them. Otherwise, an absence of either would subject them to cold and wet conditions.

Suit vs Bib for Ice Fishing

Although largely similar, some specialized forms of ice fishing suits differ from bibs in certain aspects. They have specialized uses. Let’s see how the two compare.


  1. Both types of fishing clothes cover the legs and torso.

  2. Insulation is provided throughout both the layout.

  3. Quick drainage hems and insulated pockets are featured in both designs.

  4. Strong zippers and multiple large pockets are featured throughout their construction.


  1. A full suit provides more coverage compared to a bib.

  2. The bib leaves the area above the shoulders exposed, but a suit covers the head and full body.

  3. Bibs require additional use of jackets if all of the body needs covering, while suits are designed for full-body coverage and do not need additional apparel.

  4. Suits are used for specialized uses, for example, by military and Eskimos, etc. Bibs are a common piece of fishing cloth used by the vast majority.

How to Clean an Ice Fishing Float Suit 

After a busy day of ice fishing, your fishing suit gets extremely dirty and smells bad. The fish slime, waste, and body odor combined do not give a pleasant smell. Hence, cleaning this suit is a must. The task itself is fairly easy and does not require the need for any special equipment. Below, we breakdown how to clean an ice fishing suit.

  1. Start by deciding where you want to clean your suit: in the bathroom with the shower or outside with a hose.

  2. Go to your place of choice and wear your ice fishing suit.

  3. Rinse it thoroughly from the inside and the outside. Be generous with the water you sprinkle on it.

  4. Next, take a usual brush and add dishwashing soap to it.

  5. Rub the brush all over the suit thoroughly and remove any dirt or particles stuck to it.

  6. Scrub well. Pay special attention to dark spots or marks and rub them strongly.

  7. Once you have scrubbed the outside, take the brush and extend your hand to clean the inside as well. Clean inside the pockets as well. 

  8. Now run clean water through the suit both inside and outside. Wash away all of the soap.

  9. After a nice rinse, take off the suit and place it in a bucket right away to avoid creating a big mess.

  10. Take the bucket outside and hang the suit via a hanger in a well-ventilated place.

For better visual guidance on how to clean the suit, here’s a video:


To ensure a safe and fun ice fishing experience, accruing great outerwear is essential. Hopefully, this article was able to help acquaint you with the ins and outs of ice fishing gear and make your shopping experience a little less daunting. Stay warm, and happy fishing! 

People Also Ask

Ice fishing clothes are one of the most important factors that determine your success with fishing. Hence, they must be bought with careful considerations. There might be some things left unaddressed in our previous discussion and might pose confusion for our readers. Hence, here we try to address the most frequently asked questions about ice fishing clothes.

How Do Floating Ice Fishing Clothes Work?

The flotation feature in ice fishing clothes is very important to prevent drowning incidents and hypothermia. Floating clothes have pads on the knees and in the jacket that aid buoyancy and keep the person on top of the water surface. As a result, it saves the person from drowning and helps them get out of the water and crawl onto the ice to avoid hypothermia.

What to Wear When Ice Fishing?

Proper gear is a necessary part of ice fishing for comfort and safety. It keeps the fishermen warm and also prevents drowning and hypothermia in case someone falls into the water. It is always advised to fully cover the body when going ice fishing. Hence, the person should wear an ice fishing bib and a jacket for full coverage. Heavy-duty, warm, and waterproof boots, as well as a hood (if not included in the jacket), complete the attire.

What Should I Wear Under My Ice Fishing Apparel?

It is best to wear layers under ice fishing clothes to provide maximum protection against the cold. A sweatshirt with a sweater, woolen shirt, or fleece makes for good underlayers. Warm pajamas should be worn under the trousers. Jeans and lounge pants do not make for a good and warm option. 

Do I Need a Full Ice Fishing Suit?

A jacket and bib made for ice fishing are generally enough for usual ice fishing. They are perfectly capable of providing resistance to weather, water, and cold. A full-coverage ice fishing suit is needed for harsher climates like the ones visited for military needs or by Eskimos. If you fish in very cold climates, then a one-piece full ice fishing suit with extra protective layers might deem necessary. Otherwise, a jacket and bib are a must.

Do All Ice Fishing Suits Float?

No, not all ice fishing suits float. Some models lack the design that provides buoyancy underwater. The suits that provide buoyancy clearly market it. So, make sure to ask for floatation technology before you buy a suit.

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